The reduction of history to "narratives" and the claim that the struggle between these "narratives" are merely conflicts over the distribution of power evades the decisive issue of objective truth. 1/
The materialist conception of history, developed by Marx and Engels in the 1840s, uncovered the objectively existing driving forces of world history in the economic structure of society and the class struggles to which it gave rise. 2/
It made possible the application of scientific method to the study of history as well as contemporary events. The categories that it utilizes in the study of society - i.e., class, productive forces, social relations, capitalism, feudalism, slavery - exist objectively. 3/
The category of "race" is not scientifically grounded and provides no objective basis for understanding the origins, development and existing structure of society. The derivative concept of "racism" has, likewise, extremely limited value in understanding history. 4/
To make racism the driving force of history means making socio-economic conditions the product of consciousness, rather than deriving the forms of consciousness (including racism) from existing, objectively real, material conditions. 5/
The #1619Project places race at the center of its explanation of American history. It disconnects the great bourgeois democratic revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries from the global context of the development of capitalism. This is the source of its many factual errors. 6/
The advocates of the #1619Project claim that the study of race and racial conflict has been suppressed by American historians. This is a factually untenable claim, as any examination of American historiography, particularly during the last half century, clearly establishes. 7/
It is not race and racial conflict that has been left out of the study of American history. What has really been suppressed is the study of class conflict. The relentless anti-communist propaganda and denunciations of Marxism are a critical element of this suppression. 8/
The very notion of class conflict is rejected as "anti-American." The use of the term "working class" is almost entirely avoided by the politicians of both capitalist parties. They prefer the term "middle class." Society is described in terms of "income groups," not classes. 9/
Throughout American history, the ruling class has promoted racial and ethnic divisions to divide the working class. The current obsessive focus on racial conflict, which is presented as insurmountable and even genetically rooted, emerges at a time of staggering inequality. 10/
Of course, fights over history reflect social conflicts. But the progressive forces in such conflicts strive to uncover objective truth. The fight waged against racism in all its insidious forms has been a struggle against the historical lies that uphold inequality. 11/
This is why the World Socialist Web Site opposes the 1619 Project, which advances a false conception of history, discredits the revolutions of the past, blocks an understanding of the dynamics of capitalist exploitation, and undermines the unity of the global working class. 12/12

• • •

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29 Dec 21
The #CDCGuidelines establish the continuity between the Trump and Biden administration's subordination of public health to corporate financial interests. In April 2020, Trump ended social distancing rules to facilitate the reopening of businesses. 1/…
At that time, US #COVID19 deaths stood at 34,000. The WSWS warned: "Trump’s not conceived from the standpoint of public health, but to ensure that major corporations are allowed to get back to the business of squeezing profits out of workers as quickly as possible." 2/
The WSWS added: "Trump’s back-to-work campaign aims to normalize death on a massive scale, in which outbreaks of COVID-19 are seen as the cost of doing business...As far as the ruling class is concerned, if workers die, they will simply be replaced." 3/
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The victory of #GabrielBoricPresidente will not stop the growth of fascist forces in Chile, let alone, as the Democratic Party-DSA's @jacobinmag claims, "move the country toward social democracy..." Remember the lessons of the Chilean coup of 1973. 1/…
Nearly 50 years ago, in February 1972, Luis Figueroa, head of the Chilean trade union federation (CUT), addressed a press conference in NY organized by the Stalinist Daily World. He spoke with rapture about Chile's unstoppable march to socialism under Allende's leadership. 2/
As a reporter for the Bulletin (predecessor of the WSWS), I asked Figueroa what his trade union federation was doing to prepare workers to defeat an inevitable attempt by the Chilean military, allied with the CIA and local fascists, to overthrew the Allende government. 3/
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19 Dec 21
Greenwald draws inspiration for his rightwing anti-vax orientation from the pathetic example of Jeremy Corbyn, whom he glorifies, in true toady style, as "one of the international left's most beloved political figures" and "one of the world's most admired leftist icons." 1/
High praise indeed for an opportunist coward who, while British Labour Party leader, refused to fight the Blairites, went along with the witch-hunting of his own supporters, did nothing to defend Assange, and finally accepted his own expulsion from the LP. 2/
Corbyn's opposition to vaccine mandates - a necessary public health measure in a pandemic - is not a "defiant and courageous stance on principle," as it is called by Greenwald. It is, rather, a capitulation to the fascistic right. 3/
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11 Dec 21
The pandemic profiteers are cashing in. The Wall Street Journal reports that "48 top executives have collected more than $200 million each from stock sales, nearly four times the average number of insiders from 2016 through 2020." The insiders know a market crash is coming. 1/ Image
According to the WSJ, "[I]nsiders have sold a record $63.5 billion in shares through November...The technology sector has led with $41 billion in sales across the entire market." The article quotes Wharton School Professor Daniel Taylor, who calls the selling "unprecedented." 2/
Elon Musk has sold $10b worth of grotesquely overvalued Tesla stock (while denouncing proposals to tax unrealized capital gains). Other big sellers include Google's Brin and Page. Mark Zuckerberg has dumped $4.5b worth of stock. 3/
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10 Dec 21
In response to Russia's demand that Ukraine not be admitted to NATO, a senior Biden administration official stated: “[One] nation cannot tell another to change its politics, and nations can’t tell others who they can work with.”
What staggering hypocrisy! 1/
All of American foreign policy is based on the presumption that the US has the right to dictate the internal politics and foreign policies alliances of every other country in the world. It interferes with bribes, sanctions, assassinations, "color revolutions" and invasions. 2/
The are innumerable examples of US interventions: from the early 20th century invasions of Haiti, Nicaragua and Mexico; the CIA overthrow of elected governments in Iran and Guatemala; the failed Bay of Pigs invasion to oust Castro, to name just a few. 3/
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5 Dec 21
Occasionally the NY Times - perhaps by accident - publishes something intelligent and worth reading. Such is the case with playwright David Hare's review of Matthew Sturgiss' biography of Oscar Wilde. There are passages that flew over the heads of NYT Book Review editors. 1/
The review, published today, is titled, "The Importance of Being Oscar". Apparently aware that Wilde, were he alive, would attract the wrath of MeToo and the NYT, Hare writes: 2/
"Wilde brought to literature a liberating philosophy that struck hard at Victorian society, but also at our own. He did not believe that morality consisted of judging other people's faults. He believed it consisted of judging your own." Ouch! 3/
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