During the first lawfare attempt to annihilate the PT - the 2005 Mensalão scandal - the media gave Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Joaquim Barbosa the hero's treatment. This week he declined an offer to meet with Ex-Lava Jato Judge Sergio Moro. The Rumor is he'll support Lula.
It's sad to see anglo analysts like Perry Anderson still parrot the bourgeois media narrative about PT corruption that was built through this scandal. After years of slander against key figures in the party, like former communist guerilla Jose Genoino, they were all exonerated.
Genoino, who could've been a successor to Lula, was falsely accused of personal enrichment in the mensalão scandal by corrupt, right wing extremist multimillionaire Roberto Jefferson. At the time of his arrest, he lived in Butantan, a lower middle-class neighborhood in São Paulo.
Obviously, having a former communist combatant from the Araguaia guerilla war against the US-backed neofascist military dictatorship in a position of power pissed off a lot of elites, which is why he was framed.
In an ironic twist of fate, as Genoino and most other PT leaders originally implicated in the scandal have been fully exonerated, staunch Bolsonaro ally/Mensalão whistle-blower Roberto Jefferson is back in jail for making violent threats against the Supreme Court.
As someone who lived in Brazil during the entire Lula presidency and the Mensalão scandal, I think Joaquim Barbosa now understands and regrets that he was used by the Brazilian media oligarchs. This is why he supported Haddad in 2018, and will probably support Lula this year.

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20 Dec 21
Rumors are flying that Lula may select one of the most despised figures by the Brazilian left as his VP: Geraldo Alckmin (portrayed here as "Alckmin Dead"). He says he'll only announce his running mate in March, but why would PT even consider it? I'll try to explain. thread
1) Alckmin's only chance of the VP slot w/ Lula is if he leaves PSDB for the PSB (Brazilian socialist party). With support for PSDB SP governor Doria plummeting and 2014 Pres. candidate Aecio Neves in the gutter, this will destroy PT's biggest historic enemy, PSDB.
2) Alckmin leads all polls for the 2022 Sao Paulo gubernatorial race, followed by PT's Fernando Haddad and PSB's Márcio França. A PT/PSB presidential ticket would deliver SP to Haddad, giving PT control of the 1st and 2nd biggest governments in Brazil. poder360.com.br/eleicoes/dataf…
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19 Dec 21
In May 2017, Brazil's unions united in Brasilia, marched against coup President Michel Temers' labor reforms and were brutally attacked by the police. I filmed it and am shocked to learn that Guilherme Boulos' millionaire financier Walfrido Warde blames unions for the reforms.
In a 2020 Op Ed, Warde, the corporate lawyer/president of NED-connected Instituto IREE accusing the union movement of standing by, perplexed and inert as the [post labor reform] number of people with signed work cards shrunk, replaced by freelancers cartacapital.com.br/artigo/a-esque…
He goes on to accuse the big Union Federations - the implication is that he's talking about the CUT - of turning their backs on gig economy app drivers. He wrote this 5 years after CUT helped form the first Uber drivers union in Brazil. mariaterezamagrani.jusbrasil.com.br/noticias/41813…
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18 Dec 21
Yesterday, I sat in on the São Paulo Central de Movimentos Populares (CMP) planning meeting for 12 simultaneous protests against hunger marked for Dec. 21. 5 years of austerity has brought back famine. Bones are being sold in Brazilian supermarkets for the first time in 20 years
The CMP is a popular (poor/working class) social movement umbrella w/scores of affiliates and around 500,000 members nationwide that started through the liberation theology movement, then broke with the Catholic church in the 90s over the issue of LGBT rights.
During yesterday's meeting, some of the state directors talked about participating in the "Carestia" (famine) protests during the neofascist military dictatorship as children. "Let's teach the young people the songs we sang and the tactics we used," one leader said.
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17 Dec 21
As famine reaches its highest levels since the 1990s, Brazil's most radical left squatters movement, Movimento de Luta nos Bairros, Vilas e Favelas (MLB), coordinated simultaneous occupations of supermarkets 10 cities yesterday, demanding their right to food. + Image
Brazilians have the right to not go hungry, thanks to constitutional amendment 47, approved in Congress and ratified by Lula on February 5, 2003. Image
The PT sacrificed lot of historic goals in the name of taking and holding onto power, but it did fulfill its most important promise to the Brazilian people - to end hunger. In 2014, the UN removed Brazil from the World Hunger Map.apnews.com/article/5c74f9…
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16 Dec 21
IPEC 2022 presidential election poll looks at 2 possible scenarios. In the 1st, disgraced ex-Lava Jato judge Sergio Moro appears in 3rd with 8%. The 2nd scenario includes folkloric, Christian fireman/former PSOL Congressman Cabo Daciolo. Here, Moro drops to 6%. Coincidence?
Daciolo joined PSOL after leading a Rio fireman's strike in 2011. He was elected to congress in 2014. In 2015, he was kicked out of PSOL for proposing an amendment changing wording in the Constitution from "All power emanates from the people", to "All power emanates from God."
During the 2018 presidential race, he provided a lot of comic relief in the debates, beginning every speech by saying "Glory to God" in a thick Rio de Janeiro accent. As the election date neared, he moved to a mountain top to live as a hermit.
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14 Dec 21
Happy 74th to Dilma Rousseff, former accountant for VAR-Palmares, political prisoner, energy technocrat, Chief of Staff to President Lula, and Brazil's 1st woman president - illegally impeached in a US-backed effort to turn Brazil's petroleum over to imperialist multinationals. ImageImage
The charge used to impeach her, fiscal pedaling - which she was later exonerated from - was not legally categorized as an impeachable offense in Brazil. It was legalized by the Senate 2 days after she left office and is currently practiced by the Bolsonaro administration.
In 2016, +- 8% of Brazil's pre-salt petroleum reserves (among the world's largest) were owned by foreign companies. By 2019, 75% had been auctioned off at pennies on the dollar. Unlike in the Middle East, the US didn't have to invade, thanks to Brazil's comprador bourgeoisie. Image
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