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1/There are people who are genuinely trying to talk intelligently about cryptocurrencies, but can’t because they don’t have historical background. This thread tries to correct that by suggesting required reading. First, it’s necessary to know what problem it attempts to solve.
2/Bitcoin is designed to be “sound money.” It can’t be controlled by government. What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours, and can’t be “diluted” by shadowy “central bankers,” lurking in their urban apartments, smoking cigars — or worse, eating lox bagels.
3/This has been an obsession of a certain kind of person for over 100 years. Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1903) was an early propaganda piece out of Russia, later amplified by Henry Ford.

4/The creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 terrified the industrial aristocratic class; the mob was at the gate. They were coming for their money, one way or another.

5/The rich did not take this lying down. They began to organize. In 1933 they tried to overthrow the US government and capture or kill FDR, to restore the Gold Standard (sound money) and kill the Federal Reserve. They were not successful.

6/Meanwhile another idea had taken root: race science, funded for decades by industrialist backers. Also known as “Eugenics,” the theory was that humans could only evolve if “superior” genes were propagated, requiring “competition” and “free markets.”

7/In 1937, Wickliffe Draper started the Pioneer Fund, which for decades would support a range of “race science” inquiries and informed “research” developing in Nazi Germany. Remember the “Bell Curve?” That’s Pioneer Fund.

8/A weird cult group called “I AM” also got underway in the 1930’s. It was obsessed with gold (“sound money”) and chanted: “Blast blast blast the Roosevelts from this earth.” Robert LeFevre was convicted in 1940 for his role in the gold cult.

9/LeFevre would go on to found the “Freedom School,” which laid the foundation for and promoted American libertarianism and Austrian economics. One pupil and supporter of the Freedom School? Charles Koch (see Dark Money, by Jane Mayer)

10/By the late 50’s, the “sound money” goal wasn’t any closer. Candy magnate Robert Welch founded the John Birch Society to avenge “creeping communism” (the enemy of sound money) in the US. Eisenhower was too pinko for them.

11/A similar “anti-communist” movement had been brewing globally, and reunited wartime fascists with emerging networks in Asia (Taiwan, South Korea, etc). The World Anti-Communist League aligned with JBS and “sound money” policies.

12/American libertarianism as promoted by LeFevre was heavily influenced by “Austrian School” economics, which posited that individual gain and competition determined all economic activity, and deduced a framework from that. (Narrator: it’s nonsense.)

13/Still obsessed with gold, competition, and Eugenics, a new generation had entered the fray. Allying with Reagan in 1981, the Council for National Policy set out to operationalize the John Birch Society/WACL agenda. (Narrator: they did #Jan6.)

14/By 1988, “I AM” was long gone, but a successor, Church Universal and Triumphant, continued the pursuit. Elizabeth Clare Prophet here cites prominent libertarians Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, and Anthony Sutton, saying gold is America’s destiny.

15/In 1997, two noted libertarians James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg, publish “The Sovereign Individual,” a screed about the demise of nation states, “digital cash” (gold), and disdain for taxes. Peter Thiel later wrote a foreword.

16/Robert Mercer, a computer scientist and linguist trained under John Bircher Revilo Oliver, believes the Eugenics trope that earnings equates to societal value. He later funds Cambridge Analytica and attempts to engineer elections.

17/Peter Thiel goes on to manipulate American politics and also gets involved in more race science, directly connected to Pioneer Fund characters. He also backs the creation of Ethereum.

18/Members of the Council for National Policy tried to do on Jan 6 2021 what their forebears could not do in 1933 with the Business Plot: forcefully overthrow the US government. This is a detailed breakdown of their involvement.

19/Today, cryptocurrencies are attempting to drive “sound money” by pushing FOMO around Bitcoin, which is propped up by a fraudulent project called Tether. The hope is that “network effects” (Thiel’s specialty) will kick in and drive widespread adoption.

20/Bitcoin and NFTs have been packaged as helping “the little guy” get ahead. This is called “class collaboration” and weaponizes working people on behalf of the ultra-rich. Mussolini did this too, under the name “class collaboration.”

21/And in fact, most Bitcoin is controlled by just a few people; it’s not “democratized” in any way. Just 0.01% hold 27%. It’s just one more shot at the old “sound money” fever dream, floated on the backs of average people as accomplices.

22/No discussion of crypto would be complete without mentioning its staggering waste of energy; or the real goal of displacing the dollar as the reserve currency, so as to maximize oil/gas industry returns over time. Learn about that in my audio series.

23/Anyone blindly promoting cryptocurrencies without understanding the full background of “sound money,” gold, race science, and white supremacy is unwittingly advancing an agenda they don’t comprehend. Pretending it isn’t there won’t make it go away.
24/The background provided here is just skimming the surface. There is plenty more. It’s called “history,” and it’s not had near enough attention. So we are repeating past episodes, but this time with tech bells and whistles. Please read up, get informed, and educate others.
25/This is part of an effort to destabilize the world so the “gold” network can gain primacy and “evolve” the human race. I didn’t sign up for this agenda, nor did most people. Awareness can stop it, but it needs to be crushed with prejudice. Just like Smedley Butler did in 1934.
This is one of my favorite segments from this speech of Prophet's. There is an Ascended Master called "God of Gold" who advised that the Federal Reserve is evil. Who knew? Image
And for completeness, I should add that "I AM" did continue as a strain separate from CUT, but the original "I AM" sect founded by Guy and Edna Ballard faded significantly after Guy's death in 1939. You can still find "I AM" teachings derived from the Ballards in multiple groups.

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May 17
The deal will move forward; Twitter is now going to effectively have to prove to its existing shareholders that its numbers aren’t fraudulent or grossly exaggerated, which it can’t do. Not glad about this, but that’s the reality.
Remember that Dorsey is Elon’s collaborator. Jack knew Twitter was exaggerating user counts for Wall Street. This is a power play to expose the facts. Whether this exposes Jack to liability for his role in advancing this is hard to say, and possibly hasn’t been considered.
At this point, Twitter wants to be acquired, because if it’s not, the share price will tank in the wake of these exposures. Possibly other suitors will appear, now that blood is in the water. Anyway, this is “Plan B.”
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May 16
1/Lots of chatter around "Great Replacement Theory" and I just want to reiterate, it's not some new thing.
Zero-sum, hierarchical, xenophobic views of society are ancient, and are being used in this context to rile up a small extremist faction to drive us further towards fascism.
2/Traditionalism, patriarchy, hierarchy, zero-sum: the pie is only so big and what one person gets takes away from someone else. Most people just want to make the pie bigger, and work every day to do that. Reject the madness, reject the "novelty."
3/When Cato (ahem) said "Cartago Delenda Est" ending his speeches, it was to goad a civilizational conflict — between the patriarchy of Rome vs. the matriarchy of the Carthaginians. It wasn't just about trade, but a deep-rooted divide in worldview, aesthetics, myth, and culture.
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May 15
1/We are living in tragic times. But the force of evil is unlikely to prevail. Here is why. The gyrations we are going through now involve deep civilizational levers: traditionalism and hierarchy.

Some think we live in ‘rootless’ times and that life is a zero-sum game.
2/Fascist theorists (Evola, Guenon, Yockey) have long held that patriarchy must conquer matriarchy; that hierarchy is natural and collectivism is a perversion.

Some people, like Bannon and Dugin, have read these texts and think of them as cookbooks. Stir up the ingredients,
3/add energy, and *voila* the entire polarity of the world reverses overnight.

But they’re wrong, because they have like all bad cultish leaders, surrounded themselves with sycophants and yes men.

The fact is that there are disaffected factions who can be riled to action…
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May 14
1/UAP/UFO stuff is mostly a PSYOP to attract people to fascism.

The rich can’t take over a population on their own; they need the poors + the working class.

The only thing that’s ever worked to get a populist audience attracted to fascism is religion. But organized religion…
2/is messy; have to deal with personalities and leadership. DIY approaches, such as Theosophy, have similar appeals. They activate spiritual feelings and also invoke a range of “Ascended Masters” that create a hierarchy, which can be replicated on earth; a fascist ideal.
3/But theosophy is pretty kooky. A space-age “science” of UFOlogy is a kind of big-tent Mahayana theosophy cult, which can incorporate all manner of mythologies and beliefs. Anyone skeptical of progressive materialism or “accepted science” can find a home in UFO studies.
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May 13
None of this is new. I strongly recommend that people read up on the history of “filibustering” in Central America and the Caribbean. And no, it’s not what you think it is.

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May 12
1/The crypto situation is a little confusing, but here are some fundamentals:

• The Fed has killed off market froth by raising interest rates, to combat inflation.

• Bitcoin, which is "supposed" to act like gold, as a hedge against inflation and market volatility...
2/has instead performed like a speculative tech stock.

• Gold, meanwhile, has been steady throughout, ignoring all of this.

• There are several "stablecoins" that are "supposed" to be pegged 1:1 to the US dollar, but... the "magic" through which they do that is breaking down.
• UST (Terra) is backed by *another* coin called Luna, which has dropped from nearly $100 to ~$0 over the last month. UST is now ~$0.46 and may go to $0 soon.

• USDT (Tether) is a black box; and it helps prop up BTC. If it fails, BTC price will fall as they sell to buy $.
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