Thread. Protests in Kazakhstan.

Protestors from the city of Semey.

#ProtestsInKazakhstan #Kazakhstan
Some protestors beating up soldiers and taking their uniforms. #Kazakhstan
Protestors managed to neutralize some military units. #Kazakhstan
At least 6 business jets took off from Almaty, while one FlyJet flew from Astana in the direction of Europe. #Kazakhstan
Kazakh elites are fleeing from the country to Europe, about 10 private flights have already taken off in this direction.

One of these jets is off to Budapest, two of them to Geneva. #Kazakhstan
At least 1000 people protesting in Semey and trying to take over local govt headquarters. #Kazakhstan
Heavy clashes between military and protestors in Almaty. #Kazakhstan
Protestors in Semey taking over local govt HQ.
A lot of key government buildings, such as headquarters of Nursultan Nazarbayev's Nur Otan party, General Prosecutors office and Mayor offices are on fire in Almaty. #Kazakhstan
I can confirm that some servicemen joined protesters in Atyrau.


Russian Space agency Roskosmos says that situation in Baikonur city is calm.

Some of the protesters in Almaty who have come out to the presidential residence are returning to the Independence Monument.

At the moment, there are more than 10000 people in the central square. #Kazakhstan
Spoke to local friend in #Kazakhstan.

She says a lot of people can't afford to heat their homes during harsh winter + food prices are rising + while government is selling coal reserves to foreign countries.
This is "Kazakhstan House" in central London, while tens of thousands are suffering from poverty.
Latest footage from Almaty. #Kazakhstan
I guess renaming Astana to Nursultan wasn't a good idea. #Kazakhstan
In Almaty, protestors attacking ambulance.

I must note in some countries they hide police / military units in these cars.
Barricades appeared in some places. #Kazakhstan
Another burning vehicle. Almaty. #Kazakhstan
In Aralsk, protesters shutdown the railway road and highway. Demanding resignation of Tokayev, Nazarbayev and proclamation of Parliament republic in #Kazakhstan.

Few thousands of protesters also have gathered at the central square of Aktau.
Protests in #Kazakhstan is going to be a gamechanger in Central Asia.

Like in Arab spring, many of the uprisings were led by students and other young people frustrated by government corruption and the lack of economic opportunities.
Arab Spring produced modest political, social, and economic gains for some of the region’s inhabitants.

But they also sparked horrific and lasting violence, mass displacement, and worsening repression in parts of the region.

So stakes are high in #KazakhstanProtests
Many in the post-Soviet countries are struggling financially due to declining oil prices, high unemployment, and corruption among political elites who thrived at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Poverty rates are still high, especially in rural areas.
Youth unemployment in post-Soviet countries remains one of the highest in the world.

Gender equality is not a primary focus of these protests, but women took leading roles in the protests despite the threat of gender-based violence.
Kremlin's spokesperson Perskov says that Kazakhstan authorities have not requested assistance from the Russian Federation
Protestors managed to seize Tokayev's HQ in Almaty. #Kazakhstan
All over Kazakhstan there are problems with the Internet. People cannot upload files or even send a regular message. #Kazakhstan
Russian far-right drooling over the prospect of a civil war scenario in Kazakhstan in order to annex northern part of the country.
Protestors removing their rank insignia of police units after neutralizing them. #Kazakhstan
Footage from yesterday. #KazakhstanProtests
The websites of a number of government agencies in #Kazakhstan are not available from abroad amid protests in the country.
In Almaty, internet and voice communications were cut off. Mobile does not work
In Almaty, car owners massively removing license plates of their cars to avoid detection. #Kazakhstan
And the internet is off in Astana (Nursultan). #Kazakhstan
View from Turkey:

"In Kazakhstan, natural gas increased from 60 Tenge to 120, the people revolted and the government resigned.

In our country [Turkey], electricity was once 70 lira, and the January bill will probably hit 600 lira, but no one resigns."

Protesters broke into the regional akimat [local govt HQ] of Taldykorgan. #Kazakhstan
Russia's RIA News:

"The movement of freight trains through the border crossings between the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan is organized as usual."
Footage from Aktau. #Kazakhstan
The operator "Kazakhtelecom" turned off the internet throughout the country.

Some protestors started to loot weapon stores.

Meanwhile, bonds going downhill in the global markets. #Kazakhstan
A lot of local sources report protesters are attempting to enter "Korgan Center" small arms shop in central Almaty. #Kazakhstan
#Kazakhstan is now in the midst of a nation-scale internet blackout

We need decentralized internet now more than ever to avoid such scenarions in Kazakhstan.
And here comes the TV shutdown.

Almaty-based Kazakh television broadcaster KTK has suspended broadcast
Intensive shooting in Almaty, near the residence of the first president and central square. #Kazakhstan
Protesters seized premises of "Mir 24" television broadcaster and demanded to start broadcast with their statement #Kazakhstan
On Nazarbayev Avenue in Almaty, Mon Amie cosmetics stores are smashed and products are looted. #Kazakhstan
The situation on the border of the Astrakhan region with Kazakhstan is stable, without incidents, the press service of the regional governor told RIA Novosti.
Joyful protestors in Almaty. #Kazakhstan
At Al-Farabi - Nazarbayev streets in Almaty, not far from the presidential residence, sounds similar to a machine gun fire are heard #Kazakhstan
TV channels NTK and Channel One Eurasia also stopped broadcasting. #Kazakhstan
In Almaty, on Abay-Masanchi, the windows of a bank and a cell phone store were smashed. #Kazakhstan
In Atyrau, after the protesters were gathered near the govt building, with flash-noise grenades were thrown and the crowd dispersed. #Kazakhstan
"Mir" channel stated that television equipment was destroyed during the destruction of the office in Almaty.

All employees of the Mir TV and Radio Company have been evacuated and are safe. #Kazakhstan
Security measures at the Kazakh embassy in Moscow have been tightened, and several police cars are parked.

At the same time, the situation near the building of the diplomatic mission is calm. #Kazakhstan
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China:

"The Chinese authorities believe in the normalization of the situation in Kazakhstan and support the measures of the Kazakh side to protect public safety". (TASS)
Issues with ATM machines of "Optima Bank" in Kyrgyzstan due to internet shutdown in #Kazakhstan.
In Aktobe, stun grenades were used against protesters.

The internet and phone connections were cut off in Uralsk since yesterday.

All shops and large malls were shut in the city.
In Kazakhstan's Balkhash, metallurgical plants stopped production. Metallurgists joined the protests. #Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan's president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev started his speech:

"From today, the President of the Security Council intends to act tough. No matter what, I'll be in the capital."
"Nursultan Nazarbayev is no longer the chairman of the Security Council of Kazakhstan."

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said that he'll be in this position from today.

"Soon I will come up with new proposals for the political transformation of Kazakhstan."
Expect brutal crackdown in Kazakhstan but people felt Tokayev's weak and late reaction so some changes going to happen in the country.
According to Tokayev, there are dead as well as injured among some law enforcement officials. #Kazakhstan
Protestors are beating up some enforcement officials

You could say Nazarbayev era is now officially over.

Former #Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev's statue toppled in Taldykorgan.
The building of the Almaty Police Department has been seized by protesters. Protestors also managed to access weapons. #Kazakhstan
Two night flights between Nur-Sultan and Almaty canceled due to curfew imposted by the govt.
The plane of Timur Kulibayev (Nazarbayev's son-in-law) is heading to Kyrgyzstan. #KazakhstanProtests
Groups of protesters (30-50 people in each flock) coming to Republic Square in Almaty, flash grenades and shots are heard, the police are not visible in the city. #KazakhstanProtests
A police cordon is posted around the Nur-Sultan administration.

In Almaty, protestors burned down the office of the General Prosecutor's Office of Kazakhstan
The movement of vehicles around is prohibiten by police in Nursultan. #Kazakhstan
Karaganda, Petropavlovsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk are only cities so far where big protests not have been reported so far. #Kazakhstan
Most protests are based in Aktau region. #Kazakhstan
The airport in Aktau stopped functioning. #Kazakhstan
#Kazakhstan protest map

🔥 Disorder
🪖 Involves military
🏦 Buildings are seized by protestors
📢 Protests
🚫 Emergency situation
In Almaty, the residence of the president is being smashed.

Armed protestors with rifles and machine guns are moving towards the Almaty airport. #Kazakhstan
Russia's Aeroflot started to cancel flights to #Kazakhstan amid the protests.
On the Yntymak square in Aktau, people are demanding the resignation of President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.

More than 10 thousand people are participating in the rally. Peaceful protest so far
Public transport in Nur-Sultan will start working on January 6.

Public transport to start operating fro 7am as usual - unless unforeseen situations occur, the local transport company said.
Some clashes happening between protesters and police in Pavlodar. #Kazakhstan
Moscow has no data on the evacuation of Tokayev to Russia, the situation does not yet require such a step, a source told RIA Novosti. #KazakhstanProtests
In Atyrau, the police started shooting at protesters. At least one protestor died after getting shot in the head.

Azerbaijan's ambassador to Moldova: "Protests in Kazakhstan are driven from outside".
In Nur-Sultan, despite the protests, a hockey match of the Continental Hockey League is being held - but no fans were not allowed to attend, according the BBC.
The office of the Nazarbayev party "Nur Otan" in Almaty now looks like this

According to some Russian pundits, president Tokayev is using this chaos to remove Nazarbayev and his relatives from power.

Tokayev held a high position in the UN structure in Geneva; he can have influential allies both inside the country and abroad.
Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov called on the Kazakh people not to be led by provocateurs, RIA Novosti writes.

" Why destroy? Why behave aggressively? Just beat the police. They commit crimes and for this they will be punished in the future."
Protestors managed to seize the airport in Almaty. #Missionisunlocked #Kazakhstan
A group of people is trying to storm the building of the Auezov District Department of Internal Affairs in Almaty.

The police are firing back from the roof of the building, using flash grenades.
In Almaty, in the Tole bi Muratbayev district, around 6 cars burned down: both civilians and military ones.

A fire engine is on fire as well. Marauders broke into a bank and stole money from an ATM.
Blogger reports:

"All day passengers were told that the army was protecting the airport, that the planes were flying in normal mode, and that the check-in was in manual mode. Now the airport security service told us: "Sorry, the airport is hijacked. There'll be no flights today"
Shooting in Almaty: near area of the Sairan bus station, crowds also busy looting. #KazakhstanProtests
A number of workers of Mangistaumunaigaz (a Kazakh-Chinese oil and gas company, one of the largest in Kazakhstan) went on strike in the Mangistau region, CNN reports. #KazakhstanProtests

For those who cannot reach their loved ones in Kazakhstan - use Skype international calls.
According to the press service of Almaty International Airport, around 45 protestors managed to seize the airport.
Reports of a dead body near the Seifullin-Makatayev area. #Kazakhstan

* The Kazakh government is asked Russia to invade the country and the Kremlin was waiting for this

* Russia's demanded this favour from #Kazakhstan:

1. Recognition of Crimea
2. Switching back to Cyrillic
3. Making Russian a state language
The EU as always making toothless statements about #Kazakhstan.

Nazarbayev's statue also toppled in Almaty

• • •

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6 Jan
Thread. #KazakhstanProtests in numbers:

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 1000+
Dead: 100+
Arrested: 2400+

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353+
Dead: 17

#KazakhstanProtests by city.


✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: Unknown
Dead: Unknown
Arrested: Unknown

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: Unknown
Dead: 4

✊🏼 Protestors

Wounded: 500+
Dead: 100+
Arrested: 2000+

🚨 Police and the national guard

Wounded: 353
Dead: 13

#KazakhstanProtests #Kazakhstan
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Turkey and the UAE have been at loggerheads because of Turkish allegations that the Emirates had funded a failed 2016 military attempt to topple President Erdogan and Emirati objections to Turkish support for political Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood.
Turkey and the UAE have fought military and political proxy battles in Libya, Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean, and France, where they were on opposite sides of the divide.
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Pakistani political and military leaders have vowed to eradicate ultra-conservative religious extremism that drove a mob to torture, brutally lynch a Sri Lankan national, and burn his body in the eastern city of Sialkot.
235 people arrested in connection with the killing.
Kazakhstan's some TV channels started to show "doctored" footage from the events.
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6 Jan
If you are interested in Kazakhstan's political sphere, read more Zhanaozen massacre.

In 2011, more than 14 protestors were killed by police in the town as people clashed with police on the country's Independence Day, with unrest spreading to other towns.
According to Amnesty International, the massacre was a stark illustration of the country's poor human rights record.
And guess what...

Tony Blair gave damage-limitation advice to Kazakhstan's president and helped him craft a response which was later delivered before Western media.…
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Iranian support for Arab militias has long threatened Iran’s foes, unable to develop an effective counterstrategy.
A string of recent events suggests that the usefulness of at least some of the militias in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and Palestine is fading as their popularity reduced and relations with Tehran encounter headwinds.
Of course, Tehran is not going to dump its non-state Arab allies.

They remain too powerful a military force to defeat and valuable leverage of Iranian regional power in Lebanon and Iraq even if they may be past the peak of their lifecycle.
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6 Jan
Nursultan Nazarbayev was the last barricade blocking a Russian-Kazakh confrontation.

But as he got older and weaker, Putin managed to beat him.
Most Kazakh activists pushing for Russian inherited from Soviet days to take second place to Kazakh as the country’s primary language.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov charged that xenophobia had sparked several attacks on Russian speakers in Kazakhstan.

Alexander Boroday, a former separatist leader in Ukraine’s Donetsk-turned-member of the Russian parliament stated:

“Unfortunately, in Asia, only the language of power is well understood." - referring to Kazakhstan.
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