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1/11) @Sprott's Physical #Uranium Trust🏦 has poured gas on a fire🔥 that was already burning under #Uranium #mining #stocks📈 due to incredibly bullish fundamentals💪 of surging #CarbonFree #Nuclear demand🏗️⚛️↗️ vs tanking #U3O8 supply⛏️⤵️ & strengthening daily.🏋️‍♂️ Here's a🧵4U👇
2) #Uranium #mining #stocks are famous⭐️ for delivering extraordinary life-altering returns😎🍹🏝️ when they enter a boom cycle⤴️ after a long painful bear market for #Nuclear fuel😫when supply/demand fundamentals shift🌊 as they have now in early stages of a strong uptrend⬆️.../3
3) #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes by supply security fears😟 as there is no available substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors & production is concentrated in so few countries .../4
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More #UN personnel depart #Afghanistan for #Kazakhstan.
Update on #Afghanistan evacuations from a @WhiteHouse official.
House intelligence committee is to hold "a closed, classified briefing" on #Afghanistan today from 17:00 EDT (21:00 UTC).
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U may feel sucker-punched🥊 or prayers answered😇 or got stopped out🤨 by correcting #Uranium #mining #stocks📉 but 1 thing's 4 certain... #U3O8 supply⛏️⏬ vs #Nuclear demand⚛️🏗️↗️ fundamentals are getting stronger every day🏋️‍♂️ with even better (re)entry prices now.🛒 A🧵4U👇 ../2
2) If you're new to #Uranium & #mining #stocks in general👼 then U need to understand why this highly cyclical🔃 mined #nuclear reactor fuel⛏️⚛️ is famous for delivering extraordinary life-altering returns😎🍹 when it enters a boom cycle after a decade long bear market🚀.../3
3) #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes by supply security fears😨 as there is no available substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors & production is concentrated in so few countries .../4
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Thread on How #China is luring Nations into #DebtTrap.
Belt and Road Initiative - dubbed the "project of the century" by President Xi Jinping is nothing but China's ambitions plan of using "predatory loans" and "debt traps" to bring nations' under their sphere of influence
#Montenegro: 270-mile state of the art highway in Serbian capital Belgrade stands incomplete even after 6 six years. Govt can't afford to repay the first installment of China's $1 bn loan and its feared China could seize land in Montenegro to cash in its debts.
#Kenya : The Standard Gauge Railway in Kenya was halted in 2019 after China withheld funding. Kenya is now said to owe a whopping $9 billion to Beijing in infrastructure loans - and authorities have downplayed suggestions that the Communists could seize the port of Mombasa.
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(1/3) In Italy now, going on to #Kazakhstan for screening premiere at 2 hours of our documentary, #QAZAQHistoryoftheGoldenMan, which is a total of 8 hours, on Kazakhstan and its ruler of the last 30 years, #NursultanNazarbayev. Image
(2/3) Call #Nazarbayev what you want -- dictator, strongman, tyrant, founder, you’ll find him to be a modest man explaining the #Soviet Empire’s demise and his important country’s transition to an independent nation, including its disposal of its nuclear weaponry. Image
(3/3) #Nazarbayev also outlines #Kazakhstan’s nomadic history and the technological future of #Eurasia -- and it’s a bright future, in my mind. Go East, young man. Directed by @lopatonok, who did #UkraineonFire and #RevealingUkraine. Trailer linked here.
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▫️Statistics speak beautifully. Up to May 2021, the members of #OPEC and Non-OPEC have had a total of 3.9 million barrels over-compliance.!
▫️Up to may 2021, OPEC members have had a total of 1.5 million barrels over-compliance, of which 800 thousand came from #Iraq only. #OOTT /1
▫️Up to May 2021, Non-#OPEC members have had a total of 2.4 million barrels 'over-compliance.' The Sudan, just by itself, has had 1.8 million barrels 'over-compliance.' Kazakhstan,and the South Sudan have had, 530thousand and 660 thousand 'over-compliance', respectively. #OOTT /2
▫️Among the Non-#OPEC countries, #Kazakhstan, #Oman, #Brunei are expected to compensate 490 thousand barrels until the end of September. So far, Russia has not offered any plans for compensation./3. #OOTT
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Today, WHO, @UNICEF & Ministry of Healthcare of #Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 co-host a high-level dialogue & call on political leaders to reinforce their commitment to #PrimaryHealthCare as we respond to #COVID19 & health emergencies & build forward better.

To build a fairer, healthier world 🌐, #PrimaryHealthCare must be central to health system efforts to build forward better from #COVID19.

This is how WHO’s operational framework for primary health care helps 👉
To make #HealthForAll a reality, we need effective #PrimaryHealthCare now.

This is 🗝️ to protecting everyone from all health threats and emerging stronger from #COVID19.

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In 1965, Chinese #Archaeology discovered ancient tombs in Jingzhou

In one tomb, next to a human skeleton in a water-damaged casket, buried for over a 1000 years, was the Sword of Goujian

When it was unsheathed, its magnificent blade was found nearly untarnished & still sharp Image
On its side, in the ancient bird-worm seal script, was the inscription "King of Yue..made this sword for personal use"

After much debate, scholars settled on Goujian, King of Yue from 496 - 465 BCE, known for perseverance in adversity

(Currently in the Hubei Museum, Wuhan) ImageImage
In 1982, a farmer Qu Xihuai found a gold tablet while collecting herbs in Songshan

News leaked & when collectors approached him, he gave it to the Cultural Relics dept. to appraise

Scholars there realised that it was a Heaven Official Golden Slip, a supplication to Daoist gods ImageImage
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Revealing Schemes regards conspiracy theories as a form of propaganda and asks why regimes promote them. Moving beyond the conventional wisdom about paranoid or tyrannical personal styles, it examines how conspiracy claims emerge from the dynamics of (post-Soviet) politics.
In a nutshell, I argue that conspiracy claims stem from: 1) political competition, which draws incumbents into fray; 2) destabilizing events, which must be publicly accounted for; and 3) geopolitics, which influences what is worth commenting on.
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Cyclone Tauktae is now onshore over the Indian State of Gujarat India. The storm has weakened since these photos were taken by @NASA Modis this morning, but is still packing 150kmh winds & has done a lot of damage.

Rainfall forecasts for #MiddleEast and #HornOfAfrica follow.
Today's satellite presentation of the area has a new feature which has been strengthening over the past few days. A stream of water vapour out of Central Africa & Sudan transiting Chad and Sudan and then the Red Sea near Jeddah.
There is also an increasing amount of activity in the Western Sahara which supports the CMC and KMA model predictions of significant rainfall in these areas in recent forecasts.
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If you're new to #Uranium & #mining #stocks in general👼 then I hope this thread will help you to understand why this mined commodity⛏️ used for #nuclear reactor fuel⚛️🌞 is famous for delivering extraordinary life-changing returns when it enters, as it is now, a boom cycle🚀...2
2/ #Uranium is a cyclical commodity🔃 that goes through boom & bust cycles based on supply vs demand imbalances⚖️ magnified to extremes by supply security fears😨 as there is no available substitute fuel for #nuclear reactors & production is concentrated in so few countries .../3
3/ Like other commodities, #Uranium rises in value when supply is scarce🏜️ which in turn triggers more production to meet demand⛏️ but because its the most regulated mined metal📚 subject to the greatest environmental scrutiny,🧐 bringing new mines online is costly & slow🐌 .../4
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In light of the fact that demand is predicted to reduce or at least remain stable in the short-run, it appears that most of the #OPEC Plus members would prefer t continue the roll-over for a couple of months.../1 #OOTT
... #EAU and #Kuwait seem to be prepared to increase their production if #Russia continues its policy of increasing production. Apparently Russia did not express any particular position yesterday on increasing production for the next month.../2 #OOTT #OPEC
.... The important issue before the #JMMC session yesterday concerned #Kazakhstan's increase of production beyond its quota. That's why the session yesterday proved to be quite difficult..../3 #OOTT #OPEC
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Stunning new allegations further connect #Trump to Russian mobsters and oligarchs | New Lawsuit #FelixSater

Stolen money amounting to $440 million was invested in America and run through trust funds maintained by Moses & Singer.

The documents alleging #FelixSater's illicit conduct are listed in the lawsuit brought by the city of Almaty, the capital of #Kazakhstan, and the looted #BTABank in that city.

Some of the $440 million was intended to finance a #TrumpTowerMoscow, court papers show.

The Almaty plaintiffs describe a farflung scheme to hide much of the stolen money in America using Sater, a violent felon and stock swindler, and #RobertWolf, a Moses & Singer partner

Wolf asked DCReport to delay the publication of this article so that he could prepare responses
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NEW: "The terrorist threat is far from behind us at this point" @StateDept's acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism & acting envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat #ISIS John Godfrey tells @MiddleEastInst
Under @POTUS @JoeBiden "We will avoid announcing major policy initiatives or posture adjustments in a way that comes as a unwelcome surprise to partners & allies" @StateDept's Godfrey notes

"We will consult & we will coordinate"
Strategic review ongoing re white supremacist/domestic violent extremism - but not just domestically

"We're also focused on the transnational linkages of these domestic violent extremists" per @StateDept's Godfrey in @MiddleEastInst virtual conference
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The Human Rights Council opens its 46th regular session with:
🔹 statements from governments and inter-governmental organizations
🔹a discussion on racism and #COVID19

🕘09:00 CET

President of the Human Rights Council Nazhat Shameem Khan opens the 46th regular session - the first to take place almost entirely virtually - running until 23 March.

President of the United Nations General Assembly @volkan_bozkir addresses the Human Rights Council.

"Sustainable development and human rights are symbiotic," he says.

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I've started combining locations highlighted in my #connectivity research with in-situ listening via #radiogarden. Right now, the port of Constanta, Romania on the #BlackSea, while scanning a modernisation programme with "civilian-military dual-use of transport infrastructure" 1/ Image
This morning, the port of #Alexandroupoli, Greece on the #ThracianSea with strategically important position for regional #energyflows. Scanning #flowsecurity development & mooted sale of majority stake of port to US commercial interests... / #connectivity & #radiogarden 2/ Image
Nothing listed for the port of #Sabetta, Russia so Novy Urengoy closest station (375 miles away): Scanning the voyage of Christophe de Margerie, expanding navigation window in the eastern sector of Russian #Arctic, confirming year-round safe navigation... #psychoconnectivity 3/ Image
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#Kazakhstan #Nursultan #Coronavirus #VACCINE

The former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan was the first country to receive approval from Russia to produce the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V locally.
As the company Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex (KPC) announced in Messerngerdienst Telegram, it received a certificate from the Kazakh government that it was allowed to manufacture the vaccine.
Kazakhstan began vaccinating Sputnik V in early February after the Central Asian country received 20,000 doses from Russia. KPC plans to ship 90,000 doses of the vaccine by the end of the month.
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#Oscars 2021: International Films in the Running from #Asia include...

🇧🇩#Bangladesh, “Sincerely Yours, Dhaka”
🇰🇭#Cambodia, “Fathers”
🇨🇳#China, “Leap”
🇭🇰#HongKong, “Better Days”
🇮🇳#India, “Jallikattu”
🇮🇩#Indonesia, “Impetigore”
🇮🇷#Iran, “Sun Children”
🇮🇱#Israel, “Asia”
#Oscars 2021: International Films in the Running from #Asia...
🇯🇵#Japan, “True Mothers”
🇰🇿#Kazakhstan, “The Crying Steppe”
🇰🇬#Kyrgyzstan, “Running to the Sky”
🇲🇾#Malaysia, “Roh”
🇲🇳#Mongolia, “Veins of the World”
🇵🇰#Pakistan, “Circus of Life”
🇵🇭#Philippines, “Mindanao”
#Oscars 2021: International Films in the Running from #Asia include...
🇸🇦#SaudiArabia, “Scales”
🇸🇬#Singapore, “Wet Season”
🇰🇷#SouthKorea, “The Man Standing Next”
🇹🇼#Taiwan, “A Sun”
🇹🇭#Thailand, “Happy Old Year”
🇹🇷#Turkey, “Miracle in Cell No. 7”
🇻🇳#Vietnam, “Dreamy Eyes”
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#Kazakhstan #Nursultan #ELECTIONS #PROTEST

The parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan are accompanied by protests. There have been several arrests. The demonstrators called for a boycott of the vote in the metropolis of Almaty, as reported by several media.
They also turned against the continued influence of the former President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had transferred the official duties to Kassym-Shomart Tokayev in spring 2019. Videos from Kazakh news websites showed police surrounding demonstrators.
Various reports mentioned around 30 arrests. When Tokayev was elected a year and a half ago, there were protests against the authoritarian leadership in the ex-Soviet republic. Hundreds of people were arrested.
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The Indo-Greeks were on decline & the grounds were fertile for yet another invasion of #India. This time it was the Yuezhi tribe of Gansu from #China. They established the #KushanEmpire.

This #thread is about Kushans & how they became Indianised, unlike later Islam!c invaders.
The Kushans started to establish themselves as a major power around 30 CE with Kujula Kadphises forming a confederacy of various tribes from China.

They adopted Greek as their court language, which was soon replaced by Bactrian, the popular local language.
They also adopted #Buddhism & #Hinduism as their religion. They issued coins with Hindu Gods like Shiva with a trishul & Buddha in Abhaya mudra.

This was unlike the later Islam!c invasions where the invaders would try to obliterate local languages and religions.
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In #Martuni a grandmother with her 9 year old granddaughter were killed. Via Vahram Poghosyan Image
Russian military portal Военный обозреватель published a list of allegedly killed #Armenia|n soldiers, citing #Azerbaijan|i sources. Turned out to be a list of former students of Military-medical department. managed to find one of them, who's alive & safe Image
#Armenia|n kids in #Stepanaker shelters, under #Azerbaijan shelling today.
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#EU #Sanctions #Libya #Turkey #Kazakhstan #Jordan

In view of repeated violations of the UN arms embargo against Libya, the European Union has adopted new punitive measures. The foreign ministers of the member states unanimously passed a corresponding decision.
The punitive measures are therefore directed against companies and individuals who have provided ships, aircraft or other logistics for the transport of war material. Specifically, according to information from EU circles,
it is about three companies from Turkey, Jordan and Kazakhstan as well as two people from Libya. Possible accounts of companies in the EU will be blocked by the sanctions. In addition, European companies are no longer allowed to maintain business relationships with them.
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