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9 Jan, 62 tweets, 26 min read
Dear @defence_pk Ji, thanks for your QT.
I concede on the point of the variant of the IL-78 of PAF.
But I do admire you for the 'What You Smoke' wala point. It is pretty .. err .. 'neat', coming from someone like you!
Allow me to take some time to elaborate upon this point 🙏
I understand that your handle is affiliated with the Pakistan Defence website, or defence.pk, as mentioned in your twitter bio as well. Of course, I would know, since that has been my 'go to' place whenever I find myself in need of some quality entertainment!
So I went there again today!
And guess what I found - people smoking some of the best stuff that there is to be found!
And not just smoke, but grow it as well so that Bhikharistan can stop begging for alms ASAP!
Yup, this member wants to grow opium for the good of the world!
And before one accuses this guy of being high, he is quick with a justification from the heavens above!
Of course, the title of the thread itself is "Solution to Pakistan's Economic Problem" 🤣
And then you ask ME, what I smoke?
I must give you full marks for your confidence!
Btw, don't miss the disclaimer about the LOOOOOONG process to convert it into heroin!
Apparently, not having access to that process was the reason for Afghanistan to remain so poor all those years.
But then .. Pakistan can always overcome its economic woes this way!!
Talking about economic woes, I also stumbled upon a couple of threads on your 'great' discussion forum that came about after the Saudis withdrew THEIR OWN MONEY parked in your banks, and your Chinese masters 'rescued' you.
Thanks for all those fits of laughter that u delivered!
Let me just spread the joy of seeing the 'non drug-induced' outrage by your fellow countrymen here, for the sake of happiness all across 🙏
It began with this!
Yup, Saudis were called ostriches by an 'Elite Member' for demanding their own money back!
I am sure that as per the timeline of two years given by this idiot above, by 10th August this year your economy will be doing awesome indeed and (in his words) your Saudi masters will be kissing your Beggar-in-Chief's feet instead!!
Heartiest congratulations for that!
Of course, this was one of the first posts on that particular thread, insisting upon a nuke option! For a while I thought this 'Full Member' was being sarcastic, instead of being .. well .. a full 'member'.
But NO!!
And u ask what I smoke!
Love your confidence. NEVER lose it!!
At some level, I do feel a bit let down by the Beggar-in-Chief not heeding to the above advice. It would have been fun, this 'Three days to give us your money or we nuke you' option, no?
And that too to savage people who are hardly your 'equal'!
Yup, and you ask what I smoke!
Of course, phrases like 'Desert Banglas' are par for the course and NOT racist at all!
Neither are they 'elitist', considering that yet another 'ELITE' member of your forum uses them!
Yet they dare to withdraw THEIR OWN MONEY from your Bhikharistani banks!!
To this 'Full Member' of your 'elite' forum, a Kafir Khilji is better than a Muslim Arab. But alas, Bhikharistan is broke because they don't grow opium yet!
I am sure he must have started doing drugs after realizing that Saudis were FORCING Pakistan to take their money!
Btw, that 'Elite Member' of your 'Elite' forum does seem to have a chip on his shoulder regarding the Saudis and their oil.
Perhaps they should just give it all to Bhikharistan that truly deserves it and not some 'insert racist phrase here' as he calls them!
While the 'respected' elite member above may not have an issue with Arabs per se, he does seem to have an issue with elementary biology &what defines a 'species'. Or perhaps he knows that the Gulf Arabs are aliens & came from Jupiter?
But that would be Sabu of Diamond Comics, no?
BTW, a hat-tip to whosoever noticed that I didn't take up the 'differant' spelling that he uses for the word 'different'. Ingliss is excused!
Looks like your gang, Shri @defence_pk Ji, love Saudi money a tad bit more than they love the Saudis themselves! I'm sure your Beggar-in-Chief chauffeuring the Saudi Prince must have caused atleast a few suicides by overdosing on the finest stuff that they seem so fond of!
Yes, you are semites .. but PLEEEEEZE give us your money and once you give it DON'T YOU DARE try and take it back!
Yet another 'Screw the Masters' wala post.
Atleast this guy must have gotten a heart attack from overdose after the Saudis once again threw some money at your Bhikharistan last year and preventing Pakistan from 'breaking free', right?
Or perhaps not?
And you ask what I smoke!!
Yes, 'too much free hand' and for what, just a few billion dollars?
DAMN that bleddy National Interest which forces Bhikharistan to keep seeking alms from the Saudis!
And you accuse ME of smoking something!
Ok, let's move on to something else from your Saudi 'friends'. I remember there was a thread on your 'Elitest' and the 'Bestest' Defence Forum of Pakistan about one #ColonelKiBiwi.
I too did a thread on that, btw.
Do have a look & refresh your memory!
You know why I remember there was a thread on your forum, dear @defence_pk Ji?
Well, because .. entertainment, remember?!!
But then, I found this being discussed in all seriousness on your board without a single person reprimanding the poster.
Care to elaborate what this means?
Yup, the 'elite' member that posted this shit about a woman, howsoever wrong she may have been, did not elicit even a cursory moderator action.
And you ask what I smoke!
Of course, they deserve to be put in their place!
And only Pakistan, with its nukes can do it, as per your forum!!
I agree with this one.
Saudis are free to worship anyone, Pakistan has Turkey to feed her. Oh wait!
Maybe .. just MAYBE .. Bhikharistan can worship Saudi money for some more time perhaps!
And as per this 'Senior' Member of your forum, if not for Saudi 'interference', Pakistan and Iran would have been the BESTEST of friends in this whole galaxy and would have ruled over everyone else!
PS: The Grey and Black FATF status of Bhikharistan & Iran notwithstanding 🤣)
But then, you sell yourself as a 'DEFENCE' forum!
So here's a 'Kabotar' who is an authority on Mirages of the PAF, including how their lights, colour and also wings SEEM to be!
And here's this one that saw a jet, but didn't quite see it, but then the jet whistled at him and the lights were also blue and red and blinking and all that!

Yup, and I am the one accused of doing drugs by you!
Seems as if things were getting a bit serious sometime in July 2020, what with jets roaring and flying lower and being louder and your forum members' minds making things up and all that shit!
I'm sure access to the best Afghani maal would be a factor here!
Chalo, its getting late in my part of the world now.
I'll continue this Tête-à-tête tomorrow morning and perhaps carry it to tomorrow night as well.
Sleep well, dear @defence_pk Ji!
Wishing you sweet dreams of miles upon miles of opium farms in your country, making it rich!
So we meet again, @defence_pk Ji.
I begin by thanking you from the bottom of my heart, for it is after a long time that I have woken up on a Monday morning with such excitement .. all in anticipation of my quest to convince you that I don't do drugs!
Let's carry on then!
So here's another 'Full Member' of your elite forum, redefining the rules of warfighting strategy!
Yup, the Chinese will place a carrier in the Indian Ocean so that your carrier enabled planes can bomb India and then land there!
Just before anyone questions whether the person saying this was high .. let me offer you a clarification right here - YES!!
Because no sane person would say this, right?
But then, these are members of the BESTEST forum, @defence_pk we are talking about!
So I may be wrong as well!
To be fair, he is only responding to an idiot that he quotes who asks whether there is 'some kind of boat' from where they can launch Chinese carrier based aircraft!
I kid you not!
And then you ask what I smoke 🤣
I really feel like obliging him by buying a dhoti & peeing in it!
Here's yet another brilliant strategist (Of course nothing less should feature on Pakistan's ONLY reasonably subscribed defence forum, no?). This one blames the Russians for the pathetic state of his air force! 😂
Then there is this 'ELITE' member of your very bestest forum. This one seems to have quite an intimate knowledge of the digestive system of the Saudi masters and what might cause it to go kaput.
Hint: IRAN!!
But here too he wants China to do his work 😂
Shri Ali Baba here (love his name, btw. Kudos!) seems to have some doubts about manhood of the man that was personally chauffeured about by the Beggar-in-Chief as he threw some money at Bhikharistan.
I'm not even talking about his second sentence!
And then you ask what I smoke 🤪
The Saudis sure seem to have got the Pakistanis' goat by daring to withdraw THEIR OWN MONEY from Pakistan!
PS: In case you missed it, a brilliant pun has been attempted here wrt the 'got the goat' and the 'goat herder' comment highlighted below 😁🙏
'Russia ka bap bhi engine dega'
Diyar @defence_pk Ji, such DEEEEEP insights are indeed a gift of your forum to the world!
I get a feeling that some opium farms that your folks talked about earlier in this thread must already be functioning at full capacity 😂
If only Shri Imran Khan Ji had the wisdom to act on the 'sane' advice of your brilliant, NON DRUG-ADDICTED forum members, Bhikharistan would already have become a leading light in the world!
I suggest you float a political party and do it yourself instead!
But deep down, I do get a feeling that atleast some of your idiots know their true aukaat. Hence the constant wet dreams of getting free maal, or atleast some maal on 'Very Low Instalments'!
And then you ask me what I smoke! 🤣
Btw, here's a 'candid' photograph of Shri @defence_pk dreaming about all that free ka maal I mentioned in the tweet above!
As per this 'beautiful mind' on @defence_pk, China is having financial troubles and Bhikharistan can and should bail them out!
I kid you not!
Do read this piece of shit .. err sorry .. brilliance to begin your week with a hearty laugh!
I insist!
Don't miss the 'small' carrier!
This one has yet another brilliant plan - hire lobbyists and all shall be well!!
I wonder why Imran Ji hasn't already conferred a collective Hilal e Pakistan award to Shri @defence_pk and brought them in to advise him!
This 'Khan' Saheb here seems to be an expert on 'beduen' traditions and castigates the Saudi boss for not following them.
That he doesn't know the correct spelling of the word 'Bedouin' is merely due to a glitch in the matrix.
Lo Ji, it wasn't Saudis taking back their money. Instead it was Pakistan throwing it back in their face!
The angst of a wronged 'lover' shows quite brilliantly in here, btw.
And then you ask ME what I smoke! 😂
Like I said before, NEVER lose this confidence. It makes you special!
Here I was, thinking that MBS stands for Mohammad bin Salman, when the seemingly correct expanded form was locked away in the delusional depths of the forums of @defence_pk Ji!
Ah, free ka maal!
Not only will we NOT repay the Chinese, but instead, the Chinese should also fund a 'war chest' for us!!
Kuchh bhi kaho, lekin confidence ke poore number hain Bhikharistan ke!!
PS: DON'T miss the highlighted portion in the second screenshot!
Thanks for the lovely Monday morning, dear @defence_pk Ji. I'll try and conclude this thread later tonight by discussing, among other things, Cricket!
Have a blessed Monday.
Once again, thanks a tonne for all the free entertainment. Keep smoking!
Well .. hello there @defence_pk!
Let's continue this thread!
Hope you've had your daily fix of whatever you smoke. If not, feel free to ask this genius economist to share whatever he smokes as he dreams of buying 100 Su-57 aircraft, that too with FULL TOT on easy installments!
And just in case you don't like Russian maal, this guy from your bestest forum is expecting a counter offer from Lockheed Martin any moment now (since March 2020, that is 🤪)
Bhikharistan ke toh khoob mazey .. har kisi ka maal khareedne ke sapne hain!
And you ask what I smoke!
Of course, for Bhikharistan to grant USA the esteemed PRIVILEGE of selling their wares to them, they will have to meet these non-negotiable conditions by Einstein Ji in addition to giving you money to buy them!
Btw, the thrice underlined COD does mean Cash On Delivery, right?
Ok, as promised this morning, let's talk cricket!!
This genius wants to step up the terror exports from Terroristan to India because New Zealand declined to play there due to security fears!
I'm sure Arsalan missed the irony. But I don't blame him.
I blame the opium he smokes!
This senior member of your BESTEST defence forum too agrees with exporting terror because Pakistan is unable to host a cricket tournament because .. well .. he has self respect!!
And then you ask what I smoke!
At the cost of repetition, NEVER lose this confidence!
And Shri Lion Ji here too wants to b0mb@rd NZ!
Thankfully since he seems unlikely to get a visa or afford a ticket, he'd rather do it in form of abuses & messages on SM.
Btw, he seems to be an Air Chief Marshal on your 'esteemed' forum!!
Such beautiful minds, I tell u!
Of course, one thing that surely cannot be denied is the fact that your gang does know the true nature of your Brown Panted Ones. There's absolutely no one like them in the whole world that champions the use of terror!
Too bad, they don't often oblige their BIGGEST cheerleaders!!
THIS post down here on a thread dedicated to the English withdrawal from a cricket tour in Terroristan can be made into a world-beating advertisement for some really really REALLY potent stuff!!!
I think its time to start winding up this thread, dear @defence_pk Ji because, well, I think your addiction to the potent stuff cannot be cured, ever. In a way it is really good for the world too, what with all the free entertainment you and your flunkies on your forum provide!
So as we get this thread to a close, let me share with the world, some of the pearls of wisdom being dropped by your 'Non Drug-Addicted' jokers as far as your war plans go!
Yup, they've been leaked.
Too late now!!
Shri War Historian Ji targets Mumbai & also wants 'Some Kind of Full Blown Attack' on Indian Airbases. But this Bhikharistani also knows that he will have to BORROW air power from benevolent benefactors in order to do the same!
Plz ask him to pass the bong to someone else now!
Mirage Battle Commander Ji, however, begs to differ.
You see, he too has seen the light.
And the light told him the perfect war winning strategy!!
As per latest reports, he still sees the light every evening, sitting with his gang from @defence_pk forums, getting high!
Oh, I almost forgot this gem!
Once upon a time Bhikharistan was being BEGGED by the French to buy their Rafale and save them.
You know why I used 'Once Upon a Time' out here?
HINT: This is how most fairy tales began once upon a time!

And @defence_pk Ji asks ME what I smoke!
In the end, I close this thread with a 'candid' video of one of the elite members of the world famous @defence_pk forums that somehow got leaked on the www!
Cheers you guys, keep smoking!!
And as I said - NEVER lose that confidence. THIS is what makes your minds so beautiful!

• • •

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3 Jan
Ah, well, isn't this the favourite 'comeback' of Beggaristanis, regardless of what begins a 'discussion' with these folks?
Though this sample is yet another Beggaristani who has made it to my muted accounts' list, I thought I'd indulge this one just a tad bit more.
Here goes!
The buggers across the border seem to be a bit too overtly infatuated with the state of access to toilets in India. To be fair, there did use to be some merit in this line of thought till about five years ago, no doubt.
Till the previous GOI built 100million+ toilets, that is.
Yes, mindsets will take still a bit more time to change, but change they will. More so once each and every household gets piped water as planned by the current GOI.
But then, who will tell the yahoos inhabiting the lands to our West is the moot question.
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2 Jan
Today marks 7 years since I saw this in the paper while having my morning coffee & tweeted it.
Thus began of one of my most precious threads, even though I managed to break the continuity a few times.
However, I'm breaking & restarting the thread again today.
The thread continuing unbroken becomes a bit too large for Twitter to handle, as has handled before when the longest unbroken phase was approx 2.5 years.
Thanks to The Indian Express & their free of cost 'Salute the Soldier', irrespective of space ..
.. it eats up on the newsprint, the stories and faces of a small percentage of the Nation's martyrs are chronicled. A lot will be repeated this year again, some won't be, and yet thousands will remain unsung & unwept.

Glad they lived amidst us.
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31 Dec 21
On one of my WA groups, folks have done some renaming of their own:

Beijing : भुजंग नगर
Lhasa : लक्ष्मणगढ़
Tibet : तिवतियानगर

Of course, China = चिन प्रदेश
Guangzhou: घंटा घर

Tiananmen Square: Tank चौक
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26 Nov 21
Carrying on from this obit, replugging some old news related to 26/11
The other side of 26/11 ops
Al-Qaeda felt 26/11 was more spectacular than 9/11
Some V.E.R.Y interesting thoughts in last 2 paragraphs
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14 Nov 21
Here's wishing Happy #WalongDay to the heroes of 6 KUMAON.
They went to their deaths heroically & steadfastly, without any fuss this day in 1962.
Just so that a General could please a PM on his birthday.
This day in 1962 - The only attack of the war by Indian army was launched - As a birthday gift from a general to a PM.
A heavy price was paid by the Kumaonis of 6 Kumaon that night.
Denied even one day to prepare for the attack, they went in as ordered.
Out of the over 200 men that had gone into the attack, only 90 returned.
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13 Nov 21
This attack in Manipur, ever since the news broke, has been playing on my mind. I'm sure I won't be the only one who has been taken aback by what transpired earlier today.
I think the reason is not that soldiers were killed in this attack, but instead that the wife and child of the Commanding Officer too were killed.
Now this is not to say that the loss of the five soldiers is any less than that of the lady and the kid. Far from it, in fact.
Each and every soldier lost is one too many. However, it is also a fact that they willingly put their lives on the line as part of their service to the Motherland.
Yet, fact remains that none of their family members have been targetted in the insurgency in the North-East before
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