"10 Habits that you need to change as soon as possible"

1. Comparing your life.

You’re on a different journey. Comparing yourself to someone else won’t do any good.

Trying to justify that you’re doing better than someone else is not good. Ego. Let go.
2. Don’t spend BEFORE you earn.

A lot of us do this. Spending money because “oh, next week my job earnings will cover back what I spent”.

This way, you’ll NEVER save money. Spend after you earn, and put aside savings where you can’t touch it.
3. Sleeping late.

Try to sleep by 11pm daily and wake up early.

Minimize lights around you while you sleep to get the best quality sleep.
4. Being scared to try.

You’ll never know what you can do/be if you don’t try. Really.

If today you want to play the guitar, the only way to do it is to go pick one up and start playing.

If it’s not for you, it’s okay. You tried. Move on.
5. Smoking.

Smoking releases stress for an hour or so, but long-lasting effect causes diseases.

The dirty smoke you blow out will also affect your face and its skin.
6. Neck posture.

Don’t look down on your phone too much.

Instead, bring it up to eye level as much as you can.
7. Back posture.

Do not slouch. Stand up straight. Sit up straight.

When you notice yourself slouching, adjust immediately.
8. Not saying please / thank you / excuse me.

Come on, basic. Learn to use these words more often. Doesn’t hurt to be a little nicer.
9. Being late!

Having that mindset that if someone else is late, it’s okay to be late is horrible.

It’s always better to be early than to be late. It causes unnecessary panic and anxieties to you.

Then you’ll have to explain why and what nots.
10. Expectations.

Expecting too much from yourself, people, or something isn’t always good.

Often it adds pressure for everything to be ‘perfect. Instead let everything roll out as it is, all while putting your 100% into it.
You live your life on auto pilot because you don't know what to do with your life.
Read the book "Live Intentionally" to change your

- habits,
- daily routine,
- mindset,
- become strong and
- disciplined.

Get your copy: 👇
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