How to organize a massive public launch for your community 🚀

Heavily inspired by a convo I had with @hey_bernie about @odyssey_dao's launch that got them...
• $124,000 in funding
• 4,000 discord members
• 5,000 twitter followers

@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao This assumes...
• You've created the basic structure for your community
• Have all the tech figured out
• Have a decent understanding of your target members
• Are ready to invite new members to your community

Let's dive in ⬇️
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao 1/ Run a beta group

Before you launch publicly, you should launch privately.

Curate 20-30 beta members & test your experience

Ensure that...
• Onboarding is smooth
• Members are jumping into convos
• Systems aren't breaking
• You're able to stay on top of the admin work
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao 2/ Loop in influencers

As the beta group is warming up, spend time meeting with thought leaders in your space.

• Show them what you're doing
• Try to involve them in a low-friction ways (speaker event, AMA)
• Promote their work
• Add them to an update list & share wins
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao 3/ Prep your launch

Now you've got a great experience + people that have followings and can promote you. Empower them to do this.

• Align everyone around a launch date
• Give tailored copy examples of what they can post
• Create unique graphics/images for each
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao 4/ Write your own creation story

The most powerful story here will still be yours. It conveys the passion, hard work, & effort it takes to build something meaningful.

Awesome example from @petergyang:
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao @petergyang 5/ Hit the go button

Everyone should post on the same day within a 1-2 hr window

Goal: 10-15 posts from influencers w/ +5k followers

You should also...
• Have them RT your creation story
• Have them like/comment/RT other influencer posts
• RT anyone that quote RTs them
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao @petergyang 6/ Stay personal

You'll have a ton of questions & comments coming in.

Monitor all the posts & aim to respond to everyone.

This builds trust with incoming members and addresses all the nuance that promotional tweets can't.

@hey_bernie still does this w/ everyone & it shows
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao @petergyang That's it for today!

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I tweet about community & our journey building @HeartbeatChat

Join me for the ride 🚀
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao @petergyang @HeartbeatChat P.S. the core team behind @odyssey_dao is

Peter (@petergyang), Mark (@marktanft), Louie (@louiesakoda), Wenda (@wendalewis), and Bernie (@hey_bernie)

Anything I missed/got wrong here? Would love to get your thoughts ❤️
@hey_bernie @odyssey_dao @petergyang @HeartbeatChat @marktanft @louiesakoda @wendalewis TL;DR
1/ Run a beta group
2/ Loop in influencers & thought leaders
3/ Prep materials needed for a smooth launch
4/ Write your own creation story
5/ Hit the go button & synchronize everything
6/ Stay personal with every message

• • •

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11 Jan
If you're building a community & you want...
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• Faster growth

...the key to this is a focused experience for your members ✨

Lose focus & everything else falls apart.

Here's a framework to keep your community focused & growing in 2022 🧵
Why "lack of focus" kills communities:

A room of lukewarm opinions won't evangelize & draw in tomorrow's members.

You need to consistently create evangelists — people that constantly share your community with friends.

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Use this to define high-level themes that matter to your community.

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@Superhuman example:
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Communities are the backbone of the internet.

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Boring: "who are you" & "why'd you join" 😴

Instead, ask something that starts a convo by default. My favorites:
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• Your coolest celebrity encounter?
• Fav pic on your phone?
2/ Obsess over the onboarding experience

Members are the most likely to drop off in their first 7 days of joining the community.

Use every tool at your disposal here:
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• Live onboarding events
• Handwritten notes

h/t @FutureFounders
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16 Dec 21
How to run the perfect investor meeting...

a short framework ⬇️
Your goal in meetings? Drive FOMO

Investors are terrified of missing the next Airbnb. Your need to come off as a founder who's...

• Super smart
• Building something massive
• Already got a ton of other VCs interested

Here's how you start the call & give that impression ⬇️
1/ Start with small talk & take over.

Common stuff like "how's weather ☀️" or "love your puppy 🐶" first

About 2-3 min, there's an awk pause. This is when small talk is over — you HAVE to take control.

"Glad we could make this work, my schedule's been crazy. Let's dive in."
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14 Dec 21
Most common question investors ask during a pitch:

🚨 How are you going to use this money?🚨

Getting this wrong kills your whole pitch.
And 90% of startup founders answer it poorly.

Here’s how you nail it 🧵
First off — this is trick question!

What investors DON’T want to hear:
❌ “Here’s a breakdown of our expenses over the next year”
❌ “We’re going to pay ourselves a salary & work on this full-time”
❌ “It’s all going to a dev agency”

Instead, they're looking for 2 things ⬇️
What investors DO want to hear:
1/ How you're turning $1 of investment into $5 tomorrow
2/ The "fundable milestones" you're hitting

Let's break these down...
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16 Nov 21
I pitched 100s of VCs during @HeartbeatChat's last round

There are unspoken, hidden rules in the VC world you're expected to figure out.

Learn them & fundraising becomes MUCH easier.

Use these 5 hidden rules to raise 10x faster 🧵
1/ VCs are looking for good stories

Investors have chances to offload shares 1-2 rounds later in private sales. They just need to be sure your story is good enough to attract follow-on investors.

You can craft a really strong story through trends:
2/ Investors usually care about 1 of 4 things...

• Product
• Overall Vision
• Team
• Who else is in the round (round dynamics)

Just ask what they care about to get to the meat of the convo faster.
(Skip round dynamics question if needed)

Here's how I frame this question:
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8 Nov 21
Most startups pitch like this...
• Problem
• Solution
• Market Size
• Competition
• Biz Model
• Projections
• Team

But, this is the WORST way to tell your story.

Instead, here's how you craft a BILLION dollar story that always hits the mark 🧵
The standard problem-solution pitch treats fundraising conversations like a checklist ☑️

It has the right pieces... but it's not a memorable story 😩

Investors have to sell you to the rest of their partners. All you've given them is a list of facts.

You need a better flow...
Instead, start your pitch with TRENDS 📈

Trends are macro market conditions that affect your startup.

Good trends make your startup inevitable. They make it impossible to fail.

(@businessbarista's last episode on Founder's Journal covers this)

Some relatable examples: Image
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