Anyone who tells you UV light is harmful to your body (within reason dependent on redox and solar callus), is a moron and doesn’t understand that cells within the body emit extreme low frequency UV light themselves.
Studies displaying harm from UV light are done with artificial UV light without the full light spectrum. Studies displaying harm solely focus on isolated UV exposure without the red, blue, green, etc. It’s an incomplete picture.
Yes, you want to avoid burning which becomes less and less likely as you build solar callus, get shade or go inside when necessary.

Chronic sun exposure without burning is actually shown to minimize and even eliminate risk of melanoma.

But harmful? Wrong.
Some humans and most animals still have common sense.

We didn’t have sunscreen or sunglasses a couple hundred years ago, we also didn’t have artificial light or nnEMF. Do animals wear sunscreen or sunglasses? Are they withering away from aging and cancers from it?
Elephants spend all day long in the bright sunlight and yet they have the lowest rate of cancers in all animals. Even being resistant to cancers, despite their size, long lives, and HEAVY sun exposure.

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12 Jan
“When someone’s stressed, let’s just take blood pressure for an issue. You have high blood pressure, what does that tell me? The doctor will write you a prescription for a calcium channel blocker. Do you know what the most natural calcium channel blocker is? Sunlight.
What does it do? Decreases calcium efflux.

So how does this whole thing with sex work? When I told you guys about the pathway about how when light comes through the eye, hits the RPE, UV light hits the RPE and it raises dopamine levels.
What happens when a guy or a woman has an orgasm? Every muscle in their body shakes. The reason that happens is because UV light is emitted from every single cell and that makes your skeletal muscles shake and quiver.
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12 Jan
“You know when you get red, everybody in the UK and the US thinks that that’s a sunburn, but it’s not.

You know what happens when UV light actually hits your skin? You get pink. You know why you get pink? Because it’s drawing red blood cells up to the surface of your skin.
You know why that happens fundamentally? Inside red blood cells are two pigments: one is hemoglobin, and the other one is porphyrins. Let’s talk about porphyrins, do you know what they do? They absorb ALL spectral frequencies of UV light. You know why you get pink?
Because you have red blood cells up to the surface. Where is that UV light stored? It’s stored in porphyrins and it’s stored in hemoglobin.
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11 Jan
Side note: never seen a ratio like this
Awhhh they deleted
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10 Jan
Pentose phosphate pathway with focus on seasonal eating is king.
High fat, high protein, low carb in winter and spring
High fat, high protein, moderate carb in summer and fall
Thiamine + riboflavin + niacin + ribose
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9 Jan
The light bulb was invented in 1874 and the cellular and internet networks in the 1970s-1980s.

Autoimmune diseases didn’t start appearing at the rate they are now until 1900, and really began to expand in 1990s, each a couple decades after these inventions.
There was past reports of Lyme disease, for example, but never at the rate it’s at now.
The research is trying to make the connection between microbes and hygiene in developed countries to explain the increased rate of autoimmunity, however they’re never considering artificial light and nnEMF.
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9 Jan
It’s all correct, all coronaviruses function as mitochondrial toxins, this one most notably. However long COVID is hit or miss dependent on this.

I still haven’t gotten a single one despite direct exposure though. And that’s because I have objective mitochondrial health.
It can be resolved either way.
Even people who believe they’re healthy, I’m sure I could find markers that would suggest poor redox/mitochondrial function. It’s very common in the modern environment today.
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