1/Virtually everyone agrees on the cause of the harmful inflation we're experiencing: people have more money to spend, but that demand is chasing too little supply.

But who we blame and how we propose to solve it reveals a lot about our political divide.
2/It's an incredible fact that despite one of the worst economic crashes in our history, average Americans (not just the super rich) have more household wealth to spend today than they did before the pandemic.
3/Government spending -- bailing out small businesses and state & local governments, helping people who lost jobs, stimulus checks & the child tax cut -- worked in rescuing our economy, and left Americans with the extra cash we are now trying to spend (i.e., higher demand).
4/Had the government not done those things, it's absolutely true that there would not be inflation right now.

But we also wouldn't have amazing economic growth with historically low unemployment.

And millions of Americans would be destitute.
5/So when you hear people blame "Biden spending" for inflation, what they're saying is that you should have less money to spend . . . that your wages should be lower; that your taxes should be higher; that the government should have let your employer or municipality go bankrupt.
6/What most Democrats are saying is that increased demand (more people with more money to spend) is a good thing! And that the way to beat inflation is to help the supply of goods and services in the economy to catch up to healthy consumer demand.
7/We're focused on improving efficiency of our ports and delivery systems, which helped greatly during the holiday season. Some good news: The port of NY/NJ is moving 20%+ more goods than before pandemic without delays. Releasing from petroleum reserve helped, too.
8/We MUST pass legislation now to relieve the shortage of microchips (a huge reason for higher prices of cars and many other goods), and my broader bill to bring home from China manufacturing of goods critical to America's economic security.
9/Crushing COVID is obviously critical to fighting inflation. As Omicron passes in the US, our labor disruptions will ease. But we must also get more people vaccinated in countries where COVID has shut down factories critical to our supply chains. north-jerseynews.com/2021/10/25/mal…
10/If you're concerned about inflation, you should also support letting employers legally hire people already in the US who desperately want to work the jobs now being unfilled -- and back politicians who would rather fix the economy than demonize immigrants.
11/To sum up: The solution to inflation is not to squeeze middle class Americans as Republicans are suggesting, so that we have less to spend on cars, food, and travel.

The solution is to build back supply chains resilient enough to meet American consumers' post-pandemic needs.

• • •

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10 Apr 21
In March, @RepSpanberger and I urged a big increase in the budget of a little known agency -- the Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN). Yesterday, the Biden administration agreed and formally asked Congress for a 50% boost!

Here's why this matters.
Last year, we enacted a bill I'd been championing for years to ban the anonymous shell companies foreign kleptocrats and corrupt Americans use to hide their money. The bill requires FINCEN to maintain a registry of the true owners of all companies based in the US.
More than half of Russia's wealth has been stashed abroad, including in the U.S., in fake companies and anonymous real estate. Tracking and cracking down on that corruption, part of FINCEN's mission, is key to countering dictators like Putin & Xi Xinping. nytimes.com/news-event/she…
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11 Jan 21
I walked through the Capitol building today with @RepDeanPhillips to thank the Capitol Police officers who faced down the mob on Wednesday with too little support.

I also just want to be in the Capitol as much as possible. It feels like holding sacred ground.
Here are some images from the Capitol. Officer Sicknick's bicycle. A broken window. The entry to the Speaker's lobby where shots were fired. Some words of wisdom.
One officer who is also an Army National Guardsman told us he was with his unit this weekend, and had to argue with some of his fellow Guardsmen who insisted the assault on the Capitol was fake, or staged. I'm increasingly worried about this problem in the ranks.
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6 Nov 20
You could say this was a close election, except that Biden will have won the popular vote by more than 5 million votes, plus victories in states few thought were truly winnable. This election will be remembered as a powerful statement.
You could say that we're dangerously divided, and that's partly true, except that this election was won by a coalition of decent Democrats and McCain/Romney/Bush Republicans who put aside differences on policy for the sake of the country.
You could say that our democracy is fraying, except that civic participation is at an all time high, and a leader who tried to subvert our democratic institutions was just beaten by entirely peaceful, democratic means, thanks to free elections, a free press, and the rule of law.
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30 Sep 20
If you've seen extra vitriol on my social media, here's why: the "Q" persona dropped a statement targeting me, citing the discredited NRCC (GOP SuperPAC) attacks on me & my resolution condemning QAnon.

My office has gotten 6 death threats since yesterday. buzzfeednews.com/article/sarahm…
In my first debate with Tom Kean, I warned him that he was playing with a dark and dangerous current in our politics with these vile attacks. He and the NRCC have refused calls from fact checkers, religious leaders, even local Republicans, to disavow them.
Now QAnon, an anti-Semitic conspiracy mongering cult that the FBI views as a potential terrorist threat, is directly amplifying the NRCC's press releases to its millions of online followers.
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26 Sep 20
I've been puzzling over why my opponent thinks this is a good argument (disparaging my refusal to accept corporate contributions to my campaign). All I can come up with is that he doesn't understand how political corruption in America works.

Let me explain.
First, it's true that both Senator Kean and I have received campaign contributions from sitting members of Congress who support us. And some of those members (including all backing him) accept corporate PAC checks.
But in those cases, neither Senator Kean nor I have any reason to feel indebted to a corporation that at some point made a campaign contribution to someone else, who then in turn chose to back us. We never solicited it from a corporation, and they never directed it to us.
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14 Sep 20
Here's a link to my first debate with Senator Kean. I obviously have some views about how it went. But I really hope everyone will watch and judge for themselves. via @YouTube
The main point I tried to get across is that our problem in Washington is not one bad person, but all the weak people who let him get away with what he says and does.

If you want to represent our district, you've got to take a stand, and say what's right and wrong.
On the issues, it was clear who stands for what NJ values:

I'm for the ACA; Kean is against it. I'm for strong gun laws; he got an A grade from the NRA. I'm delivering $ for Gateway; last night he continued to defend Chris Christie's disastrous decision to cancel the ARC Tunnel.
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