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Diplomat, father, former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. Congressman representing New Jersey's 7th district.
25 Jul
Two months ago, we sent the HEROES Act to the Senate. Since then, 12 million Americans have filed for unemployment & expanded benefits expire this weekend. 1000 are now dying a day. Yet Senate Republicans still can't agree, even among themselves, on a bill to start negotiations.
The House did its job, on time, approving state & local gov't aid, more funds for testing & contact tracing, and extending economic relief. I'd be fine if @senatemajldr McConnell had disagreed and proposed something different. Instead, he just sat on his hands.
With the exception of the House and a few decisive state leaders (cc @GovMurphy), we are witnessing an epic failure of governance in America. How can we be the only advanced democracy in the world that has not gotten Covid under control? I pray we learn the lessons.
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21 Jul
The defense bill we passed today includes something I've championed for years: it forces anonymous shell companies report their true owners, so foreign kleptocrats (including those trying to interfere in our elections) can no longer hide their money and their tracks in America.
Kudos to @RepMaloney for leading our effort in the House! We have bipartisan support in the Senate, from @SenWhitehouse, @ChrisCoons, & @MarkWarner to @SenTomCotton, @marcorubio, & @LindseyGrahamSC. To it's credit, the Trump administration supports, so this has a good shot.
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23 Jun
If one group can take down a statue of Jackson, others can topple one of Dr. King.

The right way to do this is to petition your local gov't, and demonstrate and vote if you don't like their answer. Your perceived righteousness is not license to smash whatever you don't like.
I'm for lawfully removing every statue built to honor traitors who fought for slavery. Confederate generals belong in museums and history books, not in a place of honor in the public square or in the Capitol.
I would strongly oppose removing Jefferson and Washington, who gave us the institutions and ideas we still use to fight for justice in America; we honor them despite their sins, not because of them.
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15 May
I'm voting yes on the HEROES Act today because it will help our state and local governments survive, keep our cops, firefighters and teachers on the job, and fund the testing and contact tracing we desperately need to go back to work and school safely.
We are losing too many lives and jobs to wait and see what happens. What we do now will decide whether we endure a painful but brief crisis or a long economic depression.…
I'm happy our bill takes a stand for tax fairness for middle class families in states like New Jersey by restoring the SALT deduction . I promised my constituents that the House would fight for them, and we will keep at it till the job is done.
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12 Apr
Good news: Somerset and Hunterdon Counties are opening a drive-through COVID-19 testing site on April 16.

I worked closely with both counties to find the PPE, including N95 masks, needed to finally make this happen.…
We urgently need more testing in this part of NJ. Somerset and Hunterdon Counties have registered over 2000 cases, even with limited testing. We know the true number is much higher. I know someone who died without having been tested (thus not even counting in the daily tally).
As one of my county sheriffs told me Friday, drive through sites ease pressure on our hospitals, since people have somewhere else to go to be tested. They allow more critical workers to rule out having the virus, and thus to stay on the job.
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5 Apr
I’m getting calls from folks worried by misinformation the NJ GOP put out claiming Warren & Hunterdon Counties aren't getting COVID relief. In fact, the small business loans, $1200 payments, enhanced unemployment, grants to hospitals & first responders, are going to all counties.
The CARES Act also added $ for Community Development Block Grants, which, by law, provide housing assistance to cities and urban counties. Hunterdon and Warren have never qualified for direct aid under this program, but can get it passed through the state, which I'm pushing for.
House Democrats also got $150 billion in the CARES Act for state & local gov'ts. Senate Republicans insisted this money only go to municipalities w/more than 500k people. I've sponsored a bill to lower that threshold, precisely to help our rural counties.
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26 Mar
We'll soon pass a massive bill to bring economic relief to Americans during the epidemic.

By negotiating hard over the last two days, we got a much better deal for the country and New Jersey than the initial Senate bill that partisans wanted us to rubber stamp.

Some highlights:
The final deal grants over $100 billion to hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 - $55 billion more than the original bill - and billions more for protective equipment.
Our bill creates a $150 billion fund to help state and local governments that are about to see tax revenue vanish. The original Senate bill did not have this.
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29 Feb
Two weeks ago in Munich, @SecPompeo made a commitment to me and other members of Congress: the Afghan peace deal would NOT require the Afghan gov't to release Taliban prisoners.

Today's deal requires them to release 5,000.…
@SecPompeo So, for just one week of less shooting, the Taliban get 4,400 US troops out, and 5,000 of their fighters back. The rest of the deal is all promises that they can pretty much break without consequence, and therefore likely will.
I've heard that President Trump is a great deal maker. I guess that means the Taliban has some pretty good negotiators.
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11 Nov 19
On this Veteran's Day, I'd like to share a letter that a constituent of mine recently found in the papers of her father, a WWII vet. It looks like it was send to all soldiers discharging from the Army at the end of the war. (1)
The author, General Jonathan Wainwright, was a Medal of Honor winner and survivor of the Bataan Death March in the Philippines. He was present on the USS Missouri when Japan surrendered. (2)
He wrote: "You have seen, in the lands where you worked and fought and where many of your comrades died, what happens when the people of a nation lose interest in their government." (3)
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9 Nov 19
In our #impeachment depositions, some of my GOP colleagues argued that President Trump had good reason to think Ukraine "interfered" against him in our 2016 election, and thus to demand Ukraine investigate this. Let's take a look at the examples they cited. (1)
The first was this oped the Ukrainian ambassador to the US wrote in 2016, which the Republicans said showed that Ukraine was against Trump. But all it does is criticize a statement Trump made suggesting he might recognize Russia's takeover of Crimea.… (2)
Here's what Trump had said - a total break with bipartisan US policy. Any Ukrainian official would have felt duty bound to push back (just as any US diplomat would object if, say, a foreign leader promised to recognize Texas as part of Mexico. (3)
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21 Sep 19
There's a huge leap from a candidate saying "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find Hillary's emails" to a president using his awesome powers to extort a foreign government to help him win an election.
We can't impeach based on anonymous leaks to the press. The allegation, even if deemed urgent and credible by the IC Inspector General, must be corroborated by witnesses or documents. The House must use all available powers to seek that corroboration.
But if the allegation is proven, there is only one remedy. If we hesitate to impeach a president for this, we might as well pass an amendment removing the impeachment clause from the Constitution, and become a popular, not constitutional, republic.
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8 Sep 19
I get that James Mattis is more comfortable speaking candidly about the Bush and Obama administrations than about his experience under President Trump. So here are some questions journalists could ask that he should be willing to answer. (1)
Did Bush or Obama ever rob money from military schools, child care programs, and bases around the world to pay for a domestic project that Congress refused to fund? (2)
Did Bush or Obama ever invite the Taliban or other terrorists to Camp David, or contemplate a deal in which the US would stop fighting them, without making them promise to stop terrorism? (3)
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24 Jun 19
This week, the House will take up an emergency bill to stop the cruelty being meted out to children at the border. The bill will provide much of the funding the administration needs to meet the humanitarian crisis, while requiring humane treatment and conditions.
Our bill:
- boosts $ for food, water, sanitary items, medical care & legal help
- funds alternatives to big influx shelters for families and kids, including a program involving non-profit groups
- mandates basic standards for shelters--food, health, temperature, contact w/family
The bill prohibits placing unaccompanied kids in unlicensed shelters if they're under 13, pregnant or parenting, don't speak English or Spanish, or have other special needs. It gives members of Congress the right to visit facilities without notice.
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25 May 19
I want the disgraceful fake video of Speaker Pelosi to disappear. And this Facebook spokeswoman should be ashamed for refusing to answer @AC360's questions directly. But he also oversimplifies the challenge we face.
Anyone with a smartphone can alter photos and videos, with slo-mo, special effects and editing tricks, and countless people do -- for laughs, artistic effect, to create memes, etc. And sometimes to make politicians look stupid, like this one of Trump:
If we want Facebook to change, we need to tell it what rules to apply across the board - specially given the advent of "deep fake" videos that will look real, like this one of Obama:
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25 Apr 19
The Mueller Report is not just a story about what happened in 2016. It's a warning about what could happen again, and thus a call to action to protect our democracy. (1)
The report tells us Trump wasn't working for Russia (thankfully), but also that he wasn't, and isn't, working for America. He's interested only in protecting himself, as DHS Secretary Nielsen found out when she urged action to secure the 2020 election. (2)
This means it's up to Congress to act. Here are some ideas. (3)
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6 Mar 19
I woke up this morning to news that House Democrats are divided on Israel. That's strange -- in countless meetings I've attended since taking office, I've not seen any member advance a substantive proposal to change our Israel policy. (1)
What we've seen are statements suggesting that our fellow Americans who back our current policy are motivated not by sincere conviction, but by money or loyalty to another state. The overwhelming majority of us have and will continue to condemn that way of thinking. (2)
Debate about policy is totally in bounds. Propagating anti-Semitic stereotypes, or any other racist tropes that still inspire disturbed people to commit violence in our country, is totally out of bounds. (3)
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