It's said that CIA devised Ten Commandments for the peaceful evolution of China and other nations which goes something like this: (Translated from a Zhihu post)

I/ To seduce and corrupt their youth with material things as much as possible, to encourage them to defy, despise,
and further openly oppose their original ideological education, especially the communist dogma. Create for them an interest in and opportunity for erotic excesses, and thus encourage them to engage in sexual promiscuity. Let them not be ashamed of their superficiality and vanity.
Be sure to destroy the spirit of hard work that their education has emphasized.

II/We must do everything possible to spread the word, including movies, books, television, radio...... and new forms of religious propaganda. As long as they aspire to our way of clothing, food,
housing, transportation, entertainment and education, that is half the battle won.

III/We must draw the attention of their youth away from the government-centered tradition. Let their minds be focused on: sports shows, pornography, hedonistic pleasures, games, crime movies,
religious cults, superstitions...

IV/From time to time, create something of no consequence for their people to discuss openly. This will plant the seeds of division in their subconscious mind. It is especially important to find issues in their minority groups to divide them
along the lines of religion, region,ethnicity, racial tension. We must create new hatred and revive old hatred among them, which is a strategy that cannot be ignored at all.

V/We should keep creating news to vilify their leaders. Our journalists should find opportunities to
interview their people and then use their own rhetoric to attack themselves.

VI/We should preach democracy in all circumstances. At every opportunity, whether large or small, visible or invisible, we should seize the opportunity to launch a democratic movement. No matter
what the occasion, no matter what the situation, we must keep demanding democracy and human rights from them (the government) . As long as every one of us keeps saying the same thing, their people will eventually believe that we are telling the truth. Every
occasion shall be seized upon.

VII/We must try to encourage them (the government) to spend and encourage them to borrow from us. That way we will have complete certainty to destroy their creditworthiness, devalue their currency and cause inflation.
As soon as they lose control of prices, the government will completely lose credibility in the eyes of the people.

VIII/We must use our economic/technological superiority to strike their industries tangibly & invisibly. When their industry is unwittingly crippled, we can incite
social unrest. But we must outwardly offer assistance and make them government appear weak. A weak government will bring about greater unrest.

IX/We must use all the resources, even the seemingly insignificant details and symbols, to gradually destroy
their traditional values over time. We must do everything to destroy their morality and will power. The key to destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence is to try to combat their spirit of hard work, perseverance and endurance.
X. Secretly deliver all kinds of weapons to equip all their enemies, and people who may become their enemies.

• • •

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11 Jan
There aren't only vocational schools in Xinjiang, but everywhere in China. They have contributed massively to lifting Chinese people out of poverty. The most famous vocational school in China is called Lanxiang, which calls itself Lanxiang Vocational College now.
The students are under military management. They wield their skills like acrobats, with high precision. The school got famous for its ad slogan,"Where can one earn the best escavator technology? Go find Lanxiang in Shandong, China!"
The heavy machinery operators must be able to maneuver their machine to write Chinese calligraphy or play golf.

When the Suez canal was stuck, the whole China was shaking her head. Even a vocational school in China can provide hundreds of escavators for the dredging immediately
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11 Jan
Intel backsteps on its Xinjiang statement. Chinese people are fuming with rage with western Xinjiang propaganda and are looking for an entity to vent their anger. H&M, Intel come along pretty handy. All entities inviting Chinese consumers anger don't do very well on in China. Image
Multinationals can't attack China and expect to prosper in China.

The Uighur propaganda is a total miscalculation. Every Chinese knows it's lies. Every Chinese has a stake in the peace and prosperity of Xinjiang which is only possible when Xinjiang is liberated from terrorism.
The anti-terrorism measures are extremely costly which is only possible with the tax revenue of the Chinese people. To see their efforts, contributions, blood and toil demonized as genocide/slave labor/torture/rape is too much to bear. US/Nato haven't contributed a bit to the
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10 Jan
Do you know that it was the Chinese State company China Construction which renovated/rebuilt the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York in 2011 for US$ 400m? Western MSM don't tell you.

The Alexander Hamilton Bridge is an eight-lane steel arch bridge that carries traffic
over the Harlem River between the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx in New York City.

The project was awarded the 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers Construction Achievement and Project of the Year Award, the third place in the 2013 Top 10 Bridge Projects of
Roads and Bridges, and the 2014 Most Valuable Award in the Highway/Bridge section of Engineering News Chronicle, and the project was also featured on the cover of Engineering News Chronicle, an authoritative U.S. industry publication.
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21 Dec 21

Political paparazzi Singapore journalist ambushed Pengshuai in Shanghai. Peng was found in the company of other sports celebrties. It was a surprise interview. The questions of the reporter with the assumption that Peng is a prisoner
under surveillance clearly made Pengshuai uncomfortable. She emphasized she never alleged sexual assault from near or from afar and she has always been safe and free. She said the matter is her personal privacy. She most probably deleted the Weibo post herself feeling uneasy.
Interesting thing is that she put a stop to the endless questions of the reporter on her personal life and said these would be reserved for later revelations.

I think Pengshuai should play a little bit with western media. Let the bullets fly a while.
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20 Dec 21
China, the Forrest Gump of Covid Response

Omicron has begun to spread very quickly and is plunging the West into uncertainty. Nobody knows how it will play out in the next few months. People are on the verge of nervous breakdown because the Western governments keep changing
their discourses. Chinese politicians don't have as slippery tongues as Western politicians, but
China is by far best positioned to deal with the variant because it doesn't have to change course or do anything special. She only needs to do what she has been doing from the very
beginning, ie, quarantine all the incoming travellers and regularly sample test the population and closely monitor to discover the earliest cases and nip them in the bud. China's consistency and regularity of its Covid policy has the benefit of being reassuring to the population.
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22 Nov 21
While the West is asking where is Peng Shuai and demanding to know if she is safe, why hasn't anybody asked where is Professor Ralph Baric of University of North Carolina? Is he still alive? As the father of Coronavirus, he has been involved in the gain of function research of Image
Cov-Sars commissioned by US military. Is he safe? As the world's utmost authority on Coronavirus, why hasn't he given his expert opinion on the current coronavirus, field of his life time's research?

Has he been silenced and suppressed? Is he in danger? Why has he disappeared?
Why did the US suddenly drop their propaganda campaign to force China to open up for another investigation in order to pin down Wuhan lab as the source of the virus? Professor Baric obtained the genome of a type of Cov-Sars of a bat from Professor Shi Zhengli
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