Can you name a proposed solution for climate change that does not require making some new thing, or more of some thing?
Besides slowing down.
Is there one plan on the table that is not based on increases of manufactured technology?
Name it. Please.
2. We have this thing we do on the left where we state some idealized end goal as though it were a plan of action.
"It's time to get rid of the Electoral College."
OK. Name step 1. That will have a result.
This is a Constitutional amendment issue. By the numbers required for
3. Ratification of an amendment, you'd have to persuade about five or six states, at a minimum, to give up their outsize power in electing Presidents.
It's been tried, back in more reasonable times, and never flown.
4. I did a whole thread yesterday on this quote.
5. It's a classic example. "Make the current high energy economy grow without growing emissions."
Pixie dust. It's an insult. It's a wild-ass dream with no foundation in any known fact.
6. The reason this matters is, this certified expert's opinions go into national policy decisions, and mine don't.
This is a "divide by zero" error.
You can't average out raw fiction.
7. I got an answer, legitimately correct, by the way: switch to no-till agriculture. It does not require making new stuff, and it directly reduces the number of fossil powered trips across a field. Bingo.
Still room for improvement from there, but it's definitely right direction.
8. So now we've got two plans on the table not based on increased manufacturing.
One of them - mine, slowing down - is not really on the table. I keep throwing it out there, but it vanishes in flight.
Y'all, making stuff for climate change is fucking for virginity.
Here is a picture of the energy we use. We use this energy to make things and transport things. Right now in the real world.
The more stuff we make and the farther and faster we move it, the higher that peak goes.
10. Regardless of what that thing is. Regardless of predicted outcomes to the good someday of making that thing. The only way to reduce emissions today is to reduce energy throughput today. This is the simplest of facts. It cannot be discussed in the same conversation with
11. GDP growth without emissions increase. The two things are not equal, any more that the two sides regarding the 2020 elections are equal.
But in this case, the lying side gets into the Washington Post as respectable.
And the fact side is ignored. As if it did not exist.
12. To tell bald-faced physical lies is said to be "optimistic."
13. One of my favorites is "End Fossil Fuel use."
Y'all, we don't choose to use fossil fuels, we choose to do things. The only way humans have ever built so far to power those things is using fossil fuels.
I can't get people to slow down from 65 to 55 on average. I can't even
14. Get the idea into the public conversation. When I have asked other climate tweeters to directly support it, none have chosen to.
Every other plan on the table, whether it's electric cars or insulating houses, mass transit or renewable energy, starts with major manufacturing.
15. The climate we have today is caused by the energy appetite we have today.
There is no possibility that increasing our energy appetite will make it better. I don't care what you say will happen ten years from now.
We're already in serious trouble.
16. It drives me crazy to watch the conversation.
People make these blithe statements and...
Does anyone know what we do with fossil fuels?
We make our stuff, we transport it, we heat our houses and our skyscrapers, we make virtually every single thing that goes down any
20. Assembly line, through any store.
We mine every precious metal, every lump of lithium that goes in that asshole's electric cars, with fossil fuels, we ship it across the world. We use fossil energy to displace the rightful owners of land where we want stuff, lithium or rare
21. Earths or whatever. Oil, always and forever, and now jungle. We destroy all that with fossil fuels.
I live in a society where every day I see someone demand we cease the use of fossil fuels and from the same demographic cannot get a quorum for driving below the speed limit.
22. People I would prefer to think of as friends describe my position as "radical."
The "rational" plan is an open-ended global scale manufactured system built of steel, epoxies / plastics, concrete, glass fiber, silicon crystal, aluminum, and copper.
Extracted and processed
23. For the climate.
Built using currently available sources of energy.
The only sour note is that occasionally someone notices and writes articles, but the punch is always softened.…
24. In fact that's the article where I got this charming piece of magical thinking.
25. My donkeys are calling. It's suppertime. Later, y'all.

• • •

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12 Jan
Something in this article caught my eye.
This quote:
3. Donald Trump in his most outrageous moment has never told a lie to equal this quote.
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11 Jan
I took my girls out to work today. We hadn't been out in days. I broke the work cart and had to fix it. Regular readers know the longer story. Been a rough winter.
Girls were grouchy. Clara was nervous. Clara needs to cool her jets a little. And... I'm broken. Think different.
2. I have a project of pruning a lane for farm tours by donkey cart, which shows what I think are pretty parts of the property. Fairly wild, but attractive to my eye.
So if I don't have something else we need to do, there is always pruning the lane.
We needed to empty the manure
3. spreader first. It was good and full, and I broke it too, the day I broke the work cart.
Pobody's nerfect.
But it works, it's just hard to hitch and unhitch.
So we did that, and I was going to drive them down to the machine shed to drop off the spreader, and EEK! HUMAN!
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10 Jan
I have observed over these years advocating for low speed and food energy that most modern Americans have been systematically taught that this is synonymous with living in a mud hut in untanned skins.
Really fast stuff isn't what made us creative. Really.
2. When I make little things like the cigar box guitars from which I took my @ name, I never use power tools. I can't do my best work with power tools.
My scroll saw is foot powered. Treadle. I can make that blade just *creep* along a curve and watch exactly what it's doing. Image
I did some of the cut to inlay the miniature Purple Heart in it with a Dremel tool, but the final shape was by pocket knife.
That dark wood is Purpleheart.
I hand cut the fret slots. I can't imagine trying to do that with a power saw. Image
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4 Jan
We (Rhonda and I) met today with the preacher for Gloria's memorial service.
The service will be held Saturday, at 11:00 AM, at Todd's Chapel in Ray County MO about 4 miles west of Richmond.
It's on Android GPS.
All of my Kansas City area Twitter friends are invited. 🧵
The service will be Christian in form. Gloria was a Christian. I am not. The preacher is an old and trusted friend, a Methodist lay minister by training, and I promise this won't turn into an insult.
Gloria chose him. We met together, we three, before she departed. I trust him.
When I went to church, before I made my decisions, I went to Todd's Chapel. It is a tiny country chapel on top of a hill, at the end of a dead end road. It is still my community.
Our friends from out here will be there. The women from the shelter, I expect. A few old friends
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3 Jan
I try to write a climate / ecosystem / biosphere / natural science thread every night.
On the one hand, I understand that it's probably hopeless.
Exactly zero of the big climate accounts will specifically recommend slowing to reduce energy throughput.
I've asked them to.
I've gotten blocked for it. Because I refuse to sign on to renewable energy machinery at any scale.
If we need some, fine, we've already got some.
Use that.
Start paying back your carbon debt, instead of adding to it like a payday loan forever.
Reduce energy use today.
3. There is, to the best of my knowledge, not one big-league, hundred-k follower, climate activist account on Twitter that routinely advocates any specific action to reduce emissions today.
Not one.
We know how.
It's free.
It actually reduces costs.
Not. One. Climate. Spokesman.
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3 Jan
Well, with the Biden Administration almost a year in service, I can no longer call the VA and talk to a human pharmacist. Could last year, but now it's 100% machines.
But at least the fucking US Mail is still dead, so I can't count on my scripts that way.
Build more highways!
The biggest problem the VA has it that veterans aren't dying young enough. There's a bunch of worthless old farts who aren't computer hotdogs, and everybody knows anyone who isn't tech savvy should just fucking die.
I used to be an IT professional, but now I'm just old. Useless.
After you fire all the people who used to answer phones, the only way to employ them is burning fossil fuels to build highways.
I'll die when I can't get any more thyroid hormone.
But we'll have electric cars, running on coal on brand new highways.
For the climate!
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