🎙{cosmic discourse with dr. a}:
🧿 RE: how do i intuitively channel?!

people use tons of different methods to intuitively channel & it’s confusing if you’re unsure where to start! no, i don’t work with “spirits” & for me, there’s nothing mystical about tarot, crystals, etc. {1}
they’re useless if you don’t know how to use them. they’re pretty tools that help tease out “vibes” i pick up & offer a framework to help weave the story of that “vibe”. that’s why i always say i don’t have “gifts”; i’ve just intentionally trained my intuition over the years. {2}
i define “vibes” as various expressions of the universe’s energy. you ever walk into a room or hang out with someone & go, “vibes are off. 🥴”? - that’s intuition (or subconscious mind) picking up vibes! or when you see the color yellow, do you think of happy, joyful things? {3}
that means you subconsciously associate the yellow with an happy vibe! the more we consciously engage our subconscious, the more we heighten our intuitive sense, the more we can retrieve increased information from vibes! so, how do you “consciously” tap into your subconcious? {4}
i channel via my higher self, using the sufi concept “kashf”: purifying the heart through ego dissolution (enlightenment); expanding knowledge of the heart with experience, empathy & shadow work (expanding empathic awareness via self-healing); & in applying this knowledge... {5}
the information in our subconscious NOW becomes conscious manifestation (intuitive channeling). healing the ego increases awareness & when we do shadow work to heal, it erases voices in our mind that cloud intuition (anxiety, self-doubt, insecurity, judgmental thinking, etc). {6}
we also increase in empathy when we make the effort to inquire into other people’s perspectives & put ourselves in their shoes. building empathic awareness allows one to sense more vibes & build more vibe associations to store in our subconscious - like an intuitive library! {7}
now, the next time our conscious mind senses a familiar vibe, we can go to our intuitive library & pull from the prior associations we made. so, the mystical gift of channeling lies in heart-opening knowledge & wisdom from empathy, healing, ego dissolution & inquiring inward! {8}
it’s actually a lot of hard work, but the more you elevate & enlighten yourself as you journey through life, the more you will unveil the “unseen” & retrieve more detailed information streams. so, THIS is how i intuitively channel with such freakish & mind blowing accuracy... {9}
i sense a vibe, i check out the vibe associations stored in my intuitive library & then i allow information to come to me as a channeled stream (sometimes using tarot, music, crystals, etc. to further streamline the information) & don’t question what’s coming/what i pick up! {10}
i just trust it & somehow i’m usually right & terrify all of you. so, half the challenge is letting your imagination & creativity run wild; don’t confine the information streams with overthinking & allow it flow through you raw. so, moral of the story - anyone can do this! {11}
i’ve been on this path for 8+ yrs & when i first started i couldn’t pick up with the detail i can now. many meditative sessions later, rock bottoms spent emo crying & being forced to heal myself, + making the effort to deeply connect with the emotions/experiences of others. {12}
THIS is the secret to my accuracy! i wish i had something more magical to tell you, but the magic IS: committing to enlightenment, empathy & intuitive practice. so, get out there, heal the ego, elevate, ascend & scare ALL your friends with your accurate intuitive channeling! {13}
it’s tough work & sometimes quite painful, but still a very fun journey! the best part is, you become a kinder, empathic, healed & less judgmental person in the process. ultimately, training your intuition is a mystical quest into deeply understanding yourself AND others. 💖 {14}
🔮 if this was helpful & you feel called to tip me, i shan’t stop you! 🌚

💖 tips & donations are not required, but v appreciated!

🧿 i love knowing if my content slaps & for your support!

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🔥 aries leo sagittarius
🧠 {inside your person’s mind}:

❝ if only you knew how much i’m battling myself inside about how i feel for you. if only you knew what lies behind this cold mask. you haven’t a clue how much grief i’m in because we’re on the outs with each other. ❞ {1}
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📌 FYI: i do NOT romanticize twin flames. it’s not fun to only know someone’s feelings for you through readings while they do the bare minimum for you in the 3D. my twin gutted me & I’ll *always* think i deserve SO much better. divine counterpart does NOT mean put up with BS. {1}
what i DO romanticize is: the trigger exposure that bring healing, intuitive expansion via telepathy, numbers/synchronicities, ego death, spiritual insights & increased connection with/physical manifestations of the divine that i never believed till i saw it with my own eyes. {2}
my twin brought me 0 in the emotional/romantic fulfillment department, but gifted me with so much else: this page & the side income it generates, heightened channeling ability & spiritual knowledge i never had prior. the twin flame connection is NOT romantic... it’s profound. {3}
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