Biden approval rating:

Reuters 45%
Politico 44%
YouGov 45%
NPR 42%
CNBC 44%
Fox News 47%
Gallup 43%
IBD 44%
Quinnipiac 33%

Guess which one number from the above list the pundits are all hyping today, while ignoring all the other numbers on the list 🤪
Why is Quinnipiac off by so much? It’s usually the result of a flawed polling methodology. An outlier like this is embarrassing for a legit polling outlet, and they often revise their methodology going forward as a result. It’s an “oops.” But the media treats it as the only poll.
The Quinnipiac folks are likely banging their heads on their desks right now, wondering how they blew it, and searching for the flaw in their polling method so they can fix it before they do their next poll. Yet the media is like, hey, we can get headlines out of this number!
This is nothing new; the media spends basically every day of every election cycle dishonestly portaying what the polls say. It allows the media to manufacture headlines. Simple as that.
Media outlets will even go as far as only reporting a candidate’s worst poll number this week, and then only reporting that candidate’s best poll number the next week, so it can pretend there’s movement and speculate why – when in reality the polls haven’t even changed.
Once in a blue moon they’ll let Kornacki out of his basement so he can explain the polling averages and what they really mean. But tv viewers don’t generally want something that complicated. So then they just go back to only reporting the highest or lowest number for shock value.

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14 Jan
Biden actually had a pretty good week. He got the media to focus on Sinema, ramping up the pressure on her going forward. The Supreme Court volunteered to take the blame for any further COVID problems. And Trump’s legal troubles are set to climax during the midterms.
The media’s narrative about Biden having a “bad week” is based on false representations of his approval rating, the false claim that voting rights legislation is dead, the false notion that this Supreme Court ruling somehow hurts him, and nonsense about a Trump comeback.
It’s more important than ever that you all understand why the media makes up these lies: RATINGS. It’s not partisanship, it’s not personal, it’s not anything but RATINGS. Until you understand this fact, you’ll be confused by every single thing the media does.
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14 Jan
The doomsday types are now insisting Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes will never flip. There's no basis for this. But even if they are right, it's why the feds indicted a DOZEN Oath Keepers leaders today. You only need ONE to flip. Believe it or not, DOJ knows what it's doing.
These doomsday types end up proven wrong on every prediction they make. But even if one of their doomsday predictions ever did happen, it still wouldn't result in the doomsday outcome they've predicted. It's all just fear-driven gibberish designed to scare you for attention.
Even if these types were just clueless and honestly mistaken about how everything works, you'd think their predictions would come true, like, one-fourth of the time (think multiple choice test). But they're wrong 100% of the time. You can't do that unless you're wrong on purpose.
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13 Jan
To you defeatist losers who are tripping over each other today to yell the most loudly that our democracy is dead: FUCK YOU. You're just sabotaging those of us who are trying to fight and win. You know what's at stake, and you don't want to win – which makes you traitors.
And if you're enabling or making excuses for these doomsday types, then fuck you too! You're just as bad. You admit we're in the the fight of our lives, but you WANT TO LOSE. On an actual battlefield, that approach would get you court martialed. It's no less treasonous on here.
Even if these defeatist losers were right – which they're not, but even if they were – how would they be helping by constantly yelling that it's over we're gonna lose no matter what? These are sick, fucked up people who WANT TO LOSE. They are your mortal ENEMY in this fight.
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13 Jan
The DOJ didn’t wake up today and randomly decide to arrest the Oath Keepers leadership. In reality the DOJ spent all year painstakingly flipping people upward – while pundits insisted it was doing “nothing” – so it could be in position to take out Oath Keepers leadership today.
No serious person would ever have believed that the Garland DOJ was doing “nothing” about 1/6 instigators. The real questions were what the DOJ was specifically doing behind the scenes, whether it would succeed, and whether we’d end up agreeing with the strategy.
Now we’re getting some answers. DOJ apparently waited until cases against all twelve Oath Keepers leaders were ready, then busted them all at once today. Now they’ll each feel pressure to hurry up and flip before any of the eleven others can.
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13 Jan
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was just arrested and charged with 1/6 criminal conspiracy. So much for the DOJ doing "nothing." It's clear that the DOJ 1/6 probe is aggressively working its way up toward the top people involved, just as Merrick Garland recently said it was.
The real key here is that the charge is "seditious conspiracy."

Conspiracy charges allow prosecutors to keep charging upward, all the way to the very top of the criminal conspiracy, including the biggest fish who merely oversaw it and never physically committed the crimes.
This does not prove that the DOJ will charge Trump etc for 1/6. We're not there yet. But charging Oath Keepers leadership with seditious conspiracy sets the stage for charging people like Roger Stone with the same. And the next step after Stone would be Trump.
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13 Jan
Spoiler alert: the Republican Party will end up participating in the 2024 presidential debates. It always threatens to boycott, to try to get leverage over who the moderators are. Same old game. But the media will present it as dangerous and devastating, so it can lament over it.
This is a non-story. The only appropriate response is to laugh at the RNC and say "ok we'll see you there anyway." When someone is bluffing to try to get leverage, you always just laugh at them, so as not to give them leverage. Not that any liberal pundits understand any of this.
But hey, why would liberal pundits want to educate liberal audiences on how political leverage works? Then liberal audiences would just fight back and win these battles, and then what would liberal pundits be able to lament about when they need to scare people into tuning in?
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