My mom just sent me this picture of her garden today: a beautiful peach blossom in the rain.

It's just a coincidence that my mom sent me this but in a hard time like this, this pic is so important to me. It reminds me of who I am and where I live... Image
I'm a Vietnamese woman, born and living in Vietnam.
One of my grandpas volunteered to walk hundreds of miles to bring rice to soldiers in Dien Bien Phu.
My other grandpa died in the Tet offensive in the South, fighting for communism.
My dad spent 3 years studying in the USSR.
And then he worked in Laos for 10 years to help build roads for Laotian people.
My brother works for a power plant to bring electricity to rural areas.
And now I'm bringing knowledge about my own country to educate people outside of Vietnam.
My whole family has been dedicated to our people, to our socialist path, for a better world.

My grandpa sacrificed his life for a future that he never saw. He died so I can live in peace.

Now I am exposing myself to chauvinists, racists, sexists all over the world...
With a hope that at least maybe one of them will stop being chauvinist, racist and sexist and start joining our movement to fight for a better world.

I have to admit it is hard.

I could always stop all of this trauma and pain to go back to my life in Vietnam.
I have a piece of farmland, my parents have a beautiful garden with a cute little pond.

I can always get back to enjoy my life in this socialist Vietnam.

I could just not give a damn about people in the West who have been attacking me and harrassing me for so long time...
Because at the end of the day, it is YOU who are suffering, it is YOU who will be the first to bear the consequences of your own chauvinism, racism and individualism.

But I decided to stay and fight along side with people who want to fight and who need me...
I am proud of my people's legacy. No chauvinist and racist dipshit can stop me from fighting for my comrades.

If you choose to dunk on PoC and marginalised people instead of fighting against capitalism, imperialism, fascism and racism...
It is YOU who will rot in your capitalist shithole, not me, not us.

Even if we fail, even if we die, we will still be in peace because we know at least we tried.

I will keep fighting no matter what. We will end capitalism no matter what.

• • •

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15 Jan
The thing is: those people are usually from the imperial core. Their countries are the ones that always start color revolutions for regime change in other countries.

Their whole life, they NEVER saw any attempts like that in their imperial core.
But they are ignorant and arrogant enough to dismiss the voices of marginalised people in the global South when we dare to point out the ugly nature of color revolution and why we have to fight against it while keep fighting for our rightful rights in our motherlands.
OR they know but they still dismiss our voice because obviously they have their own agenda:

Make use of the sufferings of marginalised people in global south => call for color rev. => call for Western interventionism to start regime change => settle a puppet state to exploit.
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15 Jan
Those "rich western kids" truly need to stop idolizing authoritarian states such as the US and UK man I can't take it.
Proud of your "democracy" and "freedom"?


"Democracy" is when you vote red or blue: literally 2 sides of the same coin.

"Freedom" is when you are evicted out of your crappy overpriced apartment owned by your rich landlords.
"Democracy" is when you bombed Vietnam "to the stone age" and commited genocide by spraying agent orange all over our country.

"Freedom" is when you are forced to work even when you're sick in a fucking global pandemic.

"Freedom" is when no affordable healthcare.
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13 Jan
Someone made a "gallows" joke in my Discord server. I didn't know the word "gallows" because English isn't my first language, which nobody keeps in mind when shitting on me. We banned that person immediately when it was brought to our attention because we don't condone violence.
If anyone ever sees someone in my audience threatening anyone with violence, tell me and I WILL address it. Also, please remember that there are many English language expressions, words, culture, etc. I do not understand. I am not a native speaker and have only lived in Vietnam.
This also means that I will sometimes say things that sound weird or bad or problematic. If that's the case just let me know and I will fix it and clarify. On the internet, nobody ever gets a chance to clarify, which is very difficult for non-native English speakers.
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12 Jan
There is a consent manufacturing campaign going on to imply EJ thinks idealism is "just thinking" or "just hypotheticals." This video from the conversation with Vaush shows very clearly how EJ defines idealism: the belief that you can find truth in thought ALONE.
This is exactly what Marx and Engels argued, it's why they broke with idealism: because they believe that objective reality is the first basis for truth. This doesn't mean conscious processes can't be used to seek truth, but all thoughts must be tested against objective reality.
We test our ideas against reality through systematic observation, through experience, and through experimentation. I.e., through practice. This is the fundamental basis of both science and scientific socialism.

From Socialism: Utopian and Scientific:
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11 Jan
Capitalist media outlets in the West are very good at indoctrinating people.

It's so insidious that most of you dont even know you're indoctrinated.

Even if you realize that, you will never fully know how deep your indoctrination is.
Like this workers' unions example:
They just reported that we "banned" independent unions aka we BAD.
They NEVER tell you that Vietnam is already a workers' state.
Workers unions have protection from the gov. to fight against the influence of capitalists.
We have more than 100 THOUSANDS workers' unions already with more than 11 MILLIONS members.
The Federation of Labor Unions in Vietnam is one of the main part of our political system.
Totally different situation than in the West.
But of course, most of you don't know about this.
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11 Jan

This article is an in-depth explanation for why EJ and I are sensitive to spreading nazi propaganda and anti-semetic lies. Lies about Jewish people controlling banks, governments, etc., go back centuries and must be stamped out, NEVER tolerated.…
The Proud Boys and fascists in general want to overthrow the US government because they think it's secretly controlled by Jewish people. This is the SAME lie used by Nazis in the 20s (which Vaush shared).
Jews in Weimar Germany were ~1% of the population and ~1% of bankers. 6 GERMAN banks had consolidated the financial system in Weimar Germany. Spreading long-debunked lies about Jewish people controlling banks/the world is DANGEROUS FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS.
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