Nursing Homes and Covid-19- the state affairs- thank you @JonLemire for taking time to discuss this topic @MSNBC @WayTooEarly a long 🧵 that I start with a picture from a NH in rural Michigan: yep, thats right- 14 staff out with covid-19 infections.
2/ A series of Graphs with situation today: data from @CDCgov illustrating cases by vaccine status-

clear decoupling among those w/ boosters vs not boosted

cases of vax but not boosted quite close to unvax-this is unadj data but reflective of highest efficacy of 3rd dose in NH
3/Next up-cases-data lag by about a week, but state data which maps to experience in many states-note Michigan data below followed by national trend-note low case counts this past year=vaccine.vaccine.vaccine
4/ Nursing Home Hospitalizations- also on the rise-harder to get granular data on % of hospitalizations from Nursing Home residents, but it is a growing share. Equally growing-->pressure to ACCEPT covid+ pts to NH but lack of hosp capacity/staff has forced hands of many states
5/Nursing Home Deaths-always the last to rise, but trends are NOT good, appear to be rising above #s seen in delta surge. Controversy exists over deaths to date in nursing homes (largely undercounted):…
6/Now on to even more bad news- cases and deaths amongst staff- almost 2500 deaths- this is probably the most under-reported statistic- also a couple of weeks old so actual # is higher. Majority of staff are female, over 50 and black. source:
7/ More on Deaths amongst Staff from CDC: below are unadjusted rates, but useful to see the uptick in trends- again, after lower rates earlier in year as part of delta surge. Some of these deaths are still delta to be sure.
8/why are hcw esp in nursing homes refusing the vaccine? not for the reasons you might think-top reason is:
1⃣vaccine cynicism- initially vax were rolled out too quickly, not enough data but now that viewpoint has morphed to sentiment they dont work/e.g see breakthrough rates
9/ More disturbing news: according to a survey profiled in this excellent @19thnews article in JULY 2021, only 1 in 4 nursing homes thought they can survive in a year (which is in about 6 months):…
10/ but lets go beyond statistics and maps:

I used to work inside of nursing homes/stopped bc I got pretty frustrated/easier to feel I could make a difference in the hospital/clinic setting

here is a glimpse of what it is like to be a nursing home resident now from @Altarum :
11/ here is what women who work in nursing homes tell me:
1⃣ they are so short staffed, they are just trying to make sure residents can get to the bathroom/get 3 meals
2⃣ average pay $14.82/hr -->not enough to pay bills
3⃣ they lack infection control/fear getting sick

and why so many nursing home residents still unboosted? majority of nursing homes have less than 50 beds, are small esp rural ones and lack pharmacy infrastructure to vax/ large retail pharm either not able to come in like they did earlier in pandemic or simply not enough
America has always had a problem with how our we treat our elderly (average age of resident: 85 yrs). we dont want to think about:

who will help turn us in bed to avoid bedsores

clean us after we urinate or defecate

who will feed us when we cant feed ourselves
so what can we do?

for starters, pass #BuildBackBetter which has significant funding for $1 billion in workforce/infection control improvements. So lets actually start there

• • •

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