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Is it legal for Congress to #default on the US #NationalDebt? It depends on who you ask. There are a ton of good legal arguments for and against, so perhaps it comes down to what the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, partisan) #SupremeCourt says?…

1/ A kitchen sink. The Supreme...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

In those terms, it seems like the game is over. #Biden should just surrender, hand the most extreme wing of the (degraded, corrupt, illegitimate, authoritarian) #GOP everything, even if doing so will push Biden's approval rating lower, dangerously close to the next election.

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Mike Flynn’s christofascist radicalization psyop is underway at sexual predator Donald Trump’s golf course.

@GenFlynn wrote the foreword to Scientology lawyer Leigh Dundas’s new book which she *really* wants you to buy.

This is cult indoctrination 101.
Mike Flynn is currently suing me in Sarasota County court for defamation.

Here, introducing Scientology lawyer Leigh Dundas, he complains about “the media” calling him names and proceeds to let them know that he will kick them out if they say stuff he doesn’t like.
Fraudulent grifter, Pastor Leon Benjamin, sums up the intent of the entire event. To brainwash people with this message.
“Trump won in 2020!
Trump wins in 2024.
And the deep state are losers!
We win! We win!”
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Western political leaders are so weak and so corrupt, the world will soon witness “WEAK MEN CREATE BAD TIMES”

Eastern political leaders are so strong, they’re coming together with BRICS+ for trade coalition, the world will soon witness “STRONG MEN CREATE GOOD TIMES”

A thread 🧵…… Image
Here’s a prev thread 🧵 on politicians
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A thread 🧵 on politics & politicians

List of all things that backfired on Joe Biden and his administration…

2.Energy Crisis
3.FTX implosion
4.FBI raid on Trump
5.Classified Documents
6.Hiding Hunter Laptop story
7.Dumping… Image
Joe Biden strangles Russia with worst sanctions…

Russia thrives, US banks collapse Image
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Politicians are so blatantly corrupt in many ways. Some seek re-election repeatedly despite the fact that they messed things up, didn’t implement anything they promised.

It’s people to blame for getting them elected. Helping other countries while ignoring your own has been the…… Image
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Today's Marina Beach access path visit showed that DRA feedback on rebuilding sea-facing deck has been ignored @GSBediIAS!

? Closer (original) grid frame & fallback connectors
? post footing
? cross braced posts
? Sand bag shoring beneath for storm surge erosion
#BuildBackBetter Diagram of wooden deck with...
These requests made to @chennaicorp in a virtual meeting with Team DRA post cyclone Mandaus have been emailed and documented here :…
The boardwalk grid spacing was supposed to revert to original drawing (so deck boards did not snap under strain) - here the path width still has only 4 joists instead of 7 @chennaicorp .

Shouldn't we be seizing the opportunity to improve with each iteration? Stop kanjoosifying! A couple walks across the M...
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REPORTER: How many stolen classified docs have been found at Biden properties?"

KJP: "I would refer you to the White House Counsel's Office"

REPORTER: They just declined to comment

KJP: "Well, there you go. You got your answer."


Here’s a prev thread on your favorite politicians and their corrupt politics
🚨🚨 TRUTH 🚨🚨

Money is the root of all evil. Pharma buys off congress, no action on vaccine side effects & #suddendeaths Image
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🧵 1/
The Democratic Party needs a messaging revamp, like now. You can't tell us "Democracy itself is on the line", even when that's true, and expect to get by on this milquetoast bs. You lost the midterms to a clown show, and its getting worse.

FACT: Republican malfeasance in our nations pandemic response killed 500,000 Americans or more. They called it a chinese bioweapon but then protested and fought every measure to save lives while stuffing their pockets with tax money.

FACT: Donald Trump is a criminal who tried to overthrow the constitution in a violent coup attempt. He needs to stand trial for that, and his enablers in congress need to be REMOVED under the 14th Amendment. The excuse that "they wont let us" is trash.

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A 🧵 about #WEF2023, conspiracy theories and #Ukraine️.

I'm not a fan of conspiracy theories regarding the World Economic Forum -- the general view that they somehow control or strongly influence governments to undertake #BuildBackBetter and #GreatReset related policies...[1/n]
...against the interests of the people. Of course I understand the attraction: #Davos, the WEF's annual backslapping exercise, is attended by many powerful and influential people who often *do* enact policies against the interests of their people, and Klaus Schwab looks...[2/n]
...more like a supervillain than the characters in Marvel films. But, as Thomas Fazi @battleforeurope wrote in an excellent article for @unherd, the WEF has always been quite open about its goals and ideology. Founded in 1971 by Mr Schwab, the...[3/n]…
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Freedom is dying

[THREAD] #TheGreatReset #WEF #BuildBackBetter #Agenda21 #Agenda2030

We all have different ideas regarding the way we should live our lives - that's normal, and healthy. Image
[1] There is no one solution which works for everyone - only a handful of variations on a few key themes, and the variety of differing cultures is perhaps one of the richest sources of interpersonal joy that mentally healthy people can claim as a focus for their general...
[2] ...enjoyment of life.

Without variety, without differences in music, art, literature, theatre, film & TV - we would be doomed to plain, boring, empty 'vanilla existence', rather than a flavourful life of freedoms shared & ideas expressed between peoples that respect &... Image
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#Agenda2030/sustainable development, such warm and fuzzy words 🤔
Also called #TheGreatReset #NewWorldOrder #ClimateChange #SubstainableDevelopment #BuildBackBetter and #TheGreenNewDeal. So lets take a look at what this really means ‼️☝️🤔🙏👇👇
#UN 2030 Agenda: Goals 1-3‼️🙏👇👇
#UN 2030 Agenda: Goals 4-6‼️🙏👇👇
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You liked #TheGreatReset from @wef and @ProfKlausSchwab ?
➡️ (

You'll love #BuildBackBetter

Who could say no to that? Who wouldn't want it "better"?


Our international Great Leaders have been showing and paving the way since over a year already. After all, is there a better opportunity than this #Covid19 'pandemy' to tackle it?


The (in)famous @wef is of course pushing for it.
➡️… (
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Die „Notlösung“ der 🚦 zum chinesischen Einstieg beim #HamburgerHafen ist abenteuerlich. Das #Kanzleramt setzt sich auf voller Linie durch.
#Cosco bekommt auch als Minderheitenaktionär Vetorecht. Zudem gelangt es an zentral wichtige Logistikdaten über den Hafen. Genau darauf zielt #China ab.
Als #EU und #G7 versuchen wir gerade eigene Gegenangebote als Alternative zu Belt-and-Road zu machen. Mit #GlobalGateway und #BuildBackBetter. Mit diesem Hafenprojekt machen wir uns zum Erfüllungsgehilfen Chinas zur Belt-and-Road Initiative
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Remember when Gill Bates's dad was HEAD OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD & raised little Bill from childhood 'around the dinner table' to fight population growth?

How many efforts from the Jaffe memo has the Gates Foundation funded & pushed? ImageImage
Jaffe compiled the memo at request of Bernard Berelson, president of the Population Council. Berelson responded by mapping out the effectiveness & viability of the various proposals.… Image
More from Berelson's "Family Planning" 1969:

Implement "Involuntary Fertility Control" to reduce fertility by "5%-75% less than the present birth rate." To be "available in 5-15 years," & be put in the "water supply in urban areas & by OTHER METHODS elsewhere." Image
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Tony Blair Institute's Tech Policy Fellowship is apparently developing public policy recommendations for Universal Basic Income based on the Central Bank Digital Currency for some reason.

#CBDC #SocialCredit #UBI #NetZero #BuildBackBetter #GreatReset #DigitalFeudalism #fascism
'New capabilities such as programmability, composability and tokenisation ... can be built on top of #CBDCs, fast payment systems and associated data architectures'

Translation: 'We want the peasants to use money that we can rig and control'

On August 23, 2019, while addressing the Federal Reserve Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ...…
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A lot of attention tonight is going to be paid to #DeSantis It makes sense. He’s terrible and he’s learned from Trump how to exploit extremism into headlines and fundraisers for his own career, but there’s something else to see in Florida tonight, something incredible.
Voter just made history by nominating @AramisAyalaFL to be the Democratic candidate for Attorney General. She’s fighting for women’s rights, public safety and to reform the system of punishment we call criminal justice. She would be the first Black person elected statewide.
She’s joined on the ticket by @RepValDemings who is geared up to trounce Marco Rubio and help build a bigger majority in the US Senate so we can truly #BuildBackBetter and move forward as a country still reeling from the pandemic and it’s economic fallout .
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🛡️#T3OccultAstrology WAR ON AMERICANS
The US #RomanCult declared war on Americans w/ the passage of #BuildBackBetter in the House 11/19/21 and Senate 8/7/22
#JoeBack will sign the #ActOfWar this week.
On 8/7 Mars🟥Saturn was exact @ 22d.
This is a conspiracy to destroy the USA
They tried to rebrand #BuildBackBetter by publicly calling it #InflationReductionAct But if you look at the title on, #HR5376 clearly reads #BBBAct
It started when the House passed BBB on the longest #Eclipse in a 1000 yrs - November 19 #FullMoon 2021 ImageImageImageImage
Now, the Senate passes sanctions during a very tumultuous time as #SaturnSquareUranus is waxing w/i 3d, Mars is🔴Uranus in exact🟥to Saturn @ 22d♉️♒️
Notice exact Moon🔺Sun.
The #PriestKings worship Moon/Sun. They use astrology to time their conspiracies against humanity. ImageImage
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'New capabilities such as programmability, composability and tokenisation ... can be built on top of #CBDCs, fast payment systems and associated data architectures'

Translation: 'We want the peasants to use money that we can rig and control'

Agustín Carstens, General Manager of the BIS:
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The Inflation Reduction Act includes a 15 percent corporate minimum tax, drug price controls, IRS tax enforcement, and a tax hike on carried interest to pay for increased spending on energy and health insurance subsidies as well as deficit reduction.

The on-again-off-again negotiations over the proposed #BuildBackBetter tax increases on corporations and high-income earners appears to be… on again.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is now expressing support for something called the #InflationReductionAct. (2/9)
Next week, the Senate is scheduled to begin voting on a reconciliation bill that may put all of the #BuildBackBetter tax and spending increases on the table. (3/9)
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🌙#T3OccultAstrology NEW MOON JULY 28 2022
Duration: July 26/31
#KeyVibration of this #PriestKings #NewMoon is a synergistic expression of forced transformation: extremity, brutality, #tyranny, #rebellion, violence, death, energy, #BigMoney - resulting in sudden losses.
+1 ImageImage
The #StateOfTheNation is a global concern.
Looking back at planetary alignments during the US #CivilWar, this July #NewMoon is very similar.
As life becomes increasingly difficult globally via tyrannical government entities, I think it prudent to exercise survival tactics. ImageImageImageImage
Question every event at this time.
Trust no vassal government CEO.
The energetic forces of Mars during this #NewMoon transiting🔴Uranus thru Aug 2, then🟥Saturn thru Aug 8, is suspect.
Watch for violence to increase and #PriestKings #FalseFlag ops.
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Ok, so we know Putin is a #DovosBoy and that the US #RomanCult et al are included in the #DavosAgenda under #BuildBackBetter. Does this mean Putin and Davos et al are fighting non-Davos National elite factions that endeavor to retain US Constitution?
If so then why are all Davos nations lined up against RU in the war against UA? Or is this just a faced? Of course it is. Thanks to @FedorovMykhailo we know UA will rebuild w/Bs💰 granted from key Davos Nations to become a New Jerusalem so to speak.
But what's with the anti "Globalist" and "Liberal Ideology" speak? Thats Davos. Right?
Well, there's a second group emerging slowly that is similar to Davos. Its @Pontifex @inclusivecap which is spearheaded by Rothschild et al.
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Govts, including our own, borrowed massively during covid. They continue to borrow massively for a myriad of political projects on top of enormous increases in spending in health, housing and every govt dept. They’re chasing inflation with public sector pay rises.
The problem with growing the State to such massive levels is that it’s unsustainable if you can’t keep borrowing. We have put this spending on the credit card. We need the internet rate on that credit card to stay at its historically low levels. But then Inflation arrived….
The role of central banks, their literal purpose, has always been to control inflation. The notion of keeping inflation at 2% became the ubiquitous mission of global CBs. It used to be a big problem. But we haven’t had to deal with it in 40 years so CBs sought another mission.
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Stop LYING @CBS6 @noraodonnell & others. The #BuildBackBetter bill is NOT a Climate Change bill. It is a typical blunderbus bill filled with #PelosiPoisonPills like #BankAccountSurveillance of YOU, me, @smallbusiness to spy for "tax cheats", really a sweeping universal espionage
@CBS6 @noraodonnell @smallbusiness @Sen_JoeManchin calls for Pared down bill. @PostOpinions Money supply is already over 40% higher than b4 pandemic & we're at 9% inflation. Adding $3Trillion takes us to 50% higher, what happens then? Fund the Critical Few as #ParetoPrinciple directs, not EVERYTHING @SenSchumer
But subsidies for EVs sound OK but what's in the elislative text?
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