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As we start this week, remember, #BuildBackBetter is:
$3.5T *over 10 years*,
which is just 1.2% of GDP.
With ~$1T in tax cuts for the rest of us,
it's ~4% more spending. THAT'S IT.
And we get:
fast wifi, child&elder care, paid leave, lotsa jobs and a shot at SAVING THE PLANET.
More on the millions of jobs #BuildBackBetter will help create, mainly in manufacturing, clean energy and care:…
More on the ridiculous media framing of "3.5 trillion" here:…
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Huge news.

By an overwhelming 80%+ vote, the Arizona Democratic Party has passed a resolution pledging a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in @KyrstenSinema if she fails to vote to reform the filibuster or doesn't support the #BuildBackBetter reconciliation bill.


This was a great team effort from many AZ Dem Party leaders organized together in the Arizona Coalition to End the Filibuster. Thank you @OldGringoAz, @AnnHeitland, @BWestbrookAZ8, @PaulForArizona, @SenQuezada29, Patti Serrano & many others!
Sinema is setting her political future on fire. If she doesn't change course drastically and soon, it will be too late.
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When I was deep in my education activism work around 2016, a former friend who had been a science teacher in Massachusetts, said to me something along the lines of: Alison you just have more RAM (random access memory) than most people.
For whatever reason, the cosmos/creator has seen fit to put me in places and endow me with gifts to see what's unfolding and start putting together the story for others. I'm not "smarter," but I CAN hold loose pieces long enough to begin to make sense of this hyper-object.
About the same time I began to notice major foundations were putting lots of money into the research departments of Ivy League schools to study EXECUTIVE FUNCTION in children - Gates, Zuckerberg, Buffett. They all wanted to "build" children's brains. #BuildBackBetter
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Hey @SecGranholm, nice industry talking points you got there. Let’s break those down🧵

If the nuclear power industry is so prosperous, why are they lobbying for over $50 billion in federal subsidies from #BuildBackBetter to keep aging reactors online? There’s no “innovation” in simply bailing out the status quo.

Let’s talk jobs. Did you know that bailing out existing reactors would not create a single new American job? Nuclear power plants have actually been cutting jobs, despite the big state-level bailout checks they have cashed.…

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Welp, the @SenateFinance Committee is about to hold the first Senate hearing on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in nearly a quarter-century.

The subtext: SSI’s been forgotten for so long, even the Senate holding a damn hearing on it is historic.

*settles in to live-tweet*
A little more on the history while we’re waiting for the hearing to start:

—The last Senate hearing on SSI was in 1998.

—And the last Senate hearing on the need to update SSI’s eligibility criteria was in 1987—in a hearing that even then was titled “The Forgotten Safety Net.”
.@SenSherrodBrown opening the hearing by making exactly that point: “‘The Forgotten Safety Net’ was a fitting title then, and even a more fitting title now given the decades of neglect.” #DemolishDisabledPoverty
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Extreme heat is our leading weather-related killer, and the climate crisis is putting more people in harm’s way. That’s why today, the President is announcing an interagency response to protect our workers and communities.…
Millions of U.S. workers are exposed to heat on the job. @USDOL's new initiative on occupational heat exposure will protect both indoor and outdoor workers in agriculture, construction, delivery services, warehouses, factories, kitchens, and more.…
Extreme heat poses higher risks to our children, seniors, low-income communities, and communities of color. Agencies including @HHSGov, @EPA, @NOAA, @DHSgov, & @USDA are working to provide cooling assistance, support local resilience efforts, and advance environmental justice.
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NEW: To commemorate the start of #HispanicHeritageMonth, @HispanicCaucus and @JECDems released a report on the essential contributions of Hispanic workers to the U.S. economy.…
More than 62 million Hispanic Americans live in the US and they create over $2 trillion in economic output each year.

Despite these important contributions, #HispanicWorkers are overrepresented in low-wage jobs with poor working conditions.
Hispanic Americans are vital to the U.S. economy and helped keep it afloat in the worst of the pandemic.

#HispanicWorkers are overrepresented in essential and frontline industries and many risked their lives during the pandemic, securing America’s food supply and providing care. Image
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HUGE #DemolishDisabledPoverty news:

As @SenSherrodBrown @SenWarren & other Dems continue to push to include long-overdue SSI updates in #BuildBackBetter, the Senate Finance Committee is holding a hearing on the need to update SSI *next week*!

Even the hearing is historic given how long SSI has been forgotten by DC lawmakers — this will be the first Senate hearing on the need to update SSI literally in decades.

Huge and ongoing appreciation to @SenSherrodBrown—who chairs Senate Finance’s Social Security Subcommittee and pushed to hold this hearing—for tirelessly fighting to ensure SSI beneficiaries don’t get forgotten yet again in #BuildBackBetter.

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The @USChamber has launched a full court press against the #BuildBackBetter plan. But many of its corporate members say they support families & #ClimateAction. Their $ to the Chamber speaks louder than words. Tell them to back this historic agenda!
Hey @Amazon try delivering paid family leave & clean energy standards by demanding the @USChamber stop opposing the #BuildBackBetter plan.
.@AmericanExpress how about telling @USChamber you want cash back for attacking #BuildBackBetter’s protections for families and the planet! Which side are you on?
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On behalf of all California Democrats who have been trying to keep everyone calm about the Recall Election aka waste of taxpayer money, consider this my "Cleaning out Bookmarks" thread of pettiness:
#NoOnRecall won by double digits this evening because California Democrats ignored this "advice" offered by a gambling and probability election pundit who is based out of NYC.

Listening to Blue Checks can be hazardous to your election prospects.

Turnout in the early voting period of this election exceeded all turnout in the 2014 midterms, and hit the 40% benchmark before election day. We are on pace to shatter all turnout records in an off-off year election in the middle of September.

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Today, @EnergyCommerce is considering the #BuildBackBetter Act, legislation that makes historic investments in #maternalhealth including some of @ACOG’s top priorities and #CLC asks. @ACOG enthusiastically supports the following policies within the bill. 1/
The legislation includes @RepRobinKelly #MOMMAsAct mandate that states extend postpartum #Medicaid coverage to 1 year after the end of pregnancy, as recommended by @ACOG & other maternal health experts. The data are clear that this policy will improve outcomes & save lives. 2 /
This means that every indiv. who relies on Medicaid for pregnancy-related care will have coverage in the critical postpartum period to see their primary care clinicians & be referred to specialists, incl. for cardiac & mental health, as needed to address their health concerns. 3/
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@thierrybaudet Klaus Schwab heeft het stokje overgenomen van Robert Muller en voert het originele plan uit van Muller: Global Reconstruction.
Klaus noemt het the Great Reset. Daar hebben we nooit voor gestemd. Is er ooit een contract o.i.d. getekend?

@PvanHouwelingen Maurice Strong, Chairman
@thierrybaudet @PvanHouwelingen Of the Earth Council, is on the board of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the WEF, is a member of the Earth Council. The WEF, which meets annually in Switzerland, describes itself as "the most significant global business summit bringing
@thierrybaudet @PvanHouwelingen together close to 2,000 business and political leaders, experts, academics, and members of the media, to set the global agenda for the coming year." Top executives of billion-dollar companies pay fees and travel costs of $30,000 to $250,000 each year for the privilege of
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Central banks have given governments their marching orders, to sign everybody up to mandatory digital IDs that will form the basis for new financial and social systems. This is not a conspiracy; this is just happening, all out in the open. Details in this thread:
The real economy has been dead since at least 2009; the financial system has been propped up with limitless fiat money-printing and government debt, kicking the can down the road:
By 2019 central banks reached the end of what they could do and had to come up with a new strategy for the next down-turn - and preserve the wealth of the government class, asset holders, too-big-to-fail zombie companies:…
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Zo @harmbeertema @geertwilderspvv @leondejong @thierrybaudet @PvanHouwelingen @GideonvMeijeren @lientje1967 @F_azarkan ook krijgen Global Brainwash!

Mark Rutte volgde de training en coaching al. Bij instituut Phoenix!
Die werkdruk -en de daarbij behorende angstcultuur- is in alle domeinen én de @2eKamertweets te zien. Het is georganiseerd! Immers, het is eenvoudig op te lossen. Het breekt de mensen emotioneel en daarna volgt de #BuildBackBetter via educatie, coaching, yoga, meditatie etc.
Ook het onderwijs is bezig met de transitie naar Democratische Scholen. Waar kinderen de hele dag moties indienen en úren in de at moeten gaan. Het is een brainwash, indoctrinatie én een zogenaamd democratisch besluitvormingsmodel om de visie van de goeroe in stand te houden en
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Let’s chat #BuildBackBetter! @POTUS ‘s Build Back Better Agenda is positively impacting American lives from education reform, to climate priorities, and beyond. Take a look with me at some of its key highlights so far: 1/7 🧵
Up first – childcare! @POTUS has already implemented the largest Child Tax Credit ever through the American Rescue plan, providing relief to working families. Most families are automatically receiving monthly payments of $250 or $300 per child! 2/7…
The Build Back Better Agenda also emphasizes healthcare. @POTUS is working to expand Medicare benefits, reduce prescription drug costs, and close the Medicaid coverage gap. 3/7
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@veen_els @HansKoppies @nhdagblad In het onderwijs is de SDG indoctrinatie het grootst en al het langst bezig. Het zit in hun opleidingen. Zij moesten Change Agents worden. Om onze kinderen tot Change Makers te maken. Unesco werd ervoor opgericht. Het World Curriculum voor ontworpen. Global Education is
@veen_els @HansKoppies @nhdagblad Global brainwash. De architect van dit alles is Robert Muller, de grootste spiritueel filosoof van UN.

Robert Muller’s letter to all teachers of the World
@veen_els @HansKoppies @nhdagblad 60 million Agents of Change!

“There are over 60 million Teachers in the World. Each One is a key agent for bringing about the changes in values and lifestyles we (UN-Unesco) need! “

Robert Muller is founder of Unesco, architect of Global Education plan…
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Gisteren gingen meer dan 200.000 mensen de straat op voor een #demonstratie in #Amsterdam. Laat ik beginnen om te zeggen dat ik het fantastisch vind dat zoveel mensen opkomen voor hun rechten. Wat ik al vaker heb geprobeerd te duiden is het grote 'maar' aan dit soort demo's.
Het mist een breed draagvlak. 200.000 klinkt als heel veel, maar wat er momenteel speelt raakt ons allemaal. Het raakt ouders uit het toeslagenschandaal, het raakt Groningers uit het aardbevingsgebied, het raak boeren die net vol woede lezen over onteigening en uitkoop,
het raakt mensen die geen huis kunnen vinden vanwege de extreem opgedreven huizenmarkt, het raakt werknemers die al jaren er niet op vooruit gaan omdat ze door een multinational waarvoor ze werken worden uitgeknepen ondanks mega omzet, het raakt 70k ontslagen zorgmedewerkers,
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HUGE NEWS: President Biden’s SSI proposals would bring 3.3 million people out of poverty, and cut poverty among SSI beneficiaries *IN HALF*, according to the @UrbanInstitute.

@citizencohn has the scoop:…

These jaw-dropping numbers are a stark reminder of what @mattbc and I mean by #DemolishDisabledPoverty—as well as the historic opportunity Democrats have right now to improve millions of lives, as they debate whether to include long-overdue SSI improvements in #BuildBackBetter.
As I told @citizencohn: “The only thing more shameful than how long SSI beneficiaries have already been forgotten would be to leave them behind again now in #BuildBackBetter, on the heels of a pandemic that’s hit disabled people and seniors harder than nearly anyone…”
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De oorlog tegen ons #WeThePeople

Proof of #Depopulation #Agenda


De oorlog tegen ons #WeThePeople

Proof of #Depopulation #Agenda


De oorlog tegen ons #WeThePeople

Proof of #Depopulation #Agenda
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Fact check: TRUE*

*b/c of an archaic SSI rule called “in-kind support and maintenance” that automatically slashes already-sub-poverty SSI benefits by 1/3rd for beneficiaries who can’t afford their own place.

(The #SSIRestorationAct would end ISM.)

Quick #DemolishDisabledPoverty aside:

This 👆 is just one example of the long-overdue SSI fixes Dems in the House & Senate are fighting to try to get into the #BuildBackBetter reconciliation bill that the House is drafting as we speak.
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“Congress has failed to uphold its responsibility to SSI recipients by allowing the SSI program to become so outdated that people w/disabilities and seniors are struggling to meet their most basic needs.”

@RepRaulGrijalva @janschakowsky @RepBowman @AyannaPressley @JimmyGomezCA Image
In a joint statement issued today, @RepRaulGrijalva @janschakowsky @RepBowman @RepPressley @JimmyGomezCA are calling on their Ways and Means colleagues to include SSI in the #BuildBackBetter reconciliation bill.

Full statement:…

“Failure by Democrats to include updates to SSI in the reconciliation package will send a bleak signal to [the disability community].”

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Dit is de #BuildBackBetter agenda, het origineel heet Global Reconstruction. Een samenwerking tussen de Centrale Banken, UN en de vijf High Tech bedrijven. En hun Change Agent netwerk. Een sekte.

De opleiding is de Persoonlijksheidsontwikkelingscursus.
Global Reconstruction by Robert Muller, United Nations.

“A World Conference for the creation of a World Union on the pattern of the European Union”.

Het #WEF dus. Robert Muller was de architect, #KlausSchwab zijn puppet.… ImageImageImageImage
Die opleiding krijgen we allemaal. Velen hebben die al gevolgd. Ongemerkt, gezien, ongewenst en ongevraagd.

Via instituties en bewegingen zoals Phoenix, De Baak, Veerhuis Varik, Avatar, Damanhur, Brahma Kumaris en straks alle scholen.

Global Education…
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NEW: Chair @RepMaloney, Chair @RepRoKhanna, and Rep. @Ilhan led more than 50 Democrats in sending a letter to @SpeakerPelosi and @LeaderHoyer requesting that they include the repeal of #fossilfuel subsidies in the #BuildBackBetter Act.… Image
In their letter, the Members underscored that ending fossil fuel subsidies is an essential step in achieving #environmentaljustice in the United States.
Studies indicate that the pollution generated by the fossil fuel industry disproportionately affects the health and well-being of communities of color.
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Not sure. Thesis, back then, based on the IMF’s assessment on potential efficacy of NIRP.

Soviet-style consolidation of banks/wipe out smaller banks for central control/data collection is more likely goal

Adjust $ velocity via expiring CBDCs (FedCoin, digital SDR, digital yuan)
Part of the obvious goal of🦠💉was to eliminate physical cash:

*attack on anonymity/privacy
*provide more immediate combined fiscal/monetary response
*provide real-time data to monitor/adjust economy, control behavior (Social credit scoring)
*dilute sovereignty of currency
Epstein&Ghislaine very much tie into the WEF/UN/4IR

Blockchain/AI/IoT to be used to track all shipping

OBOR/BRI appears to be favored by Davos, setting up WEF centrally-controlled shipping/trade/economy

IoBNT to replace wearable IoT - you, rather than on you
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