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Not a new thing, unfortunately. Corruption like this has been going on for decades, and it's only just recently finally fully coming into view.
I really wish our media had spotlighted this a couple of decades ago, but better late than never, I suppose.....still, we need to keep fighting for what's right, folks, however we can. All of us.
Hopefully someday very soon, we can finally start to fix what's still been broken, so that we can, as Joe Biden might put it, #BuildBackBetter
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If actions match these words, this #SFT will be a historic step forward in Canadian social policy in several key areas: childcare, disability GIS, pharmacare, and a new EI system. All ambitious, and necessary. #BuildBackBetter #cdnpoli ...2
Somewhat reminiscent of Pearson's minority governments in the mid-60s, which brought in CPP, medicare, and the Canada Assistance Plan. Minority government can work well! ...3
Conservatives' predictable rant on deficits & debt will go nowhere, esp. as Canadians are losing sleep over COVD 2nd wave & continuing recession (not debt bogeymen). And CPC won't whisper about what they'd cut for a smaller deficit: they know that would be the end of them. #SFT
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I just want to tell this story about @KamalaHarris’ visit to #Flint ... Image
The woman sitting, E. Hill DeLoney, is considered the “mother” of Flint, a retired social wkr. For more than 50y, she has taught youth about their African heritage & the greatness that accompanies it. Flint has actually held large Juneteenth celebrations for yrs be of her.
Dr. Kent Key (left) is a nationally-known public health expert from Flint; one on the right, Arthur Woodson, is a combat veteran who since day one has never stopped fighting for Flint residents. These are my go-to Flintstones... people who I trust to speak truth to power.
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1/10 Tomorrow, @EU_Commission President @vonderleyen will make her 1st #SOTEU speech. The #VdLCommission’s been off to a good start with an ambitious #green agenda & the #EUGreenDeal, but the real test of her green credentials is yet to come...
2/10 Our #EU experts @manondf + @Pieter_de_Pous will be live-tweeting highlights during tomorrow’s #SOTEU speech at 9:00AM CEST.

If you’re interested in #euclimate be sure to follow along! In the meantime, here are some major areas we’ll be looking out for 🧐👇
3/10 Pressure by many including @Fridays4future and a #Green wave during last year’s @Europarl_EN elections left @vonderleyen with little alternative than to elevate the #green agenda to unprecedented prominence.… #SOTEU @QuentinGenard
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How much work we all put in in the next 50 days will shape our country for the next 50 years.

Joe Biden wants to make your life better. Trump wants to make his own life better.
#Biden #BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica
We need you. Here are some great ways to help take our country back.
Let’s not forget, we need to flip the senate so Biden has the support he needs to pass legislation to #BuildBackBetter. Volunteer!
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Who's running the World?

@realDonaldTrump, @Plaid_Putin and @xijinpin were arguing on who’s in charge of the world.

#US, #Russia or #China?

Without any conclusion, they turned to @PMOIndia and asked him "Who’s in charge of the world?"
Modi replied All I know is

1. @Google CEO is an Indian
2. @Microsoft CEO is an Indian
3. @IncCitigroup CEO was an Indian
4. @SoftBank Vision Fund CEO is an Indian
5. @Adobe CEO is an Indian
6. @NetApp CEO is an Indian
7. @PepsiCo CEO was an Indian
8. @nokia CEO is an #Indian

@india #education
9. @MasterCard CEO is an Indian
10. @DBS CEO is an Indian
11. @Cognizant CEO was an Indian
12. @Novartis CEO is an Indian
13. @Conduent CEO was an Indian
14. @Diageo_News CEO is an Indian
15. @SanDisk CEO was an Indian
16. @Moto CEO was an Indian
#futureinsights #business
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🙂👋Hello #30days30waysUK. Today we move from #FloodAware to #FloodRepair and #FloodRecovery on day 13 September is Preparedness Month 2020. Yes - it's all about teamwork to #BuildBackBetter after #flooding...
⬇️🧵 thread
💰💸 Accessing funds is key to help you over the worst.

1⃣ Insurance claims: policies differ so check with your insurer and property owner if renting
2⃣ no insurance: some funds via your local authority or charities

➡️ #FloodRecovery Guide @floodmary… Image
Flood cleanup is unpleasant and can be a serious health hazard. Guidance by @PHE_uk is a good place to start and look for top tips on #30days30waysUK today.
➡️… Image
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I’m over the moon that @JoeBiden chose @UAW Region 1 in Warren, MI to deliver his Buy American remarks today. #1u
Wow! What a backdrop. Look at all those incredible vehicles we make right here in Michigan.

I would love to welcome @JoeBiden to the electric vehicle club! I have a white Bolt just like the on on stage, made by @UAW workers in Oakland County.
.@realDonaldTrump did come to Warren and promise we would not lose ONE plant. @JoeBiden is right—Trump’s hoping that we have short memories. But Macomb County is smarter than that.
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A thread of all my favorite @KamalaHarris videos. This one makes me ugly cry.
Here is our future VP telling people to vote early. I love her.
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This is a #LaborDay unlike any other. I dearly wish I could be out celebrating in person with all of you at our traditional parades. But, COVID or no COVID, Labor Day is a time to appreciate the sacrifices of those who built the labor movement with their blood, sweat and tears.
Especially during this pesky pandemic, when so many have lost so much and Trump tries to bring everyone down, we’ve got to remember Joe Hill’s admonition -- “Don’t mourn, organize!” Labor Day gives us a chance to get psyched for the organizing work ahead.
As a former union organizer and current Vice Chair of the Education & Labor Committee, I am particularly excited about @JoeBiden’s #BuildBackBetter plan, including restoring the freedom to form unions and bargain collectively (can you say Job One?!)…
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THREAD: On Partisanship, Authoritarianism, and Post-Trump political relations.

-Inspired by the @ProjectLincoln podcast with @anneapplebaum

1/ Historically, single party rule has ended badly, whether power was seized from the left or the right.
2/ When a citizen always votes for the same political party they are enabling single-party rule and allowing that party to be increasingly corrupt and authoritarian. There are times when ALL citizens are called on to put #CountryOverParty.
3/ We are in a time when we need Republicans of conscience to vote for @JoeBiden. There are times when Democracy itself is at stake. This is one of those times. If you vote for Trump and his obvious abuses of power, you are explicitly supporting authoritarianism.
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😃👋 Welcome to #30days30waysUK 2020 🇬🇧
the 6th edition of the ‘September is #Preparedness Month’.
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#DRRtwitter #EMGtwitter #SMEM #DRR Image
Wow 🤩 What a day!! Over 100 partners taking part on the first day!!
What a fantastic start for this years #30Days30WaysUK Thank you so much 👏🏻
We are so excited for this year - stay with us! it’s going to be a great September!!
Here are some of our partners 👇
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If you’re experiencing campaign fatigue, you’re not alone, but we can’t afford to let our motivation falter, so I offer you this little pep talk about the recent past, the present, and the potential future we can set in motion in just 67 days. (1/x)
The past 4 years have been a grind. It’s easy to forget just how close we came to enormous, tangible leaps forward. By Nov 2016, we had voter suppression on the ropes. Courts all over were striking down Photo ID laws. GOP legislatures were beginning to give up. (2/x)
We were within sight of keeping the White House and taking the Senate, which would have resulted in a pro-voter, pro-democracy majority on the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, as we all know, that didn’t happen. (3/x)
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Good evening, #Resistance! Throughout this week, I’ve tried to offer something political to talk about that isn’t filled with fear-mongering, flat-out lies & Russian propaganda. I’ve tried to talk strategically about every way we can increase turnout & maximize the
margin by which @JoeBiden will defeat Donald Trump. But if we need anymore reminding of just what kind of moment this election, I want you to help remind someone you know just what it is they’re thinking of voting for. Right now, there are many people throughout the #Resistance
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I support Joe Biden’s plans to build a modern, sustainable infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future. See thread for a few details and check out: #BUILDBACKBETTER
Infrastructure: Create millions of good, union jobs rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure to lay a foundation for sustainable growth, compete in the global economy, withstand impacts of climate change, and improve public health. #BUILDBACKBETTER
Auto Industry: Create 1 million new jobs in the US auto industry, supply chains, and infrastructure-parts, materials, electric charging stations- and invest in U.S. auto workers to ensure their jobs are good jobs with a choice to join a union. #BUILDBACKBETTER
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This #Thread the most important one I have ever written. #BidenHarris2020Landslide could be the difference between life and death for me and countless other #disabled people. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
Can anyone guarantee if heaven forbid #Tre45on wins I won't be thrown in a camp cause I'm #Muslim #Jersey girl? It breaks my heart that this meeting is being framed as negative or shady. #DisabilityTwitter #GH fam you know me I can't keep a secret and I was never asked to.
I am proud to work with #BidenHarris to #BeatTrump like a drum and I have no doubt they are equally proud to work with me a multiple minority. @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris's campaign took the time to sit down with me and my community. #CripTheVote #ByeDon2020
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This is a really good piece. Worth reading.

I’m not sure payroll tax reductions may not be large enough to have the desired effects on employers (see early COVID wage subsidy). But a refundable credit and/or regular top-ups on payroll are interesting ideas.
Right now, CWB is 1) likely too small (both in coverage & $$) & 2) not timely (12-18 mo in arrears on actual earnings).

A regular wage top-up could build on the architecture of CEWS but needs to target workers not firms. So reporting requirements of employers needs updating.
You guessed it - E-payroll ! Like many other countries already do (while still managing to attract & retain sig investment btw so don’t start with me on capital flight because of tax reporting).
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I know I'm standing against a tsunami here but...

#BuildBackBetter is an old idea with a bad track record.…
In this edition of The Long Version, I talk about how "Build Back Better" became the slogan of the catastrophic response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It turned long ago into a macabre joke among many of the earthquake's survivors (of which I'm one).…
Bill Clinton did popularize the slogan, but actually before he came (back) to Haiti. He used it after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, then prequake Haiti after a series of storms.

It sounds good on paper. But disaster experts know it's meaningless at best.…
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I have tested every #DemConvention keynote since 1976.

The most impactful keynote of modern times: Barbara Jordan in 1976. It was powerful back then, and it is equally powerful today.

The runner-up: Barack Obama in 2004.

The one mistake of tonight's keynote was the lack of interaction or comments from “regular people.”

We hear from the politicians every day. Now, the public themselves want to be heard. #DemConvention
Universal broadband for every child in every community is one step closer tonight.

The House GOP and Senate Dems have publicly endorsed the measure. Let's make it law right now, when kids need it the most. #DemConvention
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Huge thanks to student activist, 16-y-o @charliewhatisthat (Insta) from for these amazing graphics.
Thanks Charlie!

(If you're a creative and would like to help us, please DM us your deets, ta).

#BasicIncomeNow #BuildBackBetter
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For a little girl who grew up poor, Black and female in the South to be considered during this process has been an incredible honor. I feel so blessed.
To see a Black woman nominated for the first time reaffirms my faith that in America, there is a place for every person to succeed no matter who they are or where they come from.
In this time of crises, we deserve leadership that will not only put America back on track, but #BuildBackBetter.
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#WWF storytelling as they #greenwash corporate #plunder & bear responsibility for the displacement, torture & murder of #Indigenous peoples:

"Building a sustainable & equitable future. For nature. For you."

Reality: "The financialization of #nature" Image
To obtain the required social license, the ruling class devised a strategy. A corporate campaign that would harness the momentum of the youth - to achieve the ruling class objectives & desired goals. #NewDealForNature

#Uganda ImageImageImageImage
An apt reminder for the aforementioned tweet - that TIME is wholly owned by Salesforce founder/CEO Marc Benioff - #WEF Board of Trustees & Chair, WEF Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

#VoiceForThePlanet & #NewDealForNature - sister campaigns of #WEF, #WWF, #UN, #4IR ImageImageImage
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New paper alert! 🎉

Current & future global #climate impacts resulting from #COVID19

Out now in @NatureClimate led by Prof @PiersForster+daughter Harriet


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#BuildBackBetter #H2020

Lockdown emissions fell during the pandemic, especially from transport, as we were told to #StayAtHome

We know this from the mobility data that @apple and @google released, using it reflect how emissions from various economic sectors changed for 123 countries #funwithdata
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All credit to @TheSkotia on their success over the last couple of days. They're a really important group of voices and deserve to thrive. But have you heard about @broadcastscot? 1/
The channel started as Referendum TV back in 2014. The budget was zero, but passion and the urgency of the campaign helped grab some attention. After the vote, Broadcasting Scotland was born to keep trying to build better media for Scotland. It's been going ever since. 2/
It's been a long, hard road. People said that building a TV station was impossible with no budget, but with hard work and improvisation, the weekly #FullScottish and the nightly #Scotlandat7 news shows have slowly developed into something we're pretty proud of. 3/
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