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In NV Telemundo poll released today, Trump approval with Latino voters is 40%.

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Because this has come up, once again: Presidents get too much credit (or blame) for econ conditions. But Trump wants to compare his economy to Obama's so fine, let's do it. Bottom line: On most major measures, Trump's economy is not appreciably different from Obama's. /1
On GDP growth: We spend $2T on an unfunded tax cut for the rich to get us all the way back to...almost exactly the same GDP growth rate we averaged in Obama's 2nd term, when fiscal conditions were tighter.
Of course, Trump promised us 4, 5, 6% GDP growth. He has blamed the Fed's interest rate hikes for his failure to deliver on GDP, but rates today are actually *lower* than the Trump admin expected they'd be when making their spectacular growth claims. /3
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ReTweeT 🕊️"Key error in CDC protocols will spread c@r@na🦠."

Whistleblower/Journalist #Janeburgermeister forewarned on Jan. 29th. "Pl warn whoever you can, your local hospitals, police, etc,"

CDC (& WHO) must revisit faulty quarantine protocols

👇 (#s arguably lowballed)
Shouldn't govt. orgs be familiar with basics given pandemic predictions & simulations? Why do we understand basic quarantine 101 measures? Do we really want isolation? NO. But it's necessary.

The ⁉️ is do they really want to contain the situation?
#JaneBurgermeister emails 👇
Hospitals are the ones telling the CDC to not release patients. How does this make sense?

Please share this information. Medical freedom fighters are being attacked while the govt. gets away with seeming murder. We need accountability & a pivot.

Shut down pertinent flights ✈️
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1) Lemme get this out too. @rushlimbaugh has repeatedly said Biteme was "NEVER" going to be the candidate.

I disagree. He was a test. If the DemoKKKrats could have gotten away with him, they would have saddled him with a young, far left veep and nudged him out.
@rushlimbaugh 2) I have said Biteme wouldn't be the candidate because I could not see him defeating Dinobernie. BIG DIFFERENCE.

3) Biteme is too stupid to understand that he can't beat Dinobernie. The man really is dumb as a box of carpet tacks.

4) Mini-Mike with or without Cankles, is . . .
@rushlimbaugh 4) contd . . unelectable, as the DemoKKKrats will soon see. Just my guess, but I'd bet within about three weeks you start to see polls of Mini-Mike cratering among black & Hispanic voters.

5) By then it will be too late. Clubber Lang will be out. Those who thought Buttplugs . .
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A tweet thread about debt vs equity since that seems to be a hot topic these days. cc @joshmuccio

1) First, what do these terms even mean? What does it mean to be a debt investor vs an equity investor?

@joshmuccio 2) Equity investors: (such as VCs) will give a company $x in exchange for a percentage of the company.

So say I invest $100 in your company in return for 10% of your co. If you sell your co for $10,000, then I make $1000 and have 10xed my investment.
@joshmuccio 3) Debt investors: will give a company $x and are looking to be paid back $x + some interest later.

So say I invest $100 in your company and ask for 10% interest and want to repaid in a year, you will send me $110 in a year, and I would have made $10.
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It is illegal to have foreigners working on a campaign for POTUS.…
They can volunteer/provide personal services, but they cannot be compensated in any way, or make any kinds of decisions w/r/t the campaign. I don’t feel comfortable with foreign nationals having access to databases of American’s #s, paired w/voting info.…
On that note, enjoy this article in which social science explains how we’re okay with transgressions as long as it’s someone in OUR tribe making them.…
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The United States has authorized the voluntary departure of U.S. government employees and their family members from Hong Kong in light of the outbreak of a deadly coronavirus...

My HKG-LAX route postponed till 24 April 2020 & also the long HKG-Dallas. American is the largest airline (fleet size) in the world & also One World (key for club pts).

I think Cathay is still open 🤞🏻
No daily coronavirus update b/c CEIC didn't. No one has the latest #s yet. Delayed today!!!
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This is NOT good folks
More info seems to be pointing to Corona being a much bigger deal than china is reporting.

Outrage over the eye Dr who died is driving it partly. He was punished for raising the alarm only to contract Corona himself & die from it…
This is scary and just tragic - Chinese translated to English from someone who was unable to get their family members helped and is in dire straights

This official indicated that the numbers of actual cases and infection are much higher than being reported...😳

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Turkey has given an end of Feb deadline to Assad (Ankara has been very precise in its language to exclude Russia in its rhetoric). My #1 rule is take RTE seriously. RTE’s demands of Assad, to withdraw to the Sochi line, wont happen. Knowing this: What will TR action look like?
1st: The regime offensive risks collapsing the entirety of the Turkish zone in Syria. Why? Idlib has operated as a de-facto IDP zone since Sept. 17, which in tandem with OES, OOB, & the ’15 border closing allowed for TR to reverse the flow of people.
OOB & OES are Turkish run entities, leaving the cost to Ankara to underwrite. So TR still has to manage the burden, but can do so inside of Syria instead of inside TR towns/cities. So while Syrians are inside Syria - & not in TR — TR is still basically absorbing the cost
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🚨 NEW SITUATION. There's now evidence that there are some precincts still fully missing from the IDP results. And that other precincts have been double counted.

And this isn't just in Sioux City, @CoatsandLinen confirms.

The IDP results are NOT "100% reporting."
@CoatsandLinen It goes without saying that every media channel that's reporting results should immediately remove its "100% reporting" & clean this stuff up.
@CoatsandLinen This has nothing to do with "correcting 95 precints anymore."

Multiple precincts are entirely missing from these results, & are being reported as having the results of other precincts.
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The IDP & DNC should state that the exact SDE results are unreliable, & cannot be used to allocate national delegates.

There is no "right" result to be discovered here.

It'd be a mirage of certainty or a performance of accuracy, like when polls pile on decimals.
Some reported results are verifiably incorrect but also uncorrectable. Turnout #s don't match. Too late to ask viable groups to not realign.

But this does NOT allow IDP to leave up correctable nonsense. 31 is not superior to 50; precincts can't will themselves extra delegates.
IDP's verifiably fantastical numbers cannot remain in a final result.

We can also no longer cling to conforming fantasy of a discoverable accurate result.

And here's the thing: thats doable. No practical need for one certain winner; & other solutions for pledged delegates.
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1 like on this tweet = 1 ecommerce tip.

(I expect this will be quite niche for some followers, but hopefully interesting or useful anyway. do feel free to RT this / any of the tips if so. Depending on number of likes, it might take a while).
1. Online returns: If you want to return a product because the price dropped after you bought it, lots of retailers will just refund the difference if you call them.

It costs less to refund the difference than to ship back, handle it, & ship out a replacement at the lower price.
2. Competitor analysis: Most ecommerce platforms use 'sequential invoicing' (ie, order #s go 001, 002, 003...)

Place a test order once a month on a site, you can tell how many orders they had.

Do it for a year & you know how fast they grew, when their peaks & troughs were, etc.
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#coronaviruschina daily update:

Death toll rose to 722 by 7 Feb 2020 (207% more than the entire SARs for mainland China) & growth rate RISING to 14% from 13% of the previous day 🥶🙈

Infection rate slowed to 11% from 14% to 34,546 but the base is higher so this is very fast!
Note that the recovered rate is also slowing to 33% from 34% & that means so far 2,050 recovered out of 34,546 confirmed infection.

Note that based on the doctor's false negative even w/ symptoms, very likely plenty more are positive but not yet confirmed.

So using the doctor's timeline (tested positive around 11 Jan & died around 7 Feb). That means we got 722 dead from that period...

Meaning, at that time, what was the infection & using that to calculate the fatality rate.

On 19 Jan, 201 people infected.

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3 thoughts from me: (1) G likely released YouTube #s for 1st time to drive press who fell for it. $ share to legit pubs isn’t remotely close to current perception, (2) G didn’t want market narrative about data/regulation which took 10% from FB’s stock when CFO warned about it. /1
(note FB watched Google point market with YouTube and poof we finally have Instagram #s), 3) GOOG isn’t divesting its ad services proactively, it’s not simply a low margin 30/70 split business. OK, I need to get a sandwich, but will be back shortly to finish this thread. /2
back at it. On #1, see thread with prediction for FB earnings and CFO's note (). This caused Facebook stock to drop ~10%. Facebook and Google can't allow market to know data regs may contain and slow their dominance. If it does then market seizes it. /3
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Oops...Nancy reached out to shake President Trump's hand after handling her a copy of his speech but he turned away. Not sure if he saw that.
POTUS: "The state of our Union is stronger than ever before."

Dems not happy. #SOTU2020
Dem women are not happy that record #s of women in new jobs?
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The polls coming out this week post impeachment are a big deal. I know many on our side don't trust them, but the media trusts them a lot. The tale they tell is very sobering for them.
Let me explain...
The Media pushed the Impeachment, aided by selective leaks from the same people who lied to them over and over through the FISA spying and Mueller report. Some still believe there was Russian collusion. They just jumped on the same bandwagon with the WB.
They published the leaks about the WB report that later proved to be untrue. The pushed the WB report, that in many ways, was disproven by the transcript.
They pushed all the Democratic talking points.
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Here’s what I don’t understand. There are only about 1600 precincts in the Iowa caucuses. How hard can it be to add those #s with a calculator? I hope the individual precinct #s will be posted in addition to the aggregated total & that precinct captains will confirm accuracy. 1/
2/ Also, was it really too difficult/expensive for campaigns to have had observers at all 1600 precinct to photograph & report the individual & aggregated totals? This article says that Pete had 77% covered & Bernie 40%.…
3/ I ask in part because deploying such observers to photograph & report precinct totals should be standard practice in the key states in the general election, & yet campaigns don’t do this.
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The Sorry State of Vax Science
Lies, Deceit, & Corruption

A tweet series by The Epigenetic Whisperer

Scientism sees science as absolute/only justifiable access 2 the truth. Scientism warps science 2 fit its dogma. Truth becomes lies. Many r deceived by the corruption.

Vaccine Science is actually Vaccine Scientism which I hope to clearly illuminate in this tweet series. Those who are pro-vax usually roll their eyes when u point out the deep corruption that exists in medical science. It’s not like this is a unique phenomenon.

Throughout history, several industries have produced “science” to support their toxic product. Think tobacco, DDT, leaded gas, asbestos, & most recently glyphosate. Medical/vaccine science is no different. Any time u have a profitable product which is harmful to ppl &/or..

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Americans have a strong sense of fair play ingrained into them from birth. We despise rigged games, rigged systems, and cheating scandals. We cheer on the underdog fighting the rigged system.

How does that play into what we are seeing today in our politics?
The Republicans and Democrats are locked into pitched battle right now. Partisans on both side are deeply divided and into the fight.
We hear from the left He's guilty! He's corrupt! He is a criminal! He is an authoritarian dictator!
We hear from the right He's innocent! It's a coup! He was targeted! He is fighting back! He is saving the country!

While the all important middle is sitting back watching all of this and forming their own opinions. Opinions based upon many things.
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▼ Thread ▼

We've covered ALL aspects of this game for 2 weeks w 30+ articles tackling everything from prop bets we love to matchups & more. Find them all here:…

But what should you watch for during the game? 10 keys:
Is the 49ers defense as great as they’re being portrayed?

They played the #2 easiest schedule of offenses the 1st half of season.

They played many run-preferred offenses that pass infrequently early.

And many offenses that didn’t match up well. Let’s dig into this further:
What to watch #1: How often the Chiefs pass early in this game

Why: SF hasn’t faced many pass-first offenses

A quick-to-the-line pass first strategy by Andy Reid may wear down the vaunted 49ers pass rush. Strategy must start the first 2 drives. Won't work to "switch" to it.
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Think someone is lying to you?

First check to see if they bothered to add any variability whatsoever in the model they are using to supposedly report actual numbers from a complex system.

The mortality rate they want you to report is the - 0 day rate: Today's Confirmed Death total minus Today's Confirmed Case total.

This has not varied outside of 1/10th of 1% in the last 5 prints.

But even a minor adjustment of a few days in the mortality rate paints an entirely different picture


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I read all of the new CNT poll (56 pgs!) showing Bolsonaro's approval rating rebounding to 48% from 41% last August. Clear optimism about economy, perceived* decline in corruption & also favorable comparisons to his predecessors. May we all be so lucky as to follow Michel Temer
UPDATED LatAm presidential approval ratings

AMLO 68%
Alberto F 63%
Vizcarra 60%
Bolsonaro 48%
Duque 26%
Lenin 23%
Pinera 5%

(some #s current as of December)
A few interesting tidbits:

* Bolsonaro's numbers improved far more than governors or mayors. This suggests some Brazilians really giving him credit for improvements

* 73% of respondents say his govt better or same as previous govts, only 25% say its worse
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New Q. 1 minute delta between Q post and @realDonaldTrump tweet. Q posted first.
Q making point that q posted just seconds before @realDonaldTrump posts “read the transcripts” #qanon
Q has told us from the beginning the Dems attempted impeachment of @POTUS will not be successful since they need 2/3 of the Senate and Repubs safely control senate. Even with Rinos like Romney no way they ever get 2/3 vote in senate.

Impeachment trial is about delaying
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The majestic 22 team and why #s 88 & 22 were chosen by Q+. 88 usually symbolized the 🦁 gateway, just as what occured last yr, big 88 gateway opened up from Sirius A, where most of adv light warriors/teachers are from. Some of the frontline with 22 bday/life path, DJT, Nunes
Keanu, inc myself being born ~3 wks post-term, as planned by my guides, and to be named Liberty, reco by the drs/nurses or my mom would’ve kept her chosen name. Nothing is ever a coincidence, all part of the destiny, many lessons to learn, but still will get there. Just B guided.
22 😇 R the builders/changers of the system, w/c has become my main activated mission, and for many light rays WW, being guided thru telepathy or triggers coded msgs/visions to execute the PLAN. 💙🌈
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