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And now for a thread on what really happened with that 2016 Uber “breach” that was not a breach at all, but a good example of what happens when you get a Perfect Storm of 1. Executives who don’t understand security/bug bounties 2. A company in inner-turmoil and 3. Ambiguous laws.
Our tic toc of what actually transpired at Uber is here:… We obtained internal Uber emails/documents that show from start-to-finish this was not, as some characterized it a ransom payment to an extortionist or cover up for a breach.
It was a massive bounty paid out for a massive vulnerability to a scared-as-sh!t white hat hacker/researcher. If you read our story, you’ll see we quote from some of the back-and-forth exchange between Uber and the hacker. Let me know if this sounds like extortion to you.
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1) Sorry to rain tweet storms but this is important: If "Trump didn't think he was going to win," we have some problems.

2) As @joelpollak and I document in "How Trump Won," Trump's internal polling, which I was kept abreast of PRIOR to the election, showed . . .
. . . he'd carry OH easily, FL by 2, NC.

3) the GOP in MI told him all their info showed he would win MI by anywhere from "5,000-10,000 votes."

4) Trump's team was also aware, via Bannon, from me, that @PPDNews had polling showing him up in PA.
5) Final weekend polling from Trafalgar showed him taking MI and PA.

6) Kellyanne Conway told "The Circus" that they would win a close race the final weekend.

7) A key unnamed Trump associate in FL was certain Trump had FL as he flew to NYC on election day.
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FASCINATING analysis of the landscape of immuno-oncology trials, from @Annals_Oncology. h/t @nickhaining…
Remarkable findings: >2000 agents, >900 in clinical stage, against 300 targets, from >800 companies.
>3000 trials with combined target accrual of over half a million (you read that right) patients.
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Uranium Trump Thread
👇🏻Rapid Fire Includes the following👇🏻
1) 5 Tribes Sue-Bear’s Ears subthread
2) AZ Grand Canyon Uranium Mining subthread
3) Kenya & Concord NC Uranium Connection
4) Alevo USA Bankruptcy
🚨5 Tribes SUE Trump Admin and violation of the Antiquities Act🚨
Lawsuit, Statutes from time to time this subthread will be updated based on Court filings
🚨AZ Lawsuit, re Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ops🚨
Will update this subthread as updates become available
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It’s been awhile since I tweeted abt this, but DoD can offer up to $40k, I believe, & there was some movement in congress 2 extend increased max 2 all depts.FEDweek is all over this topic.+I’ve twted bf abt various reductions in force that depts tweet but never mentioned by MSM.
If you search me and retirement there are some tweets back in September about Tillerson cuts then, but I’m trying to think of better search term(s) to find the links.
1/ See… for the administration’s reduction in force plan thru 4/17, with hints thru 1/18. Ignore other MSM snark.
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😂Please read the whole thread before you comment

1) "In 100 days the Trump Administration has set a record for confusion and contradiction in foreign policy" (NYT)

2) Trump operates in a "Foreign Policy Vacuum" (WSJ)

3) Trump admin in "disarray" (National Review)
4) It is "difficult for any President to defy so many aides and allies" (NYT)

5) (Headline) "Trump's America: The Poor get Poorer" (Newsweek)

6) "Has Trump deserted Conservatives?" (Conservative Digest)

7) Some projections of GOP house losses at 45 seats
8) British PM privately "appalled" at Trump's policies

9) Dem Congressman: Trump "trying to replace the Bill of Rights with fascist precepts"

10) Brit journalist: Trump has "aroused expectations he cannot fulfill"
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These #s are pathetic. In prestige cable, I'm often the only woman & POC in the room & I'm biracial/black. I have to say something about the
conclusion of this study - that the lack of black writers means more stereotypes. Listen, white writers can do that work, too. Lately I see
an assumption that a black writers' job is to authenticate black characters for white writers. And maybe, on some shows, that's the gig. But
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Both FB and Twitter say they saw no evidence of Russian accounts uploading voter data to target specific lists.
By now, given Russian posts senators have shared, it's clear what the their motive was: to pit the American electorate against itself.
Heinrich says the committee is divided on whether to release all the Russian content. He encourages FB, Twitter, and Google to consider it.
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No matter where you live, we need YOU to help make the #BlueWave a reality. Here’s what you can do:
One of most effective actions you can take is to phone bank. Don’t stop reading. You can do it. Let me show you how.
Now, I know some of you start of feel like this when you think about making calls:
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Following #thread on DP Ruto's meeting with foreign press [see last RT] I'll tweet some observations/analysis re: #Kenya so new #thread here
DP Ruto appeared confident and comfortable with the foreign press. He was consistent in his analysis of Mr. Odinga's motives to withdraw >>
DP Ruto said Mr. Odinga doesn't have the #s to win & is trying to force an internationally negotiated political compromise onto Kenyan govt
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*Thread* No ambition for reform of our health service from Fine Gael. Here's what their plan should say. 1. We cannot keep going as we are.
Our population is ageing, there are large differences in how long people live for based on income inequality and access to health.
Hospital is not always the best place to give care. It contributes to infection and loss of independence. We need much more care locally...
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1/ What can the state of differing academic fields tell us about literary studies? Consider what's happening in STEM:
2/ "The # of STEM PhDs increased significantly over the last 20yrs while the share of graduates holding TT academic positions has declined."
3/ Do you think the decline in STEM TT jobs is because all of their research is "too historical" or "too myopic" in its focus?
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