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@Comey You have disgraced the @FBI Agents are jumping ship like never before. Suicides are above all other federal agencies (while @FBI accurate #s are never released). Dedicated counterterrorism & counterintelligence Agents & Analysts with 15+ years were pushed out by your “leaders”
@Comey @FBI You have destroyed the trust & respect the American people had in the @FBI. Us former & retired Agents have watched in horror the damage you & your cronies did. Take a break from social media & spend valuable time with your family before you go to prison. @TGowdySC @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y
@Comey @FBI @TGowdySC @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y My worst fear is the damage you did with help critics of the @FBI dismantle the agency. I used to be against it, now I wonder if it can ever be fixed. The rank & file employees did not deserve this!! You ruined so many lives & you still remain smug like @JohnBrennan
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two noteworthy topics from Unilever's investor day (focused on S Asia)
most investors dont view UL as beauty products co, but they have become an industry stalwart
UL's overall beauty business has been growing at almost a 6% organic CAGR
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Alright $TSLAQ $TSLA, get ready for a disorganized stream of conscious on why I’m still glad to be short. I’ll try to break it down into Financials, Legal, and Macro. Every # or data point from here on is a verifiable fact, all other commentary will be opinion.
Part 1/ Financials: On every single metric I can think of, $TSLAQ is a train wreck. The company has been in existence for 15 years, has lost approximately $6 billion with essentially zero competition. Their magnificent Q3 profit of $311mm was NOT impressive if we break it down...
2/ $189mm of the $311mm came from EV credits. We can be sure these are going away by 2019. $33mm came from under reserving cars. Again I’m not expert on warranty reserve but this seems odd given we have AMPLE evidence of M3 quality been very poor and service centers overwhelmed.
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What follows is the true story of the most bizarre employment situation I’ve ever found myself in, to-date. Some saw me tweet a chunk of this story elsewhere, but it’s since been deleted. This time, I’m owning my story. This is my tale of the #OldAndTheRestless.
I guess we’ll start from the beginning: At the end of 2016, I accepted a job working as a personal assistant to a wealthy, middle-aged white man. I’ll refer to him as #MrB throughout my tweets. 👨🏻‍🦳
#MrB is eccentric and entitled. I’ve come to learn is fairly common for wealthy older white men. 🤴🏼 (Don’t @ me, I’m just citing this from my own experiences...)
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I promised to post on the numbers I crunched earlier today along with some general observations about #NC09 in a tweet storm. Starting it now, will stop for dinner for a bit, then come back to it. Since this story has gone national, ppl want to know more so here goes. #ncpol 1/
First - some overall info: 282,717 ppl cast ballots in the #NC09 race between Harris (R) and McCready (D). As it stands now, the numbers are: 139,246 for Harris and 138,341 for McCready (a difference of 905 votes), and 5,130 for the Libertarian candidate Jeff Scott. #ncpol 2/
.@BowTiePolitics (Dr. Bitzer) did an in-depth analysis of the ABM percentages in #NC09, & my next series of posts relies on his percentages,tho most of the raw numbers from those I calculated myself, so if I get anything wrong, don't blame him :)… 3/ #ncpol
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In one of the largest data thefts in corporate history, Marriott International disclosed that hackers may have stolen the personal information of up to 500 million hotel guests. continued....
The breach reportedly affected customers who made reservations for the Marriott-owned Starwood hotel brands 2014 -> 2018. The stolen data incl names, addresses, phone #s, birth dates, email addresses, credit card information, and in some cases passport #s sand travel histories.
Because the data has reportedly not surfaced on the so-called dark web, where this type of information is often sold, some experts suspect a government may have the stolen files and attempt to use them for intelligence purposes.
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Picked up the Rolling Stone mag w/ Zoey Kravitz posing naked on the cover & leading off pg 66 (of all #s): the story that QAnon and ...
... followers were named to the rags 2018 Hot List as 'Hot Crackpots'…

@RollingStone Zoey's parents are activists lol and she has grown up since the last time I saw her. XP #Qpower
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I wrote about supervised consumption sites in Alberta this year for @AlbertaViewsMag. I spent time at SCSs and talked to families whose kids were exposed to used needles. This is what I learned.
SCSs in Alberta have responded to 1,300+ overdoses in the last year based on the #s I've seen. (For comparison, there were 299 traffic fatalities in AB in 2016). Lives saved are an easy outcome to measure. But there are other benefits that are less easy to measure.
These things directly affect the broader population if you're unimpressed by #s of lives saved. There have been tens of thousands of client visits to SCSs—every one is drug use taken out of a public space and into a supervised site.
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1. If you want proof that a government bailout will skew journalism, just look at how slanted the coverage has been of the bailout itself.……
2. It was obvious from the start that the fix was in. You don't appoint a former Globe and Mail editor in chief to "research" the possibility of a government newspaper bailout unless you are a) ready for him to recommend one & b) ready to dole one out.
3. The public was sold the idea that we were having a legitimate national debate and the people would have a say. But there was no popular discussion. The press hammered us with propaganda that most just ignored, as they ignored the "consultation" itself.…
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If Reps want to win in 2020, they're going to have to find a HIGHLY credible candidate to run against Trump. It would be unusual, but it's happened before. His #s are worsening, he hasn't expanded his base. He can't win in 2020.…
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We've had an opportunity to take a look at the land supply report for GTHA + Simcoe County, Barrie & Orillia by @MGP_Plan for @bildgta What follows are some initial thoughts on key recommendations re: changes to 2017 Growth Plan
@MGP_Plan @bildgta First off, thread will not focus on @NeptisRegions analysis & @MGP_Plan numbers re: land supply because there's no real substantial difference except in whether we chose to focus on gross #s, net outs, residential only or the size of the urban footprint…
Two of the 6 @bildgta recommendations call for a return to original 2006 Growth Plan Intensification targets & greenfield density targets instead of the ones passed in 2017. Original GP called for 40% of all residential development to be directed to already built-up areas
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There's a lobbying war breaking out between auto manufacturers and big oil over the EV tax credits:

Koch attacks:…

Biofuels join Big Oil:…

Tesla+GM+Nissan axis:…

Trench warfare:…
We're approaching a critical point of the U.S. EV credit. The credit is given to customers of EVs for the first 200k EVs sold by each car manufacturer. Tesla was first to hit the mark, and the phaseout starts Jan 1. GM is close behind. This puts Republicans in a real bind 2/
Because if Congress doesn't do anything, the U.S. government will soon be in the uncomfortable position of subsidizing ONLY foreign EVs (Ford and Chrysler aren't really making any). That undermines the president's entire approach to trade policy 3/
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Somebody's going to have to explain this to me...
Facebook has ~2.25 billion MAU (active users per month) at start of Q3.

They claim that between Q2 and Q4, they removed 1.5bn accounts?

And in the 6 months prior, 1.3bn accounts?
Ah, but here's the rub:

These accounts are predominantly accounts that are created and disabled shortly thereafter - they are NOT the long-lived accounts that push the most insiduous content.
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October 30: Trump sends 5000 troops to the border as a campaign stunt

November 10: Trump blows off remembrance ceremony bc of a light drizzle

November 12: Trump calls for the disenfranchisement of FL service members overseas
Re: Those noting he's not visiting Arlington today. He didn't last year, either, Pence did. But Pence is in Asia today so can't do the ceremonial duty.
Because a lot of people are assuming that Trump has solid approval from military voters, a poll from last month showed his approval #s at 44/43.…
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UPDATE: The Presidential proclamation barring certain non-citizens from seeking #asylum after crossing the Southern border is out. How will they limit it to the #MigrantCaravan? How much more illegal can this thing get?

I haven't even read this, so let's get through ittogether
(This thread is going to be a sequel to yesterday's on the "final interim rule" rushed into effect in anticipation of this proclamation, so you might want to read that one first.)

These #s appear to be the entire justification for the proclamation, and they badly need context. They may sound scary if you're new to the issue, but check out the overall historical picture & tell me this is a natl. emergency worthy of suspending a 4,000 year-old legal right
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We will likely see major Indictments coming down the pike very soon."

Trump jets Sessions, 5 more expected

Whittaker may be appointed, but conflicts, so many conflicts.

DonJr & Stone indictments incoming.

Trump will try to burn down the house.

Buckle up!

JS:”We all knew the Mueller inquiry was entering its decisive phase after the MTs.

Trump just bumped up the timetable.

Mueller anticipated this.

Data has been shared & IC has backups.

Try as he might, Trump can't make it stop.”

📌Expect ugliness, keep frosty.

“The President Is Very Depressed”:

With Don Jr. Facing Possible Indictment & Endless House Investigations Forthcoming,

He got rid of Sessions, but Trump’s life is about to get much harder.

Deadman’s switch triggered.

Rosenstein still in place

📌28 USC 508🤗
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This election day, there are many issues to consider when deciding how to vote. Please remember, you're not just voting for people to represent you. You're also voting for LAW & ORDER; for JUSTICE; for vindication & salvation of all the CHILD SEX SLAVES & victims of Ritual Abuse.
"We Elected TRAITORS to govern us
We allowed EVIL to prey on us"

Those guilty of these crimes against America are also guilty of TERRORISM. They've killed & eaten countless #s of innocent children & traumatized thousands of victims who are too afraid to #SayBravethings right now
For those of us who know this evil first hand, this election is the most important moment of our lifetimes. #WeThePeople are the last best hope for humanity, and for survivors like me. Please vote your conscience today, and please STAY involved after today. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #QAnon
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1) I'm gonna say this one time.

Calm down.

Do you not recall the final days of 2016, where "oh noes! Trump can't win. Cankles has 3,0000 electoral votes locked up!"

2) I get it. No one is immune, not even Trump's team.

Story from "How Trump Won" by me and @joelpollak
2) I had worked with Team Trump (Bannon) providing numbers analysis, esp. on OH and FL.

We had the numbers solid. We were sure Trump would come in around +1.5-2.

3) We all had seen and discussed the Ds 94,000 early vote advantage.

It was right there on the page.
4) But on election day, FL SecState posts those #s on the actual vote tally of the website.

5) Team Trump freaked out. "We're gettin' killed across the board."

"No you aren't," I reminded them. "Those are the 94k votes we already factored in from early voting. They just posted.
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Brook's decision to fall into the usual elite-pundit habit of culturally reducing the Dem coalition to socially-liberal whites is annoying here, but the 'great unraveling' narrative isn't completely bogus. (1/n)…
Brooks wants to tell a story about anomie and declining social capital bubbling up from the bottom. But it's worth asking whether people's impressions of normlessness and frayed ties are coming from the top down as well. (2/n)
This is especially the case with respect to what folks on the right are depicted as being troubled by -- immigration, social disorder, etc. The thing is that objective data suggest that crime is at historical lows and that there is no immigration crisis in terms of the #s. (3/n)
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Today's (10-31) Data Thread: NC's 2018 'early votes' are setting new #s in terms of absentee by mail & one-stop/in-person for a mid-term:

Over 1.4M requests have been made & returned & accepted (accepted mail not yet past 2014 total #s, but in-person has)

#ncpol #ncvotes
2018's absentee by mail ballots have slowed somewhat, & thus the #s have not yet reached 2014's #s.

But in absentee onestop/in-person ballots, NC has exceed 2014's #s for both requested & accepted.

Reminder: 2014 had 10 days of early voting & 2018 has 18 days.

#ncpol #ncvotes
Here are NC's 2018 requested NC absentee ballots for both mail and in-person methods, by daily totals and daily cumulative totals.

Tuesday saw 130K in-person early voters request ballots as we start final few days of NC's early voting period (ends Saturday)

#ncpol #ncvotes
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Imagine you're a real estate agent in Lagos, and you write an ebook titled, "How to Rent a House in Lagos: All the Skills, Tools, Confidence and Guile You Need to Successfully Rent A House Without Regrets".

Then you put it on a webpage and collect emails, name and phone #s...
before they download it.

Now immediately they supply those details, they land on a page that says: "Thank you for Requesting _____! It has been sent to your email and should be there waiting for you.

Before you go over and read all the juicy goodness inside, Are You Looking..."
to rent a new apartment?

If yes, my name is _____ and my everyday super power is help people who want to rent new apartments jump over the issues from rouge agents, and get their new place in "Usain Bolt" time and in a great location for a great price!

If you're looking...
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Trying to understand the #Magabomber 's 2 twitter accounts @hardrock2016 & @hardrockintlent. They just seem plain bizzarre. I mean i suppose u have to be quite off in the head to think these actions were somehow reasonable and sane. There is alot to unpack in this archived data.
#Magabomber guy used 3 different hashtags in total for both accnts & very infrequently. Both @robreiner & @RealRonHoward show up in his Twitter archives so I would assume they have been contacted. Looks like the Meme was his mode of communication
I don't mean to pick on anyone but this certainly did not age well. I believe she tweeted it yesterday in fact. 0% ?? Here's a rule never say 0% chance for ANYTHING. #magabomber
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North Carolina's 'early votes' are on pace for a mid-term record; as of 10-26-18 for absentee by mail & one-stop/in-person:

Over 1M requests have been made;

Of those, 957K of both absentee by mail & onestop/in-person have been returned & accepted.

#ncpol #ncvotes
Regarding NC accepted in-person ballots (that will be the majority of absentees): as has been noted for a few days, 2018 seems more of a 'presidential' year than a traditional mid-term.

But, 2018's daily total is slipping behind 2016's daily total, as expected

#ncpol #ncvotes
2018's NC accepted absentee in-person ballots is at 82% of where 2016 stood this same day (reminder: one more extra day in 2018 than 2016).

Compared to 2014's final #s, 2018 is now 84% of that mid-term's final tally of a little over 1M absentee in-person ballots

#ncpol #ncvotes
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Not to be a negative nelly 😂 but I feel like we're on the edge the next big global recession. I can't ignore the matching mahosive bear div on the big 5 global markets. Which is interesting since we haven't had one like that since 2008.

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