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#OpQAnon #OpFuhQ #OpQ

Dataset details below

Subject of analysis were four specific mentions of QAnon domains in tweets and RTs

Dataset Name:QAnonSites
Dataset Last Updated:2018-08-15 19:02:38
Dataset Source:twitter
Total Messages:10000
Unique Posters:5964
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#OpQAnon #OpFuhQ #OpQ

Top individuals tweeting/RTing these domains, as well as words mentioned are below.
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#OpQAnon #OpFuhQ #OpQ

QProofs has taken over from PrayingMedic in first place (not a good place to be) in tweeting these domains

Cernovich continues to be a massive touchpoint for mentions here.
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Small thread on current crunch going on in China:
Mkt sees yuan deval as a result of trade frictions with China, but that's a slice of what's going on.

The real story here is commodity based collateral, primarily gold.
There is currently 1000 tons of $GLD pledged as collateral (likely a low ball estimate) in China, equivalent to $42bn or 352k futures contracts, that has been accumulated over the past few years.

This really hasn't mattered or been a tell until now.
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Some thoughts on this week's WaPo op-ed on welfare reform by @sanfordschram @rfording and @jbsoss . Per usual, let me stipulate that I think welfare reform was a success because it reduced poverty, which is the thing we all profess to care about. /1
There are 6 points the authors make. #1 is that caseload reduction is the wrong metric for success. I agree with that, and most conservative reformers would agree with that too. (I know most of the most prominent ones personally.) But... /2
The authors punt big-time on this when they say that a better metric would be what happened to earnings from employment. I'm not sure they want to go here, but at any rate, they don't. They leave this dangling as if we just don't know the answer. We do. /3
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Week 3 of Paul Manafort's trial kicks off at 1pm. Want to catch up on Week 2?
Rick Gates:…
Rick Gates II:…
Following the $:…
Judge v. prosecutors:…
Quid pro quo?:…
This a.m., prosecutors filed a brief arguing that even if the CEO of Federal Savings Bank had personal reasons for approving $16M in loans to Paul Manafort (as the govt has argued) that's not a defense to the charge that Manafort defrauded the bank…
And we're back at the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, where Paul Manafort's trial is set to resume at 1pm. Known as the "rocket docket," the courthouse has a statue out front that reads, "Justice Delayed Justice Denied" (note the animals...)
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Day 7: The cross examination of Rick Gates continues -- Manafort's lawyer estimated yesterday he'd need about an hour today. And then? Re-direct by prosecutors. And then? We don't know, the govt hasn't said who's after Gates. On all the news yesterday:…
Judge taking a short recess. Rick Gates finished his testimony. Manafort's lawyer Kevin Downing asked about an interview Gates did with the FBI in 2014 (re: Ukrainian govt money) — Gates said he told the FBI about the existence of Manafort biz offshore accounts
Gates also said during cross that when he discussed the FBI interview with Manafort, Manafort told him to be "open" and provide info requested. Later, govt asked Gates if they were under investigation at the time, and Gates said he didn't think so. Was the IRS there? No, he said
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Newsday --- August 6th, 2018 --- Monday

How did we get Trump?
Sarah Jeong.
New York Times.
Example #117

Democrats 100% believe best hill to die on right before the midterms is
"All White People Must Die."

Run with that kiddos.

@KurtSchlichter 👇…
Newsday --- August 6th, 2018 --- Monday

How did we get Trump?
Sarah Jeong.
New York Times.
Example #117

Democrats 100% believe best hill to die on right before the midterms is
"All White People Must Die."

Run with that kiddos.

@KurtSchlichter 👇…
Some of you need to cease the denial and accept
the harsh reality that the left hates you.

You can tell that leftists hate you
by the way that leftists openly and publicly tell you that they hate you.

@KurtSchlichter 👇…
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Lots of Ts talk abt Ss "voice"—but what does that really mean? And how can we honor Ss who are often marginalized, esp. in class discussions that require complexity v. platitudes. TY @LadyOfSardines for sharing this. Will definitely be using! #DisruptTexts…
I did something similar when Ss read "Raising a Black Son in the US" by Jesmyn Ward. I asked Ss to 1) select a passage/excerpt that stood out to them from the text and 2) respond to any part of the essay. Collected these via Google Form.
Then I copied/pasted answers in a doc, alternating between excerpts from the text they selected & Ss responses. Passed copies out next day (removed any names) and we read them all aloud around the room. So some kids were reading Ward's words, others reading a classmate's.
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1/ [Thread]
Trump Tower Chicago: Media fraud, Mob contractors, casinos and shady investors
2/ Alex Jones' "InfoWars" is now broadcasting from the top of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.
3/ Late last year, Matt Dubiel, a local Chicago radio station owner, announced he'd won FCC approval and had "worked out an arrangement with the Trump Tower" to secure a transmitter on its roof.
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Ok, stay with me to the end. If you stop after 2-3 tweets, you'll be depressed.

Ground Rules: OH is difficult to follow because a) SecState doesn't update the voter registration #s as often as other states and b) those pesky "Unaffiliated" voters
1) Contd If you do not vote in the previous OH election--primary or general--the SecState kicks you into the "U" bin: "unaffiliated." In 2012 we were badly misled by rising R numbers, lower D numbers forgetting that the "Us" were in fact Zero voters who didn't vote in the primary
2) Also, another OH quirk: The SecState counts it as a new registration if you just change counties where you vote. For highly transient DemoKKKrats in Cuyahoga, for example, this can affect the numbers a lot.
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Distorting Trump's economy.

Listen carefully to the #s in this clip & how each is described during Pres Obama's term vs how a same or more negative number is described under Trump

July 15 - 215,000
July 16 - 255,000
July 17 - 209,000
July 18 - 157,000

Not only are the jobs #s distorted for Trump, virtually 100% of media parrots the lies about Trump's economy without telling the facts:

the average worker has in effect less money to pay bills & buy things because inflation is near 3% - doubled from 2016
Inflation is eating any increase in wages or tax relief.

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Day Four: Accounting! We'll continue to hear testimony from one of Paul Manafort's tax accountants this morning. Prosecutors are building a money trail -- yesterday, we heard from Manafort's longtime bookkeeper:… Stay tuned for updates
Judge is taking a quick break. We've been seeing Paul Manafort's personal and business tax returns. Govt moved quickly through exhibits — we heard a lot of #s about what Manafort reported as income, but nothing yet about what the govt thinks he *should* have reported those years
Also saw pages of Manafort's tax returns from 2010-2014 that asked if he had any financial interest in overseas accounts. Each year, Manafort's return was marked "no." Saw a 2011 email from Manafort to his CPA — asked if he had interest in foreign accounts, Manafort wrote, "NO"
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Day Three: New filing this a.m. from prosecutors making another attempt at convincing the judge that evidence of Paul Manafort's luxury lifestyle is relevant and not prejudicial… On the judge being unhappy about this yesterday:…
Judge is taking a quick break. We learned a bit more about Paul Manafort's expenditures over the years:
- Thousands of dollars on karaoke system
- $2.2 million on TV, home networks, other home automation services
- $450K+ on landscaping, incl. an "M" in red and white flowers
We saw more financial docs indicating that wire transfers from bank accounts in Cyprus were used to pay for these various expenses. Witnesses testified that they understood the payments as coming from Manafort, and that they communicated with Manafort about the payments
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Happening now: Long line waiting to get into the Senate Judiciary hearing on family separation. Hundreds of families remain separated and accountability is overdue. I will tweet out news from the hearing on this thread. #familiesbelongtogether
.@ChuckGrassley has opened the hearing. The room is overflowing, with many advocate mamas here with their children in their arms, protesting the rights abuses that continue to unfold.
.@SenFeinstein is delivering her opening with a focus on the appalling lack of government transparency regarding the family separation crisis. Months into the crisis she reminds us that we still don't know the total number of children separated from their parents....
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Circumstantial evidence & common sense say Russia's military intelligence hackers could have altered votes in the 2016 election.

They got into the system, found instructions, voter registrations, passwords but just didn't? Really?

We have no idea

Does Trump deserve re-election?

Michigan: 28% yes - 62% no

Wisconsin: 31% yes - 63% no

Makes you wonder ... did Trump ever have the votes of the majority of voters in those states?…
Trump's transition net approval number released by Gallup from December of 2016.

Subtracting disapprove from approve. Trump is a ZERO!

Did Trump really win the swing states?

Russian hackers got in but didn't touch anything?

We need proof of that.
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JUL 6:
▪WL tells GRU they want to dump Hil related docs before Democratic National Convention.
▪Trump's #s are bad
they sgst Bernie/Hil conflict

JUL 22
WL dumps 20k+ DNC docs stolen by GRU

JUL 25
Trump/Stein tweet sampling for JUL25:
The above tweet shows coordination between:

Full thread:
On or about JUL 6, 2016, WL:
▪If you have anything Hillary related, we want it in the next two days, bc DNC is approaching & she'll solidify Bernie supporters.
▪Conflict between Bernie & Hillary is interesting.
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let's talk about what GDP is (and isn't).  GDP is:
C+I+G+(NX) or:
(Consumption + Investment + Government Spending + (Exports-Imports)).
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READ: The FBI's surveillance warrants for Carter Page…
Page 6: So they relied on #fakenewsmedia SPECULATION that Russia was behind the DNC hack? WTF?!?
Given that Vault 7 in @Wikileaks PROVES CIA was hacking with the ability to make it *appear* the Russians did it, why would anybody possibly believe this!? 🤬🤬🤬
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1) We are witnessing an astounding collapse of the DemoKKKrat Party. It was partly brought on by Donald Trump but in fact was already poisoned & collapsing under the Clintons.

2) It is failing for multiple obvious reasons: since the 1960s it has been on a slow path to socialism.
3) In terms of its core philosophies, the DemoKKKrats went from being the party of the "working people" vs business owners (which, in itself, is often a contradiction, as many working people seek to become owners themselves).
4) This held as long as there were vote-rich manufacturing states. But the DemoKKKrats own policies---ided and abetted by some Republicans---eliminated these vote-rich states, or greatly reduced their significance.

5) Recall Detroit was the 4th largest city in the US at one time
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Let's not forget that under slavery, African-American "unemployment" was 0%.
The Q is not whether a person works, but whether they can benefit from the work they do. If society is structured against this, unemployment #s mean nothing.
When folks who hold racist views celebrate low unemployment in the very groups they disdain, you can bet they aren't concerned about their holistic flourishing.
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Democrats Hold Overall Turnout Edge in Competitive House Races… via @BloombergQuint
1) Talk about a misleading headline! here are the keys:
2) "While the turnout numbers are positive for Ds they don’t indicate a decisive edge in the November congressional elections that will determine whether Democrats gain a House majority"
3) "Democrats tallied more total votes than Republicans in just half of the 14 the districts, and they’ll need to win in many of those places to gain at least 23 U.S. House seats to take control of the chamber."
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New: In Ms. L case, DOJ says 4 under-five children have been reunified; 51 are eligible & most can be reunified today; 20 are eligible but can't be reunified today; 26 not eligible for reunification right now; 1 they still don't know where the parent is…
According to the government's latest filing, for the one kid under five where they don't know where the parent is, they say "records show the parent and child might be U.S. citizens" — no other info provided…
The ACLU disputes that the government is in compliance with the judge's order for reunifying separated families with a kid under five. Says they haven't been given the time to verify the #s and are critical of reunification efforts…
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1) Updated voter registration stats.

(*Reminder: most states see overall voter reg go down after election with SecState purges. AZ is an exception, with both parities rising. No updated #s for AZ since March, when Rs were up net 17k, total R gains 30k).
These # are NET changes since November 2016.

2) FL R net +110k
**I have some reason to doubt these numbers, as they represent a sharp jump from the last six months. This COULD reflect R voter reg drive but . . .

The previous months have shown a steady 6k per month gain for Rs
2) contd. In other words, I do NOT doubt that R is moving steadily toward Rs at about 5k to 6k per month, but a 30k jump in one month is high.

Regardless, by 2020 FL will be a red state at this rate.
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On Friday, a judge ordered the administration to give the ACLU a list by Saturday of children under five who likely fall under the judge's reunification order -- DOJ said they ID'd 101 children. ACLU spox says they got the list and are reviewing. Prev:…
Another hearing is set for Monday at 10am PT to discuss next steps. On Friday, DOJ said it might have trouble locating parents who were already released. The ACLU said it could try to help with that. Judge seemed hesitant to approve a blanket deadline extension absent more info
Update: The ACLU says it received a list of 102 names over the weekend of children under 5 who were separated from parents at the border. Per ACLU, it appears less than half of those children will be reunited by the court-ordered Tuesday's deadline. Prev:…
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You have two minutes to join us for Brian’s talk, #ICHEP2018!
Here we go, strategies for improving diversity (in an American context) from @bbeckford000 #ICHEP2018
Brian is beginning by highlighting that underrepresented minority and minority are not interchangeable. URMs don’t earn degrees commensurate with presence in US population.
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