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NEW Chart: @NewYorkStateAG sued Trump for financial fraud

Did you know the complaint & exhibits (880pgs) include Trump's 2011-2021 financial statements?

View highlights, links & an interactive chart of Trump's 2021 assets with scheme details - my latest…
Most stories on @NewYorkStateAG lawsuit vs Trump for financial fraud linked to the 222 pg complaint, but the exhibits include 10 years of financials (2011-2020 Mazars)

My interactive chart shows all of Trump's 2021 assets and key info on the fraud scheme…
One striking item in NYAG lawsuit vs Trump is from 2011-2021 the 'five star' Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago displayed a value of $0 (not a value and equal debt - but that it was worthless)

Here's TIHT Chicago and Trump Park Ave #s in comparison… ImageImageImageImage
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NYT's source is Ukrainian government. NYT claims to have verified a grand total "of one soldier and his girlfriend over the phone." Others, NYT says, were "authenticated" by "cross-referencing" the alleged Russian #s w/ social media accounts & messenger apps, which can be faked.
.@evanhill claims that "we're confident in our findings." Is his "Visual Investigations Team" still confident in its "finding" that Syria committed a chemical attack in Douma, an allegation exposed as a fraud by the OPCW leaks? If so, why have they ignored the OPCW leaks?
@evanhill On its Douma "investigation", btw, @evanhill's NYT unit collaborated with Bellingcat, without disclosing that it's funded by Western states and spook firms involved in the Syria dirty war. Even Bellingcat's UK funders have privately admitted that it spreads disinformation.
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@Sobretutumba @orwell2022 @OS51388957 @mr_Smith_Econ @connolly_s ??? Really??? Isnt this study saying 2 vax+infection is great & u get a great immune response? Thats crazy! If anything adding booster makes it worse as seen in triple vaxed controversial health care worker study where type of prior infection may matter:
@Sobretutumba @orwell2022 @OS51388957 @mr_Smith_Econ @connolly_s What i find interesting about both of these studies is the lack of correlation to symptoms! If increased immune activity (neutralizing, t cells, b cells etc) doesnt change your symptom outcome, what are we measuring & how important is it to overall health outcomes? Image
@Sobretutumba @orwell2022 @OS51388957 @mr_Smith_Econ @connolly_s Now of course u could say vaxed had more asymptomatic infx, on the other hand their uneven cohort #s are a caveat: 169 unvaxed vs only 41 vaxed. And if u cant show correlation with your various immune response measurements, it brings more questions than answers, as always ;-) Image
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That Black incarceration rates have been declining for a while is something that is not well known but getting there. But I was surprised at the magnitude of the decline for Black women: total #s have fallen by over 60% (!) from 1999-2020.... while total #s for white women rose. ImageImage
Black women are still incarcerated at a higher rate than white women, but in 1999 the rates where 212 vs. 27; in 2020, 65 vs. 38.

It's a really stunning drop. Tho the reversal in actual trends strikes me as even more interesting. ImageImage
We often hear that women are the fastest growing population in prisons. Put aside the baserate issue with that claim--big % change bc small baserate--the reality is not that WOMEN are the fastest growing, but WHITE women.
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In the Mar-a-Lago docs special master matter, DOJ filed a revised property inventory. They went back & recounted each box & a lot of the #s shifted a bit for the stacks of unclassified records & news clippings (but not the count of docs marked classified).… ImageImage
Page 2 has two boxes in which Trump actually had more unclassified government records than the first inventory ImageImage
Page 3 had three boxes in which Trump had additional unclassified records (but slightly fewer news clippings in one) ImageImage
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(1) Hebrews 10:25 is not about church service attendance, that’s an interpretation fed to you by Evangelical pastors who depend on your presence & giving to measure their success. The text is actually an encouragement against abandoning the faith in its entirely. Image
(2) Notice what the famous verse 10:25 is sandwiched between along with the broader context of the Chapter & book itself. Hebrews was written as an encouragement/warning to Jewish Christians to remain steadfast in the faith & to not abandon it in midst of persecution…
(3) If Hebrews 10:19 - 10:31 was a sandwich & verse 25 was the meat, let’s look at the first slice of bread. Leading up to verse 25, we are told about the confidence we should have in the Faith in light of Christ’s work. The second slice of bread earns about apostasy. See it? ImageImageImage
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Sigh. Let's talk about how this article in today's Seattle Times is misleading and poorly presented.…
In an article completed devoted to alternative response in Seattle, the only 2 people quoted (and at length) are Chief Diaz and Mike Solan, the president of the local police union, who among other things, blamed Black Lives Matter for the Jan 6 insurrection at the Capitol.
The article includes this inflammatory quote from Solan: "I can tell you right now people will disregard somebody who has not arrestable powers … it’ll be chaos." Who knows where the typo in that quote originates.
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In every recession since the 1970s, U.S. factory employment has fallen permanently -- the ensuing recovery doesn't bring enough job growth to make up for what was lost. This recession broke that trend, @arappeport @AnaSwanson & me:…

Inside those #s... 1/x
@arappeport @AnaSwanson First, there seem to be some people on this site today noting (correctly) that the US is still millions of factory jobs short of where it was when the automation/outsourcing trend took off in the late 70s. That's true. Hard to overstate how brutal the early 2000s were... 2/
@arappeport @AnaSwanson What makes this recovery different is speed and size of job growth. Usually factories lay off more workers than other industries in a recession. Didn't happen this time. Usually they're slower to rehire. Also didn't happen. 3/
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@PeterMoskos @InboundIke The problems are manifold. First, every cop hates paperwork but every cop knows that paperwork is the thing that saves your, well, bacon. There's negative incentive to reduce that which covers yer bum....1/
@PeterMoskos @InboundIke Second, we are terrible at buying tech. Cops try to avoid it because it is scary and new and makes them feel uniquely not in charge, which they hate. So they mock it, and learn only that which is required (this also covers butts-if you get good at it, they make you do it more) 2/
@PeterMoskos @InboundIke Third, vendors of tech know, avg incumbency of a piece of LE tech is ~17 years: the pain of owning must finally overcome the pain of not having a new thing. Then it's an emergency! Decisions get made based on sales promises and fairy dust, not solid tech choices. See 2. 3/
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In a polarized era, the protection of clean water unites Americans.

New data from @WaltonFamilyFdn shows Republicans, Independents, & Democrats all have favorable views of the Clean Water Act:…

Why is this important? The Supreme Court will soon... 1/ Image
...hear a case that could remove long-standing protections for HALF the nation’s streams & wetlands and the water supply for millions of Americans.

Polling data shows these protections have strong support across the political spectrum.

Take a look at some of these #s...

79% of Americans want to strengthen or maintain current protection standards, while just 8% want to relax them.

After hearing a description of the upcoming SCOTUS case, 75% of adults support protecting MORE waters & wetlands under the #CWA.

Perhaps most significantly...

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1/17. @AlessioUrban highlights another crazy area of the market: private lending. So the first question I ask myself is this: How big is this market?

2/17. Bloomberg reports some #s out of Preqin suggesting the private lending market was $1.3 trillion for the 9 mths through Sep 2021. Some of that is dry powder, so I guestimate that actually deployed money was around $1 trillion by the end of 2021.… Image
3/17. By the time we get to the end of the coming recession, I estimate the losses on private lending will probably be somewhere between 30% to 50%. So around $300 billion to $500 billion. Is that a big number?
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🧵 Least Populism State Doctrine 🧵

I've shared my idea with lawmakers in California and I shared it once here but I want to share it again. My tweet was about how we can get better representation in Congress.

Here's how my plan works.

Right now, a district's population for a congressional district is about 800k. The one person, one vote is not a realistic goal but having better representation should be. My plan would not mean amending the constitution.
Every 10 years when we go through redistricting we need to take the least populous state, in this case Wyoming, and use their state's population #s as to how many will be in a Congressional district.

Let's say Wyoming has 500k as a population. That 500k would represent how many
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I really liked @austinjdahmer's 🧵 but want to add some context given some IAMD experience.
BLUF: Carriers aren't completely dead but it's worth extending the timeline beyond a single kill chain engagement, which may have implications for their utility in a 🇨🇳🇺🇸 fight. A 🧵(1/#)
@austinjdahmer is right on C-ISRT & this isn't the right forum for details. But do factor in that persistent 30 kt maneuver to deny Red ISRT becomes a fuel problem quickly, & then the CoG becomes fleet oilers & where/how/when you RAS @ < 20 kts.…
Speaking of the Joint NAVWAR he mentions, I still haven't seen a good discussion of the implications of how BeiDou (China's GPS) allows 2-way SMS reporting. So imagine a 200-800K 🇨🇳 Global Fishing Fleet or PAFMM w/ reporting capabilities on US assets.…
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1/9. At this time of yr, 6 wks before Q3 #s start being published, firms with funny FYs are a good source of information. While John Lewis is not a listed company, it does give you a wonderful insight into the well-heeled UK shopper: who is not happy.…
2/9. John Lewis is the owner of the high-end department stores of the same name & posh supermarket Waitrose. For those not familiar with the UK's cultural landscape, Waitrose woman is a solidly middle or upper-middle class icon of achievement.
3/9. And every estate agent trying to pitch a UK property on the merits of the neighbourhood (to justify an inflated asking price) would never fail to mention if the house were close to a Waitrose.
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Here is a thread on the history of Africans and what becomes the Americas. I've been studying this for years and have conducted primary research including archival, genealogical, ethnographic and oral histories. I write about some of the details in my diss…
First, all of civilization started in what later on becomes Africa. In the beginning it wasn't called Africa but the first human beings that populated the Earth migrated out of "Africa" into other parts of the world…
So the Indigenous people on this land that we now call the 2 continents of North America and South America were not originally called that. The US was actually referred to as "Turtle Island" by some Indigenous peoples
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1.Note Stella means "Star".…
One of the definitions of Stella is a star-shape on the surface of a coralline. This Stella and The Dreamers are tied to the orange starfish a survivors programming. So this ceremony accessed that part of a survivors program. There is an orange starfish that is in the desert sand. The starfish is an interface w black goo. So the starfish interfaces the survivor w quantum computer programming
3.on the otherside of the black goo. The programming on the otherside of the black goo interface varies from individual to individual. Also know that the starfish is on a line. That line is tied to a monkey. So starfish's polar opposite program is the monkey on the line. This
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Very exciting news: Daily Kos Elections has calculated the results of the 2020 presidential election for all of the new, post-redistricting congressional districts that will be used in the November midterms!
Data for all 435 districts is available in a single chart, right here. These #s reflect how the 2020 election *would* have gone under the new lines.

We also include data for predecessor districts so that you can see how each seat has changed
There's an *incredible* wealth of information to be gleaned. This chart, for instance, shows the small number of "crossover" districts: Just 14 Dems represent Trump seats while 15 GOPers sit in Biden seats. This is near historic lows
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Much attention (>1000 primary tweets) has been going to a paper titled "Recent SARS-CoV-2 infection abrogates antibody and B-cell responses to booster vaccination"

The study is complex and hard to summarize. Indeed the title is not an accurate summary IMO…
The study was done at a transitional time in the epidemic, so its current relevance is not too clear. It studied effects of infection on responses to a Wuhan booster after a Wuhan primary series. So that's a Wuhan vaccine sandwich with Delta or BA.1 infection in the middle.
And now we have BA5 in the boosters, and the study is not designed to study what introducing a new antigen will do to the old response, or what an old response will do to a new antigen.
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“Allen West, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, appeared on March 26 at an anti-immigration rally on the same stage as Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the right-wing Oath Keepers militia.” - March 2021
2/ “The January 6 testimony to date has focused on Trump and the ways he has encouraged and instrumentalized militia members. But support for vigilante violence has spread to other parts of the Republican Party.” July 2022, 7/…
3/ JFC This whole paragraph.
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Most potentially dangerous? The 1 & 5.

"N342ER" = 5-x-1 -- same as "h-e-l-l"


Doyle Land Renfroe is the manager:…

Most sensitive #s? 2, 7 & 9

Doyle = 2-x-7 -- "tapped into the netherworld"

Renfroe = 7-x-9 -- create a fantasy world as a coping mechanism

"Doyle Renfroe" = 9-x-7, 7-destiny

"Doyle Land Renfroe" = 2-destiny.

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In its recent filing in FL in the fight over Trump's request for a special master re: Mar-a-Lago seized docs, DOJ noted they'd gotten permission to disclose info about grand jury subpoenas. Closing that particular loop, the DC federal court unsealed that order today:
The DC court also released DOJ's application to disclose that grand jury information:…
Newly unsealed doc showing DOJ's request to disclose info about a Mar-a-Lago grand jury subpoena mostly repeats info we saw in the govt's filing in the FL special master case. One thing that seemed new -- feds spotted 50-55 boxes in the storage room during the June visit
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Today's tweet thread is a compilation of tweet threads on my top learnings from the past 7 years as an *investor*.

(stay tuned for a thread of threads on learnings as a founder)

Read on >>
1) How to get started as a micro investor?

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Over the weekend @BaltimoreBanner ran a piece on carjacking & youth.

This nugget of BPD copaganda is pitched to every media outlet in the city every 60-90 days.

It's pretty easy to debunk this trope meant to make you fear the youth of your city.

Let's walk thru the #s

“Carjackings across Baltimore City are up nearly 50% compared to last year.”

Hmmmmmm….early 2021 we were still in the middle of shut downs & pre-vaccine right?

Does that mean we have more carjackings than before the pandemic?

Dear reader, the answer is no. Image
Are carjackings going back up after the sharp drops in crime that occurred during the pandemic protections/shut downs?


Is it a spike compared to earlier years?

No. It looks like its on track to return to 2015-2019 levels.

Good? No?

A huge jump in #s?

Also no.
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