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Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on sexual harassment and misconduct in the federal judiciary is underway.

Sen. Grassley: "The judicial branch has a problem. They have to deal with it, or Congress will have to do it for the courts."
Earlier this month, the judiciary's workplace conduct working group released a series of recommendations for improving how the judiciary handles misconduct:… Grassley called it a "vague report" that "kicks the can down the road"
The judiciary has dealt with allegations of harassment and misconduct by judges before, but it was @mattzap's story on accusations against former 9th Circuit judge Alex Kozinski that spurred all of this. His original story:…
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Wayne, I saw "Russian Social Media Trolling Hits High Gear After Parkland Shootings" but you have no examples from RT & Sputnik or on Twitter. Is this an op-ed or something I can use in a paper? 100s of bots saying the same thing at the same time? Like what? Any facts? @wrash
I know #DNC #CNN #MSNBC uses c0nvey bots to cover entire hash pages w/ identical posts w/ huge graphics that crowd out real voices but what exactly did Russian bots do? They said the same thing a/b #ReleaseTheMemo but that was easily proven to be propaganda. Is yours that too?
Wayne, I'm confused by your subject terms. Yes, "Social media & society" but what has this got to do w/ "Internet security" other than seeming to justify censorship of real voices under the guise of "Counterterrorism?" That is the only connection I see--but no supporting facts.
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1) A thread about some amazingly kick-ass women running for Congress.
2) Just a reminder that aside from the Trump craziness, we have some amazingly kick-ass women running for Congress this fall. If you want to stop Trump, & save health care & the environment & immigrants, we can’t just rely on Mueller. We have to back the House. Here’s how…
3) We take back the House by supporting strong progressive candidates NOW — not one week before the election — NOW. Why? Because if we take back the House, we gain the subpoena power, and Republicans lose their legislative power. That means WE get to investigate Trump’s graft.
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1. One year ago today, ~50 students previously unknown to @BretWeinstein stormed his class calling him racist and shouting for his firing/ resignation.

2. Protests went viral, Evergreen faced backlash and @BretWeinstein & @HeatherEHeying ultimately resigned in Sept 2017 as a condition of a tort claim settlement with the college.…
3. Evergreen is now facing a $5.9m budget shortfall, layoffs, and cuts to programming and support for students, ……
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1) There are twin dynamics going on today in the fake news media & in movie entertainment. They aren't exactly identical, but some of the traits are the same.

2) In fake news media, we see declining #s in the "majors" & lefty sites like CNN. Most of the old line papers are kaput
3) I have warned you in the past this does NOT mean they are going away. They will exist if they have zero viewers & ratings of Mr. Ed re-runs. They exist for a reason: Soros & the lib elite establishment NEED them to exist to validate their goofball views of the world.
4) It's much like the rich guy who goes to a prostitute to have him tell her he's really handsome & special, but better cuz the elites at their little soirees can say "Did you see on CNN where Trump is going to be impeached over Porny Daniels?"
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Applying polisci research to understand the power of the NRA. (It's not their $) People join groups for 3 reasons:

1) purposive: they believe in the cause

2) solidary: to enjoy the camaraderie of the like minded

3) material: they get stuff they wouldn't get w/o membership 1/
Every interest group faces a free rider problem, people who believe in the cause but who don't contribute $ b/c they think someone else will do it & they'll reap the benefits anyway. The NRA is very good at overcoming the free rider problem. 2/
They do so by offering cheap membership fees, approx $35 will get you in. More importantly, the NRA offers an array of material benefits that can't be accessed w/o membership, everything from discounted wine clubs, gun insurance, to cancer insurance. 3/
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hearing—"#China's Worldwide #Military Expansion" is a dramatic bellwether of growing concerns in Washington & beyond.

Now online—hard-hitting arguments + many data points, some deeply-analyzed yet hard to find elsewhere in public domain:
CAPT Jim Fanell, USN Ret, former @USPacificFleet N2:

"today, the PLA Navy consists of over 330 surface ships & 66 submarines, nearly 400 combatants. As of 4 May 2018, the @USNavy consists of 283 battle force ships: 211 surface ships and 72 submarines."
"By 2030, it is estimated [by Fanell & @SCheneyPeters in their chapter in @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute's Chinese Naval Shipbuilding volume… @USNIBooks that] the PLANavy will consist of some 550 ships: 450 surface ships & 99 submarines."
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1) Ok, I want to wrap up this really good--but flawed--book "Devil's Bargain" as I have to speak in CA tomorrow night. We left off on 125: Bannon & Robert Mercer got along cuz Mercer was used to thinking in unusual & abstract terms.
2) Mercer agreed to put $10m into Breitbart News's relaunch in 2012, but Andrew's sudden death put Bannon in charge.

3) According to Green Bannon had a 4-pronged approach to discredit Cankles (as if she needed discrediting): First, Breitbart;
3) contd. Second, the Government Accountability Institute (Schweizer's outfit) that did serious, long research projects like "journalists' actually used to do. (This resulted in "Clinton Cash"); Third, Glittering Steel, the film production arm; . .
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Plague that is #Koch has sprd beynd realm of #GOPTaxScams, crushing unions, poisoning envirnmt & educ'n sys
Their ult goal is 2 Rewrite USConstitution at #ConventionOfStates & they're close 2 obtaining state votes req'd 2 do so
Thread 🔽outlines strategy 2 Stop them
As seen in meme above, there R presently 10 states w active Article V #ConventionOfStates legsln in their legislatures
In this thread I'll B including info-filled posts created by my team that ID Res'n #s, pretext given 4 calling #ConCon & contact info needed 2 block
💥A special note 2 keep in mind 💥
Pls let go of any preconception that a state is "safe" because state legslr is primarily Democrat
Likewise pls do NOT fall into trap of believing resln's cannot B blocked if legislature is primarily Republican
Let's Begin...
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1) Those wanting instant justice for many of these coupsters need to understand that despite what we "want," this is and always has been a two-part process:
2) I think we have satisfied the question of whether Sessions is "on the job" & who has begun proceedings
3) We know, for example, he has a prosecutor (Huber) a grand jury in the DC area, four separate investigations into Cankles and likely a second grand jury in Little Rock to go with prosecutor Cody Hiland.

4) But I don't think the political aspect has sufficiently been addressed.
5) Weird as it may sound, since we know that these investigations have been on-going for as long as a year, how has this political angle been set up?

6) The answer is that Sessions/Horowitz have been selectively providing Congress with requested docs while cleverly holding out.
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*Note: voter #s rise/fall monthly: in most cases both parties fall prior to the "hot" election time. These #s are NET gains or losses. I cannot track voter registrations in states that do not register by party
* contd: These include VA, OH, GA, MI, MN, TX, WI

**All #s measured against Nov. 2016

2) AZ: For the first time since Nov. 2016, Ds failed to increase. Rs have increased every month.

Rs currently have gained 28k gross, but have a net 29k advantage.
3) CO Colorado continues to hold at Rs -1k. Interestingly, Indies are off big, -161 since Nov. 2016.

4) DE Still holding at Rs -1k and no real movement for several months.
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1/17 Breaking: A former member of Trump’s voter fraud commission, J. Christian Adams, is being sued for defamation and voter intimidation. His organization, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), is also named. Filing, from @scsj:…
2/ In ‘16 and ‘17 PILF released reports called Alien Invasion I & II that claimed that 5,500 non-citizens had attempted to illegally register to vote in VA. They included the registration forms of 100s of people w names, phone #s, addresses, who they said fell into this group.
3/ The 4 individual plaintiffs in the new suit are all legal citizens who were eligible to vote. PILF posted their names & contact info in what PILF called “pages of real evidence” of voter fraud. PILF later removed 2 of them, blaming the state of VA for the error, but 2 remain.
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Jordan Peterson’s functionalist account of hierarchy is so risible that not only do anthros & socs not believe it, but economists, political scientists & evolutionary biologists consider it basically conclusively disproved.
Let’s look at the evolutionary evidence first. Hierarchy depends at least minimally on a social structure, so only social animals can display it. But how common is it among animals? It varies but it’s less common than is normally realized.
First, hierarchies rarely develop where there is:
a. an abundance of resources—among hierarchies that do exist, conflict occurs rarely under abundance or
b. free movement—absent some sort of enclosure, animals just leave hierarchies. This is incredibly common.
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1) There have been some crazy theories going around so let's look at what is actual law.

2) Congress has a two-step program for spending money. Technically, the President doesn't spend anything.

3) First, there is the "Authorization" process. The House, then the Senate . . .
3) contd: . . . AUTHORIZE every department and agency to spend up to a certain amount of money. Think of this as giving your kid permission to spend the money in his piggy bank.

4) The APPROPRIATIONS process then actually allocates how much of that authorized $ can be spent.
5) So, you "authorize" your kid to spend $10 . . . but there is nothing in the piggy bank to spend. Then you put in $5 that you have "appropriated." He still can only spend $5, because that's all that has been appropriated.

6) Departments turn in their budgets yearly.
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1/3 I looked into several tweeters that mimicked info, same ID embedded in page name, basically worshiped one guy, and are somewhat organized & always including same specific #s & @s. Objective: Repetition, codes, same ID in name fir member ID, one of them running for Congress.
2/3 Obj Cont: convince Dems of demise, Mueller recalled back Marine duty-exonerate DT, group taking over.

Same #s Used:
QAnon posts today
3/3 Most will have part of #s embedded in twitter name & listed in description (obvious). Too many mbrs to list. Be cautious. I believe potentially dangerous. Reported “bomb in NY water” threat from Info they posted.
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As promised, I've compiled SS of accts from some of my most recent followers that illustrate things to look for when you vet new follows. It'll help you spot bots, trolls, and pornaccounts. I've gotten lots of questions about this privately so hopefully it helps clear things up.
Look at # of Followers and whether there has been any tweets. Most of these accounts will send you DMs to try to find a date or are bots. This one has 0 tweets and 59 followers. They love hopping on Fbrparties for new targets.
Also the 8 digits in an @ is a good indicator of bots. Although, there are legit accounts with the 8 digits and I'll show you an example next.

This account does have a few tweets, but they are all trending #s. These accounts are automated & set to tweet at specific times.
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1) This is how I COULD see CA illegal crap playing out.

2) Oakland mayor or another goofball tips off illegals about ICE raid. Things go bad. Some ICE guys are killed.

3) Arrest warrant for Oakland mayor on about 200 charges.
4) Feds come in for arrest, are resisted by SOME local cops why sympathize.

5) Serious battle breaks out.

6) If they don't win that time, feds return with serious #s & firepower & CA douchenozzles get their asses kicked.
7) Sessions et al. truly drop the hammer. I mean, across the board. We're talking CDC moving into homeless camps shutting them down; funds being sequestered; US troops/bases being moved whenever prudent to nearby red states depriving CA of mass income;
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A couple of quick #mtgfinance takes on #mtgm25. 1) JTMS & Chalice will enjoy strong rebounds past peak supply. Nothing holding them back & facing strong demand.
2) Despite an odd mix of cards at mythic, there is good value in the rares, with 16 rares $10+, 10 rares $20+, but just 4 rares $30+. In MM17, the #s were 13 @ $10+, 8 @ $20+, and 8 at $30+, so less high end, & a slightly better low end. Also, still a few to go there.
3) The problem longer term is that this set is packed with cards whose values were high because of low supply, not high demand, so many of the money slots are going to depreciate hard and recover slowly: filter lands, asuza, port, obliterator, etc.
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Lost in the turn of #ParklandShooting into a gun control issue is how it was ALSO yet another mass killing by a young man exhibiting far-right hate online.

Since 2014, 50 Americans have been killed and 82 injured by such shooters.

Need to view via lens of national security...
#CommonSenseGunLaws are important.
Support for mental health issues is important.
But we also need to recognize another cancer has been empowered in recent years, that should be viewed thru lens of extremism/terrorism.

Yet, our political system/media is in active denial of it.
The inclination political leaders to be partisan and those in media "even-handed" is clouding this dangerous issue. Notice how even to talk about it means there will automatically then be a faux whataboutism on the "violent left," even though there is no paralell data to back it
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Here's my Trump FY2019 budget thread, which I'll be updating throughout the day.

To start us off, the Trump budget calls for $213 billion in cuts to SNAP. SNAP gives just $1.40 per meal. It lifts 8 million out of poverty. And Trump would eviscerate it.…
Trump calls for $21 billion in cuts to TANF, which already is reaching few poor families.…
Even the Trump administration agrees the Bill Formerly Known as TCJA loses a LOT of revenue. This shows revenues in Trump's last budget and this one. If the GOP tax plan actually raised revenues, the dark yellow line would be higher.
@MichaelSLinden, @SethHanlon, @dashching
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1) Let's go back for a moment to my favorite hobby horse, the sex fund.
31 Rs have announced they won't run in 18, 7 Ds. Why so few Ds?

I have argued that using info from the Awans the Rs were being blackmailed.
2) No Ds are being blackmailed, obviously. But their names (about 65 left) are listed in the sex fund.

3) Why were they not concerned about blackmail? Because the Awans' info is only/still in the hands of Ds somepleace.
4) Moreover, the Ds BELIEVED THEY WOULD WIN IN NOVEMBER until recently. This was the lie. Now, all indicators challenge that.

5) The generic ballot nationwide is down to 3% and falling; GOP has vastly outraised the Ds;
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Trump DOJ wants to reinstate a basic question on citizenship in the census. In their immigration intransigence, Left is revolting. THREAD on the emerging controversy over a potential change affecting $bns of tax dollars and every leg district in America…
...And also I might add a thread on the Left's attack on a citizenship question that perfectly justifies the reinstatement of the question -- because transparency on this issue is so critically important to American citizens and the Dems want to hide it.…
It's hard to imagine Americans would take issue with the U.S. government inquiring about citizenship status in a population census. But in 2018, some Democrats consider it a radical act to ask the simple question, “Are you a U.S. citizen?”…
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Remember, same people who don't believe tons of research they've never read on climate change & evolution DO believe in:
1. Secret societies
2. Deep states
4. Intel agencies lie.
3. Soros conspiracies
4. Agenda 21 to kill us
5. Obama was Muslim
6. Trump's a religious Christian.
7. Pizzagate
8. Clinton gave military stand down order in Benghazi (which SoS couldn't do)
9. Bill Clinton murdered kids
10. Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster
11. Jade Helm (military exercise) was attempt by Obama to take over Texas
12. Obamacare death panels.....
13. FEMA concentration camps
14.Common Core is a communist plot to turn children gay
15. Unemployment #s under Obama were lies, but the same baseline numbers are true under Trump.
16. The New World Order
17. Obama born in Kenya
...and the list goes on and on.
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1. Chucky has again over played his hand on DACA and Dreamers. How? Simple. He wanted an up and down vote on a fix for DACA and Dreamers from @GOP and @SenateMajLdr. Chucky thinks it is good and will force @GOP to do or he will have justification for #SchumerShutdown number 2.
2. However, what Chucky doesn't understand is that the up and down vote is a two edged sword. By trying to commit @GOP and @SenateMajLdr to this, it also binds Dems to allow the up and down vote to proceed. This means if a bill is proposed, NO FILIBUSTER will take place.
3. Dems thus have to allow vote on a bill or they will have violated the agreement and the justification for #SchumerShutdown number 2 is gone and optics even worse than last shutdown.
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