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HAPPENING NOW: Bar proceedings for John EASTMAN have begun. He's expected to testify today — his first true adversarial questioning since Jan. 6 — but we'll see if/when he asserts attorney-client privilege or the Fifth.
We're finally underway here. State bar counsel Duncan Carling telling the presiding judge that EASTMAN's plan to overturn the 2020 election "was baseless, completely unsupported by historic precedent or law and contrary to our values as a nation."
BAR COUNSEL: “It will be clear that all of Dr. EAstman’s conduct was fundamentally dishonest and intended to disrupt the lawful certificaiton of the winner of the 2020 election on Jan. 6.”

"The state bar will ask for disbarment."
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The top question I get after writing SINKABLE is why is the #Titanic so famous? I'll tell you why, and it's not the reasons you think. 1/ thread.
It's not the usual factors. Many ships had sunk on their maiden voyage before. Many ships had been called unsinkable before (esp when steel hulls replaced wood). Many ships sunk carrying rich or famous people before.
It's not the iceberg either. Icebergs had struck ships as long as there had been ships to strike. In fact icebergs were such a common problem in the North Atlantic in late 19th century that by 1912 the Revenue Cutter Service was relieved that iceberg strikes had declined.
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Just like BTC Ordinals, we now have ETH inscriptions. In the past 4 days, 130,000+ Ethscriptions have been created with 260+ ETH ($447,000 USD) volume on OpenSea 🔥

What are "Ethscriptions? How can I create/buy/sell? This thread will explain 🧵👇… Image
1. Ethscriptions utilize Eth's calldata, the memory component that stores function call arguments during a smart contract interaction. This allows for efficient minting of NFTs within existing smart contracts, reducing gas costs.
Creator: @dumbnamenumbers
Dev: @0xHirsch
@dumbnamenumbers @0xHirsch 2. Developed by Tom Lehman, co-founder and former CEO of Genius. com, the project has seen explosive interest. Nearly 30,000 Ethscriptions were created in the first 18 hours.…
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BREAKING new data from @FiveThirtyEight:

There were almost 94,000 fewer abortions in states that implemented bans post-Dobbs, just between July and March.

Almost 100k affected and that's not even the full year.… Image
Abortions rose by ~70,000 in states without bans, but that wasn't enough to make up for the decline. Overall, there were ~24,000 fewer abortions in the U.S. between July '22 and March '23, compared to a pre-Dobbs baseline.
This data is from #WeCount, a project of @SocietyFP, where researchers have been tracking abortion #s for a year. The numbers are estimates and may shift slightly, but it's an extraordinary window into the way Dobbs has already disrupted tens of thousands of Americans' lives.
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“Voucher schools discriminate against LGBTQ+, disabilities” -

“Dozens of voucher schools have policies that allow them to exclude LGBTQ+ students or those with disabilities. In many cases, it’s legal.” 5/5/23
#Christofascism 1/…
“In 2022, the 2 Fox Valley Lutheran High School students were a few months from graduating when they got called into the dean’s office. One was the cheerleading captain & National Honor Society inductee; the other a basketball player, homecoming queen & student council member” 2/
“Both were accomplished and well-respected students. 
Yet in separate meetings with the dean, they learned they faced expulsion — not for cheating or plagiarizing or breaking the law, but because administrators suspected the young women of dating.” 3/ #Christofascism
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Stress fractures - a detailed thread 🦴🦴🦴

I thought I'd put together an overview & some clinical nuggets from the 'coal-face'

First up, I prefer to call them 'bone stress injuries' - majority don't have a # line on imaging & the language can be scary / nocebic for some Image
Pathophysiology & risk factors

Stress fractures-
Occur in normal bone that is placed under abnormal / persistent load & strain ('training / sporting error')

Insufficiency fractures-
Occur in bone that is under normal strain but is structurally vulnerable eg metabolic conditions Image
In reality, can be a combination of both to varying degrees - not 'black & white'

Special mention goes to RED-S which often underpins BSI in athletes - men & women!

Ask about relationship with food (past & present) & menstrial history - periods are a barometer of athlete health Image
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quick reflections on @ReneMaric article addressing the (at the time) unconventional usage of Rafinha by Pep Guardiola.

specifically in "libero" or "inverted FB" situations in Bayern vs Koln in 2015. Image
Rene already addressed some key in-possession advantages to the inversion of Rafinha from a traditional FB position into central areas such as:

- confusion regarding marking responsibilities on Koln's left side
- extra middle passes
- central RD protection Image
the earliest Koln counterattack (10th minute) highlighted structural sub-optimalities in Bayern's possession / rest-defense occupations.

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Daily reminder that the big international student boom at the college level wasn't due to falls in domestic enrollment, or government cutbacks. Rather, it's a bunch of institutions opening branch campuses in the GTA in an empire-building exercise.

Check out these enrollment #s. Image
There is *no* compelling public policy reason why a college in Sarnia needs to build satellite campuses in Mississauga and Toronto.
Here's the full college enrollment data set, from the Ontario government. Tons of fun stuff in there:…
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Early indications are that the DeSantis advance team is already facing challenges for their first in-person 'kickoff' event in Des Moines tomorrow

They already quietly moved venues from a huge "RecPlex" (from their original release) to a megachurch (website now)


[1/?] ImageImageImageImage
Now, listen, it could mean that the crowd got too big!

But I don't think so.

As far as megachurches go, the Eternity Church is more like a mediumchurch amirite?

These are the only photos I could find, but you get the idea. Not so big.

[2/?] ImageImage
(and as an aside, I'm getting some "mega" Koresh vibes from Pastor Jesse from Eternity Church)...

[3/?] ImageImageImage
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We're live, fam, at the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners meeting tonight. I'll be your tweetcast host as the eyes in the sky, as @HollandSentinel's @SentinelMitch is on scene for what is expected to be a long, exhaustive meeting.
@HollandSentinel @SentinelMitch We are starting with public comment and there are 100+ signed up. I'll tweet #s as best I can and city of residence.
@HollandSentinel @SentinelMitch Up first Park Township: The creator of "Inventing America," a well-known documentary. He's talking about the Constitution and being a country of laws, not of men.
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When OpenAI sought "to advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity..., unconstrained by a need to generate financial return." save us from AI, they first had to build it.🙄
by @meliarobin & @mjnblack…
But then to be "unconstrained by a need to generate financial return" they hat to get that $10B right?

So much rationality and saving humanity by these people.
""It's Sam's world," said Ric Burton, a prominent tech developer, "and we're all living in it."

Which prompts the question: Is it a world we want?"

I already know the answer to this but I believe the rest of the article is going to elaborate.
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Today at 11 am PDT we're discussing the increasing flow of #migrants worldwide and how countries are tightening their borders in response. Follow the link below for the livestream 👇…
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi Welcome to today's briefing. We've got a panel of excellent speakers. Our moderator today is @PilarMarrero who notes the increasing flow of migrants is not an issue that can be boiled down to the US southern border.
@ekztarf @TowerAmali @Climate_Refugee @hossein_ayazi @PilarMarrero Our first speaker today is @ekztarf, Senior Policy Analyst with Migration Policy Institute’s International Program. "What we're seeing on the US southern border is not a phenomenon restricted to the US. It is happening in other parts of the world."
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.@marcthiessen wrote a shoddy Washington Post column using as a foil the headline of my piece yesterday assessing how the Durham inquiry fell flat after years of political hype. (He didn’t engage with its substance, of course.) A dissection follows. /1…
As an initial matter, Thiessen got his start at a lobbying firm that included two named partners – Paul Manafort and Roger Stone – who were convicted of felonies in the Russia investigation & pardoned by Trump. He does not disclose that conflict to the WP’s readers. /2 Image
Thiessen opens by insinuating that I am downplaying Durham bc I'm implicated in (his tendentious portrayal of) the media’s Trump-Russia coverage. Aside from whether he is accurately describing Mueller's complex findings, I wasn't part of the NYT’s Trump-Russia coverage team./3 Image
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Okay, so, I got it wrong. 😬 Here’s a mathematical explainer. I calculated a baseline of 7974 US deaths/day. That’s from a data source I found online. Multiple by .04, the low end of “moderate,” and you get 318.96. Multiple by 7 and that’s 2232 deaths a week.
The high end you replace it w/ a .059 and the number is 470 using the same formula. Next, to get to the orange level, replace the .059 in the formula with .08 and you get 4465 deaths per week or 637 deaths per day per US capita in any given state that’s color graded at the upper
bound of “moderate.” I apologize for the error here! Never do math when both stretching and tired after running! With these new metrics in mind, curious to hear what people think. Obviously, it’s nowhere near as bad as I first parlayed.
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With all due respect, one major issue with this thread is that “asylum” is a very specific definition, and the majority of people “seeking asylum” at the US-Mexico border don’t fall under its jurisdiction so have to be processed as economic migrants.
The solution to high #s of illegitimate asylum claims would be to improve our processing speed so that asylum claims can be handled swiftly and without releasing people into the country, but immigration advocate groups have blocked that option through lawsuits and politically.
By forcing through economic migrants as asylum seekers, immigration advocates aren’t actually increasing the quotas of asylum seekers, since that has to be done through Congress and as a result, now basically nobody’s getting asylum, which is simply unjust.
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@RaiderMatt5204 1) As were all. But you know what? if you look closely at his margin of error---which is all any pollster can provide---he was 100% accurate. All we want to hear are Ws and Ls, but pollsters only give you a range, and he is still the most accurate.
@RaiderMatt5204 2) But I'll play. To my knowlege there isn't a single poll out there showing RDS beating Trump for the nomination. They all magically and mysteriously jump to a general, which won't happen.

ALL pollsters have Trump over RDS 20-40, ditto every state except FL and GA.
@RaiderMatt5204 3) And I'll play more: the book "The Great Revolt" by Salena Zito, which no RDSer has even read, interviewed thousands of Trump voters in 2017-18.

They found that a very sizeable group of these (in the neighborhood of 10-15%) had never voted before or hadn't voted in last 3.
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Today I went to Costco and the woman in front of me was speaking to the cashier and I heard her say, “I am praying for you. I am praying for justice.”

The cashier was shaking and visibly not ok. She could barely stand.
I couldn’t not ask so I did.

“My son was murdered. I feel dead.”

I won’t go into the rest of the conversation- but I shared she was not alone. She asked for a break from her manager and they found a cover for her. We stepped aside and spoke for awhile. we exchanged #s + hugs.
I went to Costco for a break and found a woman in the same situation as me. But quite different. No flag at half mast. No teddy bears. No national outcry. A representation of the families impacted by gun violence the media largely ignores.
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Given that most of the #s surrounded events like Portadown were massively exaggerated idk how that is comparable to the proto-Maoist cleansing of Ireland (and the plans to fill said lands with Jews)
Ultimately, the native Irish were right to purge the land of Protestant Ulstermen as they represented demographic and cultural change and the subversion of Ulster. Ideally, Ireland would have been independent and unified enough to do as Queen Isabella did.
That is, reverse the demographic changes via the ultimatum of "convert or leave or worse." This is entirely fair given the subversion of Ireland that came from Ulster plantations.
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Given his persistently low approval #s, "to win reelection, Biden likely will need to win an unusually large share of voters who are at least somewhat unhappy over conditions in the country and ambivalent or worse about giving him another term. Historically that hasn’t been easy"
For those who think Biden can break that pattern, last November’s midterm election offers the proof of concept. 55% of voters disapproved of his performance & 3/4 said economy was in bad shape. Yet Ds overperformed, especially in swing states like MI/PA/WI/AZ
In 22, Democrats defused the expected “red wave” by winning an unusually large number of voters who were mildly disappointed in Biden’s performance and/or the economy. Whitmer/Shapiro/Hobbs all won at least 70% of voters who called economy "not so good"-a stunning result
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When I worked at the @TNHouseReps, almost everyone there knew a woman or an intern who was being sexually harassed by a Representative or had a Rep cross the line with them. However, not one of those women wanted to go to HR to report the member. Why? A 🧵
@TNHouseReps Tennessee is a "right to work" state. At the @TNHouseReps, that phrase is especially laughable. When you get hired there, you don't actually work for the office that hired you. For ex., I worked for the @TNDemocrats but was told that I worked "at the pleasure of the Speaker."
What does that mean? It means if the Speaker doesn't like something you said, did, posted, WHATEVER, you could be fired for no cause at all with zero recourse. My own Chair told me there was little he could do to protect me if the Speaker wanted to fire me.
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𝙻𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑-𝚞𝚙𝚜 𝚝𝚘 𝚎𝚡𝚙𝚕𝚘𝚒𝚝 - 𝚊 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚒-𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍🧵 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝙵𝙷𝟹𝟸 🍟

For those on FH32, it's time to perhaps have a little fun but also time to dig in & find one-week punts that might have a positonal/zonal advtg.⚖️
To that end, I've had a quick look at @FFScout's member's area in order to specifically find "overloads" where one flank is clearly worse than the other when it comes to chances conceded.

I've also listed Big Chances (BC) conceded and that team's respective rank. (low #=bad D)

A few matchups stand out:
◽️ SOU right flank (attacking team's left)
◽️ NFO left flank
◽️ Also worth noting IMO that BRE give up most of their chances in the central zone, although they're not a bad DEF by any stretch Image
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In 1981, Joel Greenblatt authored a paper on buying stocks selling below their liquidation value, and ran some backtests with impressive results.

It was called 'How the Small Investor Can Beat the Market'.

Here are a few takeaways from the paper. Image
1. Greenblatt refutes the EM hypothesis (an idea has persisted).

While the #s may differ today, institutions still neglect certain stocks; many of them too small/illiquid. For this reason, many investors believe there will always be unrecognised value in the market. Image
2. Greenblatt's paper sought to combine Graham's approximation of liquidation value (below) with the PE ratio. This process was intended only to be a “rough screening device” to sort out the likely prospects from the thousands available. He excluded firms with TTM losses. Image
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@pinecone just sold out their OP Stack (Open AI + Pinecone) meetup.

It took them 4 hours to reach 4x the venue capacity.

If you're even remotely interested in AI & GPT, you need to know about Vector Embeddings.

Here's why hundreds of people are rushing to get in 👇

1/6 🧵
A computer doesn't understand words the same way a human does.

LLMs like GPT-4 have their own way of making sense of words (which are technically called 'tokens').

When you say "This tastes like bubble gum!"

GPT will convert it to a list of numbers: [15, 721, 92, ...]

2/6 🧵
This list of numbers is called a "vector embedding".

You can almost think of it like how a computer "understands" your words.

Think of it as: "English in -> Vector Embedding out".

You can try it for yourself with OpenAI's "Embeddings" API.

3/6 🧵
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👉Join us at 11am today for this important conversation as #California prepares to review eligibility for millions of #MediCal recipients. We'll be speaking with experts and health care practitioners about what this could mean. Follow the livestream:…
Welcome to today's briefing sponsored by @DHCS_CA and organized by EMS and @CaliforniaBlac2. We'll be looking at who is at risk for being disenrolled from #MediCal under California's "great unwinding," and what people can do to get ready.
Our first speaker is Yingjia Huang, Assistant Deputy Director, Department of Health Care Services. April began the renewal process for 15 million MediCal recipients, says Huang. The process had been suspended during the #Covid pandemic.
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