“"I think that's confusing for people — is that that initial message was that to get the vaccine, you're going to be OK.”
No—the initial message was “I’d you get the vaccine you won’t get Covid.” That was a lie. npr.org/sections/healt…
And now these same idiots are frustrated that people are tuning them out. Millions of people were vaccinated against their will because they were told it was necessary to prevent Covid from spreading and now they are all getting it anyway.
That is the problem when you start overriding individual autonomy and forcing major health decisions on other people—you better be damn certain you are right. “Oops, my bad,” isn’t going to cut it.
And the fact that many institutions right now are mandating boosters based on the premise that it will prevent infection and spread shows that the problem is not the American people but authoritarian institutions perpetuating the lie.
These “experts” need to address their message to universities, city governments, and others who are forcing these immoral and scientifically-illiterate decisions on everyone else.

• • •

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12 Jan
Now for intellectually dishonest garbage. The AP did a "Fact Check" on the Denmark study that found negative 42% VE for two doses of Pfizer v O. apnews.com/article/fact-c… "Experts" who speculate (with no evidence) the findings MUST be invalid because of behavioral biases...
such as "behavioral differences, such as vaccinated individuals engaging in more activities that could lead to exposure." Jeffrey Morris, adds the results were “more likely to be an artifact of some selection bias effect than any inherently higher risk.”
Now we know from our everyday experience that it VACCINATED people who are more likely to fear Covid and to take precautions such as vaccination, masks, and social distancing. And of course there are reams of data that support that.
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11 Jan
I've referenced this paper on breakthrough infections in SF multiple times since it appeared. It is now published with lots of additional detail. This is the smoking gun that shows on a micro level the vax select for more vax-evasive variants. nature.com/articles/s4156…
To summarize the simple logic--natural selection consists of 3 elements: (1) variation, (2) selection, (3) replication.
Anybody who gets infected can create variation, regardless of whether vaxxed, partially vaxxed, unvaxxed, or boosted. Most variations don't replicate widely because at any given time the current version of the virus is best adapted to its environment so adaptations are less fit.
Read 15 tweets
11 Jan
So the story is Walensky is just a "bad communicator." But how would you like to be the one who has to communicate the new talking points. "Yeah, well we've been telling you for a year that getting vaccinated will prevent you from getting infected and transmitting Covid. Which...
turns out we were wrong about that. While it might reduce your chances of getting Covid, it won't reduce transmission if you get it. Well, turns out we were wrong about that too. With Omicron you are actually MORE likely to contract and transmit Covid. But trust us...
we are certain that even though getting vaxxed will make you more likely to contract and transmit Covid than someone who is unvaxxed, we know it will protect you from serious illness. Trust us. We are certain it is safe in both the short term and long term. So get your booster!
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9 Jan
Moderna vax starts at 30% VE against Omicron (ignoring first 14 days) and becomes negative at 6 months (reported as zero, see below). Booster increases to 52% unadjusted VE which declines to 36% after 2-3 months. medrxiv.org/content/10.110…
The authors arbitrarily set the lower bound at zero for calculating VE, even though the odds ratio is negative at 6 months. Image
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8 Jan
If you are still trying to tell me that mass vaccination will reduces infections and transmission and will bring about the end of the global pandemic then you are either an idiot or a liar.
And don't give me the line, "Nobody could've seen Omicron coming!" The emergence of a vaccine-evasive variant like O was inevitable from the moment we started mass vax into a global pandemic with a leaky, non-durable vax against a mutable, highly-infectious virus.
Instead you counted your shot counts like rosary beads. And just assumed that your high priests like Anthony Fauci knew the "real truth". And vilified anyone who tried to explain evolutionary biology 101 to you as a heretic.
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7 Jan
“CONCLUSIONS: Protection afforded by prior infection in preventing symptomatic reinfection with Alpha, Beta, or Delta is robust, at about 90%. While such protection against reinfection with Omicron is lower, it is still considerable at nearly 60%.” medrxiv.org/content/10.110…
Vax in previously infected actually REDUCES protection from infection from 62% to 56%. NEGATIVE VE for vaccination of those with NI. @MartyMakary see Table 3
Read 4 tweets

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