So, it was right around here, I think, when I thought to myself:

“Maybe breaking into an old abandoned asylum because of a model I met on the internet wasn’t a great idea after all.”

My decision-making, it isn’t strong sometimes…

“But, hey, in for a dime, in for a dollar.” I thought. “I’m sure the place cheers right up once you get, ya know, further in.”

It did not, in fact, cheer right up.

<record scratches. turns to camera>

You’re probably wondering how I got here. It’s a funny story.

A couple weeks ago, someone reached out to me on Instagram. Thats how you know it’s legit. Instagram.

They had seen some of my photography posts and wanted to know if I ever did photoshoots of people…

Technically… no, I never have.

But non-technically!

No, I never have.

However, I own several Successory motivational posters and if there is one thing I know, it’s that your attitude determines your altitude.

Buckle up, buttercup. Soaring may occur.

So, I think it over a bit and eventually reply.

I tell her my résumé includes no relevant skills or experiences but I am nonetheless intrigued by the project.

She’s a model. Getting back into the business. Working on her portfolio.

And she thinks I take nice pictures and would love to do a shoot if I’m down for some art photography.

Art?! I am artistic as shit!

I have been to several museums! I dated a woman who worked at a gallery once! I’ve been to as many as one openings!

I’m practically Warhol!

So, I disclaim that she may be overpaying by paying me nothing but, hey, it sounds like fun.

Then we get to talking about needing a venue and what could be cool.

She’s thinking maybe something industrial… an old factory maybe… I say I’ll look around…

And that’s how I ended up on a website listing NJ’s Creepiest Abandoned Places.

In my defense, I only landed there because my 1st search for “photo shoot locations” turned up every single place in NJ where an identically dressed family can frolic among apple trees and shit.

And there it was. A short drive away. A quick turn onto Sanatorium Road. Up a long winding road. An abandoned and dilapidated, century-old hospital.

“I bet that’s a nice place to take pictures.” I thought for I-have-no-fucking-idea-what-reason.

It was… unwelcoming.

Nonetheless, as someone un-prone to startling realizations of the obvious, I decided I should probably check out the inside just to be sure it didn’t have potential.

That’s when I noticed the hole in the fence and footprints in the snow going in but not coming out.

“A fellow photographer, I bet!” I thought.

(Note: That is not AT ALL what I thought. I thought a variety of really, really bad things. But I am stubborn and very dumb and once committed, committed.)

So, I climbed through the fence and went in.

You can just feel the welcome!
Once inside, I walked quite confidently about like a person not at all terrified by, my god, how terrified I was.

I should have worn an astronaut diaper.

Anywho, once I could no longer hear my own pulse, it got a bit less scary.

Dystopian, yes, but plenty of natural light!
I mean, in San Francisco, this is a fixer upper with “endless potential!”

And it had what were once huge screened porches with sweeping views down over a valley and reservoir.

Absolutely stunning views.

But then I walked around a corner and ended up in this hallway and had to walk past an open elevator shaft which I assumed could have pulled me down into the basement and I got very scared and maybe let out a slight yelp but not a full scream and very quickly exited the building.
So, anyway, that was nice.

And then I climbed back through the fence and got in my car and drove rather hurriedly away.

Later that night, I went online and did some research.

Turns out the place’s history was actually quite… charming.

It was built around 1900 to temporarily house treatable TB patients who were expected to recover and be released.

The founder believed fresh air and sunlight were the keys to recovery.

Thus all the porches! And the great views facing south!

Unlike New Jersey’s other psychiatric hospitals of the era, it was actually nice and the treatment of patients was caring.

The others of that era are a stain on our history. Shameful places of abuse and inhumanity.

So, that’s how I ended up death-gripping my iPhone flashlight in an abandoned, dilapidated turn of the century hospital because of a model I met on the internet.

And I lived to tell about it.

And then I sent her the pics and said I thought the place had potential.

She agreed. We may do a shoot there.

It’ll be fine. We met online. That’s how you know it’s safe.

She even has a good sense of humor. This was a joke, I think.

I’m not even scared.

Attitude and altitude!


• • •

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15 Jan
Interesting thread.

I think we are getting closer to a collective realization that Trump merely declared in advance he would be the winner and any result to the contrary would be false.

Then a wide network hatched elaborate schemes based on that premise.
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Find her on streaming platforms. See her live.

And hats off to @JasonIsbell. He showcases diverse, amazing talent on his tours.

Country/Americana are at a crossroads. The culture will either evolve toward new relevance or devolve into the backwards, hickish stereotype that has held it back for decades.

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World, meet Hajaj.

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This video has 65 views.

Let’s put this guy on the map.

He is fantastic.


Ya gotta listen to his album Last Call for Coco.

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20 perfect minutes.

Listen and hit me back so I can enjoy this with someone.



Apple Music:…
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