a speculative copium PSA:

while millions of adults will never recover from the trauma of two years of fear, lies, and manipulation, a generation of children and young adults will grow up waaaaaay above-baseline suspicious of authority and sensitive to incipient authoritarianism.
as vaguely relevant observational evidence, consider formerly communist eastern Europe: while many such countries have had and still have ridiculous rules (where true, largely due to EU pressure) basically nobody actually cares. the rules aren't enforced and the only people ...
... upset by this are the precise cohort of young-ish adults who either didn't experience communism directly or, even though they did experience communism, attach themselves so strongly to the concept of "western values" (perhaps because of the elite positions they have ...
... inherited as children of former anti-commie dissidents) that they haven't noticed that what constitutes "western values" has markedly changed during their privileged time at the top of eastern European society.
but above a certain age threshold, and otherwise excluding those with atypical social and political exposure, everybody knows it's bullshit.

so my speculative copium boils to supposing that, in the west, we got a little ultra-concentrated bout of soviet insanity:
we got the massive wealth transfers to the politically connected and the wanton destruction of social capital, the spinning up of an incoherent and deliberately confusingly ever-evolving quasi-religion marketed as "The Science™" ...
... to justify unprecedented top-down social planning, performative rituals so transparently insane that their purpose can only be the profession of faith and allegiance via self-abasement and subsumption into the collective, ...
... coordinated media campaigns to instill fear and to be especially fearful of anybody *not fearful*, with emphasis on ratting people out so as to sever social bonds that might otherwise have provided psychological support and the catalyst of resistance.

it's over! the narrative is collapsing!

hence, in due course - so goes my speculative copium - a decent proportion of westerners under 30 will develop similar attitudes to eastern Europeans over 50.

we'll have a generational window of herd immunity to authoritarianism 😉
and note this isn't because they didn't fall for it (I fell for it for a while, fyi) but because i) they have the psychological and emotional flexibility to come to terms with having been duped and readjust, ii) they likely weren't in any positions of authority that required ...
... enforcing performative narrative adherence in others, so there is no guilt or ego encouraging ever deeper digging, and iii) they were the biggest victims, so this may well become a chip on many of their shoulders once this finally all becomes grudgingly accepted.

this really is just speculative copium and things get way, way worse, idk 🤪
p.s. even if this doesn't happen, or happens but takes too long for your liking, the alternative is well understood and well underway:

p.p.s. related but separate PSA that is not *at all* speculative or copium: get people in your life who experienced real communism.

• • •

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25 Sep 21
I'm sorry but you can't hide behind "you just want the government to clamp down on your competitors!" as an excuse for financial illiteracy.

if I grant that many specific securities laws are stupid, will you grant that the concept of "a security" is a meaningful one?

🧵⏰ ...
there are a lot of dummies on here trying to out-ancap one another by claiming that in a "free market" it's buyer beware and you live and you learn, blah blah blah

they don't seem to realize that they aren't arguing for freedom so much as for the freedom to get away with fraud.
if your sincere philosophical belief is that it isn't or shouldn't be in the purview of the state to enforce contracts, and that the market would solve for this via reputation, etc., then just say that.

I'd have mad respek for arguing that consistently.
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19 Sep 21
🧡 Only The Strong Survive 🧡

A Philosophical, Technical, and Economic Critique of Prospects in “Crypto” Beyond Bitcoin

by yours truly and my partner in crime, @Big_Al256, who, it cannot be denied, hits dingers.

... but special thanks also to those contirbutors both who take exactly the opposite view to us, and who preferred their contribution remain anonymous. in many cases, these were the same people!

we really appreciate it and would love to thank you publicly ...
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17 Aug 21
closed networks only ever beat distributed networks because the distributed network lacks some utility as a fundamental feature of its design that the closed alternative supplies, either from scratch or by variations on embrace, extend, extinguish:


the idea of distributed energy suffers from the transience of generated power and the inability to reliably match supply and demand, hence lacks a guaranteed buyer that the centralized grid provides.

#bitcoin fixes this.

distributed capital markets suffer from the artificial scarcity of securities, hence lack the ability to clear and settle trades, escrow and contingently redirect capital, and custody assets that investment banks and their offshoots provide.

#bitcoin fixes this.

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15 Aug 21
I've realized something that others may well have realized long ago, may reflect my naivety and optimism, but is now made me seriously doubt things can or will improve.

there is an alarming proportion of people who, having caved before authoritarianism ...

... react to those who have not, not with any of: admiration of courage, sadness at futility, curiosity, apathy, or even well-conceived disagreement or anger given they actually believe in the merits of authoritarianism, but rather pure, sadistic resentment and attack.

the desire to attack does not come from a wish to dominate, but to pool suffering; not the will of a potential master, but a fellow slave.

it is as if - or possibly literally *is* the case that - coming to terms with their own voluntary subservience ...

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13 Aug 21
from The Organization Man, by William Whyte, published in 1956, the thesis of which is basically that corporate America, far from being a beacon of hyper-individualist capitalist awesomeness, instead turns people into cowardly, risk-averse, collectivist wusses.

*** 1956! 😱 ***
from the chapter titled, "Scientism":

"The scientific elite is not supposed to give orders. Yet there runs through all of them a clear notion that questions of policy can be made somewhat nonpartisan by the application of science. There seems little recognition that ...
... the contributions of social science to policy-making can never go beyond staff work. Policy can never be scientific, and any social scientist who has risen to an administrative position has learned this quickly enough. Opinion, values, and debate are the heart of policy, ...
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7 Aug 21
these people have no idea what they've just done.

#bitcoin is now the universally applicable, single-issue pro-freedom schelling point that has never previously existed.

and now they are clumsily conspiring to attack it, outing themselves as unequivocally anti-freedom.
we know their attack will fail, yet the harder they fight the more attention they draw, leading more precoiners to decide to educate themselves to figure out what the hell is going on, accelerating their failure.

it really is beautiful to watch.
their options:

1 - conspire privately, perfectly making the point because #bitcoin is free and open source.

2 - argue publicly, outing themselves as technologically illiterate morons whose anti-freedom stance derives from their ignorance and stupidity.

3 - bend the knee.
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