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A Gate and Many Sieges

Yesterday, we came to understand that there is nothing that God can do on earth without the willingness and availability of humans and this applies to satan and his minions.

Whereas God seeks permission, the enemy uses guile until he finds a human vessel.
It must have been a shocking thing for the devil to realise that despite his attempt at frustrating God's plan, God found another way - a woman to give birth!

Again, he laid a siege on the mind of Cain until he killed Abel even when God warned Cain.

Again, Adam knew his wife...
... and from that union came Seth and then, men began to call the name of God. It must have infuriated the devil knowing all his plans kept being thwarted.

I will tell a story and perhaps many of you including men can begin to understand why we need to spend time praying.
She was in a boarding school somewhere in the South West of Nigeria. Her body was well formed even at an early age and gradually the older female students began to take an interest in her.

"Let me be your school mother and I promise no one would touch you. I will protect you...
... and you shall be my bunkie".

If you have attended a boarding school, you will know how cruel life can be but she being young, never knew there was an ulterior motive.

It started with running cream on her school mother's back and then vice versa.
Until one day, she noticed a trend of occasional comments on her body and how well it would delight a man and of course, a woman.

It piqued her interest and one day as she slept, her school mother came down from her bunk, slept beside her and it started.

She resisted!
She resisted vehemently and when the school mother saw nothing could happen, changed tactics.

It became a case of frustration. Albeit there was a syndicate of school mothers who were involved in lesbianism and when a student resisted, they began to frustrate the student.
Waking them at odd hours to wash clothes and flap them till it dried.

Intentionally causing them to miss meals and then give them ridiculous assignments during siesta.

And during prep, they would send them to the boys section to be punished and flogged.
"I couldn't bear the pain and trauma. I couldn't sleep and I became a tool for errands including 'Arodan'. she narrated.

"Two weeks after, I was broken and I gave in. I numbed my mind but after a while, I began to enjoy it and not long, I wanted to experiment with others."
"I was in JSS3 when I was broken and in SS1, my school mother and others were caught and expelled from school!

You would think I would be happy but I yearned for it so I started scouting and not long, I found someone."

It was the era of DaBrat and Left Eye...
... so dressing was a mode to identify. Sagging was also in vogue and we wore boxers to identify.

It wasn't hard - mode of dressing is still use to send signals knowingly or unknowingly.

I continued this until I got into university and that was when the strange dreams started.
The dreams came with a visitation as well. There was always a strange being that would ravish my body all through the night and I would wake with feeling sore.

My roomie would say they heard me moaning and they would laugh at me. It was when they said this I knew.
I knew this was not my imagination. When I lost my virginity, it was in rebellion to that strange visitor thinking it would stop but it worsened and then I started having dreams of being pregnant.

I became a magnet for debased men and women.

Wherever I found myself, I hummed.
Like a hummingbird, I was easy to locate and sex transacted.

I listened intently as she spoke and I discerned that what I was dealing with here was a siege and I needed help so I called two friends of mine after we finished the call and arranged for a meeting.
She came.

Her body filled with strange marks and piercings. She was beautiful even with everything she was going through.

The lady whom I invited with her husband was once a lesbian before she was delivered went straight to her, hugged her and said "Jesus loves you".
And so it started, she resisted and from her mouth came the voice of a many men that kept saying all sorts of things.

The lady's husband already went into singing in tongues and was chanting "Jesus loves you" and after about 20 minutes, everything cleared!
As we led her to Christ and then filled her with the Holy Spirit, she was smiling and crying and saying "Jesus loves me".

I was very emotional and I began to understand how many women are under siege because of certain attacks and oppressions that have held them down.
The couple took over her study and today, this same lady is married and doing the same with her husband.

She currently has a set of twins and doing ministry in a way that I didn't learn on time.

As we prayed yesterday, my wife entered a trance and started addressing schools.
Her focus was boarding schools and how many have been lured into the trap of lesbianism. She opened my eyes to another dimension of this prayer.

Sister @adaezeby stressed on bad association and I saw that the prayer wasn't for believers alone but all women.
If we don't pray for them, they will become the negative influences our daughters will look up to.

Today, we continue and Men, this isn't for women alone - you are also invited. Come and pray for your wives, mothers, mothers in law, nieces, aunts and that little girl...
... on your street who is growing fast and is surrounded by perverts and pedophiles.

I wish people can see inside my heart and understand the pain of God. There are too many broken women out there and we need to help them else we shall continue to have broken homes.
Tonight, we continue by 10:00PM on Google Meet and we won't stop praying until the hand of God lifts.

If you desire to join, send me a DM and I shall share the link but you must unmute your mic and speak in tongues as we pray.

Settle it.

Jesus loves you.

• • •

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Jan 17
The Woman.

Sometime last year, December precisely, @AbrahamSpeak did a teaching on Woman. In the course of the teaching, he mentioned women are gates and it made so much sense.

Since last year, I have been keeping watching and seeking the heart of the Father on issues.
And as we prayed on Friday on the Battle Axe Platform, the word came: a special prayer for Women.

This morning, during the morning devotion, we read Genesis 29:31 : “When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb; but Rachel was barren.

God saw.
We sometimes paint God as one who does not care but this scriptures proves it all.

There's a love God has for women and if you're in ministry, you'll understand why.

Women give their all! Leah kept wishing Jacob could look at her with love but he didn't.

He was so upset.
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Jan 15

Of Hard Men and Love Languages.

A believer that is conscious of the divine life at work in him cannot claim to be a hard man.

Such a concept cannot exist when God is in you for His will and good pleasure.

The world has built stereotypes.
One of those stereotypes is Men should not show emotions as emotions are a sign of weakness.

This isn't true.

Jesus wept. His cousin Lazarus just died and it got to him.

Jesus mourned. His relative, John the Baptist was just beheaded and he left for a place to be alone.
Jesus had compassion. Great compassion for that matter. He knew the widow of Nain was in trouble seeing that her husband was dead and now, her only son.

Jesus was Empathetic.

A woman walked into the synagogue while he taught and he knew what pains this woman was under.
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Nov 5, 2021

When you see People walking in the supernatural and doing great things, ask yourself what they do.

Are they given to consistent prayer?
Are they given you consistent study of the word?
Are they given to consistent lifestyle of intercession?

Did you notice anything?
The key to the dimensions of the supernatural is consistency - nothing more.

Make out time to study and pray. Lagos is positioned to douse the fire of God but there are many ways to rule over that attack.

Traffic? Time?

I'll share an experience that helped me.
A couple of years ago, while I was still engaged in employment, I just moved to Abule Egba and three weeks later, they started constructing the bridge.

My office was at Ikeja and though not a distance, the routes were still unknown to me. My wife worked at Ijesha.
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Nov 2, 2021
My wife was dressed.

It was Sunday morning and though we lived in Abule Egba, our church was at Surulere.

The Lord instructed us to that church long before it was even built.

I'm sending someone through Gbenga who would give you an altar to preach and teach.

June 11, 2019.
I obeyed.

So when my wife would see me dressed and looking at my phone, it was because I was booking a ride and the surge was crazy.

We would sigh and look silently to the Heaven and speaking with our hearts - When will this car come?
It was worse after Sunday service. We would wait sometimes till everyone went home because the surge was high.

As we prepped for TPC, I was asking the Holy Spirit what the theme for the month will be and He said "Divine Establishment and Good News".

On Sunday, I got a call.
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Oct 27, 2021

Over the years, I have come to see that not all contentions are an attack per se and also contentions can lead you to the place God wants you to be.

As a man that has experienced fierce contentions, I know how some of them profited me and made me stronger.
This was the story and case of Isaac.

Well that his father dug were closed and even after digging, he and his men were bullied out of that place.

Yet, he moved further.

To dig a well during a great famine is no mean feat! It would have taken days, weeks or months!
Yet, when they found a source, they made an issue with him again and Isaac moved further.

Moved, until he got to Rehoboth! Then he exclaimed! The Lord has made room for me.

Beloved, our God is not a one off God. He desires to get you full until you're overwhelmed!
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Oct 15, 2021
Prophet @femioladehin,

You are an example Sir! An example etched in experience and horned in the trials of life. I have been privileged to walk and work with you and again I say, YOU ARE AN EXAMPLE.

Many times, we see the business man and friend and even leader.
However, we sometimes fail to see that you are actually an anointed of God and you operate in a realm of power that many people have never experienced.

When God told me I would someone through Gbenga and you would give me a platform, I wondered who until we met.
What has joined us Sir, is supernatural with the imprint of the Divine and I rejoice knowing that under you I have grown to be a better man and minister.

Today, I call you Egbon because that is who you are to me, my Older Brother.

I honour and respect you.
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