When you see People walking in the supernatural and doing great things, ask yourself what they do.

Are they given to consistent prayer?
Are they given you consistent study of the word?
Are they given to consistent lifestyle of intercession?

Did you notice anything?
The key to the dimensions of the supernatural is consistency - nothing more.

Make out time to study and pray. Lagos is positioned to douse the fire of God but there are many ways to rule over that attack.

Traffic? Time?

I'll share an experience that helped me.
A couple of years ago, while I was still engaged in employment, I just moved to Abule Egba and three weeks later, they started constructing the bridge.

My office was at Ikeja and though not a distance, the routes were still unknown to me. My wife worked at Ijesha.
So everyday, we had to leave home by 5 to beat the traffic. We knew the whole thing was taking it's effect on us so we devised a strategy.

Once we hit the road, we started singing in tongues. We had songs playing from the sound system.

We did this got 1 hour.
Then my wife would open the Open Heavens devotional and read and we would make comments on what we read.

We kept doing it for 3 straight months until it became part and parcel of us.

So as you step out for work, start praying in tongues. Find that Victoria Orenze chant.
Put it on repeat.

Build up yourself and when you're in a bus, open your Bible App and read under your breath.

If you have a ministry you follow online on Instagram or YouTube, connect and participate.

Be intentional and consistency will be established.
And perhaps you don't need to leave the house that early, ask the Holy Spirit to wake you up and when He does, don't lie on the bed.


Stand and go to the Parlour after you have washed your face.

Start with what makes you comfortable - Thanksgiving, worship.
Pace around, pray in the Spirit until you're charged and then read your Bible.

It's not a contest.

You can read 2 chapters to start and start from the New Testament. Read out loud and when you're through, pray in tongues some more and then speak to your day.
Don't stop there but rather continue speaking in tongues as you bathe.

Some tongues aren't for request but building up your faith.

My beloved Brothers and Sister, it is God's will that you prosper as your soul prospers.

Keep it burning, ok?
There are days you'll be tired and weak to even stand. Ask the Helper for Help!

If you wake late, do it on your way to work.

Leave Instagram and YouTube shorts or TikTok!

Focus! You can do this thing. The Holy Spirit wasn't sent to us so we can make excuses.
That's why He's the Helper and the Comforter.

I pray for everyone who is weary and desires the fire of prayer, let there be a quickening in the name of Jesus.

Don't be deterred, ok? You'll attain that level in Jesus name.

I love you.
@earthworkrr @officialTEAMi

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2 Nov
My wife was dressed.

It was Sunday morning and though we lived in Abule Egba, our church was at Surulere.

The Lord instructed us to that church long before it was even built.

I'm sending someone through Gbenga who would give you an altar to preach and teach.

June 11, 2019.
I obeyed.

So when my wife would see me dressed and looking at my phone, it was because I was booking a ride and the surge was crazy.

We would sigh and look silently to the Heaven and speaking with our hearts - When will this car come?
It was worse after Sunday service. We would wait sometimes till everyone went home because the surge was high.

As we prepped for TPC, I was asking the Holy Spirit what the theme for the month will be and He said "Divine Establishment and Good News".

On Sunday, I got a call.
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27 Oct

Over the years, I have come to see that not all contentions are an attack per se and also contentions can lead you to the place God wants you to be.

As a man that has experienced fierce contentions, I know how some of them profited me and made me stronger.
This was the story and case of Isaac.

Well that his father dug were closed and even after digging, he and his men were bullied out of that place.

Yet, he moved further.

To dig a well during a great famine is no mean feat! It would have taken days, weeks or months!
Yet, when they found a source, they made an issue with him again and Isaac moved further.

Moved, until he got to Rehoboth! Then he exclaimed! The Lord has made room for me.

Beloved, our God is not a one off God. He desires to get you full until you're overwhelmed!
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15 Oct
Prophet @femioladehin,

You are an example Sir! An example etched in experience and horned in the trials of life. I have been privileged to walk and work with you and again I say, YOU ARE AN EXAMPLE.

Many times, we see the business man and friend and even leader.
However, we sometimes fail to see that you are actually an anointed of God and you operate in a realm of power that many people have never experienced.

When God told me I would someone through Gbenga and you would give me a platform, I wondered who until we met.
What has joined us Sir, is supernatural with the imprint of the Divine and I rejoice knowing that under you I have grown to be a better man and minister.

Today, I call you Egbon because that is who you are to me, my Older Brother.

I honour and respect you.
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30 Sep
Unforgiveness is a drainer and so is bitterness a consumer.
Envy can never prosper but make you myopic.
Rage weakens you from within.
Strife is an avenue for time to be wasted.

Jesus knew such things can be an issue so while He was here on earth He did something.
In Luke 4:18, Jesus said that the Spirit of God is upon Him to heal the broken hearted and proclaim liberty to the captive.

What are you captive to? Sickness? High blood pressure? Migraine? Weak heart?

The Spirit of God is ready to set you free from this bondage.
By 7:00AM today, we would be praying for those who are dealing with bitterness.

The Holy Spirit has also told me He would heal someone with an issue of blood.

I look forward to seeing you on Instagram:

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20 Sep

We can't as Believers on this new testament realities be sticking with certain thought patterns.

"Do me I do you, God no go vex".

At all. Let such not be found in us no matter how convenient it is paying back.

The words you speak matter a lot.
They are Spirit and they are life. When we are hurt, there is a natural tendency to what to retaliate or speak derogatory words to soothe our pain.

Even in marriage, this happens. You spouse would say something and the next thing is you're cursing.
This is a very dangerous trait and has limited the functionality of that family.

When a husband curses his wife, the outworking of those words aren't for her alone but for the children.

This is the same with a wife to a husband; everyone is affected.
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15 Sep
Musings and Power Night.

Growing up, I was among those who criticised the Pentecostal movement. I was a Catholic but I didn't enjoy it much.

I felt everything was too organised and the rebel in me protested it.

I remember watching "Atmosphere for Miracles" and would talk...
Who is this man? All these fancy suits he is wearing? Why is he waving his hand and people are falling? Nigerians have started playing Hollywood with God in church.

What of "Insight for Living"? I didn't spare him as well. Oh! I said a lot and I relished it.

Miracles were lies!
The theatrics of men. There were some Hollywood movies back then that showed us the tricks of such men.

When there was anything bad spoken about a pentecostal Pastor, I was the first to talk about it.

I thrived off such information and relished it.
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