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My translation of Nir Hasson.

The story of the Salahia family in Sheikh Jarrah is not as simple as the customary evictions of Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah.

These are generally about the evictions of refugee on properties owned by Jews prior to 1948, and in favor of settlers. That's not the story here. I will try to explain.

The family home is located in area known as the "Mufti's Vineyard" which in the past belonged to the Husseini family.

Before 1967, the land was purchased by the Western Hotel Company, a Palestinian company that runs the nearby Ambassador Hotel.

As early as the 1990s, the company was the first to attempt to evict the Salahia family be evicted from their home and the adjacent lands, claiming that they were squatters.

The family lost in all in all of the legal cases and was ordered to property in favor of the Palestinian company.

In any event the property was not evacuated.

On the other hand, the State also refused to complete the registration of the rights to the land in the name of Palestinian company, claiming that the original sale by the Husseini family had never been completed, and consequently this is it was absentee property.

At this stage, according to several sources on both sides, at this stage it was the settlers who prevented the eviction, believing that they would be able to take over the land more easily if it was owned by Salahia and not by the Palestinian Company.


In the meantime, the Municipality has begun promoting a plan to expropriate and take over the property in order to establish school for children with special needs from East Jerusalem.

This is the background to today's evictions. Important Notes: 1. I do not remember a case where a family was evicted in order to build a school.

2. On the other side of Sheikh Jarrah is a large area designated for a public institution, but the Municipality allocated to the the Ohr Sameach Yeshiva, and to for a school for Palestinians.

3. In other cases where (Jewish) families were evicted without rights, such as in Lifta for the purposes of building Route No. 1, the State compensated the evacuees before the eviction. Not in this case.

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Jan 15


Actually, it neither suits nor pleases neither side.

The rupture is based in part on a Palestinian boycott of US diplomats in Jérusalem since Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the move of the Embassy and the closing of the Consulate.

That boycott has softened a bit under Biden, but remains.

The US seeks to express that its relations with the Palestinians are not through its Ambassador to Israel, or its Embassy, but needs be a direct relationship. Hence the demand to re-open the Consulate in Jérusalem.

Both the US and the Palestinians recognize that there will be no resumption of a pivotal US role without the US putting Jerusalem convincingly “back on the table”.

That cannot be achieved without a US Consulate in Jérusalem.
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Jun 8, 2021

Those who roll their eyes toward the heavens over the ultra-right's planned false innocence. You may call it freedom of assembly, here in Jerusalem we call it pyromania.

Were the Peace Now movement or the Gay Pride parade were to go through Mea Shearim, therecwould be blood.
Were Palestinian youth to march those streets there would be blood.

Casting the Temple Mount Mvt as Rosa Parks and Netanyahu as LBJ is pathetic. Ms. Parks did not aspire to through the white out and burn the bus.
3/ 2/

Can Arabs visit the Western Wall Plaza?
If theyr'e Jordanian - yes.
If they're Emirati - yes.
If they're Egyptian

NOT if you're a Palestinian - even one who is living a few meters away.

This is NOT about security. Everybody undergoes a serious security check.
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Jun 3, 2021

Despair and a sense of futility are part of the zeitgeist.

But the claim that nothing will change with Netanyahu's departure is more than that. It is half true, perhaps more. Importantly true. But not entirely true.

The deep truth? That Netanyahu's ideology has been spliced into the organizational DNA of official Israel. That ideological embrace of occupation brought Netanyahu to power, and he amplified it significant.

Occupation needs no marching orders from an Israeli Prime Minister to sustain itself, and to metastasize. In that sense, his departure in and of itself will, as folks are saying, change nothing.

But that is only part of the story, and part of the truth.
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May 28, 2021


There are a number of highly controversial issues that simultaneously converged on 2 the ultimate radioactive issues of the Israel Palestinian conflict: Jerusalem and displacement.

These issues intersect, interact and resonate.

It's worth taking a hard look how.

This week the Irish parliament incurred the wrath of official Israel by declaring Israeli rule over the West Bank tantamount to de facto annexation.

Israel often deflects accusations of apartheid by asserting that the status of "Judea/Samaria" is temporary, to be determined.

This dispute over "de facto" annexation and "temporary" is entirely irrelevant to Israel's position on Jerusalem.

It is Israel that asserts that the annexation of East Jerusalem is not temporary but permanent, even eternal.

It is de jure annexation dating from 1967 &1980,
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May 26, 2021


Anyone who has read the Trump Plan w/o Illusions knows that every fiber of every clause is based on the diminished humanity of Palestinians.

Israelis having inalienable rights, Palestinians having needs. Rights are inalienable. Needs fulfilled by magnanimity.

Proposing that Palestinians negotiate on the basis of the Trump Plan is tantamount to requesting they turn their rights, their dignity and their very humanity into a negotiable commodity.

They said no and they we damned right to do so.

Anything less than recognition of the parity of Palestinian equities in Jerusalem w/ those of Israel - in principle and w/ real indications of being serious -is delusional.

It there is any lesson of these last weeks: don't mess with Jerusalem.

She always has the last word.
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May 18, 2021
@Istanbultelaviv Thread.


The only Ottoman mosque story I can tell.

Years ago, I attended an absolutely intolerably boring conference in Istanbul on Israel-Palestine.

At one point, a Palestinian friend, a world class expert on Jerusalem and Islamic heritage said: let's get out of here.
@Istanbultelaviv 2/

We ended up in the historic core of Istanbul. I am so ignorant - don't ask me to be more precise.

My friend pointed out a mosque to me, which was not, at least to my untrained eye, particularly impressive.

"Does that mosque look familiar to you" he asked.

Nope, I answered.
@Istanbultelaviv 3/

"Ignore the minaret. Pretend it's not there" he said. "Now does it look familiar"?

Nope I said.

"The Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City" my Palestinian friend told me. "It's a precise copy, once you lop off the minaret".
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