:~0-[This is a war for credibility and legitimacy. The battle is emerging from the shadows into the public eye. It doesn’t really matter what you think of Trump or his administration per se because this is not “politics” as you’ve come to know it.]
:~1-[There is de facto a military government in the USA right now running the show, fighting the “deep state” shadow government. It maintains a civilian facade for show, to avoid societal panic and meltdown.]
:~2-[A formal state of national emergency was declared December 21, 2017.
All the powers that accompanied that declaration remain in force. Military tribunals are in
preparation. Vast assets seizures have taken place [1100-page PDF]
:~3-[the total value of which is rumored to be trillions of dollars. Sealed indictments are running at 30+ times the normal level. Thousands of senior executives have resigned. Abnormal numbers of politicians are
not seeking re-election. Something very big is brewing.]
:~4-[Once full disclosure happens, the Western public’s trust in their governing institutions will be severely shaken.
The Great Awakening is not going to be easy, but it is absolutely necessary, lest a system of tyranny and totalitarianism irrevocably takes hold.]
:~5-[“It is the Right of the People to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute new Government.” We are in the midst of exactly such an event, with worldwide consequences.]
:~6-[The present US administration a de facto military government with a civilian veneer to prevent panic is engaged in a complete replacement of a “failed & corrupt political establishment.”The process is a patient & judicial one,to minimize the risk of violent civil conflict.]
:~7-[It’s not conservative vs liberal, or left vs right, but criminal psychopaths vs the rest of us. The military, executive, & judicial systems cannot transform society & legitimize the outcome alone.]
:~8-[The people have to participate, demand truth & justice, & give their consent to the new system of government.]
:~9-[The last two years have seen a nonstop battle between the mainstream and alternative media for "narrative supremacy". It has involved the mass media pushing the Russiagate hoax, which now lies broken and exposed as a fabricated and paid-for lie.]
:~10-[The mass media had to attempt to unseat President Trump in order to preserve themselves.
Whilst the attempted coup it represents is profoundly serious, in many ways this has proven to be a distraction.]
:~11-[The public has been kept engaged — and dare I say even entertained — with this drama, whilst the painstaking process of cleaning up the justice system has quietly taken place in the background.]
:~12-[The corporate media is the most powerful weapon of the criminal "deep state" that is right now being removed from power. The media's deceit has captured the souls of many of our compatriots into a web of lies and hatred.]
:~13-[In the coming battle, the corrupt mass media will attempt to spin everything to their advantage — no matter how indefensible. They have already been working hard to get ahead of the story, setting up doubts about video evidence as being "deep fakes"]
:~14-[suggesting that pedophilia is a sexual preference rather than a serious crime; and even attempting to normalize cannibalism. (The word "pedovore" is one I wish I hadn't had reason to encounter.)]
:~15-[Ultimately the public are going to have to decide who is telling the truth: is the mass media
offering journalism or propaganda?]
:~16-[WE are currently immersed in an unconventional war. Everyone I know senses the intense social and political conflict, unlike any we have experienced before in our lives. Clashing narratives divide families, friends, and work colleagues.]
:~17-[The repeated exhortation here is to trust yourself ONLY.
"Free thinkers" & "conspiracy Theorist's are not a threat to society WE are a threat to authority (current de facto military government.)]
:~18-[“Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” — Thomas Paine.]
:~19-[@threadreaderapp kindly #unroll this thread on
"The Storm".

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Dec 30, 2021
:~0- [The U.S. Constitution is the highest human law in our Republic. In that law, We The People create, define, and limit three branches of federal servants to do only the 17 services we enumerate in it. ]🇺🇸
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:~0- [A corporate Policy or a corporate Code, in law is called a BY-LAW. BY-LAWS are for members of the corporation, which means you.]
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:~2- [Principal – Public official
Obligee – Government or public being served by the official
Surety – Bonding company that underwrites the bond and is the secondary obligor.]
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:~0- [The Wizard of Oz.
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:~1- [that the Federal U.S. Government created with the same spelling as your birth name.
Remember what the Straw Man wanted from the Wizard of Oz? A Brain! No juristic person – legal fiction – paper corporation has a brain because he/she has no breath of life.]
:~2- [What did he get in place of a brain? A certificate: a Birth Certificate for a new legal creation. He was proud of his new legal status, plus all the other legalisms he was granted.]
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