Maybe you don’t know.

Why is “Jim Crow 2.0” an apt description for the new voting laws?

A thread
First you gotta understand how Jim Crow even started. In the election of 1876, Southern whites claimed the election was stolen. Southern states (& racist Oregon) filed lawsuits, claiming the areas where black voters cast ballots were fraudulent.

Sound familiar?
To settle the dispute, a bunch of white men got together and certified the election for Rutherford B. Hayes in exchange for allowing the South to treat black people however they wanted, with no interference…

Otherwise known as Jim Crow
They immediately began to disenfranchise black voters.


First, they changed the laws.

It’s important to know that Jim Crow laws didn’t say: “Black people can’t vote” but they were structured to keep Black people from voting

Look at what happened in Louisiana:
You gotta remember how many black folks were in these states. In some states, they outnumbered the whites. And in many cases, they outvoted them.

You also gotta remember how racists there were EVERYWHERE (remember, Jim Crow started in states like NY & Massachusetts)
This was AFTER they massacred Black folks for voting during reconstruction. Black folks STILL voted. La.’s new law had a literacy test and property requirements…unless you were born before Jan 1, 1867

It was probably just a coincidence that the date excluded all ex-slaves
But what about all the illiterate poor whites?

Well, if they were born before Jan 1 1867, their children & grandchildren were good.

This where the term “grandfather clause” came from

Georgia now is considering eliminating dropboxes but guess who can turn in absentee ballots?
And literacy tests weren’t necessarily about literacy, it was about keeping immigrants and Blacks from voting. But it was also a way for a poll worker to just disqualify a Black voters.

But there are no more literacy tests, right?
They also stationed law enforcement officers at polls to intimidate Black voters with violence and the threat of arrest.

They wouldn’t do that today, though.
It wasn’t always police officers. Sometimes it was regular regular white people acting as “poll watchers” intimidating and arresting and detaining black voters.

Texas’ new voter law literally does the exact same thing
Sometimes, Black voters said: “Maybe if I vote absentee ballot, they won’t know I’m black.”

But in places like Harris County, TX, upholders of Jim Crow just denied Black voters’ absentee ballot requests up until CF Richardson sued in 1938

It’s different now, though.

Oh wait…
And of course, sometimes Jim Crow areas would just replace entire election boards with people who they knew would make every effort to toss Black voters.

Jim Crow 2.0 though? It’s 2022!

Will someone please tell the state of Georgia?
And just like Jim Crow, most of these “colorblind” voting laws were passed under the guise of “ballot security,” claiming they were protecting the integrity of elections.
There’s just one problem: the people writing these laws have filed lawsuits, held independent recounts, state sponsored recounts & used every measure to prove voter fraud is going.

No one could find any fraud or security problems. Because there isn’t any.

Well, there’s one.
The only logical reason for these new laws is that white people are VERY insecure. That’s why they’re resorting to these new laws.

Usually (even when Obama won), more whites than Blacks trusted the vote count. But in 2020, for the first time, more whites distrusted the vote
And there is no doubt the laws will disproportionately affect nonwhite voters. The data proves it. History shows it. That’s their intent. But I actually wouldn’t call it “Jim Crow 2.0”

A 2nd-generation version is usually an improvement.

This is “Factory Refurbished Jim Crow.”

• • •

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Well, for one, a bank account, getting a check or any other thing that requires an ID isn't guaranteed by the constitution.

But here's the real reason - A thread:
First of all, many of the people who make this argument usually live in cities where you can easily obtain an ID.

In some cities, especially rural places, there is literally no place to get an ID in the town. I grew up in a town with one taxi company & no public transportation
The DMV was in the county seat, which was actually SMALLER than my town. It was open from 8-5 & ALWAYS crowded. People would literally line up at 5 AM to take the DL test

Someone who can't afford a car has to lose a day's work and PAY SOMEONE to get ID

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I’ll bite:

Here are my top ten reasons.

10. It protects Section 2 of the VRA, which was recently dismantled when the SCOTUS decided I Brnovich v DNC that Arizona Republicans could essentially outlaw the voter registration tactics of the civil rights movement
9. It closes loopholes.

Vote suppressors have studied & exploited the VRA’s language that outlaws “violations to the 14th and 15th Amendment”

This bill prohibits the violation of ANY law that protects voters.

Only people who want to discriminate would oppose that.
8. It restores preclearance.

Shelby v Holder dismantled the part of the VRA that required places with a history of voter suppression to check with the DOJ before changing voting laws & rules.

SCOTUS instructed Congress to come up with a new formula. The new formula says:
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First of all, he’s right Houston ISD has a higher dropout rate than Cypress Fairbanks ISD. It’s true when you compare any poor school district with a school district with a bunch of richer people. It’s not because of race, it’s because of poverty.
CyFair ain’t even that white, it’s just a lot wealthier. But when you look at the median income of people who live in the school district, they make WAAY more than people who live in Houston ISD. Even the Black people there make $20k on average more than the average Black Texan
Now compare Houston ISD, where white people are the ONLY group above the median income for Texas. Now, this doesn’t exactly prove that economics affect education, we’ll get to that, because there’s something else you should know:

Houston ISD ain’t doing that bad.
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Jan 8
If you're one of the people who wonder if the sudden need for voting rights legislation is about race, the facts are impossible to explain in a brief two-minute segment on the news so:

A thread.
It began with a dude named Ernest Montgomery, who was the only Black councilman in Calera, Ala. He represented a district that was mostly Black

The interesting thing about Calera is that the town's demographics are almost the EXACT mirror of the state of Alabama.
In 2008, when it was time for him to run again, the town decided to redraw the district lines. So they gerrymandered the Black district, which...

You know what?

I know someone who can explain it better.
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Jan 7
We must also realize that privileged groups never give up their privileges voluntarily. If we are victimized with the feeling that we can ...wait for the white man to voluntarily give us our justly deserved freedom, we will be the victims of a dangerous illusion"

MLK -1959
"The thought of the inferiority of the Negro is drilled into him in almost every class he enters & almost every book he studies... It is strange then, that the friends of truth have not risen up against the present propaganda in the schools & crushed it."

Carter G Woodson, 1933
Sometimes I sit back
with a buddha sack
Mind in another world thinkin':
'How can we exist, due to facts
written in school textbooks,
Bibles, etcetera
Fuck a school lecture,
the lies get me vexed.

Nasir Jones - 1994
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