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🧵At 1pm ET, we'll be starting the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. I'll be talking with @MadalynSklar and others about Twitter Threads. We'll cover Best Practices, Challenges and examples from the #NYTReadalong, my work with @UnitedWay, #Sunrises and more.
2. Of course, I did a short (un-numbered) thread to promote the #TwitterSmarter Chat hosted by @MadalynSklar.

It features a blog post written by my @Digimentors colleague @wordwhacker about, you guessed it, Twitter Threads. digimentors.group/post/in-praise…

3. We're just about to start the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. I didn't realize @MadalynSklar had a theme song for this Chat... #MentalNote for later...
5. I live in Springfield, Virginia. But I'm from New York. And I lived in Seattle for 15 years. And Cairo, Egypt for two years...


6. I obviously answered, "Yes, All the Time."

What about you? Did you answer the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Poll on Twitter Threads?

7. Gif tips from @hootsuite to start off the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat.

I would add...be careful about using gifs that show people from other backgrounds.

8. Awww, thanks @cgritmon & @MadalynSklar. Like I said before, I am thrilled to be part of today's #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. I learned about Twitter Chats from Madalyn and ran the very successful #UnitedWayChat for @UnitedWay.


A1(a). Reasons to use Twitter Threads. 1. 280 is sometimes not enough; 2. Sharing related ideas over a long period of time; 3. Using different hashtags / tagging different people as part of a story; 4. Live tweeting an event (my favorite). #TwitterSmarter

A1(b) Here is an example of a thread I did for Social Media Weekend (#smwknd) in 2018. If I had sent these tweets individually, I wouldn't have an easy recap. @octavianasr 👇

A2(a) This is really related to the first question. Sometimes, one tweet isn’t enough to tell a story. Particularly if you want to tag more than 10 in a picture or want to tell a story that relates to different hashtags. #TwitterSmarter
A2(b) Every week, I post a thread promoting @Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong. I can tag different people in each tweet, tag people in pictures, use videos, use specific hashtags, highlight articles we’ll be reading and promote upcoming events. #TwitterSmarter
A2(c) On my ‘to do’ list.

A Thread of #NYTReadalong threads. I’ve been doing these threads for years. One of my goals is to put together a thread that connects all of them so they’re easy to find. It would be a
#MetaThread #TwitterSmarter

cc: @sree @biggreenpen @MadalynSklar
A3(a) You should start Twitter Threads carefully. The first tweet will get the most attention and will serve as a lead-in for the whole thread. Use a photo and tag up to 10 accounts.
A3(b) Here’s a good example of a good first tweet in a thread. I was the guest on @SFerika’s #ContentChat Twitter Chat. I shared my answers in a thread (of course), which makes it easier to share my recap later. #TwitterSmarter
A3(c) If you’re adding to your thread over time, each time you add a tweet, the first one gets promoted to the top of your followers’ timelines. The first tweet of this Thread for @UnitedWay's Lobby Day set the tone for the thread. #TwitterSmarter
A4(a) Best practices for Twitter Threads: Number your tweets, make it clear you’re starting a thread, use the same hashtag. #TwitterSmarter

A4(b) It starts with numbering. Either 1, 2, 3 or better yet 1/x, 2/x, 3/x if you don’t know how long your thread will be. Lately, I’ve been ending my Twitter Threads with a 20/20 and a -30- to make it clear the Thread is done.
A4(c) Use a thread icon or the word ‘thread’ (at least in the first tweet) to make it clear you’re starting a thread. I don’t always do that, but it will help you find your thread later and reinforce to readers that you’re doing a thread.

A4(d) Another best practice: Use the same hashtag in each tweet. This increases the visibility of your thread and makes it clear they’re part of a longer narrative. If one tweet gets retweeted, people will know what the Thread is about (e.g. #NYTReadalong).
A5(a) Twitter Threads aren’t easy. If you’re not using an app, it’s easy to click somewhere else on your screen and lose your work. You can also lose the sequence if you’re numbering, or reply to the wrong tweet. #TwitterSmarter
A5(b) DON'T just reply to your first tweet. If you do that, you won’t actually create a thread.

Conversely, if you’re engaging with someone else’s Thread, DO reply to the first tweet. Otherwise, your tweet gets buried as a reply. #TwitterSmarter

cc: @MadalynSklar
A5(c) Bonus: Not related to a challenge, but I wanted to share this thread I did of a #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat when @cgritmon was @madalynsklar’s guest.

A6(a) There are different ways to measure the success of Twitter Threads. You can certainly focus on the metrics of Threads vs. individual tweets. I prefer focusing on qualitative measurements.

A6(b) When I do my threads for the #NYTReadalong, I tag up to 10 accounts in each image, @ mention diff people and use specific hashtags. It’s about getting the attention of as many different people as possible. Several examples below. #TwitterSmarter
A6(c) Another good example of tagging multiple people in a thread is one I did on behalf of @IA_Impact for an event they hosted celebrating #WomenWhoImpact
A7(a) According to research from @Buffer, threads do better than just sharing tweets with links. In my experience, the first tweet gets the RTs/likes. People DO scroll down and read the rest. The other tweets just don’t get the numbers. #TwitterSmarter
A7(b) Here is that research from @Buffer on Twitter Threads, courtesy of a tweet by @rosiemay_r

cc: @MadalynSklar


A8(a) There are several tools available for creating Threads: @chirrapp @typefullyapp @threadcreator. (h/t @jeremycaplan). These will make Threads easier. But, I rely on tagging people in images and the Twitter API doesn’t support that yet. #TwitterSmarter
A8(b) For Twitter Threads, I think you should use either the desktop app or your phone, despite the challenges noted earlier in this Thread. Here’s another Thread I did, for @JusticeAid_ last year. (I’m on the board.) #TwitterSmarter
A8(c) As a consumer, you should definitely use the @threadreaderapp to unroll threads. (Use it on this when I’m done and you’ll get an easy to read version of this Thread.) threadreaderapp.com

cc: @MadalynSklar
A8(d) @tweepsmap also lets you schedule Twitter Threads. Samir (@Connexinet), sorry I didn't include you in the list earlier.
cc: @MadalynSklar
33. @MadalynSklar, Twitter Threads are what I do. I kind of had to share my answers in a thread, in a #TwitterSmarter Chat on Twitter Threads.

Numbering was tricky. I started with ordinal numbers, but then used Twitter Chat conventions for my answers.

34. Not quite ready to end this #TwitterSmarter Thread. @MadalynSklar will have a recap and I might find other tweets I want to respond to later. But, in the meantime, I want to give a shout-out to my colleagues at @Digimentors. Tagged a few.

Learn more: digimentors.group
35. I almost forgot to mention the #TwitterSmarter @TwitterSpaces follow up discussion we'll be doing at 5pm ET.

Hosted by @MadalynSklar and @cgritmon.


36. I need to update my answer to Q8. @tweepsmap lets you schedule threads and tag photos for free. This is a #gamechanger. I will definitely use this for my threads going forward. I will tell everyone I know. Thanks Samir (@Connexinet)

37. Here's the video from @tweepsmap's Samir Al-Battran (@Connexinet).

I've already signed up for TweepsMap. I'd encourage you to do so as well.

They do so much more, but their Threading tool is worth it alone. And it's free?!? 🤯🥳


I know this tweet might get buried. (I said it myself earlier, don't reply to tweets in the middle of a thread.)
ICYMI I needed to share this correction. @tweepsmap can do what I needed it to do. BOOM!
38. Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday's #TwitterSmarter Spaces discussion hosted by @MadalynSklar and @cgritmon.

Tagging a few participants in the pic.
39. I can't think of a better way to end this thread than by sharing the recoding of the #TwitterSmarter Spaces conversation hosted by @MadalynSklar and @cgritmon.

Thanks for having me. Feel free to reach out to continue the conversation.

-30- (End 🧵)


• • •

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Feb 10
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to join @MadalynSklar's #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat to talk about Twitter Threads (Thursday, 1pm ET).

Click here to follow the chat: twitter.com/hashtag/twitte…
Check out this #TwitterSmarter Thread from @MadalynSklar for the questions we'll be discussing on the Twitter Chat.

After the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat, @MadalynSklar and @cgritmon will host a @TwitterSpaces at 5pm ET.

Hope you have a chance to listen in!
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Aug 13, 2021
1/x @sree's guest on the Sunday #NYTReadalong is @EmoryUniversity's Dir of Teaching & Learning @clontz. Topics: #Covid19's impact on Academia, NYT coverage of the South, and more.


Watch live (Sun, 8:30am ET) or later on FB, TW, LI or YT. Image
2/x Lee @clontz is one of @sree's favorite @ColumbiaJournMA students of all time. He knows more about digital than almost anyone Sree knows.

That's high praise right there.

Watch the convo Sunday (live or later) on the #NYTReadalong: digimentors.group/nytreadalong-l…

cc: @fuzheado
3/x @sree will talk with @clontz about the impact of #Covid19 on academia last year and discuss what to expect this year. Two recent articles serve as good background for the conversation.

Links to the articles and the #NYTReadalong are on our website: digimentors.group/nytreadalong-l… Image
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