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I'm somewhere mid twenties in my #HBOT sessions. There was a four day gap between sessions this week. By last night I was starting to feel pretty wiped. The 3 hour drive is tough on my best days. After my session today I'm totally wiped. Grumpy and sleepy all day. #LongCovid
What usually happens is by tmrw today's session will have taken effect and ill be feeling much better. Lots of people have asked questions about not feeling good or not feeling any relief after sessions. It takes time. I was on session 22 (ill have to look it up-brain fog) before
I felt significantly better. I met a girl today who I met last week and she was worried cause she was wiped after sessions. This week on session 9 she is still wiped but starting to feel rested when she wakes in the morning. Progress.
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📣 Exciting News Alert! 🚀✨

🌟 Revolutionizing Small Business Success! 🌟 Schooley Mitchell has unveiled an absolute game-changer for local businesses. 💼✨ They're unleashing groundbreaking solutions designed to skyrocket your success while saving you loads of cash! 💰💡(1/5)
🏢 Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to unprecedented cost-savings! Schooley Mitchell's innovative approach powered by cutting-edge AI technology is taking small businesses to new heights. 🚀📈 (2/5):…
🔎 Looking for ways to optimize your expenses?

Look no further! Schooley Mitchell's expert team will analyze every aspect of your operations, identifying hidden opportunities for savings you never thought possible. 💰💪… (3/5)
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Die Kraft der inneren #Einstellung ist unfassbar:

In meinem höchsten kalendarischen Alter 🤦 habe ich heute eine neuen persönlichen Leistungsrekord aufgestellt, habe mich insgesamt nie besser gefühlt 🚀

▶️ Wie kam es dazu?

Ein kurzer #thread über die Kraft des #mindsets ⬇️ Image
Die letzten Jahren waren für mich als einem der Oberärzte einer Intensivstation, vor allem unter den Bedingungen der #Coronapandemie, und Familienvater sehr intensiv.

Die richtige Balance zwischen #Beruf und #Familie zu finden war nicht immer einfach. #worklifebalance
Wenn der Akku dann immer häufiger leer ist, ist es Zeit etwas zu ändern. Die Bedingungen zu ändern ist aber meist kurzfristig nicht möglich, für langfristig bessere Bedingungen setzen wir uns konstruktiv ein.

Also habe ich an meiner inneren #Einstellung gearbeitet, dem #mindset.
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Emotions drive narratives.
Narratives drive the market.
If Merge = LSD hype
then EIP-4844 = L2s hype

Thread 🧵👇 Image

Everything has to scale
You either scale or you die forgotten - those are the rules.

You cannot walk while everyone’s sprinting.
Ethereum’s way of scaling are L2s...and L2s development will get a huge boost from EIP-4844.

What’s the timeframe?
EIP-4844 - a.k.a. Proto-Danksharding - is scheduled for Q3/Q4 2023

What’s the fork codename?

What’s the direction?
Scaling Ethereum ecosystem.
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Datamatics Global Services Ltd

Earnings at ATH
Price consolidation close to highs

It's a great combo when backed by

SuperIncrease in margins
ROCE,ROE hitting 20

FY23 EPS 32
PE 11

Management indicated 15%+ growth for FY24
Channel breakout?
@TrendTrader85 ImageImageImage
Rev was up 11.7% Qoq,32.9 % yoy
EBITDA up 42.7%,63.5% yoy

Business segment wise

Digital operations
Deals with back-office operations in banking, finance, insurance & retail

It is 45% of rev grew at 31% YoY
23% EBIT margin, ⬆️232bps driven by cost optimization

BullishOutlook ImageImage
Digital Technologies
41% of total revenue
Grew at 29% yoy and 7% QoQ

9.1% EBIT in Q4Fy23, up 445bps

Datamatics invests 25cr a year to build a suite of products

Trufare is a fare collection product & went live in Q3 for Mumbai & Kolkata metros
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Dedicated Freight Corridor म्हणजेच ' रेल्वेच्या फक्त मालगाड्या चालण्यासाठीचा वेगळा रुळ ' हा भारतातील प्रत्येक नागरिकाला मदत करेल असा महत्त्वाचा प्रोजेक्ट..!


फक्त एक वेगळा रुळ काय बनवला त्यात इतके काय विशेष आहे ???

उत्तर ह्या 👇👇👇 चित्र धाग्यात -


भारतात जगातील सर्वात मोठ्यापैकी असे रेल्वेरुळांचे जाळे आहे..पण..त्या जाळ्यात स्वातंत्र्यानंतरही फारशी वाढ झाली नाही,

रस्ते तयार करायला तुलनेने रेल्वेपेक्षा फार कमी खर्च येतो..म्हणून भारताने रस्ते तयार केले..आणि म्हणूनच भारतातील बहुतेक वाहतूक रस्त्याने होते..👇
बरं हे असं प्रवासी वाहतुकीचेच👆 होते असे नाही..तर भारतातील बहुतेक माल वाहतूक ही रस्त्यानेच होते..👇
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Rozwalony RSV nie mogłem spać, więc czytałem w nocy opisy projektów @NCN_PL, które dostały finansowanie. Ponieważ media nie zajmują się z jakiegoś powodu opisywaniem tego jakie fajne rzeczy polscy naukowcy będą robić, to zapraszam do wątku z moją selekcją ciekawych projektów:
Ogólnie można sobie dodać nr rejestracyjny projektu do google alerts i jeśli ktoś coś opublikuje naukowego, to musi podać acknowledgement dla finansowania z NCN, w efekcie się o tym dowiecie.
Z HS1 wybrałem tylko 1 projekt, za to ciekawy, dotyczy filozoficznej teorii powstawania oddolnych instytucji.…
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eSports make all of us gamers excited 🙌

Let's dive a bit deeper into one of the hottest topics atm - #eSports entering #blockchain and creating more experiences in this already energizing space!

Check out the thread👇

[Credit to the irreplaceable @ProfesoreFarmer👏]

1/12 🧵 Image
With the demand for competitive #gaming spreading globally and its user base and social awareness growing at the speed of light, #eSports is getting more and more traction, both in the virtual space and among financial institutions.

2/12 🧵
According to @StatistaCharts, the value of the global eSports market in 2021 reached 1.28 bln $USD, with an expected increase to nearly 3 bln by 2025.

And the worldwide eSports audience accounts for approx. 500 mln fans, with China and the US as the market leaders.🤯

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My last #Terra $LUNA tweet.

We’re approaching a big announcement for former $STT holders but before we move on I want to summarize in one place my story and what I feel straight from my ♥️.

Keep your belts fastened and let’s go with a big, fat🧵 /1
My story with CT started at late 2020 when I started to tweet my deep analysis about crypto projects. I entered this industry without any connections with only 70 followers, encouraged to do so by my friends who made a very decent $ with my analyses.

I thought why not to publish them for free as I can help more people.

The success ratio of my predictions helped me to build amazing community of 10k followers within a very short period of time (If some of you still remember that time please let me know in the comment 🙏)

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Podział Polaków na dwa plemiona organizuje nie tylko naszą wyobraźnię polityczną, ale i rzeczywistość partyjną. W ostatnich latach każde kolejne wybory umacniały polaryzację i zyskiwał na tym PiS.

Czy tak będzie i w 2023? Zapraszam na🧵! 1/x
Zacznijmy od tego, że znany i lubiany rysunek Raczkowskiego na szczęście nie w pełni oddaje rzeczywistość. Mieliśmy ostatnio, już po wybuchu wojny, badania @NataliaHatalska w temacie. 2/x
Z marcowego sondażu wynika mianowicie, że doświadczenie polaryzacji i negatywny do niej stosunek... łączy Polaków ponad podziałami! 3/x
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Hilo de fundamentales de #PRASAGA, si no habéis oído hablar de ella, oiréis muchísimo a partir del 3Q de 2022.

Tengo a @PrasagaOfficial en el radar desde 2021 y creo que puede ser uno de los proyectos con mejor futuro de éste año y un #gamechanger

Si queréis saber más 🧵👇
Prasaga está creando un grupo de productos llamados #SagaChain, como SmartAsset™ para reemplazar los Smart Contracts actuales por microtransaccioones seguras aplicables a escala comercial.

Por si eso fuera poco, Prasaga aspira a ser el primer Sistema Operativo sobre blockchain.
Los objetivos de estos Smart Assets de Sagachain son:

-Crear microtransacciones fácilmente programables.
-Facilitar el reuso de código para dApps
-Mejorar la velocidad mediante procesamiento paralelo
-Creación de un OS Blockchain

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An informative piece on @SyndicateDAO - Decentralized investing protocol 👇🧵
1. @Syndicate? It’s the ability to transform any wallet into a Web3 investment club - Literally, anyone can set up an investing DAO in < a minute by only paying for gas. Users can spin up a group of up to 99 participants, pool their capital & vote where to invest the funds
2. Aim - Syndicate is positioning itself at the center of the DAO infrastructure ecosystem. It is leading the way in building the right protocols, developer tools, user interfaces, and legal frameworks
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Dent Wireless, creator of $DENT coin, will be a major player in the #crypto industry. I’ve been following the project for a while and wanted to create a 🧵 explaining what DENT is and why I’m so #bullish. ⚛️ [1] Image
$DENT was founded in June 2017 to liberate the global mobile data market with E-sim technology. Before E-Sim, mobile data was only available through corporations, locking people into fixed monthly contracts... 🔒 [2]
This meant people had no control over their data - If they used too much, they paid fees, if they had a surplus, they couldn’t sell it. This made data contracts very expensive and priced out millions of people, especially in least developed countries… Enter $DENT. 🤩 [3]
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⚡️Live Tweets Ahead⚡️

🧵At 1pm ET, we'll be starting the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. I'll be talking with @MadalynSklar and others about Twitter Threads. We'll cover Best Practices, Challenges and examples from the #NYTReadalong, my work with @UnitedWay, #Sunrises and more.
2. Of course, I did a short (un-numbered) thread to promote the #TwitterSmarter Chat hosted by @MadalynSklar.

It features a blog post written by my @Digimentors colleague @wordwhacker about, you guessed it, Twitter Threads.…

3. We're just about to start the #TwitterSmarter Twitter Chat. I didn't realize @MadalynSklar had a theme song for this Chat... #MentalNote for later...
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I'm not a journalist. I am a filmmaker. For the past 20 years I have focused attention on the work of Dr John Sarno. In that time I have seen a shift in awareness concerning the import of our emotional response/reactions to the world in regards to our physical health.
I was looking into these issues as a filmmaker, but also as a patient of Dr Sarno, whose family has a long history with his work. I was not an "impartial observer". I was an observer who had a personal investment in understanding how our emotions affect our health.
My mother was a pioneer in the field of social work in regards to dealing with groups. As a woman in a male dominated field she faced significant obstacles but became the first female tenured professor in her school. When I was in Jr High she had breast cancer.
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Pres of the Council of Ministers Italy "The advances we have made are at risk b/c of #COVID19 - #Italy is committed thru @g20org to "rekindle the spirit" that led to the creation of the @GlobalFund" "Sufficient, sustainable and predictable funding needed." HEAR HEAR
@oumajoyce2 speaking now: "I am humbled that Global Fund continues to engage and put us as civil society at the centre of the response - as we celebrate #GlobalFund20 I celebrate the 44 mn lives saved - amazing progress."
To learn more about @oumajoyce2 and her story and why she supports the @GlobalFund…
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▶️Neuer Spucktest-Prototyp◀️

- Kann mit 3D Drucker produziert werden
- Herstellungskosten ca. 15$
- Testergebnis innerhalb 1 Stunde
- Ultrasensitiv ähnlich PCR

Wer hat Bock, mit mir ein Startup zu gründen und alle Schulen damit auszustatten?


@dpaessler @twtomcat
Wär das nicht was für euch?
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1/ $CABA Cabaletta Bio

A biotech company that can potentially generate cures for patients with B cell autoimmune diseases.
2/ The company is focused on CAAR-T for B cell mediated autoimmune diseases. They are the only player in this space currently as many of the CAR-T companies are focused on oncology.
3/ Traditional CAR-T therapies kill all of a patients B cells expressing CD19 because they can’t differentiate good from bad. Cabalatta’s treatment will only kill about 1% of the patients B cells as these are the only ones that cause disease.
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Neues aus der Reihe der #NMFG (Nicht-Mathe-Fähigen-Gesellschaften)..
Wieder wird öffentlichkeitswirksam und bei politischen Sitzungen auf das #DGPI Survey verwiesen.. Wieder werden anekdotische Zahlen in den Raum geworfen.
(Thread 🧵➡️)
Im "aktuellen" Update (Stand 29.08.2021) tauchen mal wieder einige Unstimmigkeiten auf, die mich an den Mathekompetenzen der Verantwortlichen zweifeln lassen.…
Zumindest am Kompetenzbereich "Mit symbolischen, formalen und technischen Elementen der Mathematik umgehen", wieder im Bereich "bis zur 6.ten Klasse". (Vgl. "<" vs. ">" im gestrigen Thread)
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1/50 Count on me to address an elephant in the room & failure of the vax effort in rural #ONpoli

If you thought #ABleg's #COVID19-denying policy was bad, check out the experiment @COVIDSciOntario has newly inherited

A #thread for @SMDhealthunit @DFisman @imgrund @AnitaOakville
2/50 #COVID19 #ONpoli #CDNpoli

Recently I posted about the unavailability of #vaccination pop-up clinics around the #GeorgianBay area & the Twitterverse responded with a fair amount of disbelief, attempting to correct me based on inaccurate propaganda

3/50 #COVID19 #ONpoli #CDNpoli

I was validated when @SMDhealthunit subsequently announced it's CANCELLING #VACCINATION CLINICS & APPOINTMENTS that were already booked for mid August, as it winds down abruptly & prematurely with a 💥55% completion rate💥
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La #vaccination des personnes à risque a transformé la troisième vague de #Covid en grippette en Angleterre. C'est rassurant, et démontre l'inutilité de rechercher une immunité artificielle par la #vaccinationobligatoire de toute la population. Le virus s'en charge de lui même !
Comme je l'ai dit maintes fois, la #vaccination est un outil utile, mais qui ne présente un intérêt que sous l'angle du bénéfice/risque individuel.
Par ailleurs, mea culpa : très heureux de m'être #trompé des chiffres PHE qui laissaient penser que le #vaccin était moins efficace face au #VariantDelta. En fait la distribution des âges devait probablement être très défavorable à la population vaccinée ce qui fausse l'analyse.
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1. Kasus harian Covid-19 secara global meningkat kembali tetapi kasus harian kita mengalami penurunan. Sebanyak 6,05 juta orang sudah mendapat 2 dosis vaksin, 4,9 juta orang sudah mendapat vaksin dosis pertama. Kita harus terus waspada. #APBNkiTa #ekonomibangkit #GameChanger
2. Kinerja berbagai indikator perekonomian global terpantau positif, optimisme pemulihan ekonomi global menguat tetapi masih ada risiko ketidakpastian. Harus terus mengendalikan pandemi, mempercepat recovery, dan memperkuat reform #ekonomiglobal #APBNKiTa
3. Perekonomian Indonesia di bulan Maret 2021 masih terus melanjutkan perbaikan, perluasan vaksinasi dan kebijakan PPKM Mikro yang terkendali berjalan seiring dengan peningkatan aktivitas ekonomi dan konsumsi masyarakat #uangkitauntukvaksinkita #gamechanger
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[THREAD] How to sell on Instagram: A guide for beginners 👇
Selling on Instagram doesn't have to be difficult or complicated - we discuss how to take advantage of all the features that'll give you the most out of your business profile. Read the full blog post here:…
1. Paid Instagram ads

75% of Instagram users take action (purchase, or visit the website etc) after viewing Instagram ads, so it’s definitely a worthy marketing exercise. Each campaign is bespoke to your needs: set budget, target group, length of time, and location.
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