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(🔐) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Trump Adviser and Ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Just Admitted Knowledge of a January 6 Coup Plot in a Videotaped Confession

This is the longest and most complex article that's ever appeared at PROOF. I hope you will RETWEET it.…
1/ I do not want to hide the ball here: you should expect that it will take a couple hours to fully read and process this breaking news report at PROOF. What is revealed here is astounding—and it requires careful analysis by both civilian readers and by federal investigators.
2/ I'll repeat here what I have long said (ever since PROOF was cited, by name, in the House January 6 Committee's report to Congress regarding referring Steve Bannon to DOJ for the federal charge of Contempt of Congress): the House's January 6 committee is aware of my research.
3/ Those who think I can readily summarize my research at PROOF here have not read it. The article I just published is 17,000 words, and contains dozens of essential links on top of that. But I will do what I can to at least underscore what the article is about in general terms.
4/ Team Kraken (Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Michael Lindell, Lin Wood, Doug Logan, Don Berlin, Barbara Ledeen, Jim Penrose, Russell Ramsland Jr., Victoria Toensing, Joe diGenova, and about a dozen others) believe that federal investigators are closing in on them.
5/ One of the leading members of Team Kraken, Patrick Byrne, decided to tape an hour-long statement that he believed would exculpate himself, Team Kraken, and Donald Trump of any complicity in a coup plot on January 6 and in the days and weeks leading up to January 6.

He failed.
6/ Byrne's statement is the longest public confession by a coup plotter in—I suspect—U.S. history, with a final run-time of 84+ minutes. In his confession, Byrne repeatedly contradicts himself, admits damning facts, and offers insight into events only *he* would ever speak about.
7/ An example is Byrne's statement re: an December 18, 2020 Oval Office meeting—one attended by Trump, a Trump lawyer, a client of a Trump lawyer, and a legal aide to a Trump lawyer, all of whom would try to make (variously authentic) claims of privilege about what was discussed.
8/ This meeting, which involved (I'm not making this up) the sitting President of the United States meeting for a total of *2.5 hours*—*alone*—with a group of coup plotters who'd literally *snuck into his office*, may be the most momentous political moment in modern U.S. history.
9/ It was *mere hours* after this historic meeting that then-President Trump tweeted the following:
10/ The man who aided the December 18 coup plotters in sneaking into the Oval Office was Garrett Ziegler, whose boss and mentor is... Peter Navarro.

(Re-read the tweet embedded in the tweet above this one.)
11/ Navarro was just subpoenaed by Congress—which suggests the House January 6 Committee is on the trail of this December 18, 2020 meeting and the "Green Bay Sweep" coup plot that (a) Navarro devised, (b) the coup plotters his team led into the Oval Office on December 18 favored.
12/ But until now it seemed we'd never know what was said during the 2.5 hours these coup plotters were alone with Trump on December 18. Trump won't talk; Flynn would rather die; and Powell and her associate would claim attorney-client privilege—perhaps unsuccessfully, but still.
13/ Enter Patrick Byrne: the sort of narcissist who believes he can outsmart anyone, and is (like Trump) about 10% as smart as he thinks he is. His 85-minute statement was an absolute disaster—and will be a gold-mine for federal investigators for months to come. I also suspect...
14/ ...given that Byrne ends his confession with a plea to the House January 6 Committee to subpoena him, that he'll ultimately get his wish. While he's a bit of a Carter Page figure—oddly incoherent, and consistently oddly incoherent—like Page his slipups end up being big deals.
15/ In the article atop this thread, I carefully deconstruct the 85 minutes of Byrne's confession via the curatorial journalism that's made PROOF the top-ranked Substack in its category—and the most comprehensive archive of information and reporting on the January 6 insurrection.
PS/ As ever, I will try to answer questions from PROOF subscribers in the comments below the article.
NOTE/ A truly stunning follow-up to this article is now being prepared.

Tonight I received—and confirmed—new information that changes how the 17,000 words in the article atop this thread will be read.

Stay tuned; I'm working on this follow-up diligently.

• • •

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Feb 10
BREAKING NEWS: Plot to Have Department of Homeland Security Seize Voting Machines Pre-January 6 Apparently Written By Giuliani Agent and Former DHS Employee Christina Bobb—Who Was Posing As An OANN "Journalist" on January 6 While Contacting DHS From Trump's Willard Hotel War Room
I think I've mentioned Christina Bobb about as much as any US journalist—and now you know why. She was Team Trump's conduit to DHS; had access to the Capitol on January 6 as a supposed "reporter" and therefore could send intel to Team Trump; and was lobbying DHS to aid in a coup.
(PS) I feel like #SubpoenaBobb should trend now.
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Feb 9
Thank god almost no one in media is covering the undercount COVID-19 death toll, as we’re at 1.5 million Americans dead in 23 months and if that were widely known along with the fact that 3000 died just yesterday those “getting back to normal” thinkpieces would be harder to write
Also out of bounds would be those fabulous “grandma would have died pretty soon anyway” takes that make Twitter such a great place to be in the midst of thousands of Americans dying daily from a deadly virus
Apparently we’re not supposed to care about the elderly dying, or folks with comorbidities, or unvaccinated people, but unfortunately I do because of how I was raised

Also—fun fact—somewhere between 1 in 6 and 1 in 4 of those dying daily are vaccinated and “did everything right”
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Feb 6
(🔓) RETRO UNLOCKED: The second edition of the RETRO Top NES Homebrews is here! New additions include:

💢 6 New Genre Sections
💢 50 More Ranked Games
💢 100+ Newly Assessed Games
💢 Much More!

I hope you'll read and RETWEET this for any gamers you know!…
1/ One addition I'm really excited about is notations ("🔹" and "🔸") for games that are either NEW to the ranking or have been RE-RANKED (respectively). This allows those who've read Vol. 1 of the ranking to quickly see the changes that have been made—and there are many of them!
2/ Upon request, there's an entirely new MULTIPLAYER ranking—with 29 games achieving main-ranking status already—and a section for ZAPPER games. The "Top 10 Overall" has also added two new games, and there's now developer information available for all Honorable Mention homebrews!
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Feb 5
(ICYMI) In case you missed it, here is the recent NYT story on one of the most dangerous men in America.…
My questions, on reading the article above:

1) Who was the intermediary who helped Flynn get to the Pentagon's civilian leadership?
2) Why is Ezra Cohen-Watnick's claim he declined Flynn credited so easily, when he seems to have remained on Team Kraken's list of presumed allies?
3) Cohen-Watnick's history is as one of Trump's most loyal toadies—which is why he was rewarded with a Pentagon job in the purge Ginni Thomas orchestrated.

What in his history made the NYT credulously report that when Flynn called him he immediately said, "The election is over!"
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Feb 5
BREAKING: Author of RNC Resolution Censuring Kinzinger/Cheney for Investigating January 6 Conspiracy and Calling Capitol Riot “Legitimate Political Discourse” Is David Bossie—Who Insurrectionist Charles Herbster Places in Trump’s Insurrection Eve War Room…
(PS) So a Trump agent who is a key witness in the January 6 federal criminal investigation and was appointed by Trump to the Defense Business Board alongside his business partner—former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski—authored a document *suborning domestic terrorism*.
(PS2) This is a very big deal. This confirms that individuals who are witnesses in the January 6 investigation and may have legal liability were behind trying to *punish and intimidate* the very people investigating January 6—which sure sounds like a possible federal crime to me.
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Feb 4
BREAKING NEWS: GOP Ceases to Be Political Party, Declares Violence and Sedition “Legitimate Political Discourse”

In a healthy democracy, the GOP—I mean the institution and its leadership, *not* its voters—would now be considered a terrorist organization.…
PS/ The Republican Party has today informed all of its officials, representatives, agents, voters and other adherents that if they commit acts of violence and/or sedition, the party will support them with institutional resources. I don’t know of any other way to define terrorism.
PS2/ This should be the last bus stop for any Republican politicians remaining who don’t support violence/sedition. At this point any pol who continues to maintain professional ties to the GOP is doing so knowing that that entity is indistinguishable from a domestic terror group.
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