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Feb 19 13 tweets 3 min read
For those who think Trump will face some punishment for removing classified intel from the White House and taking it home to Florida, remember that his whole presidency was a national security scandal and *began* with him revealing Israeli intel to the Kremlin in the Oval Office
My point is, I want to get excited about the breaking news today but unfortunately I wrote three books about Trump’s national security violations and learned that not only does no one care when a POTUS is a national security threat but basically everyone agrees it must be ignored
Trump is the man who had a duty to warn U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi of a plot to kidnap him and instead did nothing—until he helped the man who had Khashoggi strangled, chopped up, and burned in a furnace escape responsibility for ordering the assassination of a Post journalist
And of course now Trump is an *ex*-POTUS, so you think that he can no longer be a virulent national security threat on a daily basis without consequences—until you realize that holding him accountable would embarrass a large number of powerful people so we’ll just have to skip it
It’s vital that journalists catalog every crime Trump committed so if there’s an America 1,000 years from now he will *still* be considered the worst president and biggest traitor in our history, but that is separate from thinking 15 boxes of classified intel will bring him down
The upper limit of where today’s breaking news goes is Trump is prosecuted in a case that takes 3 or 4 years and sees everyone associated with it threatened with death by MAGA terrorists on a daily basis, with the only result being that Trump gets 2 years of probation and a fine
That could change slightly if we find that he had input into which classified intelligence he would spirit out of the White House, and deliberately stole evidence he thought could be used to convict him, but even then the evidence would matter infinitely more than the theft of it
Remember, this is a man who was a focus of an 800-page DOJ report confirming unambiguously that he committed the federal felony of Obstruction of Justice at least a dozen times, and not only was he not prosecuted but DOJ is letting the statute of limitations lapse without comment
There are people in this country, in politics and law enforcement, whose *oaths* actually *compel* them to *ensure* that Trump is treated no differently than any other citizen—and all of America has watched them do f*ck-all since 2016 and that won’t change because of today’s news
This news will only matter if it can be linked to a broader criminal conspiracy to overthrow the federal government—which, to be clear, it is *entirely possible* that it ultimately will be

But that is *not* where we are tonight and that is *not* what the current breaking news is
Anyone on Twitter not being *very* clear that this is the 1000th national security scandal involving Trump—and I’m not exaggerating by much, because there really was one every few days for four years—and that none of them resulted in anything but news cycles is being disingenuous
The best part for me personally is that I can write a thread like this and still be confident that MAGA radicals will swear my response to today’s news was “he promised Trump would go to prison 🤣”

What I actually say matters as little to these people as what Trump actually does
And if you wonder what prompts me to write a bitter thread like this, read any one of the Proof books—or all three—and imagine how angry I am being a lawyer who has watched hundreds of my fellow “brothers and sisters at the bar” violate their oaths with respect to Trump for years

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Feb 20
The #1 book in America on the Russia-Ukraine crisis—a 576-page hardcover—is now just $7.96. Please RETWEET.

✅ "A searing indictment"—NPR
✅ "A strong case"—Kirkus
📶 USA Today / Amazon / Audible / Apple Books bestseller
💟 "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"—510 Amazon ratings…
1/ The top question Americans will be asking as Europe falls into the most substantial armed conflict since World War II is, "What does this have to do with us?"

It was the question America asked in 1939 and it is the question that—sadly—will again be asked by many millions now.
2/ The simple fact is this: America’s *up to its eyeballs* in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. That’s not mere speculation—that’s the *current* reality. Russia is in an ongoing cyberwar against the United States. Trump was impeached for trying to use Ukraine to steal the 2020 election.
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Feb 19
(BOOK UPDATE) PROOF OF CORRUPTION is blowing up—it’s now in Amazon’s Top 20 Elections books. And despite being a 576-pg. hardcover, a critically acclaimed national bestseller, and having a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ average reader rating over 510 reviews, it’s just $8.26.…
PS/ Two days ago it was ranked #285,000 overall and #408 in Elections. I am so glad folks are finding out en masse that Macmillan published a book in late 2020 that gives all the background one needs to the imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many library copies out there, too! Image
PS2/ 250 or so copies are available in libraries across the country. Go to WorldCat and enter your zip code to get a listing of the library holdings of PROOF OF CORRUPTION near you. Link:
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Feb 17
If you want to be fully briefed on the background of the Russia-Ukraine crisis—and how it ties in *directly* to the ongoing domestic turmoil in the United States—can I suggest a national bestseller on that very topic?

500+ reviews with a 5-star average.…
In view of the news that Russia will invade Ukraine, I hope folks find a way to read the national bestseller PROOF OF CORRUPTION—which gives the background of the conflict and how it ties into US politics. Borrow it at a library or get it for ~$8 at Amazon (hardcover, 576 pages).
I still remember when I pitched the book way back in 2019; I was certain that the Russia-Ukraine crisis would be historic *and* that its ties to Donald Trump and the Republican Party had to be explained. I got a lot of, "A book on *Ukraine*? Really?" And we are, sadly.
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Feb 16
BREAKING NEWS: Mark Finchem Subpoenaed By Congress

Finchem is an Oath Keeper, Ali Alexander mentor, and originated of Stop the Steal in Arizona. He was on—as far as we know—the January 2, 2021 call in which Trump outlined the Green Bay Sweep. This is big.…
PS/ It really underscores how little CNN knows about January 6 that it didn't lead with the Finchem news. But then, that sort of lack of preparation is why Chris Cuomo sought my help backchannel. As they did on Trump-Ukraine, as to January 6 indie journalists are leading the way.
PS2/ I hope Wendy Rogers is the next insurrectionist GOP legislator in Arizona subpoenaed. She knows a *ton*.
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Feb 15
(🔐) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Eyewitness Says He Was Present As Coup Plotter Patrick Byrne Privately Confessed to Federal Crimes on January 6—and Insists There’s Video of Him Doing It

The evidence that’s just come out is stunning. I hope you’ll RETWEET this.…
1/ I think the most important thing to say here—right off the bat—is that these two men need to be subpoenaed by Congress immediately, and the FBI and DOJ need to subpoena the B-roll of Byrne's film if they haven't done so already (and if they haven't, it's a *massive* failure).
2/ I’ve long said that most of the coup plotters are unsophisticated and arrogant (candidly, like many criminals I encountered in my former professional work); they routinely confess their crimes in ill-considered, little-seen videos; and investigators *must* track these videos.
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Feb 14
Trumpists backpedaling furiously 😂

Now they admit there was no hacking, the data-access was legal, and HRC knew nothing of it; they say the guy's crime was—wait for it!— taking data *to the FBI*; they claim he knew it was false (no, he told the FBI he didn't know what it meant)
(PS) I told everyone yesterday night that this was a big sloppy fart of a nothing-burger—excuse my language, but it's true—and here we are, in the light of day on the following day, and everything the Trumpists were claiming yesterday has fallen apart like a soggy, snotty tissue.
(PS2) If the MAGA cult could just take the "L" and admit they were conned by a mediocre con man for 7 years we wouldn't have to deal with these fake "bigger than Watergate!" Trump-was-spied-on scandals every six weeks, which *always* turn out to be absolute, unremitting nonsense.
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