BREAKING NEWS: Mark Finchem Subpoenaed By Congress

Finchem is an Oath Keeper, Ali Alexander mentor, and originated of Stop the Steal in Arizona. He was on—as far as we know—the January 2, 2021 call in which Trump outlined the Green Bay Sweep. This is big.…
PS/ It really underscores how little CNN knows about January 6 that it didn't lead with the Finchem news. But then, that sort of lack of preparation is why Chris Cuomo sought my help backchannel. As they did on Trump-Ukraine, as to January 6 indie journalists are leading the way.
PS2/ I hope Wendy Rogers is the next insurrectionist GOP legislator in Arizona subpoenaed. She knows a *ton*.
PS3/ There's a very good reason Trump wants Finchem as Arizona Secretary of State. The man is lawless and will do anything to get his way in an election.

(Note: Sorry for the typo in the first tweet in this thread. There's an extra "of" in there. I missed it—and I *hate* typos!)

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Feb 19
For those who think Trump will face some punishment for removing classified intel from the White House and taking it home to Florida, remember that his whole presidency was a national security scandal and *began* with him revealing Israeli intel to the Kremlin in the Oval Office
My point is, I want to get excited about the breaking news today but unfortunately I wrote three books about Trump’s national security violations and learned that not only does no one care when a POTUS is a national security threat but basically everyone agrees it must be ignored
Trump is the man who had a duty to warn U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi of a plot to kidnap him and instead did nothing—until he helped the man who had Khashoggi strangled, chopped up, and burned in a furnace escape responsibility for ordering the assassination of a Post journalist
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Feb 15
(🔐) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Eyewitness Says He Was Present As Coup Plotter Patrick Byrne Privately Confessed to Federal Crimes on January 6—and Insists There’s Video of Him Doing It

The evidence that’s just come out is stunning. I hope you’ll RETWEET this.…
1/ I think the most important thing to say here—right off the bat—is that these two men need to be subpoenaed by Congress immediately, and the FBI and DOJ need to subpoena the B-roll of Byrne's film if they haven't done so already (and if they haven't, it's a *massive* failure).
2/ I’ve long said that most of the coup plotters are unsophisticated and arrogant (candidly, like many criminals I encountered in my former professional work); they routinely confess their crimes in ill-considered, little-seen videos; and investigators *must* track these videos.
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Feb 14
Trumpists backpedaling furiously 😂

Now they admit there was no hacking, the data-access was legal, and HRC knew nothing of it; they say the guy's crime was—wait for it!— taking data *to the FBI*; they claim he knew it was false (no, he told the FBI he didn't know what it meant)
(PS) I told everyone yesterday night that this was a big sloppy fart of a nothing-burger—excuse my language, but it's true—and here we are, in the light of day on the following day, and everything the Trumpists were claiming yesterday has fallen apart like a soggy, snotty tissue.
(PS2) If the MAGA cult could just take the "L" and admit they were conned by a mediocre con man for 7 years we wouldn't have to deal with these fake "bigger than Watergate!" Trump-was-spied-on scandals every six weeks, which *always* turn out to be absolute, unremitting nonsense.
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Feb 13
(THREAD) Trump and his insurrectionists are buzzing about the latest nothing-burger in John Durham’s failed revenge plot against the heroes who investigated Trump’s crimes. I’ll summarize the latest farce in this thread. Prepare to be *dramatically* underwhelmed.

Please RETWEET. Image
1/ First, remember that Durham was handpicked by Trump attack dog Bill Barr—widely considered among the most corrupt Attorneys General in history. Durham’s brief was to try to destroy any law enforcement official who tried to hold Trump accountable for the first time in his life.
2/ Second, understand that though it’s now gone on for *years* and wasted *millions* of dollars, Durham’s embarrassing, politically-motivated-from-the-jump charade has failed: you can count its indictments on one hand, and they’re for what *Trumpists* call “minor process crimes.”
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Feb 11
(🔐) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Trump Adviser and Ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Just Admitted Knowledge of a January 6 Coup Plot in a Videotaped Confession

This is the longest and most complex article that's ever appeared at PROOF. I hope you will RETWEET it.…
1/ I do not want to hide the ball here: you should expect that it will take a couple hours to fully read and process this breaking news report at PROOF. What is revealed here is astounding—and it requires careful analysis by both civilian readers and by federal investigators.
2/ I'll repeat here what I have long said (ever since PROOF was cited, by name, in the House January 6 Committee's report to Congress regarding referring Steve Bannon to DOJ for the federal charge of Contempt of Congress): the House's January 6 committee is aware of my research.
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Feb 10
BREAKING NEWS: Plot to Have Department of Homeland Security Seize Voting Machines Pre-January 6 Apparently Written By Giuliani Agent and Former DHS Employee Christina Bobb—Who Was Posing As An OANN "Journalist" on January 6 While Contacting DHS From Trump's Willard Hotel War Room
I think I've mentioned Christina Bobb about as much as any US journalist—and now you know why. She was Team Trump's conduit to DHS; had access to the Capitol on January 6 as a supposed "reporter" and therefore could send intel to Team Trump; and was lobbying DHS to aid in a coup.
(PS) I feel like #SubpoenaBobb should trend now.
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