Economic violence inflicted on the UK during times of crisis is a right wing libertarian tactic as old as the hills. In the 80's Charles Koch used his wealth to foment 'division, argue for limited Govt, lower corporate taxes, cripple public spending and…
deregulate environmental protections and workers rights. You see the pattern here? The Tories goal post Brexit is for total reform and 'anarcho-totalitarianism', the reshaping of the entire countries economy and culture. Lawbreaking, relentless corruption and endless lies,
a Govt in permanent campaign mode, forever dangling the 'Global Britain carrot' the 'Brexit Opportunities' the 'We're the best at everything in the world' fueled by the demonising of the other that goes hand in hand with Libertarian zealotry; the evil EU, 'the enemy within'
lefties, do-gooders, the 'woke brigade', the LGBTQ community, environmentalists, nurses, doctors, teachers, intellectuals, artists, journalists, writers, judges, the working classes, people of colour, those on UC, the disabled, anyone who isn't minted to the gills.
In 2009 Charles Koch net worth was $14billion, by Jan 2022 it's $61billion. Dido Harding spent £37billion of public money ($50billion) on a Track and Trace app that didn't work. Can you recall a time when astronomical sums of UK public money were so easily pilfered? #libertarian
The sinister forces behind Johnson's jolly persona are cementing the UK's political future as an untrustworthy Eurosceptic authoritarian rogue nation at the beck and call of business tycoons during a time of global instability and multiple crises.
Steve Bakers Net Zero Scrutiny Group, the ERG/CRG, the IEA, the Tax Payers Alliance all up to their eyeballs with admiration for Ayn Rand, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, Doctor Barbara Kolm, Peter Thiel, Grover Norquist, Viktor Orban, Bolsonaro and hundreds of
globally networked right wing libertarian think tanks. All these people and organizations are far right lunatics exerting and operating with untrammeled power and influence, they absolutely are responsible for overtly investing in Russia's political and financial meddling in
Europe. Now it's about to explode and you can guarantee those same people will never apologise, never show a shred of remorse, never admit their mistakes, they'd rather see more people die and embrace a shrinking of the population if that meant their wealth would increase.

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Feb 20
What do people think will happen when disaster capitalist multinationals set up shop in the UK? They will not employ locally, they'll bring their own people in. UK trade will further collapse. This is known as foreign interference, the exact opposite of 'taking back control.'
Rees-Mogg will ensure that deregulation is set in UK law allowing corporations to avoid having to deal with workers rights, bypassing EU safety standards and protectionism. Think about the effects this will have on surrounding communities and towns, they will rot from the
inside out. Already Tory constituencies have 10 times higher the amount of Govt spending than Labour or Lib Dem ones. This is by design, it is paving the way for Charter cities, freeports, deregulated zones, leading to gated communities formed by a desire for economic apartheid.
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Feb 18
The right have always conflated Democratic Socialism with totalitarian Communism, history shows how western countries sought to force disaster capitalism on stable economies going so far as to replace an entire culture with off domiciled corporations. Something parallel to this
has been ushered in with populism and Brexit in the UK. The tactics deployed were well learned tropes of right wing propaganda; division, identifying a common enemy and an overwhelming sense of betrayal and victimhood. The 'promises' emblazoned on the Leave bus, billboard posters
and social media platforms all turned out to be empty mirages and dangled carrots that Leavers and Sun readers are now being asked by Jacob Rees-Mogg to email him about as he's struggling to come up with any tangible benefits himself.
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Feb 18
All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) since 2018 are are taking dark money from corporations like British American Tobacco and Big Tech along with Arms manufacturers & Healthcare
Weapons makers and private firms donate £13m to get exclusive access to MPs…
businesses. Since 2018 over £25 million in donations from the private sector to APPG's, these are massive conflicts of interest that are the result of post Brexit deregulation and will harm the public sector irreparably. Private donors remain hidden with no accountability
This all amounts to insidious 'back door' lobbying with one Tory MP telling openDemocracy 'I am not releasing anything to you.' In times of crisis disaster capitalists get their foot in the door of democracies and aided by the right wing wreak havoc while cost of living soars.
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Feb 16
Labour talks down the prospect of nationalising public services and says it wants to take a more market-based approached.
Whichever way you look at it Jacob and Keir, Brexit is sh*t
Keir Starmer and Jacob Rees-Mogg say Brexit has benefits: what are they?…
An analysis by the University of Sussex Trade Policy Observatory found that the UK's Brexit losses were 178 times bigger than any gains from new agreements, with all deals combined worth less than 50p per person a year.
Very curious to see how this article goes down.
Pretty sure hitching your wagon to Rees-Mogg's star is going to suck you into a black hole.
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Feb 14
Grover Norquist is founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform who oppose all tax increases. He is also a board member of the NRA. He said "I don't want to abolish Govt, I want to reduce its size so I can drown it in a bathtub. He is pals with Matthew & Sarah Elliott, who
are also pals with Brexit loving Charles Koch who is making millions from fossil fuel mining and establishing climate denial green washing tactics around the world including the UK. Truss's 'Global network of Liberty' is brimming with free market libertarians and RW think tanks
The political and financial reach of these billionaire tycoons is staggering, they're against taxation, against welfare state and adept at smoothly ensuring their power perpetuates a never ending loop of societal pain & misery while they hoard their wealth and destroy the planet
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Feb 13
Profiting from Covid and then partying about it is one facet of the Tories disaster capitalist agenda for post Brexit UK. Instability is the new stability for right wing libertarians the world over. Truss's Global network of Liberty is about the freedom to profit from disasters
big and small, environmental, financial, political, social, the more fuel is poured on the fire by multinationals and hostile foreign actors, the more those less well off will feel its impact.
Social media has been weaponised to spread disinformation and further stoke division, so when Twitter clamps down, Tory politicians move onto Parler, they constantly need panic and lies to sow outrage in the headlines spewed out by off domiciled press barons. Why?
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