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Not being a #libertarian doesn't mean loving the state; it means accepting complexity. The real world is a monstrously complicated place; there's not just one thing wrong with it, nor just one thing that can be changed to fix it.
Things like prosperity and freedom don't have one cause; they're a balancing act.
Here's an alternative theory for you: original sin. People will mess things up, whether by stupidity or by active malice.
There is no magical class of people (e.g. "government") who can be removed to produce utopia. Any institution is liable to failure, or active criminality. Put anyone in power-- whether it's communists or engineers or businessmen-- and they will abuse it.
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Financial checks on £60 billion of public money spent every year on essential services like schools, social care, housing, roads and environmental services has virtually collapsed in England. 350 councils have no independent verification of money spent…
Situation is “unacceptable” and could lead to loss of  public trust in councils to spend their money. Problem is now spreading to the NHS, housing associations, the Department for Work and Pensions and other public bodies since they are audited by the same firms.
Problem has arisen after the Govt abolished the Audit Commission quango, which kept a tight monitoring of local council expenditure. It handed the job to private accountancy firms to do the work instead.
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Property tycoon Ivan Ko hopes to find site for a charter city named Nextpolis between Dublin and Belfast to host 50,000 fellow Hong Kongers #brexit…
China’s recent imposition of national security laws in the region has prompted many Hongkongers to consider leaving. The British government has promised to provide assistance and relocation.
A department of foreign affairs spokesperson in Dublin confirmed there had been talks with Ko but appeared to pour cold water on the idea.
But don't assume there won't be many more property/city developers eyeing post-Brexit deregulated 3rd country UK to install slave cities.
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“A gift to rogue employers looking to exploit workers and put them through long, gruelling shifts without enough rest”
Deregulation of +800 EU laws and protections will impact food standards, the environment and workers rights. #Libertarian #Brexit…
An attack on Food Safety Laws. FSA 'We are critically reliant on REUL to both set the high level principles of food safety and much of the detailed operation of the regulatory framework'…
An attack on environment protections means corporate polluters are incentivised by Govt to profit from ecological impacts, they are given carte blanche to dump more sewage, extract more fossil fuels and minerals til there's nothing left but a wasteland.
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What do the Tories mean by their championing of ‘Singapore-On-Thames’ post-Brexit freedoms bonanza? Thatcher kickstarted the turn away from Europe with her wish for ‘a kind of free-trade and non-interventionist Singapore’.
Singapore and Hong Kong are indicators of economic governance where the short-circuiting of democracy was the key to their successes. Singapore’s troubling working classes were bypassed in favour of bringing in foreign workers who could be hired, fired, and then deported.
The state shaped Singapore’s success, not the free market, it set up massive land reclamation projects around its coasts using sovereign wealth funds and ‘plugged in’ to multinational corporations. Singapore avoided years of development by bringing in tech and a foreign workforce
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All world of free people, just so you know, this thing called American #libertarianism is lie. Even Russian libertarians hate them. They are fascists who like their property. That’s it.
They are collection of racist, antisemitic, homophobic men who hate own country they live in while they enjoy freedom of hating it openly. Since they don’t ever know real suffering, they create of themselves victims of everyone but their own choices.
They see in Russian aggression mirror that gives them hope of their own failures. I never see so many men demand that men are men while promoting rape and murder of women in country they know nothing about. Don’t let this title of #libertarian confuse you.
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Power no longer resides in the nation state, the investor classes have ensured that the laws of democracy can be tailored for corporate hegemony, SEZs, Freeports, tax havens and charter cities can under aggressive deregulation operate beyond Govt reach. #Brexit #Libertarian Image
SEZs mean ‘localized freedom’ wrote Stuart Butler of Heritage Foundation in 1982, ‘can rot the foundations of the unfree nation state around it’. The UK will post Brexit see each region surrounding Sunak’s Freeports capitulate as capital flees to these deregulated ports. Carnage.
The social contract that saw 30-40 years of regulated and inclusive growth across all stratas of post war society angered the libertarian right, they called this ‘theft of their property’ and the 70s saw Reagan and Thatcher unravel this inclusive economic boom, Blair continued it
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"The sad truth is we’ve seen a new kind of economic model taking hold in our countries that’s focused on redistributionism, stagnation and the imbuing of woke culture into our businesses. I call these people the anti-growth movement"
Liz Truss (maniac)…
Truss ran off to the U.S. to revive her self ruined political career, giving a speech to her pals at r/w think tank Heritage, she doubled down claiming she was right all along despite being forced from office after her disastrous mini budget caused market turmoil. #Libertarian
Notice how she attacks redistribution of wealth, what she means by this is profit share over wage share, tax funded subsidies to businesses over public spending. That's your money, your pay, your taxes she wants to steal, Truss must never set foot in Parliament ever again.
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Good Morning #Georgia.

How will Russia dehumanize #Georgia Maidan? What propaganda will they use?
Which of West Russian paid propagandists will be first to say #Georgia is NATO coup led by American Vicky, Nazis or Russian speakers are being persecuted?
Will you see #FreeAssange, #FreePalestine, #Libertarian, Tankie, #MAGA, Brexit, African and Indian profiles on Twitter spreading propaganda?
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Solving the Moderator's Trilemma with Federation; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A trilemma Venn diagram, showing three ovoids in a triangula
On 3/7 I'm doing a remote talk for #TUWein:

On 3/9, I'm in person in #Austin at @utsdct:…

And remote at #UManitoba:…

On 3/10, @Rgibli and I kick off the @SXSW reading series:… 2/
Solving the Moderator's Trilemma with Federation: You CAN please all of the people all of the time (sorta).

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Two-thirds of £17.1m earned from 2nd jobs went to just 20 MPs, 17 of whom are Conservative.
Boris Johnson Urged to Come to Parliament to Defend Millions in Outside Earnings Amid Bill to Ban MPs' Second Jobs – Byline Times…
Ousted premier receiving 50 times size of his MP salary, £200,893 from Aditya Birla in Mumbai, £3,000 from The Spectator for a piece saying he was on a career “hiatus” despite still being the MP for Uxbridge, £246,407 from Bloomberg Singapore, for 7 hours of prep and a speech.
Johnson is now the highest-earning MP having made nearly £5 million since leaving Downing Street last September. This liar is a threat to the foundations of Parliamentary democracy, he should be sacked for gross conflict of interest and imprisoned for selling the UK to Russia.
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#cdnpoli 🧵@JustinTrudeu
does NOT set #fueloilprices and @PierrePoilievre
knows that. We live in a democracy, not a totalitarian state. The price of oil is set in the global marketplace so the supply/demand balance determines the price of O&G products around the world.
The Canadian government has constitutional authority to regulate gasoline prices only in an emergency. However, provinces and territories can regulate prices, and Quebec and the Atlantic provinces do so.
@JustinTrudeau does NOT set #groceryprices and
@PierrePoilievre knows that. They result from factors that include yields, wildfires, drought, global supply chain problems and grocery chain price gouging, etc. Implying otherwise is #misinformation.
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It was always going to end like this.
Labour and Cons playing political musical chairs while the UK burns.
Something is fundamentally wrong with the British 2 party system. #Brexit
Revealed: secret cross-party summit held to confront failings of Brexit…
You have to ask why Labour and Cons are doubling down on making Brexit work when the entire Leave campaign was proven to be illegal and every single new deal returns a pittance for the UK economy. #Libertarian
Here's what's at stake for UK citizens, I guarantee that every deregulatory act will benefit the investor class only, their libertarian ideology made flesh.
Who needs laws when Truss and Sunak's oligarchical plutocracy finally destroys Govt oversight?…
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Tories legislating to not only hobble local councils but transform them into exploitative emblems of corporate hegemony thoughout England impacting the entire UK. No accountability as neo-feudal fiefdoms experiment with power and land grabbing post #Brexit
We warned you!
You have to understand that the Govt is no longer functioning for it's own electorate, the whole ideology of libertarians is to abolish state intevention by tailoring laws as services that companies demand in a deregulated UK, the whole point of Brexit!
@MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @carolvorders @Hardeep_Matharu @thatginamiller
URGENT! Please read @eyes_lilly 3 part article on REUL and LURB, it needs serious exposure. Corporate fiefdoms are stealthily being implemented behind the headlines in a neo-feudal post brexit UK.
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Every night at 8PM Central this weekend, I’ll be showing episodes of my recent talk with two American #communists, Tyler McConnell @tjmac87 and @RealCalebMaupin.

In Part 2 of “Making Alliances,” we ask: “what do #libertarians and Communists agree on?”

Lol I know this show will trigger some folks who might say that libertarians and communists can’t agree on a damn thing, but watch and you might be surprised!
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No matter how benevolent a dictatorship is, it's still a dictatorship, and subject to the dictator's whims. We must demand that the owners and leaders of tech platforms be fair and good - but we must also be prepared for them to fail at this, sometimes catastrophically. 1/ Moses confronting the Pharaoh, demanding that he release the
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Maybe you trust #TimCook to decide what apps you are and aren't allowed to install - including whether you are allowed to install apps that block #Apple's own extensive, nonconsensual, continuous commercial surveillance of its customers. 3/
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Tories represent a grotesque distortion of high office, warped libertarian ideology honed for decades by economists and implemented through think tanks masquerading under charity status, using public money! Could it really get any worse? Wait til REUL Bill kicks in Dec 2023
Please watch @CSBarnard24 Prof of EU and Employment Law explain why REUL Bill is an unprecedented far right attack on the rule of law, why the Tories will have nothing in place and what the ensuing chaos will bring for the entire country. #BrexitDisaster
R/w thinking behind charter cities exploits philanthropy that privately run cities will alleviate poverty, don't be fooled, they are a deregulation nightmare hatched by libertarian economists to install corporate rule beyond Govt reach. #BrexitReality
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It's like squeezing blood out of a stone trying to raise awareness on here about seismic changes to UK law post Brexit, the REUL Bill will sunset 4000 EU Laws meaning Tory paradise for disaster capitalists, UK will become a huge lawless tax haven.
Labour and Cons are choosing to wrangle with UK laws, once REUL Bill is passed, laws take years, decades to rewrite, this is politically, fiscally irresponsible lunacy, it is clear as crystal Brexit is now an unmitigated disaster. #NOtoREULBill
Since Musk took over, I'm barely getting any traction on here, since 2018 I've built up a decent following, I love the UK but what's happening over there is a total horror show and hardly anyone is taking a blind bit of notice, it's soul destroying, another 'Don't Look Up' fiasco
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Monetary austerity, the weapon of choice for the Tories is about the subjugation of workers, the evisceration and criminalizing of the unions. Conversely, corporate and political elites are changing laws to extort and concentrate public money, your money as their own personal ATM
Protectionism, regulation, workers rights, environmental laws are in the libertarian mindset 'oppressive constraints of democracy'. It's OK for them to steal your money to subsidize business but the welfare state is somehow scrounging when you need help because of their fuckups.
The financial system is your system, your money, your taxes built that system, it is not for disaster capitalists to loot and exploit at their leisure. Capitalism is disproportionately weighted to preserve political and economic dominance, this entrenches inequality #Libertarian
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"The Law" is an arbitrary, irrational thing.

that may come as a surprise to #conservative partisans, especially if they are themselves lawyers—lawyering has supplied the world with many of its politicians (like Mr. @dick_nixon) and its pundits (like Mr. @DavidAFrench).

lawyers are well-trained in logic and rhetoric, but logic and rhetoric may be placed at the service of irrational causes. The Law, as an icon of Western political discourse, is an irrational cause.

this is well known, or ought to be; many writers have written about this.

it is trivially simple, for example, to pass two laws that logically contradict each other—in fact it probably happens all the time. then the authorities who are empowered to administer The Law are stuck with the job of reconciling two laws that conflict with each other.

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Warning. Hunt's tax includes loopholes to incentivise energy firms to invest in new fossil fuel infrastructure, keeping 73% of the profits that they would have made had it not been implemented. Private interests own Govt and your very lives. #GTTONow…
Hunt to increase health and education budgets in the run up to the GE. This will mean significant real-terms cuts to the public sector in the coming years. Add Brexit deregulation of +4,000 EU laws and real pain for the majority of citizens is coming fast.…
This vile money sucking Govt want to batter, humiliate and kill its own citizens, their contempt for the public sector is stealthily planned but the impacts will be viscerally felt across the entire welfare state. R/w #Libertarian policies are a weaponized disease of democracy.
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Trade peace not trade war. Free trade zealots, the real operators behind Brexit despise protectionism and Govt intervention. Disorder and chaos, a manufactured recession, the UK relegated to a capital hungry economy now signals it's desperation for venture capitalists to seize on
The IMF, WTO, World Bank are focused on commitments to r/w libertarian ideology, the Govt in thrall to this enforces austerity as actual policy, on the back of national and international crises. Why? To lure dubious investors into a deregulated free market economy. #Libertarian
The UK under these conditions cannot defend itself from malign private interests, the only way #Brexit actually functions is to underscore corporate hegemony/bullying and the myth of trickle down economics, perpetuated for generations. #GeneralElectionN0W #GTTONow
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“Voter suppression straight out of the American right’s playbook”
Let's see if this gets flagged by the new right wing Twitter corporate regime, remember, free speech is only free for fascists in 2022! Subscribe to @BylineTimes NOW!…
@BylineTimes Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Qatar, and Dorsey), all interested in challenging US$. Musk & Dorsey are major Bitcoin fanatics, and believe it’s the future of money. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have expressed interest in displacing the$ as the world’s reserve currency
@BylineTimes There are terrifying consequences for this libertarian end game move on Twitter, the enforcers are all involved in an anti-democratic movement of oligarchs intent on reshaping the world economy to bypass the 'oppressive constraints of democracy'…
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People in 'in-work poverty' using food banks; nurses, teaching assistants, factory workers, retail assistants, delivery drivers and hospitality workers.
This far right Govt despise their own citizens. Austerity as policy choice.
#Libertarian #GTTONow…
Tories are crippling the public sector to force people to work in the private sector for less money, with no Union representation and with zero rights and protections. These tactics are actual choices fueled by Brexit deregulation that are reconfiguring the UK to a rogue state.
Everything most people care about, support for health, social care, education, justice, and the environment is the polar opposite of Tory policy making, this is the radical rights ideological agenda made flesh. #EnoughIsEnough #GeneralElectionN0W…
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