These women are running a "Sexy Summer Camp" for children in rural Kentucky, with lessons on "sex liberation," "gender exploration," "BDSM," "being a sex worker," "self-managed abortions," and "sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs." ImageImageImageImage
Here's the agenda for the camp. I'll be doing a more extensive report in the coming weeks. ImageImage
The leader of Sexy Summer Camp recommends that children begin to masturbate as toddlers.

"Masturbation is really healthy and I recommend it to people of all ages. All ages. As soon as my nephews could talk, they were doing that."
As part of the Sexy Summer Camp's "self-pleasure workshop," instructors promise to give a "hands on" lesson simulating masturbation on students' hands. Image
The founder of Sexy Summer Camp, Tanya Turner, identifies as a witch. She says she was raised by "a host of witchy women" in a "coven-like mountain matriarchy." She uses tarot cards, crystals, and sex toys as part of her practice and encourages people to "join her coven." Image
UPDATE: The leaders of Sexy Summer Camp are now attempting to scrub their information from the internet. Image

• • •

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Nov 30
Conservatives need to prepare for another riot season in 2024. The Left is restless and ready. The lesson of George Floyd is that violence pays immediate political dividends—the threat of ongoing chaos helped tip the scales for Biden. Red state leaders should get ready.
The DeSantis approach in 2020 is a model: he made the right signals and passed anti-riot legislation, raising the threat of more significant punishment. By far, the best solution is to demoralize activists, heighten disincentives, and prevent riots from happening.
If left-wing riots do break out, there are two options available: (1) The "send in the troops" option, which can suppress riots, but also bears significant public relations risks; (2) The "containment option" of letting select neighborhoods burn, while playing for public opinion, which has obvious negative real-world effects and favors the faction with a stronger media apparatus.
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Nov 9
How to fix academia:

-Reduce the flow of federal funds to universities
-Privatize the student loan market and make colleges partially responsible for student defaults
-Abolish DEI bureaucracies
-Wind down activist pseudo-disciplines
-Reform faculty hiring to restore ideological balance
-Punish universities that discriminate on the basis of race
-Tie federal funding to upholding standards of civil discourse and debate
–Break the accreditation cartel
–Turn a limited number of state universities into classical liberal arts academies
–Set up recruiting pipelines and employment opportunities for classically-minded scholars
–Establish new academic journals outside the existing left-wing circles
–Eliminate the requirement to have a master's in education for teaching in K-12 public schools, which will gut the state graduate schools of education
–Require state universities to sign the Kalven Statement and refrain from taking political positions as a corporate entity
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Oct 24
The Left is making a tactical blunder trying to turn "Free Palestine" into a George Floyd moment. Little upside: there is no proposed policy they can achieve. And huge downside: we can tether them to terror and start alienating affluent, high-capacity groups from their coalition.
Notice that capital is already beginning to shift: Donors are forcing changes at Ivy League universities and rerouting hundreds of millions of dollars in philanthropic support. The organized Right must accelerate this process and capture some of the largesse.
The shift among Jewish Americans is also significant: many left-leaning Jews now see that campus antisemitism is part of the grand ideological project of the Left, and that bureaucracies of "diversity and inclusion" categorize them as oppressors, not worthy of protection.
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Sep 18
Last week, Vox's Zach Beauchamp published a spectacularly dishonest review of my book. It's worth debunking for its own sake, but also in order to expose the emptiness, manipulation, and fraud that constitutes "explanatory journalism."

Let me show you how the media lies. 🧵
Beauchamp's basic argument is that left-wing ideologies haven't conquered America's cultural institutions because there haven't been "accompanying radical shifts in policy." This is absurd: the institutionalization of CRT, BLM, DEI, and trans ideology are well-documented. Image
The second argument is even more ridiculous. Beauchamp claims that left-wing violence was "wiped out" after the 1980s. But this is brazenly and obviously manipulative: he completely ignores the carnage of 2020, the most destructive left-wing riots in American history! Image
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Sep 6
The SPLC and the ADL do not command the kind of power they once did. The SPLC tried to destroy Moms for Liberty by labeling it an "extremist group" and the ADL tried to buckle Elon Musk using its typical pressure tactics—both campaigns failed.

Time to counter-attack.
Both organizations are going through a "boy who cried wolf" moment. They subordinated legitimate work to partisan smear campaigns and have abused the moral authority associated with the fight against racism and anti-semitism to advance unrelated, left-wing ideologies.
They are forfeiting decades of reputation-building and exposing themselves as partisan agents, rather than trusted authorities on moral causes. Greenblatt, in particular, has been nakedly partisan and heavy-handed in his tactics, coming across as an ideological bully.
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Sep 5
The ADL, like the SPLC, uses the frame of identity and public goodwill to defame opponents of left-wing ideologies as a whole. The organization falsely marked me an "extremist" for the very obvious and factually accurate claims that queer theorists seek to disrupt "heteronormativity" and that DEI bureaucrats seek to replace words such as "man," "woman," "mom," and "dad" with vague, genderless terms such as "parent," "caregiver," "partner," and "adult."

This has nothing to do with fighting anti-semitism. The people who publish these baseless hit pieces are left-wing bullies, plain and simple. Their opinions on such matters should be assessed in the same category as Media Matters and other partisan oppo organizations.
They know that they're smearing and lying. They once published the false claim that I had accused "LGBTQ+ people" of "'grooming' children." After I pointed out that this was defamatory and considered filing a lawsuit, they quickly issued an evasive correction.

As I told the ADL: "I have never accused 'LGBTQ+ people' of 'grooming' children, nor called anyone a 'groomer.' I've been careful in my language—and explicitly stated that 'grooming' is a term that captures a spectrum of behavior and has nothing to do with sexual orientation—and I believe you have made an error." They could not substantiate their smear, so they tried to protect their legal liability while still attacking my reputation.

That's part of the game. They make wild accusations and attempt to destroy reputations. Luckily, because this tactic has been abused so flagrantly, it is not working as it once did. The public is increasingly seeing these outrageous enemies lists for what they are: politically motivated smear campaigns to protect left-wing ideologies as a whole, under the guise of fighting against discrimination, in this case, anti-semitism.

The SPLC runs the same playbook. They ran this absolutely vile smear piece attempting to somehow link my reporting on radical gender theory in public schools to the horrific shooting in Colorado.

They didn't substantiate any link whatsoever—obviously, as there was none—and neglected to mention crucial facts about the alleged perpetrator's psychology and potential motivation: he was arrested after threatening to kill his own grandparents the previous year; his parents divorced when he was a toddler; his father was a porn star, MMA fighter, and drug addict; his mother was an arsonist and petty criminal; he identified himself as "nonbinary" (which may or may not be authentic).

Needless to say, this also does not have anything to do with the South, with poverty, with race, or with law—the supposed rationale for the "Southern Poverty Law Center." It's just a left-wing smear machine ramping up against perceived enemies. Totally dishonest.

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