Reporting the journalism that's been lost:

The Hidden Hand: Intelligence Community Crimes, Law Enforcement Crimes, Military Crimes: High Tech Crimes, Well-Hidden, by @SatyaCovertCAS…
Vital documentation of DOD/DOJ crime-in-broad-daylight using Covers and Lies:…
Incontrovertible proof of DARPA and DOJ's collusion in putting deadly Spectrum Weapons and Neuroweapons on the street & in your neighbors' hands, for use against you:…
Documented proof of long-standing development & use of deadly Anti-Personnel ELF weapons, Active Denial weapons, High-Powered Microwave Weapons, Neuroweapons by US Airforce, US Navy, DIA, DARPA, NSA, NATO, now also FBI, DHS on people everywhere:…
Ongoing Insider Disclosure of Neuroweapons from the Belly of the NSA-CIA-FBI-DHS Beast:…
Corruption at SACHRP, OHRP, and DHHS--i.e., COLLUSION with Black Ops NSA-CIA & co. permits "Public Health" to turn a blind eye to Black Ops Crime--which sure as heck destroys Human Health:…
Top-hat Luciferians in Top Spots in US GOV ensure that Nazi Atrocities to beat the Nazis continue in the name of "Human Research Protections": SACHRP gave the NSA-CIA-Navy-FBI lot Carte Blanche to maul the populace aka "Intelligence & Criminal Justice Exclusions to Common Rule."
(Stay tuned for further exposure of that SACHRP sacrosanct lot--huddled at Harvard, Stanford, Utah et al--placed in those top spots to "legally" permit Amoral Atrocity on one and all, using Stealth Spectrum Wpns and Neuroweapons.)
Further profound documentary disclosure on DOD Spectrum Weapons Testing and Training on the bodies of US Citizens inside USA & Europeans in Europe via NATO:…
Note that DOJ, FBI, DHS, CIA, along with local "Law" (more correctly: Lawbreakers) maintain the Cover-Up Op for Black Op Central run by DOD-Airforce-Navy et al with the "Mental-Health-Op": Call them out and you get to pack yr toothbrush for Psych Ward straitjackets.
From 2015, but still ongoing: Electronic Warfare, Cyber Warfare, Microwave Warfare, Aerosol Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Bio Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Neighborhood Robotizing–19 Signs It’s In Your Neighborhood…
Further listing of the tech used in neighborhoods: Call it a Smart Grid, call it a Stealth Op, call it Black Ops, it's all Assault and Battery in secret, using the "National Security" apparatus in fraud--for the Globalist Communist NWO set up in Stealth.…
Thank Collusive Media for the Decades of Lies & Cover-Ups, to name all reporting Mil/Intel victims of Crimes Against Humanity wrought on their bodies by Nazi #TopCrims "Mental-Cases" needing Psych Meds--actual "reporters" at spots like @nytimes @washingtonpost @wired @dailybeast
These crimes could be ended TODAY if we had people of conscience, morality, and principle in the NSA-FBI-CIA-DHS cadre but we seem to have primarily #TopCrims #SuperSpineless #GraspingAndGreedy sorts there currently. #SpeakOut Pl. repost, share these documents widely. #KeepWaking
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More from @SatyaCovertCAS

Mar 6
ATTENTION, all being assaulted w. DEWS/Neurotech nonstop: I am collecting records of assault from all for a Collective Targeting Record and for inclusion in my Summary Investigative Report on DEW/Neurotech Targeting in process, pl. fill out PDF and share:…
2/ Please send filled document to me (doc or pdf) to me at

Deadline: April 20, 2022

LENGTH: Please do NOT send long narratives, can't read them--too much cybertrolling in my Inbox.
This is meant to be a clear and brief summary, to the point.1-1.5P
3/As people may know, I've been covering this sub as a journalist for 8 years now & it is time for CLASSIFICATION CONCEALING CRIME to be fully ENDED. My report will cover all my investigative work on targeting incl. analysis of NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS "counterintelligence" to conceal.
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Feb 28
I took some time to transcribe and post this conference because it's important.…
These MEPs from Europe are challenging Ursula von der Leyen openly--because she's corrupt. On her back, rides the forced vax mandates and passes of all EU.…
This is Ursula von der Leyen, former Defense Minister of Germany, used to setting up "backroom deals" for Defense and now Pharma contracts, getting huge kickbacks from Pfizer:

Her TEXTS with Bourla will go down as historic.
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Jan 24
Just alerted to new slander from the sad #KarenStewart who cites slanderous lies from an unnamed someone who also accuses sans evidence. I naturally cut contact w. anyone who communicates with her, #ForTheRecord, after 2.5 yrs of COINTELPRO attacks. 1/…
Those who support her tend to twist the truth and also lie, as this post proves. Sad to see she's created yet another Twitter account to fill with abusive slander and lies:: such an obsession. @karen_kams56 @kmstewart1… 2/
For anyone who encounters her malice as directed to me and is curious, please read all the many articles I have been obliged to write in response to her many attacks. I won't be engaging in back and forth with anyone on this matter. 3/…
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Jan 17
1/ I just found and read this Nov 2019 article online and appreciate Susan Sorkin's interest & analysis--however, a few pts to make:

Ramola D: Here’s Why Suzie Dawson is One of Your Biggest Allies by Susan Sorkin
2/ I doubt I have used the word "co-opted" abt Suzie Dawson, because my conclusion about her--spelled out in an article is that she's inner-circle Controlled Opp or a Limited Hangout--like #Snowden.…
3/ I have indeed linked the extrajudicial targeting of people in the US and worldwide to Unconventional Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, MOOTW, Mildec described in DOD/CIA/NSA documents -- as well as COINTELPRO from the FBI and DHS. I continue to publish on this subject.
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