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Sci-Tech, Surveillance: Exposing the Crimes of Some in Govts/Corpns Covertly Assaulting Many: Neuro/DEWs, Lies, Lists, Smear Ops. ramolad@everydayconcerned.net
Jun 5 5 tweets 3 min read
Commercial & military aviation markets seem to be converging in India for some reason--deals both sides from US, Russia--a pipeline round the world w. includes EW, radar, jet engines, commercial jets, fighter planes...#PeoplesRights need respecting first.
reuters.com/world/us-india… Too much to cover here but def. something to explore: reuters.com/world/india/in…
Jan 11 16 tweets 59 min read
@rsqk9s Thank you--indeed, as I ruminate on my recent 2nd "Section 12" experience (of flagrant police, ER, & court abuse), which I will write & speak more about shortly, it is clear to me I've been so abused Because of lack of recognition as a journalist by other Media. @nytimes @ap #AI @rsqk9s @nytimes @AP This is by design. For too long, MSM & other media have been playing the Piper's tune of Psy Op Creation to cover the crimes of those in US Gov who hide behind Cover, Classification, and Compartmentalization as well as CVE programs to unlawfully watchlist, surveil, track ppl.
Dec 1, 2022 145 tweets 70 min read
#SOS #Mayday #Mayday #BeastAI #AI #SweetAI My website has been TAKEN OVER by the Luciferian Cartel after 2 weeks of INTENSE ASSAULT with MK ULTRA BULL EMF Assault and Battery with Intent to MK me into a "Bunney" #MockOp for the Deranged and Evil Cartel Crowd. Image 2/#AI I can't make a single post now as I want.
Oct 31, 2022 14 tweets 7 min read
News that's being ignored by @wef cos they want to push through their Digital Dictatorship anyway:
Report 298 | Breaking News! Anna von Reitz Reports the American Government has Backed the US Dollar with Gold | Collapse Averted
everydayconcerned.net/2022/10/19/rep… Wolf at the Door and in September Skies, Plus a 44-Year Deadline: Anna von Reitz Recommends Americans "Return to the Land" at Speed and Reclaim Birthright Assets everydayconcerned.net/2022/09/03/wol… via @EccEveryday
Oct 27, 2022 19 tweets 14 min read
Microwave Weapons, Electromagnetic Weapons, Electronic Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Neuroweapons: Call it what you will but these are NEUROHACKING and BIOHACKING Weapons: Basic Education for "Law" Enforcement employees who KNOWINGLY use DEWs yet hope no-one notices the FACTS 👇 Those responsible for setting up a Smart Grid, for approving the use of Electronic Weapons on people (without telling them so) in #PublicSafety #CommunityHealth #CommunityPolicing #WeaponsTesting et al Covers are All #TopCrims, who've sanctioned, ok'd, approved, allowed TORTURE.
Oct 20, 2022 15 tweets 15 min read
Just FYI to the Bogus #BehaviouralHealthOpsters out there who like to project that everything is a "health crisis" from which people are "recovering" and need "healing" and "therapy" from: #PsychiatryCrime #SpyStateCrime #Spychiatry cannot be hidden ANYMORE & is #BeingExposed!👹 7:31 pm: Direct response to this tweet from the Opsters right next door calling out (they do this Only when Spychiatry is exposed at my pen, on social media, online on my Bentley logs, or in an article & in real time) to their conveniently named dog. Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna!
Oct 9, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
Psychiatry is being used to pin FALSE PSYCHIATRIC LABELS on all those wrongfully watchlisted & wrongfully trafficked by FBI-DHS-LE-LOCAL.GOVTS into Incredibly Inhumane Persecutory Unethical DOD/DOJ/CIA Experiments: Exposing this is "Crossing the Rubicon" for deadbeat DeepState. Those in the Black Ops depts of all DOD/DOJ/Deep State bastions are advised THEY crossed the Rubicon of all decency, morality, civility, normalcy, sanity a LONG time ago with their deadly hidden-by-Psychiatry horrors--which include Organized, Neighborhood-Watch-included Bullying.
Aug 2, 2022 12 tweets 6 min read
#PoliceCrimes and #FBICrimes of Lies, Slander, Libel, & Falsification of Records to facilitate target-assault with DEW/Neurotech by Black Opsters like USNavy, USMC, Army, CIA, DIA, NSA is an Act of War against the people, and a Declaration of War against the people.
#FirstMoves So let it never be said that #ThoseTargeted are warring against "Law Enforcement." Let's get it right: The #BoysinBlue have become Criminals, wearing a Mask of Virtue while going all out to lie, slander, defame, frame, set up, harass, provoke (esp. by informant-proxy) #NonCrims.
Apr 19, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
1/ Many thanks to all who called, wrote, spoke out, sent love and support.....great news: I am out of the "Section 12 Mass Code Invol. Psych Hold" run by a seriously demented neighbor and complicit and feckless cops in QPD who illegally, unConstitutionally kidnapped & held me.... 2/...for 6 days in grievous & unsavory conditions in Carney Hospital in Dorchester (which houses many good people--docs & staff--but also houses egoistic ER docs, privacy-invading Security, prison guards trained in Deep Lunacy carrying the noble title of "Mental Health Counselor"
Apr 12, 2022 14 tweets 6 min read
Last day to #stopthetreaty: Send in a comment to WHO (but note how they word this req. for public comment, it is constrictive)--this "Pandemic Treaty" will provoke World War III, #TopCrims will pass it , but the fight to EXPRESS DISSENT will continue:

worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/2022/04/s… 2/ There's only one way forward, to challenge this absurd and wrongful -- non-scientific- notion of PANDEMIC, a big lie to bring in World Corporate Fascism run by Profiteering Criminals.

Mar 12, 2022 15 tweets 7 min read
Reporting the journalism that's been lost:

The Hidden Hand: Intelligence Community Crimes, Law Enforcement Crimes, Military Crimes: High Tech Crimes, Well-Hidden, by @SatyaCovertCAS ramolad.substack.com/p/the-hidden-h… Vital documentation of DOD/DOJ crime-in-broad-daylight using Covers and Lies:

Mar 6, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
ATTENTION, all being assaulted w. DEWS/Neurotech nonstop: I am collecting records of assault from all for a Collective Targeting Record and for inclusion in my Summary Investigative Report on DEW/Neurotech Targeting in process, pl. fill out PDF and share: everydayconcerned.net/wp-content/upl… 2/ Please send filled document to me (doc or pdf) to me at ramolad@everydayconcerned.net.

Deadline: April 20, 2022

LENGTH: Please do NOT send long narratives, can't read them--too much cybertrolling in my Inbox.
This is meant to be a clear and brief summary, to the point.1-1.5P
Feb 28, 2022 16 tweets 7 min read
I took some time to transcribe and post this conference because it's important.

everydayconcerned.net/2022/02/21/str… These MEPs from Europe are challenging Ursula von der Leyen openly--because she's corrupt. On her back, rides the forced vax mandates and passes of all EU.

Jan 24, 2022 5 tweets 3 min read
Just alerted to new slander from the sad #KarenStewart who cites slanderous lies from an unnamed someone who also accuses sans evidence. I naturally cut contact w. anyone who communicates with her, #ForTheRecord, after 2.5 yrs of COINTELPRO attacks. 1/ everydayconcerned.net/ramola-d-state… Those who support her tend to twist the truth and also lie, as this post proves. Sad to see she's created yet another Twitter account to fill with abusive slander and lies:: such an obsession. @karen_kams56 @kmstewart1 everydayconcerned.net/about/ramola-d… 2/
Jan 17, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
1/ I just found and read this Nov 2019 article online and appreciate Susan Sorkin's interest & analysis--however, a few pts to make:

Ramola D: Here’s Why Suzie Dawson is One of Your Biggest Allies by Susan Sorkin link.medium.com/zosmEqdtSmb 2/ I doubt I have used the word "co-opted" abt Suzie Dawson, because my conclusion about her--spelled out in an article is that she's inner-circle Controlled Opp or a Limited Hangout--like #Snowden.