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@rsqk9s Thank you--indeed, as I ruminate on my recent 2nd "Section 12" experience (of flagrant police, ER, & court abuse), which I will write & speak more about shortly, it is clear to me I've been so abused Because of lack of recognition as a journalist by other Media. @nytimes @ap #AI
@rsqk9s @nytimes @AP This is by design. For too long, MSM & other media have been playing the Piper's tune of Psy Op Creation to cover the crimes of those in US Gov who hide behind Cover, Classification, and Compartmentalization as well as CVE programs to unlawfully watchlist, surveil, track ppl.
@rsqk9s @nytimes @AP Psy Op News and Psy Op Mockery Ops have been aimed to suppress all community reports of atrocities being committed on Americans (and others worldwide) by ABCs, military, academe, private sector as No-LImits, No-Ethics #AI, #NonLethalWeapons, #DEWs, and #Neurotech have been built.
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Microwave Weapons, Electromagnetic Weapons, Electronic Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Neuroweapons: Call it what you will but these are NEUROHACKING and BIOHACKING Weapons: Basic Education for "Law" Enforcement employees who KNOWINGLY use DEWs yet hope no-one notices the FACTS 👇
Those responsible for setting up a Smart Grid, for approving the use of Electronic Weapons on people (without telling them so) in #PublicSafety #CommunityHealth #CommunityPolicing #WeaponsTesting et al Covers are All #TopCrims, who've sanctioned, ok'd, approved, allowed TORTURE.
Those engaged in #TechSurveillance #CIA #MK projects, #DARPA Neuro Disruption projects, #NSA & Univ Mindreading projects, all know perfectly well they're doing things they shouldn't be: They're harming people, remotely, with conducted energy, RNM, REA, etc. #Amoral and #Inhumane.
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#PoliceCrimes and #FBICrimes of Lies, Slander, Libel, & Falsification of Records to facilitate target-assault with DEW/Neurotech by Black Opsters like USNavy, USMC, Army, CIA, DIA, NSA is an Act of War against the people, and a Declaration of War against the people.
So let it never be said that #ThoseTargeted are warring against "Law Enforcement." Let's get it right: The #BoysinBlue have become Criminals, wearing a Mask of Virtue while going all out to lie, slander, defame, frame, set up, harass, provoke (esp. by informant-proxy) #NonCrims.
In such a situation, the correct thing to do for all is #ExposePoliceCrimes. Don't let their constant bullying, helicopter flyovers, noise assault, DEWS and Neighborhood Watch bullying and "policing" harassment stop you--I don't & won't. Egoistic bullying needs exposing & ending.
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Last day to #stopthetreaty: Send in a comment to WHO (but note how they word this req. for public comment, it is constrictive)--this "Pandemic Treaty" will provoke World War III, #TopCrims will pass it , but the fight to EXPRESS DISSENT will continue:…
2/ There's only one way forward, to challenge this absurd and wrongful -- non-scientific- notion of PANDEMIC, a big lie to bring in World Corporate Fascism run by Profiteering Criminals.…
3/ Will write more shortly but in analyzing the information here it is clear WHO & GPPP (#TopCrims which incl. all Pharma Corpns & investors like Blackrock, Vanguard) is seeking to tie down govts to Corporate Products--tests, drugs, vaxxes--forever.…
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Reporting the journalism that's been lost:

The Hidden Hand: Intelligence Community Crimes, Law Enforcement Crimes, Military Crimes: High Tech Crimes, Well-Hidden, by @SatyaCovertCAS…
Vital documentation of DOD/DOJ crime-in-broad-daylight using Covers and Lies:…
Incontrovertible proof of DARPA and DOJ's collusion in putting deadly Spectrum Weapons and Neuroweapons on the street & in your neighbors' hands, for use against you:…
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I took some time to transcribe and post this conference because it's important.…
These MEPs from Europe are challenging Ursula von der Leyen openly--because she's corrupt. On her back, rides the forced vax mandates and passes of all EU.…
This is Ursula von der Leyen, former Defense Minister of Germany, used to setting up "backroom deals" for Defense and now Pharma contracts, getting huge kickbacks from Pfizer:

Her TEXTS with Bourla will go down as historic.
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