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A short thread🧵

When people say "trans women are women", I don't think most of them actually believe it. Some of them say it because they are afraid to not say it. Others say it because they love making others afraid of not saying it.
In a way, the whole statement "TWAW" sort of functions as a tool for social control. It's almost like a religious sacrament; a pledge of allegiance and submisson. When you say it, you prove you are willing to abandon the truth to either achieve or keep your in-group status.
You're letting others know you won't be trouble. You won't question anything no matter how absurd anything gets. You're a true believer. The Emperor's new pantyhose look amazing to you.
If you have authoritarian tendencies, "TWAW" must seem incredibly appealing. Imagine having the power to get other people fired for not believing in false statements.

"2+2=5 and anyone who disagrees is a bigot and should lose their job"

Imagine having that power?
Well a lot people have that power right now. It's sort of like that part in 1984: "How many fingers, Winston?" Stating the correct number of fingers gets you punished. Accepting the falsehood gets you rewarded.
A: "Humans cannot change their sex"
B: "Humans can change their sex"

Claim A is objectively true but might get you fired.
Claim B is objectively false but might get you hired.
So when people say "TWAW" it's useful to remember a lot of them don't actually believe that. They either say it out of fear and compliance or in order to remind you they have power over you. But what's the big deal? Why can't you just BE NICE and play along?
Because. If they can make everyone submit to this foolishness, it eventually becomes a religion as even children are raised into believing this sacred thing that no one can question. And it has consequences.
When we establish false premises, we will inevitably run into false conclusions and contradictions. Bad policies will ensue. Women will find themselves housed in prisons with male inmates. Women's sports will become an outright farce. And this has already happened as we've seen.
But most importantly, adopting these falsehoods under social coercion will outright distort our very relationship with reality itself. This isn't just a false empirical claim about reality where new evidence could theoretically overturn the verdict on truth.
This is about messing with conceptual truths, like 2+2=4. When definitions of words and concepts can be changed prescriptively overnight to reshape reality, we not only lose our ability to speak, but our ability to think.
If they can make you believe men can get pregnant, they can make you believe anything. Most people don't believe such statements, yet an alarming number of them are willing to pretend they do. Where do you think we end up with that?
They are already teaching such statements to children at school. And you better believe those kids don't get to ask questions or disagree, because these statements aren't even presented to them as empirical claims, but as moral ones. We are witnessing the birth of a new religion.

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