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Mar 25 6 tweets 4 min read
Endorsing a genocide? How dare you @raqib_naik.

I'm a Kashmiri Hindu whose family members were killed, faced ethnocide & ethnic cleansing.

I want those terrorists that perpetrated that violence to face consequences––only them.

That is what retribution means.

Delete the tweet Image
If you're a journalist & wanted clarification of my tweet, why didn't you contact me?

Instead you tweet the libelous claim that I endorse genocide of Kashmiri Muslims––many of whom are friends & neighbors––and tag hospitals where I serve people of all faiths & ethnicities.
^@HinduAmerican has shown that Naik is a consultant to @IAMCouncil & likely conspired with other groups to attack Hindu service orgs with claims they are funding genocide in India.

@raqib_naik gives us an excellent example of gaslighting that Kashmiri Hindus have long faced.
And now, Naik's tweet is goading his followers to call my hospital and attempt to destroy my surgical practice built over 20 years.

This is what a Kashmiri Hindu faces for highlighting our ethnic cleansing & calling for retribution––justice––by holding terrorists accountable. Image
Can someone educate @raqib_naik––a journalist––on the meaning of retribution as it relates to criminal law and the #RightToJustice? Somewhere he has learned that retribution = genocide. The rest of us know that terrorism = genocide.
#TheKashmirFiles ImageImage

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Apr 14
It's no wonder that Sanjay Kak, a dear friend of terrorist Yasin Malik, published this piece on #TheKashmirFiles in Al Jazeera of all places. He is a Delhiite who was neither born nor raised in Kashmir and has never experienced the fear of targeted killings and persecution.
4000 families still live there? Out of hundreds of thousands that left? That's a win? You don't even mention how they're still under attack and being killed today? Have you forgotten the 4 bullets pumped into Bal Krishan Bhat's body just last week?
Your talking about your relatives, your kin, Mr. Kak. How many should be in Kashmir today and how many faced exodus? You want to quibble about 200,00 or 500,000? What number means something to you? What number equals exodus? Inexplicable bean counting.
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Apr 10
Two weeks ago, journalist Raqib Naik maliciously distorted a tweet and tagged my medical practice & hospital. I asked him to delete the false tweet.

Naik refused & I've been deluged with hateful comments since. My lawyer sent this letter that outlines the chronology of events:
First, Raqib lied saying I called for genocide. Now he lies again saying I called for “mass” retribution.

This deceit has led to vicious attacks and Raqib is doubling down today, leading to another avalanche of hate on #RamNavami of all days.
If Raqib is a journalist & wondered what I meant by “retribution” he could’ve contacted me. I would have explained that I meant retributive justice by bringing to court the terrorists that killed family members & caused the exodus of my family.

Instead Raqib chose to vilify me.
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Mar 21
This is how my mama ji (uncle) escaped a bullet from Bitta Karate and is still alive today. I have not told this story before. #TheKashmirFiles #KashmirFiles 1/n
Before Farooq Ahmed Dar became a psychopath terrorist, he was just another kid with a pet name of Bitta who used to play cricket in Srinagar with my family. My uncle even gave him money for school. 2/n
After Bitta returned from terror training in PoK, he was given orders to assassinate my uncle. Bitta had another JKLF terrorist watch my uncle leave his home for work, walking through an intersection in Haba Kadal. The plan was to shoot my uncle from behind at close range. 3/n
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Jun 21, 2021
As a Kashmir native, I'm shocked that @HarvLRev actually platformed, then whitewashed, a terrorist ideology that cleansed my family and 400,000 others from Kashmir. Do you realize @HarvLRev that deploying the "Settler/Colonial" binary is killing Hindus & Muslims right now? 1/
While the thesis of the article @HarvLRev printed is horrific & actually violent, the logical fallacies & rhetoric are glaring.
The abstract argues that abrogation of 370 unleashed a settler/colonial project, but then says that the Article's impact was "de minimis!" 2/
Not a single mention @HarvLRev that every US administration since Clinton has blasted Pakistan for a proxy war against India by arming and training terrorists in Kashmir. No mention of the ISIS presence there. You erase the very source of terrorism that killed my relatives!
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Apr 5, 2021
I see that @Hindus4HR is at its usual attention-seeking game: attack @HinduAmerican to curry favor with Islamist @IAMCouncil & @EqualityLabs and try to get noticed.
How far will they go? They will demean our saints and slander the Gita. Yes, that far. 1/n
If you want to be a useful idiot for Hinduphobes, that's a choice you make. But to perpetuate the miasma that caste discrimination is intrinsic to Hindu practice--while quoting our Hindu scripture? That is irredeemably revolting and insulting. 2/n
There is a reason that the guru-sishya parampara is privileged in Hindu tradition. For only that spiritual grounding could prevent the disastrous hermeneutic misadventures that @Hindus4HR/@SadhanaHindus serve up in their rush to please their masters. Some examples? Here goes: 3/n
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Apr 4, 2021
No, @AudreyTruschke, as a board member of HAF, I can confirm that your name was never discussed as part of a coordinated attack, nor ever been brought up at the board level. Any such accusations are defamatory. It’s actually you who has been involved in targeted harassment. (1/3)
You @AudreyTruschke have mocked Hindu texts, claimed Lord Rama was a misogynistic pig, that rape & “rape culture” were endemic to Hinduism, portrayed Hindus as bizarre “cow piss” drinkers, taught students that Hinduism is inherently oppressive, racist, and violent. (2/3)
Such vitriolic anti-Hindu bigotry, which no religion should experience from a so-called academic, has consequences. You reap what you sow, and we’re proud of @RutgersU Hindu students who are holding you accountable for your blatant #Hinduphobia (3/3)
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