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1. To all the bigoted Hinduphobes who constantly harp on & on & on & on & on & on & on about the "caste system" when talking about Hinduism - we see you & we're gonna start calling your SORRY ASSES OUT. Hinduism is the world's oldest religion and is a deeply profound..
2. spiritual, scientific, & all-encompassing living philosophy. It has survived for millennia & it’s beautiful teachings are flourishing organically in America for a reason: they work. Hinduism has given the world yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, the concepts of karma, dharma,...
3. non-duality, consciousness, chakras, & so much more. To reduce it to the “caste system” and to make “caste” its defining feature is offensive, grossly Hinduphobic, & belies a deep & profound ignorance of Hinduism’s all encompassing knowledge system. If the “caste system” is...
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Can you imagine the racial, religious and political hate India would have been subject to if the #Coronovirus had come from India?

Would be blamed on Modi, there’d be calls for his ouster, Hindus would be called dirty, all manner of attack.

Because we have no narrative control.
Hindus have become political and media whipping boys in the world, with #Hinduphobia normalized. The Christian Right, the Islamic world and the Western Left are aligned in attacking Hindus assisted by an entire army of Indian sepoys.

And the BJP/Govt is clueless about narrative.
Yes it is ironic that the Christian Right in India can at present be labeled the least antagonistic while the “liberal left” is the most racist and #HinduPhobic. Off the charts in their hate.

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People who are making fun of Hindu festival #Holi by made up stories and out of their bigotry & #Hinduphobia.
This thread is specifically for them.

3.Bareilly woman claims serial 'halala' | India News - Times of India…
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@TulsiGabbard is absolutely correct.
1) #Hinduphobia is a common phenomenon in US @NarangVipin

2019,Swaminarayan Temple( Kentucky) vandalised. Miscreants sprayed black paint on the “Murti”,wrote 'Jesus is the only God’ & Christian Cross was painted on various walls of temple.
Complete report of “Swaminarayan Temple( Kentucky) vandalisation”…
@NarangVipin here is another incidence of #Hinduphobia from US in July,2019.

2)A Hindu Pujari dressed in his dharmik attire was physically assaulted in Queens,NewYork. The spot was two blocks from Shiv Shakti Peeth Temple in Glen Oaks by Sergio Gouveia.
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In #JNUProtests, this placard shows Mata Kaali as wearing the Hijab, ie The Supreme Divine Mother of Hindu pantheon, the fiercest of them all, is shown as having accepted Islam. If this is not bigotry and #Hinduphobia, I don’t know what is.
The entire nature of CAA/NRC protests have always been anti-Hindu and these images only prove what we already know. #Hinduphobia
Ma Kaali is the fiercest of all. Her hair flow with complete freedom. She has risen above her mortal body so she doesn’t wear anything except a skull-garland. She attacks our deepest demons & frees our soul.

Wrapping her in a “modest” garment attacks everything she stands for.
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A disgraceful piece, and illustrates so much about popular #Hinduphobia in the media that @HinduAmerican highlights daily. Let's count the ways: 1) Ostensibly document recent events in #Kashmir, but completely erase #kashmiripandits. Not a single mention. None. (thread)
@HinduAmerican 2)Tie revocation of Art 370 to the tired, overused media narratives of Gujarat/Godhra, hagiography of @RanaAyyub, Ram temple, RSS, etc, without a single bit of original reporting. Could just read the annual (discredited) @USCIRF report instead. Goal is to make 370 about Islam (2)
@HinduAmerican @RanaAyyub @USCIRF 3)No context that the revocation of 370 is about equal protection, one law for all Indians, that those pushing for "self-determination" are pushing for a theocratic state. Dexter Filkins reported extensively on #ISIS in Iraq, but ignores #ISIS flags being unfurled in Kashmir. (3)
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A thread:
Illuminating #Bible passages on how a #pagan deserves only deceit, dissimulation and to be taken advantage of - even when he extends help.

Even if fellow-#Abrahamics are mortal enemies, a Pagan who extends shelter to one never really wins their loyalty or trust.
The scene: David flees Israelite territory. King Saul is trying to kill him, no matter how much David tries to prove his bona fides.

David + 600 soldiers (w/ families) take shelter with Philistine King Achish of Gath - pagans the Israelites hate.…
Pagan king Achish grants David a town to settle in, hoping to win favour through hospitality. And perhaps driving a wedge in Israel.

Instead, behind his host's back, David and his men sack and massacre nearby pagan settlements - making sure that the king doesn't hear of it.
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Do read @trueindology's post and the blatant #Hinduphobia which led to his suspension. If any other religion's followers were targeted with such insensitivity, they would be suspended. Here the victim is.

If you think #Hinduphobia isn't real, they'll come for you too. Thread 1/n
I hadn't much cared for these issues till, nearly 16 years ago, I happened to read an Encarta entry about Hinduism, an Encyclopedia commonly used by school children in the US. What my daughter was reading about Hinduism was unrecognizable from any Hinduism I knew. 2/n
I checked to see whether Encarta covered other religions with the same distaste it showed for Hinduism but, to my surprise, it treated every other religion with a great deal of respect. This led to my original comparative critique of Encarta. 3/n…
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The mosque shooter in #ChristChurch New Zealand was clearly driven by hate & religious belief.
But when Islamic terrorists mow down people why is that explained by them being "oppressed" or "deprived" or "Babri" or "Kashmir" rather than being driven by hate and religious belief?
There is no Whataboutery. It a result of indoctrination from exclusive totalitarian religion. I condemn it now and every day.
The #ChristChurch #NewZealandShooting is not "Islamophobia." It is driven by exclusive totalitarian Christianity just as Islamic terror is driven by exclusive totalitarian Islam. It is phobia of all other "unbelievers."
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I am a #Hindu A #Sanatani
I am Not Tired,Never Will be!

It’s my duty to Expose & Fight the #AntiHindu sepoys of the Western masters ‘promoting #HinduPhobia
धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

Dharma alone can maintain the Society
धारणात धर्म मित्याहु धर्मो धारयति प्रजाः
Remote controlled Eurocentric Macaulayite agents of
‘Western Insentive system of international travels & grants’,
produces Hindu bashing material.

@INCIndia ‘s mission of uprooting #Hindu culture to ensure uninterrupted dynasty rule,supports them!
Narasingha Sil,Jeffrey Kripal,Sudhir Kakar, many W Scholars, including communists in W Bengal have alleged homosexual relationships between Swami Vivekananda & Ramkrishna Paramhansa😡
#Hinduphobia #CongressAssaultsSaints #AtrocityLiterature
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