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🚨What if an org creates database of White Christian settler family lastnames who wr Slave Owners N German Christian lastnames that supported Nazi/Hitler in holocaust of Jews N British Christian colonizer lastnames to profile, name/shame/target them easily #California #NoToSB403
If that shouldn’t be done to descendants of barbarians as even then it would amount to hatred, bigotry and discrimination then how is such profiling of Brahmin Hindus/Savarnas who historically have not oppressed anyone be hated and their descendants targeted?! #neocolonialist Image
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We are glad to publish the Annual #TheGlobalAntiHinduReport for the year 2022. The report is based on data flagged by our #AIModel as anti-Hindu. #AI #Analytics #hindumisia #hinduphobia #hindudvesha 1/15 Image
2/15 Please review the contents to know what's included in this annual report. Image
3/15 Image
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Demonization of Brahmins is not a new phenomenon. The christians have been at it for hundreds of years #Hinduphobia

From 'Letters on the state of Christianity in India' Image
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1. In the face of a fierce backlash, The Guardian has apologised and removed Martin Rowson's drawing posted on its website as it "did not meet our editorial standards".…
2. This was due to its blatant antisemitism. However it is normal for the white elite left-wing Guardian to attackgroups like Jews and Hindus. After all it has never apologised for using Hinduphobia against @pritipatel knowing cattle are venerated…
3. Until this year when a black researcher employed by the Guardian to look into slavery uncovered the newspaper itself had links to slave trade, they even justified this sordid past…
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1. @France24_en takes issue with Hindus being armed to stop beign attacked by western armed and Pakistan backed Islamic fascists intent on exterminating Hindus.…
2. That is hardly surprising because France itself backed Tipu Sultan, rescued Mufti al-Husayni from Nuremberg Trials, gave asylum to Khomeini and has @jaffrelotc its very own Hindu-hating left-wing white racist type denigrating Hindus…
3. Meanwhile France is arming far right Islamic terrorists in its former African colonies…
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1. Hindu refugees from Pakistan living in Gangana, Jodhpur, faced further persecution when their homes were bulldozed by the Jodhpur Development Authority and local police. Thousands of Hindu men, women and children refugees living in extreme poverty are now made homeless.
2. Regardless if the state is under CONgress rule but this is a country of a billion Hindus where Hindus are regularly attacked and killed along with getting ethnically cleansed.
3. A country where Hinduism is mocked regularly and where the education system is still rooted in colonial Hinduphobic racism that brings out on a conveyor belt the worse type of Hinduphobic garbage that goes around the world inciting more hate against Hindus
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1. To understand #Khalistan one needs to look deeper into #Sikh separatism. This also leads us into why Hindus are apologetics, self-hating and constantly being pushed around and spat on by media giants such as @BBCWorld @guardian @Independent .
2. Why did @shrutikapila resist the very idea of #Hinduphobia existing? Because it is a disease which has been around for almost 2 centuries. In 1991, the late Ram Swarup examined this:

"Indeed, we are face to face with a strange kind of Sikhism.
3. The Sikh Gurus had worked and fought for the resurgence of Hinduism but now we are told that this resurgence is precisely the cause of Sikh uneasiness.
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1. Pankaj Mishra, Priyamvada Gopal, Shruti Kapila, Angana Chatterjee are from India's well off Anglophone elite who preach socialism but get prime jobs in the capitalist western imperialists states where Mr Leftie White Man neo-racist gives them platforms and networks
2. They not only fulminate against the western countries they are in as imperialist, colonialist and racist monsters, but they also attack India and especially Hindus in the same vein. Indeed their #Hinduphobia which they deny even exists crosses into pathological racism.
3. But is that these demagogues of Indian origin, Hindu background and often Brahmin caste hate their own people and culture so much? That is why they are called #Stephen . Stephen is the evil character from movie Django Unchained, a slave who serves his white master faithfully
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1. While Fremont in California passes a historic proclamation recognising Hindu American contribution and condemning #Hinduphobia, Hinduphobic Fascists called out by the fraudulent Dalit Diva and
2. #EqualityLabs turn up to protest at the event to give evidence that Hinduphobia does exist by claiming it doesn’t by also shouting ‘Hinduphobia Down Down’ and harassing Hindu women and children.
3. The irony is these Hinduphobes are also promoting caste discrimination especially when you see far right Khalistanis among them who are extreme Jatt casteists which is why Punjab is converting to Christianity at rapid speed.
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1. The excellent report by Henry Jackson Society exposing anti-Hindu bullying in schools and #Hinduphobia has been released. But this Hinduphobia has been fostered by intellectuals and media who feed the very narrative which had led to the current situation found in schools.
2. For decades @guardian @Independent @BBC and others have been spewing Hinduphobia unchallenged. If you complain they ignore it. If you turn up they still ignore it. The Independent claim Hindu chant of "Jai Shri Ram" is a battle cry of hate. This is just one of many.
3. When you contact the Independent or any media giant they claim to be experts of Hindu issues. In reality they are just pushing neo-racism and neo-colonialism so revered by left-wing white elite who hate Hindus. They suffer from the #Churchill syndrome.
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🧵Woke up to text from a member of #Hindu community “This is what it has come to. Remember the British Divide & Rule? Well it’s now happening to Indians in US. They are being set up to fight against each other on the premise of caste bias!”
2) “Yesterday Fremont, California passed resolution condemning #HinduPhobia
3) “It was not without Drama. The supporters of @EqualityLabs led by @dalitdiva tried to storm in & created ruckus outside chanting anti Hindu slogans, doing exactly what the resolution was condemning.”
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Imp thread : How a #MuslimGenocide narrative was carefully crafted from beginning of 2022 by professional influencers to prepare ground for the pre-planned target killing of Hindus.

1/9 #Hinduphobia #HindusUnderAttack
While the Islamoleftists have always talked about predictions of doom under Modi, there was a marked urgency as 2022 dawned. A clearly coordinated plan to create prolonged violence in India before 2024 (exactly what happened in Trump's last year) is underway. Let's see how. 2/9
8 Jan 2022. No anti M violence in India.

Professional influencer Swara Bhasker tweets about an invisible genocide in India. Most people laugh it off as attention whoring. Wiser ones worry knowing what's coming. 3/9
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#BREAKING: In a historic move, Georgia legislature passes the first ever County Resolution condemning #Hinduphobia and anti-Hindu bigotry! The resolution recognized the contributions of Indian Americans and Hindu Americans in Georgia and 1/n
called out the rising #Hinduphobia around the country. This trend has been documented by the @HinduphobiaConf and the research by @RutgersU and @ncri_io. 2/n…
The legislative delegation of Forsyth County in the suburbs of Atlanta, home to one of the largest Hindu American and Indian American diaspora communities, made the effort to recognize #Hinduphobia and call for an end to anti-Hindu hate. 3/n
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Clarifying Thread: Why I speak up for #HinduAmericans and #Hinduism.

My friends and colleagues are often surprised by how vocal I am in speaking up on #HinduAmerican and #IndianAmerican issues on @Twitter (only).

They are surprised for a number of reasons.

a. Focus of my professional work is #GlobalHealth, #Innovation, and #HealthTech adoption. Focus of my community work is underserved communities in the Bay Area, which tend to be non-Indian and non-Hindu for the most part.

b. My friends know that I’m fairly understated in my faith, which is more philosophical, less rituals. I am informed by a decision my widowed great-grandma made when she chose an egalitarian, spiritual group that eschewed caste labels. My family still follows that path.

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#TwitterFiles 17: A chilling cocktail of #censorship and #Hinduphobia.

The latest in my @SundayGuardian column #ChicagoDiary.

A thread. 🧵1/10… Image
When journalist @mtaibbi released the 17th version of the Twitter Files, some 40,000 American Twitter users, including many US citizens, discovered a US government-funded group was tracking them for alleged “disinformation” and “online harassment.”
🧵2/10… Image
Dataset sent to Twitter’s Trust & Safety team by the Atlantic Council’s DFRLab. TheDFRLab alleged that those handles belonged to “Hindu nationalists” and “paid employees or possibly volunteers” of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
🧵3/10… Image
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A thread examining projection by Islamists. In simple words, what Islamists themselves do, as part of war propaganda, they blame RSS for it. This thread offers no defence of #RSS, only highlights Islamist projection as a propaganda tactic.

#Hinduphobia #Islamophobia 1/16
Claim : RSS is divisive

OTOH : Islam has already divided India & leading other divisive movements like Kashmir. It's mainstream, Kafiron Se Azaadi anyone? 2/16
Claim : RSS are terrorists

OTOH : List of top terrorists & terrorist organisations published by all governments & UN bodies have only & only Muslims in it 3/16
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Meet @abcnews which recommends 'hugging a cow' for your psychological wellbeing, they promote Cow Cuddling Co. but ridicule #Hindus for suggesting the same, blame Modi's #Hindu nationalism for it. #Hinduphobia
Meet @BBC who promote cow hugging as "world's new wellness trend" but ridicule #Hindus with cow urine, gobar jibes when they suggest the same. Their target is not the cow, it is you, a #Hindu who dare reject Westernism for following your Indic traditions. Its #HinduHate. Period.
Meet @NBCNews who promote cow hugging therapy for people recovering from trauma, but GOI's cow hug day is branded "to promote #Hindu values".
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We are glad to publish the #TheGlobalAntiHinduScorecard for Dec 2022. IAMC, based out of Chicago, is firmly in the leadership spot for promoting #antiHindu hate. #AI #Analytics #hindumisia #hinduphobia #hindudvesha (1/3)
Targeting Hindus/Sanatana Dharma for casteism is on the rise.
#TeamIndia and
under attack for "casteism"! Review the report and the methodology. Please like, RT and follow the handle. Requesting your support (3/3)
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THREAD: Powerful #AI like #ChatGPT is the talk of the town. As a #HinduAdvocacy organization, we checked to see how it frames responses on #Hinduism vs other faiths. The results are concerning and display deep #bias. Read on. 1/n 👇🏽
One of the 1st questions we tested a few days ago was “Is Hinduphobia real?” We found the #AI response to be biased and sending mixed messages, especially when compared to its clear measured responses to questions against #Antisemitism and #Islamophobia. 2/n
Next, jokes about Hindu deities or religious figures are deemed appropriate and apparently not disrespectful or offensive vs those about figures from other religions! Others like @KalavaiVenkat and @mairal have also highlighted this. 3/n
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1. As the new century dawned @media_hhr were doing protests on the streets, selling Voice of India books, books by Sita Ram Goel, Ram Swarup and @Koenraad_Elst outside 10 downing street, selling £5000 of books, and books in libraries.
2. Hindu Human Rights (HHR) were also doing campus talks, getting apology from Cavalli for descrating Hindu imagery, stopping Harrods from selling underwear with Hindu gos, Minelli shoes from selling footwear with Hindu gods.
3. HHR was highlighting #Hinduphobia in parliament as far back as 2003. HHR almost got the BBC to take off material that supported Aryan invasion myth. All this without any donations, just grassroots voluntary time, effort and expense. So what went wrong?
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Wait For The End-

आप सूर्य की पूजा करते है, उनके लिए चांद की इबादत अहम है।
- आप सीधे तवे की रोटी खाते है, उनके लिए तवा उल्टा होना जरूरी है।
- आप झटका खाते हैं तो उन्हें हलाल ही चाहिए।
- गाय आपके लिए माता स्वरूप है, उन्हें सब कुछ छोड़ बस गाय ही खाना है
आप मूर्तिपूजक हैं तो उनके लिए बुतपरस्ती हराम है, उनका इरादा सारे बुत ध्वस्त करने का है।
- आप वराह स्वरूप की पूजा करते है, उनके में नाम लेना भी हराम है।
- हमारे यहां विवाह पवित्र रस्म है, 7 जन्मों का बंधन तो उनके यहां यह महज एक कॉन्ट्रैक्ट है।
यहां नारी पूजा का स्थान है तो उधर स्त्री उपभोग की वस्तु याने कि माले गनीमत।
- आपके त्योहार रंग लगाकर होते है तो उनके खून बहाकर।
- आप सर्वधर्म समभाव में मानते है परंतु वह अपने वाले के अलावा किसी का सम्मान तो दूर उसके अस्तित्व को ही नकार देते हैं।
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1. UK media and politicians accuse India of exporting Hindutva extremism to their country. @kimleadbeater whose sister was murdered by neonazi terrorist and in whose constituency a teacher is in hiding from islamic fascists seems obsessed by this myth.
2. Yet it is the UK that exports terrorism to India. Mobs led by @liambyrnemp attack the the high commission in London demanding that Hindu blood be sacrificed to satisfy the jihad lust of Pakistan and its proxies, and accept their deaths quietly.
3. @NazShahBfd and @SayeedaWarsi bridge the party divide to demand anschluss of Kashmir to Pakistan, just as Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland were sacrificed to Nazi Germany by appeasers such as Oswald Mosley. UK born jihadists leave their homeland to wage jihad on India.
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We are glad to publish the #TheGlobalAntiHinduScorecard for Nov 2022. Reporting is now solely based on validated content ; this is in preparation for a major enhancement in 2023. (1/3) #AI #Analytics #hindumisia #hinduphobia #hindudvesha
#IAMC continues to stay at the top of the anti-Hindu hate mongering list. (2/3)
@GemsOfBollywood and @sbabones garnered attention in November. Please do read the methodology. Please like, RT and follow this handle. Requesting your support. (3/3)
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#Hinduphobia. What’s wrong with this picture? The fact that a university department of @Columbia decides to use sacred Hindu imagery to advertise a politically charged and controversial conference filled with a list of Hinduphobic professors. 1/n
Could @Columbia have used a different picture? Sure, but, instead, the South Asia Institute deliberately targeted Hinduism, Shri Rama for their biased narrative. Academic Freedom not an excuse to target a religion without expecting a response. Let’s also review the speakers. 2/n
Rohit Chopra, Dheepa Sundaram, Thomas Blom Hansen - of last year’s Dismantling Global Hindutva conf which openly targeted Hinduism, singled out five Hindu last names as supporters of violence, called Hinduism a danger to democracy.… 3/n
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