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good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, 9fax politics editor Peter Hartcher, and ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn. It is an unnecessary and indulgent 90 minute show with two interviews.
the interviews are with shadow health minister Mark Butler and foreign affairs prime minister for women Marise Payne #Insiders.

This thread is not fact-checked. It is not apartisan, and I reject phoney bothsides framing. I also block snitch taggers and am not your dictionary.
opening spiel: The Gaffe. Morrison’s transphobia. “Vulnerabilities” of leaders are bothsided.
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? he may not be popular but we should vote for him anyway. The Gaffe. Transphobia, again.
montage: The Gaffe. Morrison on The Gaffe. Katy Gallagher on the unemployment rate. John Howard on The Gaffe. Morrison on The Gaffe, again. Morrison in hi vis. Frydenberg and Payne in hi vis. Morrison on why we should vote for him. Shake It Off. #Insiders
journalist asking Albanese how he will afford a Medicare announcement. Clip of Morrison blaming Labor for the fact his government is pro-corruption. Keane, Abbott, Albanese, and Morrison on Deves. #Insiders
they are extending #Insiders to 90 minutes throughout the campaign😬
#MakingNews a drop of an announcement of an appointment Morrison might make if the Coalition wins. The Rachelle Miller payout, but not the fact she released Morrison from any DND clause. #Insiders
Speers editorialises The Gaffe. Panel. Opens with why Andrew Probyn thinks The Gaffe matters. #Insiders
The Gaffe The Gaffe The Gaffe. On and fucking on. I will not be further disseminating journalist opinions of The Gaffe. #Insiders
Maiden says the press gallery “kind of rope a doped” Albanese by not questioning him over the years. Says he has not held an economic portfolio. Claims he lacks ambition. According to Maiden he should have taken on defence or something. Speers returns to The Gaffe. #Insiders
Hartcher on The Gaffe. #Insiders. He repeats the usual anti-Labor lines about The Gaffe and Speers underlines how important he, Speers, says is The Gaffe.
Maiden lmao says Scott Morrison makes gaffes too!!
a federal integrity commission. Speers asks Hartcher if it is Labor’s fault that Morrison has not delivered on his promise to establish a federal integrity commission. Yes, you read that right. #Insiders
Hartcher is of the opinion that a federal integrity commission matters. Is it a vote changer tho? asks Speers. Hartcher says it shows the Coalition have given up on the seats contested by teal Indies? Wow. Seems a bold claim, that Morrison has deserted his deputy. #Insiders
integrity commission and “the trans gender” says Speers to Maiden, on “teal seats” he means Warringah. Maiden says Morrison is focused on outer suburban seats, calls it a zero sum game, and says that is his narrow path to victory. #Insiders
summarise the week, Andrew? The Gaffe, says Probyn. For Morrison, it is The Economy, Probyn says. Don’t risk change! Speers interjects helpfully, repeating the Morrison line. Does Labor have a theme tho? Oh Labor cares or something sneers Maiden contemptuously. #Insiders
The Economy, says Hartcher. Morrison the Great Campaigner, says Maiden. Probyn is also generous to a fault giving Morrison all the credit for the press gallery pumping up his tires all week. He calls Albanese “flabby”. He has to sharpen up, says Probyn. #Insiders
interview. Clip of Morrison supporting Deves for years opening question. Payne says her view is we have to show respect to people who transition? Speers then recites some of Deves’ more vile lies. Should she be disendorsed? Oh that’s a matter for the NSW branch. #Insiders
should. She. Be. Dropped?
Payne, a Liberal Party NSW Senator says that is a matter for the Liberal Party in NSW.
is this a good example of why pre-selection process should be followed, rather than a captain’s pick? Payne slips back to personal position - she herself was just pre-selected! - then refuses to condemn the triumvirate. #Insiders
like the Deves candidature in the NSW Liberal Party, the Millar payout following allegations of abuse by a Liberal Party minister is nothing to do with Payne, a NSW Liberal Party politician and cabinet minister. She knows nothing, nothing at all. #Insiders
The Economy. Payne pushes a bunch of numbers out the door. Recites the usual guff about accidental economic figures and pretends they have A Plan. The contents of The Plan are never detailed. #Insiders
a federal integrity commission. What are you promising? A 300 page document, says Payne. She says the draft was tabled in the parliament. Introduced to the parliament? One of the two mealy mouthed misleading claims. Not debated tho, says Speers. #Insiders
Payne gets quite exercised about integrity commissions [checks notes] cross examining witnesses. Are you talking about Berejiklian? Should the public not have been told she approved grants in her then BF’s seat? Lol. Backtrack. #Insiders
eventually we get to foreign affairs. The Solomon Islands and their negotiations with China? Payne says Pacific Family but not “our” Pacific Family. Posits that sovereign Solomon Islander arrangements are the business of all other pacific nations. #Insiders
Ukraine and the ICC. We are providing two officials to the court to help with investigations, says Payne, and potentially AFP officers. #Insiders
what about Australians in refugee camps in Syria? Well we asked them not to go, says Payne. Asked if refugee women and children pose a risk to Australians, Payne says she will not go into the specifics of any intelligence, implying it exists. #Insiders
back to Deves. Not a full throated defence of the candidate, says Maiden. And look at other seats like Wentworth, says Probyn. The NSW Liberals are at war, says Maiden. It is a stunning piece of political amateurishness and bloody mindedness, says Hartcher. #Insiders
ham fistedness, says Hartcher. It is not like they are surprised, says Maiden. She calls Deves very articulate very attractive and very passionate. She then trots out a *very* problematic description of trans women, and repeats it. #Insiders
the prime minister picked her out of nowhere, says Maiden. Deves joined the Liberal Party six months ago, so is ineligible for candidature. Morrison gave her an exemption because HE wants to bring transphobia into the campaign [paraphrased] #Insiders
why? says Maiden. Because he wants transphobia to play in outer suburban seats [paraphrased]. Probyn jumps in as soon as Maiden drops this pay dirt to repeat and mansplain exactly “what Sam just said”. Speers says Liberals under threat from teal indies are not happy. #Insiders
back we go to Rachelle Millar. Maiden runs thru a ten year work history in the parliament, including allegations of bullying by (now) Attorney General Michaela Cash. Hartcher tsk take and names the half million public dollar price tag. #Insiders
off we go to Casey Briggs. The Gaffe. On The Gaffe, Casey, says Speers. Briggs then goes through media coverage of The Gaffe, which he calls data and then The Gaffe Industrial Complex. Speers chortles appreciatively. Two seconds on integrity, and back to The Gaffe. #Insiders
Briggs then plays a selection of stills from major party bookface ads, which involves wait for it broadcasting Liberal Party framing of The Gaffe. #Insiders
as Briggs wraps up, Speers wants to clarify whether press gallery journalists and the Liberal Party are wholly aligned? Yep, wholly aligned: almost everything coming from both limbs of this monster is about The Gaffe. #DeathTax lies are also back. #Insiders
where the social media spending is going is fascinating, says Speers. There will be “fibs”, says Probyn, of Liberal Party lies, “which is why Albanese has to sharpen up”. No word on whether the gallery should stop broadcasting Liberal Party lies. #Insiders
a kind of #FinalObservation-sounding point from Hartcher. He says it is remarkable that the Liberal Party leader is abandoning Liberal Party heartland. This “abandoned” to the teal indies narrative keeps building. #Insiders
clip from AMA prez to go to the interview with shadow health minister Mark Butler. Seven days a week minor emergencies services, says Butler, all bulk billed. Speers interrupts to say broken arms bulk billed but not broken fingers? Christ. #Insiders
Butler obliges with examples - kid fell off skateboard, 8am-10pm opening hours - but Speers is obsessed with a bulk billing commitment. Will it be free of charge? Does it depend on the injury? Bulk billed? Bulk billed? #Insiders
will the staff for these clinics “be imported from overseas”? When will the clinics be up and running? Next year. Is it fully costed? Yes. Is it tho? Yes. Who did the costing? Who? #Insiders
aged care. Cost? Is it costed? By the PBO? Why so dull, David? #Insiders
integrity. The only way to clean up the rorts is a change of government, says Butler. He commits to retrospective operation of an independent integrity commission established by Labor, and to public hearings. #Insiders
heh. Speers then tries to suggest that the emergency clinic announcements will be in targeted seats. The press gallery did not cotton onto Morrison government handouts in April 2019 until after the election and the ANAO investigated. #Insiders
back to panel. What do we make of the emergency clinics? Maiden smirks skeptically and says she would be impressed if it happens. Beazley [who lost to Howard after 9/11] was gonna co-locate childcare with schools, she says. #Insiders
it is not just Labor releasing junk policy, says Hartcher. Or junky policy did he say? Sloppy language. Will the Coalition release these small policy announcements? asks Speers. Maiden says it annoys her when governments take credit for job creation numbers. #Insiders
Probyn: The Gaffe. #Insiders
clip of Albanese on turnbacks, detention without charge, and off shore processing. Probyn says this shows how terrible Albanese is at everything and Labor should be super worried [paraphrased] #Insiders
we then get a history of Labor conference decisions about off shore processing from Maiden. She has an incredibly detailed memory of the ALP factional manoeuvres on this. Nothing on Morrison and Dutton’s record of lying about children in detention. #Insiders
nothing on self-immolation, the murders and rapes, the targeted cruelty and Biloela family, the tens and tens of billions wasted on Border Force and Christmas Island and Wilson Security etc #Insiders
vox pops curated by Speers to underline and parrot back the dominant media narrative. The Gaffe. The Unknown. The Gaffe. #Insiders
there is no strong mood for change, says Hartcher, and this - sitting like a dead hand on the land in the comfort of incumbent power - is literally all the Coalition need to win. #Insiders
citing “qualitative research”, Probyn says Labor need a big charismatic leader to win from Opposition. Maiden says oh but John Howard was not charismatic and Speers agrees, thereby erasing the distinction between Labor winning from opposition and incumbent tory power. #Insiders
#TalkingPictures is up. The Gaffe gets a run. Reucassel is a back to you Speersy man. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Hartcher saying there are Easter Sunday puns and parallels and, citing Fukuyama, says he would like to see democratic renewal as opposed to democratic death. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 is Maiden teasing us with her Derridian analysis just kidding she points to the ineligibility of Ben Small to contest and sit in the federal parliament until just the other day despite sitting out a half Senate term knowing his NZ daddy status. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 3 is Probyn admiring the jacket Hartcher is wearing and 2 other things whatever who cares and Speers jumps back in with a final reference to The Gaffe. #Insiders
the outtake is Google It Mate, framed by, yep, The Gaffe. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here.

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Apr 15
9fax journo: the press know nothing at all about each Morrison campaign stop; and their practice is to produce accompanying copy for staged photo opps, which they then distribute to voters.
Media provide this service at no cost to the Liberal Party.…
something that really irritates me is media operatives who assume selfies indicate approval or support for a high profile public figure. It is not. People just take them. It is the fame, not popularity.
the way they normalise Morrison very publicly role-modelling OHS breaches, broadcast far and wide almost every day, also gets right up my nose. A much more material concern than reciting numbers imo.
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Apr 14
there are unemployed people behind the unemployment figures being used to promote re-election of the brutal Morrison government.…
it is surreal to me when economists marvel like this at how capitalism works. Corporations are not co-operatives. The structural inequality capitalism causes - and is designed to maintain - is not some kind of vague exception to the system. Image
bold claim here from a bloke who spent two weeks projecting his personal political priorities onto a dead Senator. Image
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Apr 5
we have the second ratest highest: Scott Morrison.
he is still lying about the fact that every Coalition budget since they came to office in 2013 is in deficit.
lmaoooo the SC application is white knight Morrison. Fifty cent (sic) of them were women, he says. Partikuly when he was a drektor, he says.
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Apr 5
Full 3-judge bench of the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal: lol no go home. Stop wasting the courts time.

Political journalism: the NSW Supreme Court has decided/ruled/determined/settled/dismissed Sydney Liberals [factional brawling].
found to be valid (sic) ABC radio news bulletin is “reporting” a judicial finding on the application. Of validity. In a Sydney Liberals factional brawl. They are implying the Scott faction had a legal victory too. Dismal stuff.
daily I gnash my teeth at press gallery illiteracy. The wilful ignorance of feminist analysis. The innumerate fiscal policy “reports”. Repeated erasure and obfuscation of racism. But the legalese bungling drives me bonkers. Surely they have people who can advise on this stuff.
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Apr 4
Kathryn Greiner is on ABC radio arguing against payrises for frontline health workers because it will just be swallowed up by inflation and spruiking a private meditech company that she chairs as an alternative. To payrises. For HCWs.
it is always the sleaziest most brazen Liberals who muscle onto ABC panels to hawk their self-serving careerist barrows wrapped in garbage ideological lies that are wholly inconsistent with the existence of the public broadcaster and public health system and public education.
Sheridan should have been banned from the ABC after frothing at the mouth in full public view at both Baird and Trioli.
Speers invited van Onselen back after a defence of his alleged rapist mate Christian Porter left both Annabel Crabb and Katherine Murphy literally speechless.
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Apr 2
good morning from unceded Darug lands☀️today on #Insiders are ABC 730 politics chief corro Laura Tingle, 9fax (Age/SMH) politics chief corro David Crowe, and 9fax (AFR) politics editor Phil Coorey. The interview is with Deputy federal Liberal Party leader Josh Frydenberg.
opening spiel: the [Liberal Party] budget pitch is in. Election to be called “any day now” (ie once Sydney Liberals sort out their shit).
What’s the Morrison perspective, skip? Putting the Coalition “back in the race”. #Insiders
as well as spruiking for a Coalition win, Speers promises to put more focus on Labor’s policy platform [paraphrased]. Thanks, David! #Insiders
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