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the montage is, again, politicians and journalists reporting and commenting on the man accused of raping Brittany Higgins in a Liberal Party minister’s office. Sympathetic coverage of the minister. Kelly to the cross bench gets a mention. #Insiders
the lies Morrison tells, and the despicable description Dutton gave both show that they do not believe women. They simply do not listen to or believe us. #Insiders
#WhatThePapersSay Rochelle Miller is seeking compo for her treatment by Tudge and the Liberal government. Wong met with the woman who took her own life and alleges a now-cabinet minister raised her. #Insiders
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apparently the Liberal Party, whose most successful living prime ministers, both of whom lost the seat they once held and openly and publicly supported a convicted sex offender, is harbouring a sex offender in its cabinet.…
it is at least seven years now that anyone with basic powers of perception has been documenting the fact that Scott Morrison is a vicious misogynist. Great* to see the Canberra press gallery catching up.
some of us have been screaming into the void about toxic Liberal Party misogyny for over seven years now.
It is possible that harbouring sex offenders, violent criminals, will not bring this government down. Patriarchy will patriarchy.
Time to fight✊🏼
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are murdoch politics editor Samantha Maiden, Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton and ABC radio host Raf Epstein.
•this thread is not fact-checked.
•I hide/block snitch-tagging.
the interview is with Morrison government health minister Greg Hunt #Insiders
and a reminder: Maiden broke the APH rape story and Middleton has written extensively and courageously on sexual assault and workplace harassment in Canberra. So any interruptions from Speers are a man cutting off their expertise with his confidence. #Insiders
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Here's an interesting little tale...

Way back in December 2019, remember @senbmckenzie was the then Agriculture Minister?

She resigned in disgrace from the Ministry in Feb 2020
#auspol #insiders
When Bridge was Minister for Agriculture, she approved this 'Ad hoc/One-off' grant to Rural Business Tasmania for $349,999.99 for the purpose of: 'Support Rural Financial Counselling Service Programme'

They are currently promoted on the Dept of Ag website.
#auspol #Insiders
Now, here's the interesting part

You may recall that Bridge was once married to Tim Edwards & they had four kids before divorcing.

In her first speech to parliament she paid tribute to her children.
#auspol #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are no fax columnist Jennifer Hewitt, and politics editors at the ABC and murdoch press, Andrew Probyn and Samantha Maiden. The interview is with ALP deputy Richard Marles.
opening spiel: a covid turning point. Should we stay with hotel quarantine given more virulent strains? National leadership is wanting (“bipartisanship is breaking down”). #Insiders
the extremely convenient and very false narrative about Morrison “struggling to rein in” his hard right colleague Craig Kelly is repeated by Speers.

*Reminder that spreading disinformation on fb is core Liberal Party strategy, not some side show. #Insiders
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Ever wondered why it's problematic to use averaged ATO PAYG match data or even net pays from bank records? AAT2 Member W Frost outlines impacts in the Longford case: $28K ambit #RoboDebt reduced to $26K by uplifting net pays from bank records, then down to $17K using pay records. Image
The Longford AAT2 precedent raises serious doubts re key aspects of the proposed #RoboDebt class action settlement. We implore @gordonlegal_au, @AGSgovLawyers & Contradictor Fiona Forsyth SC & Eugenia Levine to right all manifest wrongs. #Auspol #Insiders
After setting-up Ms Longford to fail, how many times over 5 yrs did Centrelink falsely reassess her YA benefits before getting close to accurate income figures? How many #RoboDebt scheme victims remain affected by false assumptions & unfair debts? #Auspol
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good morning☀️happy new year! This Sunday on #Insiders are TripleJ Hack (ABC) journalist Shalailah Medhora and politics editors at Guardian Australia and ninefax, Katharine Murphy and Peter Hartcher. The interview is with federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
this is nominally a murdoch-free panel, which has presumably prompted angry phone calls from senior federal Liberals #Insiders.
covid is under control for now, Speers open, continuing the narrative Hartcher and Murphy set up yesterday for a pro-Morrison campaign. “Australia” is doing well, he says, before moving to the Labor leadership.
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are AFR journo Jennifer Hewitt, ABC and all-round legend Laura Tingle and murdoch columnist (and former media advisor to Peter Costello, Liberal Party ninefax boss) Niki Savva. This thread is not fact-checked.
the Speers opening spiel is that Australia is better off than most other countries, some cheap speculation about next year, and then #WorkChoices2, which is the perfect 2-party framing for the kind of conflict journalism Speers practices #Insiders
the montage is all #WorkChoices2. hahaha clip of Probyn saying last time a PM tried this he lost his seat and government. #Insiders
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Hey @David_Speers

I hear you've come down with an bad case of selective amnesia, for some reason you seem to think @ScottMorrisonMP has had a 'good' year?

I've created a brief reminder of Morrison's 2020 Fuck-Ups in an Advent Calendar just for you
#auspol #insiders
Day 1: January

Morrison sparks protests calling for his sacking around Australia. Angry Australians are not happy with him going to Hawaii while Australia burned.

Remember you called it a 'misstep' Dave?

Morrison visits Cobargo
#auspol #insiders
Day 2: February

Bridget McKenzie resigns after weeks of Morrison defending her, the #Sportsrorts scandal is traced all the way back to the Prime Minister's office.

#auspol #insiders…
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good morning☀️happy Sunday!
Today on the #Insiders couch are Pat Karvelas, Phil Coorey and David Crowe.
The interview is with Penny Wong.
#TalkingPictures is with Amy Remeikis.
This thread is not fact checked.
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Speers opening spiel is on “an offensive tweet” and how the Morrison histrionics that followed [paraphrased] #Insiders
seems Speers is of the view that Morrison should have delegated responding to a troll tweet to someone more junior (ya think?) not that he is saying so directly. #Insiders
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In the discussion on #Insiders this morning about @MathiasCormann and the OECD and planes, Trade Minister @birmo referred to @NStottDespoja's recent election to the "Committee For Elimination of Domestic Violence Against Women". That's not what it's called. 1/4
It's CEDAW. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. A small point, sure. But it's been interesting that nobody's picked it up, when imagine if he'd talked about Mr Cormann running for the OEBD? It'd be a giant gaffe. 2/4
Sure, it's been a busy week and year for the Trade Minister but the asymmetric treatment of these two important campaigns for representation on major international bodies goes further than planes or resources. When a senior minister involved in the campaign can't ...3/4
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Perth radio host Gareth Parker, murdoch editor James Campbell and Guardian politics editor Katharine Murphy. The interview is with trade minister Simon Birmingham, who will be called Birmo at least once on this cosy tory fest.
•this thread is not fact checked.
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•all tweets hashtagged for muting convenience. #Insiders
covid eliminated in Victoria and borders opening up, is the the opening gambit. But “China has dealt Australia a heavy blow”. The tariffs are “punishing”. Speers puts no agency with cak-handed Coalition politicians. #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Angus Campbell at 0900 hours, Saturday Paper journalist and An Unwinnable War author Karen Middleton; ABC politics editor Andrew Probyn and murdoch columnist and Liberal Party leader chronicler Professor Peter van Onselen.
the second interview is with shadow employment minister Brendan O’Connor. All tweets are hashtagged for muting convenience. Please do not tag journalists politicians media outlets etc in replies. Google snitchtagging instead of asking me why. Thanks. #Insiders
“a moment of national shame and a stain in the name of our most elite soldiers” is Speers opening line. So yep, the blame will be spread away from its source, the ADF and the politicians who unleash them on the world. #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are author and Guardian journo Gabrielle Chan, Seven West politics journo Lanai Scarr and murdoch politics journo Samantha Maiden.
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The interviews are with Linda Burney (Labor, Wiradjuri) and Ken Wyatt (Liberal, Yamatji, Wongi, Noongar). #Insiders
double donuts in Victoria and hope on vaccine (a fact and a speculation); and “damning” judgement on treatment of women - by unnamed persons. #Insiders
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Hey @D_LittleproudMP, Minister for Agriculture & MP for Maranoa

Mind if I ask you a few questions about pests & weeds?

I've been having a squiz at the $25,341,828 in pest & weed grants the Dept of Agriculture has been handing out for the last couple of yrs

#auspol #insiders
Now Dave, on the Dept of Agriculture website it says Australia has a 'widespread' problem with pests & weeds, right?

Even has maps to show where the weed & pest problems are.
#auspol #Insiders
A search on Grant Connect for: "Communities Combating Pest and Weed Impacts During Drought - Biosecurity Management of Pest & Weed" revealed 96 records

24 were amendments, leaving 72 grants for pest & weed management under a variety of titles worth $25+ mill
#auspol #insiders
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what prompted this reflecting: one of my PhD supervisors suggested a while ago that I somehow reference twitter reach as what unis call “impact and engagement”. So this week I sat down with my metrics on a thread from the launch of a journal which published a piece I co-wrote.
the thread, which I livetweeted from the journal launch at UNSW Law Society, got much lower traction than an average Sunday #Insiders effort, but total impressions were still over 50,000.
the thread was nothing like an average academic conference or journal tweet, which typically tags colleagues and says something like “great to work with Professor X on Y today!!” with maybe a pic of a small figure in the distance or PowerPoint slide.
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sterling work by the Canberra press gallery out here holding the [checks notes] opposition leader to account for ministerial code of conduct breaches by the Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations and acting junior Minister for immigration and citizenship.
busy busy holding the opposition to account for possible future election outcomes.
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Guardian editor Lenore Taylor, ABC everyman Stan Grant and ninefax ponderoso Peter Hartcher. It goes for 90 minutes (bc US politics can not touch Canberra press gallery access to power). There is not one but three interviewees>>
the 3 interviews: former amnesiac, John Howard CoS and parachuted Senator, now parachuted ambassador Arthur Sinodinos; former prime minister Kevin Rudd who won office from opposition in 2007; and former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull who won in 2016, having lost 14 seats.
in other words a dull and orthodox sausage fest of mostly washed whiteness plus Grant who is deeply conservative and Sinodinos.
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18) Jessica Rudd, Kevin's daughter, loves Bluey too. Again, what are the odds? K Rudd himself tweeted about family dog Abby dying recently, vlogged about "dog shots" etc. And there are those pooch-tweets from Labor *illuminaries*:… Image
19) Check out her profile. Very pro-#Biden. Like dad, hanging out for Trump to leave Whitehouse. She's Aussie, so having #USAElection themed profile significant. Check out shirt on one of the women in banner picture. 🧐 Hmm. Design looks familiar. 🤔 Image
20) And maybe the "Joe" in tweet from the dude who I thought was the *actual* creator of Bluey is an allusion to #JoeBiden?
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1) Just had a look thru Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter feed. Noticed that he retweeted a post related to the toon dog Bluey by its creator Daley Peterson. He's an Aussie cartoonist and the show is on Disney. #Auspol #dogcomms Image
2) Nothing unusual about that but I found it interesting because Julia Gillard tweeted about the show recently also. She even read from one of Daley Pearson's books. It was one of several canine-themed tweets from Labor pollies.… #symbolism #Auspol Image
3) What are the odds two globalist former PMs would promote same #Disney kids' canine cartoon character weeks apart? Dinkum fans, or is something else at play? Gotta ask, esp since globalist former PM Kevin Rudd's been vlogging about "dogshots".
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Guardian politics journo and legendary live blogger Amy Remeikis, former Liberal Party staffer and murdoch columnist Niki Savva, and ex-murdoch man (Qld tabloid Courier Mail) Dennis Atkins.

This thread is not fact-checked.
hahaha yup. Incumbency is the spin. Victory in Queensland for Labor “continues the run of incumbents” says Speers in his opening spiel. Incumbency is powerful, he repeats.

the montage is basically clips from the ALP and LNP leaders speeches - victory for Labor COZ INCUMBENCY SEE and concession for the LNP. No word on where the LNP and how a campaign dominated by Scott Morrison (the minute he could get past the border) fucked up tho #Insiders
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Jan Fran (SBS), Pat Karvelas (ABC) and Perth radio host Gareth Parker.
•This thread is not fact-checked.
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the opening spiel says the government is on the back foot about a lack of federal integrity commission and therefore the massively overblown Aust Post Cartier watch story is a thing. #Insiders
this is ridiculous. Speers reckons the prime minister is “hopping mad” about a piddling $20K watch purchase signed off two years ago. As if. #Insiders
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good morning🌞happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Jennifer Hewitt of the AFR, murdoch columnist Professor Peter van Onselen and ninefax politics numero uno David Crowe. The interview is with shadow education minister Tanya Plibersek.
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the opening Q is how do voters judge ethics and integrity in politicians... in a pandemic. The framing is false equivalence, not as bad as mumblin Phil bad bad enough: two Premiers (Berejiklian and Andrews) in trouble for different reasons. #Insiders
montage soundtrack: tainted love. Righto Speersy. Lots of clips of Berejiklian doing her innocence act, Liberal Party males defending her in excruciating terms, and a lot less on stage 4 restrictions in Victoria. Frydenberg and Morrison’s politicking get a run. #Insiders
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there was no community transmission at BLM rallies. The Sydney rally permit was found to be legal by the full bench of the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal. The rallies went ahead because Black Lives Matter. Saying Black Lives Matter is not controversial. It is a statement of fact. Image
we know about the unlawful allocation of public money to seats targeted by Liberal Party HQ because of the ANAO, whose funding as been cut by the Morrison government. Local media publishing opps of the handouts were integral to the vote-buying strategy. Image
her question has been asked thousands of times. Also, the Rosen thesis was an analysis of problems with the Australian mediascape, which Credlin’s aggressive politicking personifies, and especially #Insiders, with remarks about wider relevance. Image
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