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good morning pollie watchers! The final #Insiders for 2019 features Guardian executive editor Lenore Taylor THANK GOODNESS alongside host Fran Kelly, guest Mathias Cormann, and murdoch men Malcolm Farr and Peter van Onselen.
oh goodie, speculation on Lambie voting with the government to repeal #medevac. “We still don’t know why” says Fran, or what she got, or what the government got, but hey let’s ramble about the unknowable anyway. Cut to Lambian tears set to Lennon-Ono Xmas soundtrack #Insiders
this coverage of what we don’t know takes up time and resources that could be used to report what we need to know, like the fact that the Morrison government is choosing to lie about climate change and not respond effectively to catastrophic bushfires #Insiders
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so I’m at this 50th. Just turned on #Insiders to see Scott Morrison doing a piece to camera - Turnbull tried this technique after the marriage equality amendment was passed - on his religious discrimination bill. Followed by Bowen calling the bill friendless. Happy Sunday!
missed what the papers say. Happily caught a clip of Attorney General Christian Poster saying thug thugs thuggery thug thug. He seems bright :/ #Insiders
SETKA!! DRINK!!! #Insiders
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good morning pollie watchers! The #Insiders panel this week is Guardian editor Lenore Taylor, journo turned intellectual Mark Kenny and Annika Smethurst who works for the murdoch press. The interview is on “stimulus” and “surplus”.
the opening gambit spruiks the government’s big spending announcement and how the prime minister would like his big spending announcement to be framed. Kelly obliged #Insiders
montage splices Labor and Liberal politicians critiquing each other. Recall that one of them is the actual government. #Insiders
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good morning pollie watchers! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and the interview is with federal Greens MP Adam Bandt, whose party has a higher Nationals vote than the actual Nationals Party.
the #Insiders opening gambit is that the fire season is unprecedented (as opposed to unpredicted, that ship has sailed). Fran tells us politicians are bickering instead of showing leadership. “The Greens and the Nationals are raising the temperature” she says, misguidedly.
the montage shows fire, fire and more fire interspersed with clips of politicians bumbling about in their ineffective and self-serving way. The MickMcMac nonsense gets an airing. Morrison is as usual framed as tho he’s not a metaphorical arsonist who loves coal #Insiders
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good morning pollie watchers! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and the interview is with Anthony Albanese. Please be advised that this thread is not fact checked and snitch taggers will be blocked 👋🏼
the opening #Insiders gambit is that “everything” went wrong in May and Labor were “looking at themselves in the mirror”. It makes “brutal reading” says Fran with relish. And we’re told that likeability is super important because yeah thanks political journalism. Good job.
the usual scare campaign support broadcast [death tax] as we are governed by sadists who have driven over 2,030 people on Centrelink to an early grave and 27 asylum seekers to their deaths and their climate change acceleration policies destroy life as we know it #Insiders
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1/ Wake the F#+@ up Australia
A letter to #auspol #insiders @insidersABC #liarfromtheshire A Thread:

Australia Its time we sat down and had a little chat, in 2005 a wise man wrote a speech for a movie, this man saw into the future, his name is little known, its Alan…
@InsidersABC 2/ …Moore and the movie is V For Vendetta and this is what he wrote:

“There is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
@InsidersABC 3/ And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame?
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Thinking a lot these past couple of days about Morrison’s call for company boards to listen to their “quiet shareholders.” Morrison’s ignorance about corporate governance, and corporations law and regulation, is not surprising. #insiders
A key element of Morrison’s ‘fauxgan’ brand is to make a virtue of ignorance about certain things; corporate governance is just the latest on a long list. This isn’t the worrying thing; the quick pivot from ignorance to *active disregard* for law and institutions is #insiders
Perhaps the parts of our legal and regulatory system that deal with corporations will be robust enough to withstand attempts by Morrison to erode checks and balances — but I wouldn’t count on it. #insiders
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good morning pollie watchers! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and the interview is with Health Minister Greg Hunt. The bloke who regularly trots out his mum’s medical records to perform empathy.
Interim Royal Commission into aged care report is top of the agenda. Commodifying vulnerable people causes harm in pursuit of profit, turns out. Kelly tells us the Morrison government says it is shocked but “in truth” the results are not that surprising. #Insiders
there have been 18 reports, all ignored. Yep. The #Insiders montage includes journos, reporters, and pollies expressing the usual shock. Looking forward to critical analysis of the multiple systemic failures of neoliberalism #Insiders
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Good morning pollie watchers! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly. The interview is with hi-viz-wearing, climate-change-denying, coal-corporation-spruiking, Barnaby Joyce protégé, Queensland LNP Senator, and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matthew Canavan.
also on #Insiders this week are Laura Tingle (ABC 730, Nine-Fairfax AFR), David Marr (The Guardian Australia) and Phil Coorey (also AFR).
The “drought galvanised the National Party” says Fran “demanding more money and more political credit”. This is the story that centres Joyce as tho he was not forced by scandal to resign the Nationals leadership, the deputy prime ministership, and several ministries #Insiders
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I read this story the other day & thought that's suss as!

$100+ million in funding for sports released in the 6 months prior to federal election
Rnd 1- Dec 2018
Rnd 2- Mar 2019
Rnd 3- Apr 2019

So, I decided to have a closer squizz
#auspol #insiders…
Firstly, I had a look at the amounts of sports funding, approved by then Sports Minister @senbmckenzie, Australia-wide compared to population.

On a per capita basis, Northern Territory fared best, NSW fared worst
#auspol #insiders
But, I really wanted to focus on Queensland to see if that may have been a contributing factor to the large swing to the Coalition in QLD.

It appears that some QLD federal seats fared better than others, particularly Coalitions seats!
#auspol #insiders
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Good morning! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly and on the panel are two people with books about the election, David Crowe and Niki Savva, and news dot com journalist Malcolm Farr.
the opening gambit is a familiar #Insiders tweak: the claim that government politicking has trumped policy, as though political journalism operates entirely independently of, and has no influence on, this outcome.
straight to the #Insiders montage. This was the week that our dismal economic outlook, known to anyone paying attention for well over a year, was finally noticed by major media.
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good morning! The #Insiders host this week is Fran Kelly and the panel is poor old Gerard Henderson, tireless Liberal Party apologist Mike Stutchbury and the great Lenore Taylor.
the show begins with Fran smiling somewhat jarringly as responsibility for the Turkish attacks on Kurdish Peoples in Syria are placed where it largely belongs: with Donald Trump #Insiders
clip of that Marise Payne non sequitur about not putting Australian forces at risk to rescue Australians at al-Hawb refugee camp #Insiders
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Good morning! The #Insiders host this week is Fran Kelly and the interview is with minister for “natural” disasters [caused by colonialism, climate denialism and big mining]. I tag every tweet for those who want to mute; and block snitch taggers.
“when the president rings the prime minister takes the call. But sometimes there’s a ~ political ~ price to pay [real world price is much higher - ed] for taking the call” - opening spiel #Insiders
opening #Insiders montage: sepia tinted footage of Trump and Morrison spliced with Opposition questions. The PM wanted his ministers out in “drought-affected” areas this week, says Fran, because what the prime minister *wants* is the frame journalists ought to use... oh wait.
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Good morning! Your #Insiders host this morning is Fran Kelly and the interview is with deputy opposition leader Richard Marles which presumably means another outing on the pressing issue of a Victorian union leader.
The opening spiel is that Prime Minister Scott Morrison stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Donald Trump on trade, jobs, and *China*. Cut to footage of Morrison riffing on... Indigenous place names, which he claims, as white men are wont to do #Insiders
Is China a developing country? A developed economy? Wow I missed this particular hang-up this week. We then see Trump rejecting “globalists” [anti-Semitic trope] and embracing “patriots” [code for white nationalism] #Insiders
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I've got a little story for y'all

It's a story about 'not what ya know, it's who ya know'

Last week Minister for NAIF @mattjcan & @mlandryMP announced NAIF (Nth Aust Infrastructure Fund) had approved a loan for Blair & Josie Angus from Signature Onfarm P/L
#auspol #Insiders
A nice little $25 million loan to build a 'boutique' abattoir & 'on-farm village' on the Angus's property Sondella, Clermont, QLD.

Now, the Angus's aren't short of a quid

Angus Pastoral Co own 162,000ha & run abt 35,000 head of cattle, valued at about $71 million a few yrs ago
Josie Angus is David Camm's daughter, her grandfather was a Bjelke-Petersen Minister

The Camms are just as lucky as the Angus's

Cr Amanda Camm is Dep Mayor of Mackay Council
Bryce Camm is Chair of Beef Aust

Josie's nieces are lucky too, 2 of them just got a $30K Nuffield each
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good morning! This thread is brought to you from the shores of Awaba on unceded lands of the Awabakal.
#Insiders host Fran Kelly opens with truly nauseating US sycophancy. Howard was a man of steel; Morison is a man of titanium. This toxic masculinity is topped with some toxic mateship. The US is still locked and loaded, says Fran🤮
the #Insiders montage is audio tracked by Kids in America. Clips of Trump telling Iran “you’re a joke” like the immature bully he is. Morrison saying thanks mate to uncertain chuckles. That’s the best punch line he’s delivered in a lifetime: “thanks mate”.
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Good morning! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly. A couple of reminders: this thread is not fact-checked; I use the hashtag in every tweet so people can mute; and frequently block snitch-taggers🙃
“This week politics was dominated by one MP” - Fran. Even tho the correct object of scrutiny is Liberal Party pre-selection processes - me #Insiders
can’t help noticing the ABC has spent the week legitimising a Bolt interview as though he is a serious journalist rather than known racist; and then awkwardly misrepresenting scrutiny of Liu as racist as per the Liberals - a very white organisation - narrative #Insiders
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Good morning! Fran Kelly is fronting #Insiders this Sunday. She opens with foreign donations to a state opposition party. I’m hard pressed to remember when this show last bothered with a state-based story. Other than a certain* union leader. Maybe a theme here.
The morning montage heavily features a former politician who from memory resigned over a couple of thousand dollars. He is also not white. #Insiders. The guest today is the federal member for Sydney so no doubt she can clear up that state branch business.
the #HomeToBiloela horror. La Tingle outlines timing of the injunction and flight to CI. Is the move to Christmas Island excessive? Poor old Gerard speculates that “protestors” somehow have decision-making power over the cruelty this government has chosen to inflict #Insiders
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good morning! The #Insiders host this Sunday is Fran Kelly. We kick off by marking one whole year since Morrison knifed Turnbull and of major media failing to interrogate his complete absence of any foreign policy credentials and why he is PM.
yes we have no business in the shipping straits around Iran. No there are no safeguards against Australian prime ministers backing the USA executive deploying the US military to back US trade interests #Insiders
reminder that the Australian economy is tanking anyway, as a function of abysmal Liberals economic management. Frydenberg and th rest of cabinet are citing Trump’s brinkmanship with relief, because it obscures Morrison government fiscal incompetence #Insiders
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your #Insiders host this week is Pat Karvelas. This Sunday morning kicks off with the Trump recklessness on US-China trade and the Hastie recklessness on US-Aust and Aust-China relation. Liberals disunity [paraphrased] is mentioned.
the montage is of Aust politicians responding to the poor judgement displayed by Hastie in publishing an op-ed on US-China trade. Mathias Cormann does not approve. Morrison is “all about de-escalating” hur hur #Insiders
Mark Riley, who recently sat in silence letting Morrison tell whatever whoppers he pleased on welfare, has some comments to make about #RaiseTheRate. Oops correction, what Riley has to say are banal and dishonest Liberals party slogans #Insiders
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Annabel is here with an all-laydeez #Insiders! We begin by praising Morrison for doing his job by attending a routine international meeting that will produce no tangible value other than to Morrison, whose lack of foreign policy experience was not questioned during the campaign.
The #Insiders montage shows Dutton denying his ineligibility and unelectability, titbits on the Liberals indulgent dysfunction last year, and the G20 as political leaders strutting the world stage. All politics are local, and good political commentary would say so.
What the papers “say” on #Insiders is lotsa G20 images that ignore Morrison’s foreign policy judgement. Like how he sabotaged a trade deal with a religious vanity announcement. Remember when the political press could not get enough of Gillard’s “foreign policy inexperience”?
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oh goodie Rowland is hosting #Insiders. He says it has been a taxing week hur hur hur... for Labor. I wonder why. Mayhap because Labor has done some actual policy work? Yes it must be that.
The #Insiders montage begins with victory scenes of that 1-seat winner, Scott Morrison. We are blessed. Followed by clip after clip of media talking heads scrutinising the Labor position on a government policy, a month after the government was re-elected. Truly blessed.
first up for panel discussion is the #medevac legislation. The government feels that it is on strong ground when it is arguing borders, says Karvelas. Not sure what rhetorical strengths have to do with policy and governance at this stage of the election cycle.
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The ABC (Cassidy) is still referring to Ken Wyatt as the Minister for Indigenous Affairs. He is a minister without a ministry, the Minister for Indigenous Australians, located in PM&C. They seem incapable of correcting this #Insiders
lol Labor has more women in its caucus, more women in its leadership team than the Liberals ever have, the Liberals won with a campaign awash with toxic masculinity, and Labor has the “gender issue”. Righto Baz #Insiders
Hmmmmm this is crucial stuff. Will Labor have a shadow Home Affairs minister? “What’s the speculation”, Pat? I’ll just repeat that: the actual question was “what’s the speculation” about the shadow Labor ministry. This is the TOP ORDER ISSUE according to #Insiders
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I wrote this in @Meanjin in Autumn 2016 on Australian conservatism and its political vehicles and would draw attention to (A) the Australian Right's national dominance since 1901 + (B) Brian Loughnane's observations as pertinent to Scott Morrison's win…
Australia's national & *federal* elections are decided in a Westminster system of 151 local House seats across an island continent the size of the EU. We have a national election in which local candidates & local communities matter. There was always that 'Quiet Australian' vote.
One aspect of the 2019 election is that Australia is developing, even with compulsory voting, regional & demographic tribalism of other Western countries. The Coalition did best in working, middle class & rural seats.
Labor gained only in more educated & perhaps affluent seats.
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