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#krdk, aromantic?kr, no hurt/no comfort, maybe angst? idk im just venting
title: the way i don't love you


dating izuku is nice, eijiro thinks. it was easy. they didn't argue, never had any fight. ut seems that he makes izuku happy, or that what his boyfriend says anyway.
he wonders if it's true. maybe izuku is already happy by himself. maybe he just happens to tag along, taking credits he doesn't deserve.

izuku takes him to the amusement park, it's nice. he likes it, the crepe sharing and the hand-holding.
but sometimes he wonders, he wonders if there could be someone out there that could make him feel something different. he wonders if he would be able to let them into his heart. he wonders if this person could be izuku.

sometimes, he wonders if he'll be able to /love/.
he doesn't wonder for long, though. he doesn't really need an answer. he doesn't want one; it scares him.

he knows there isn't any. he hopes there isn't.

it's not like he doesn't like izuku, though. he really does. he likes the late night talks, and the early morning
walks. he likes the cuddles too. it feels nice.

it's easy to love izuku, he thinks. he wonders why he feels like he doesn't.

he doesn't talk about it. izuku doesn't know, doesn't need to. eijiro only has questions that he knows izuku doesn't have answers for. so he keeps all
these thoughts for himself.

he doesn't understand how it could hurt him - it's not even about him. it's not his fault, but he knows it would, telling him that he's not sure that he loves him, that maybe he never really has.

maybe he would cry, and maybe he would understand.
maybe he would leave him.

he wonders if izuku really loves him sometimes. he doesn't know, he wouldn't know; he doesn't know what it's like, to love someone. or maybe he does, he just isn't able to recognize it.

he wonders if he just doesn't recognize it.

maybe he is broken.
it's not like it feels wrong, it doesn't. it actually feels pretty nice; it just doesn't feel completely right - not as right as he expected it to be at least.

sometimes he looks at izuku and katsuki and he wonders. he wonders if it would have been different if they had that
kind of history.

he keeps wondering, and he's a bit jealous too. they don't love each other, not like he is supposed to love izuku, but they still hold strong feelings between them.

and eijiro doesn't feel strong, he feels weak; his love wouldn't even be able to break, only to

but he doesn't want to lose izuku, he thinks. he doesn't want to break up, doesn't need to, but sometimes he wonders if he shouldn't. maybe he is missing something.

he knows he'll cry, but he knows he'll get over it. it's what happens every time. but he doesn't have any
reason to end things between them.

so he stays. he doesn't mind. he knows it's only temporary.

it is nothing like the stories he's read, or the tales he's heard. he never feels the butterflies.

it's easy to date izuku, he thinks.

or maybe he is the one who is easy to date.
"i love you," izuku says.

"i love you too," eijiro replies.

and he is sincere, and maybe izuku is too. yet he wonders why he feels so much like they are both telling a lie.


- end -
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Apr 21
this is the type of angst i cant handle 😭 ImageImageImage
#bkdk, fake(?) wedding, treason, violence, mcd
title: the red wedding


katsuki stared at izuku as he was walking down the aisle at his mother's arm, dressed in the white tuxedo he spent hours designing for his fiance.
he knew he didn't have to, but he wanted to give izuku the best wedding he could; that was the least he could do.

when his fiance arrived before him, he held him his hand. izuku took it with a warm smile.
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Apr 17
#CSLCelebrates #KatsukisBirthdayBlast
i know i'm a bit late but here's my bkdk vampires au inspired by the prompts of this event

tags: #bkdk, #dkbk, vampire!bkdk, immortal!bkdk, pranks, comedy, crack

summary: vampires bkdk who keeps pranking each other every 50 years or so

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izuku barged into their shared home, panic written accross his face. "kacchan! we have a problem."

"no," katsuki shrugged. "YOU have a problem." he then pointed a finger to the intruder. "i have an idiot who keeps getting into one."
"mean, kacchan," izuku pouted.
"so, what is it this time?" katsuki asked.

"i told vampire hunters we were vampires," he blurted.

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#kirideku, #krdk, hanahaki, college au, jock!kr, nerd!dk, angst
title: flowers that he'd never see
inspired by the "i wished you were sober" song


since the day they met, izuku had always felt like he was watching eijiro from the sidelines.
when eijiro scored for the first time, it was were he was standing, watching and cheering for his friend.

when eijiro walked side by side with his current boyfriend or girlfriend on campus, that was were he found himself too, frozen, reminded once again that he didn't have a
chance in the first place, that eijiro would always be way out of his league.

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I need to know #bkdk
another one #bkdk #dkbk
if dk dies would you prefer that it was bc he sacrificed himself for bgk or bc bkg couldn't save him?
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if bkg dies would you prefer that it was bc he sacrificed himself for dk or bc dk couldn't save him?
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