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#dkbk #nsfw

Quirkless AU where Izuku and Katsuki are long distance best friends. Izuku lives in New York, USA and Katsuki lives in Musutafu, Japan. They talk pretty much everyday thru Discord DMs or text. They make it work despite the 14 hour difference.
They met each other thru a fandom discord server and never stopped talking to each other ever since. Izuku posts amazing fanart and comics on his Twitter while Katsuki writes fanfiction and original work on AO3. Even their followers know of their strong friendship.
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan
[🥦] Kacchan

[💥] WHAT?

[🥦] I have best idea
[🥦] For art

[💥] Tell me

[🥦] Another comic based on one of your fics. That smut scene. Too good to not draw.

[💥] 👀👀👀👀
[💥] Wait
[💥] Are you drawing it now?

[🥦] Ye
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💫A Rising Star and The Odd One Out 🌑

CW: bullying, harrassment, eventual smut, O/B/A (omegaverse) (ill add more as needed as I go) Quirkless AU, College student, Rich Katsuki, Poor Struggling Izuku.

A!izuku X O!Katsuki

#dekubaku #dkbk
Katsuki is a high class rich omega attending college for his modeling and business degree, he is the son of a very high class fashion company and the heir to its entire franchise! He is already famous on Instagram he has over 48 million followers and it grows by the thousands
each day. Even with his explosive nature and being a male omega, everyone can’t help but agree his looks are worth the downsides, and even more so because he’s an omega and he is so beautiful. It’s the first day attending class and he is swamped by the students and he honestly
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'Not that Katsuki would ever admit it out loud'

Except that he does admit it, often broadcasting it at the top of his lungs. He brags about it in class and screams it during training and whispers it in his sleep.
His boyfriend might have preferred to keep the information private, but Katsuki's never been known for staying quiet about his achievements.

"You should see the thing, it's fucking massive. Not gonna let you, though. Deku's dick is all mine."
Izuku fucks up during training and twists his ankle, and Katsuki takes it upon himself to chastise him.

"Dumb nerd. You're lucky your dick's so big and fat or I'd have left you for someone less useless," he says as he half-carries Izuku off the training grounds. Everyone +
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#kinktober #dkbk #frottage

cw; ace!bakugou, dkbk

"K-Kacchan are you sure about this?"

Izuku continued to fidget against the couch, his scarred fingers digging into the cushions as Bakugou continued staring at him with a heavy gaze.
Those red eyes always managed to confuse him, were they filled with disgust or simply uncertainty? He could never tell. Dating someone who wasn't exactly as sexually active as you was never easy, but for Kacchan, Izuku knew it was worth it.

Bakugou gave an impatient huff,
turning away from the other as he leaned back against the armrest. "If you don't want to do it then just forget I said anything." His frown was subtle, something that Izuku had learned to pick up on throughout their years together.

Why were they always both so racked with guilt?
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#bkdk #dkbk dekufem!baku
Slight NSFW

"Bakugou," Mina said, her voice sweet like honey and a mischievous smirk playing on her pink lips. "I dare you to skinny dip in the lake for an hour."

Katsuki let out an incredulous scoff. "Are you fucking kidding me?" She asked.
"There's no way in hell I'm doing that. Pick something else."

Mina's smiled dropped, but she didn't look put off. Instead she looked at Uraraka. Katsuki narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the girl.

"If you're too scared, I guess I'll pick another dare/Katsuki-chan/." She said
nonchalantly with a wave of her hand.

Katsuki straighted and glared, "I'm not fucking scared," she spat, "Your dare is just stupid as shit."

"Then you admit you can't do it?" Uraraka asked with a raised eyebrow, the same glint in her eyes as Mina. Katsuki could see the
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#dkbk /angst with happy ending/ nsfw

Deku broke up with Katsuki.
They were older now, 25, Deku was now the same build of All Might in his prime. Katsuki’s build was impressive but no where near Deku’s, the sunshine smiled boyish freckled face was still there.. just more manly.
Deku was the no.1 Hero, Katsuki was second, and their friend Todoroki was 3rd.

At senior graduation at UA, Deku confessed to Katsuki underneath a blooming sakura tree. Deku had his eyes squeezed shut, red as a tomato, when he didn’t hear anything his heart dropped.
He opened one eye, like when a scene in a horror movie is too much to bear but you Need to know what happens next. And Bakugou was blushing and his feline like ruby eyes were wide, to anyone else he would look angry, but Deku knew this was Bakugou’s surprised expression.
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Okay imagine omega Katsuki being given a soft blanket for the first time

(Cw: #bkdk / #dkbk, SFW, A/B/O)
Katsuki had never cared for that stuff—omega targeted items were always just sexist crap dressed in soft layers.
He was supposed to love sweet things because he was a dainty, helpless creature. He needed to be coddled and pampered with softness because omegas were weak🙄🙄.
But of course not every omega fit the stereotypes. People accepted that Katsuki refused to very quick after meeting him.
Though, they seemed to think it meant he *never* could.
Katsuki had to always be untraditional.
He’d never been treated gently, never been courted or spoiled.
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