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How to Build a Comfortable Big House Slowly starting with Kes. 1m and a piece of land.

This comes from lessons learnt over the last 15 years and building my own house.


"How to proceed from Necessity to Luxury."


Step 01. Vision.

Building is Sacrifice. Be driven by a Vision that is greater than a pile of stones

This can be to create a home for your children (we fight harder when fighting for others)

This can be to cut off that annoying Landlady. You run faster when running from Poverty
I did not start building until I saw a composition written by my son. In it was embedded an infectious Bigger Vision

It switched something in me and I woke up

Prior, I was OK building for others. And fighting that necessary monthly nonsense of Tenancy

Step 02: Literally #SketchIt

Don't even run to an Architect or a Contractor

Just get a sharp pencil ✏ and a plain piece of paper and sketch whatever comes to mind. Your Needs

Make your vision plain as the Scripture has said in Habbakuk

If you can Sketch It, you can #BuildIt
For a residential house, the sketch will need more thinking.

You can clarify your Vision for Building using a Tool i call the Design Brief.

Here is an example and this is the sketch I used to build my house:

An experiment in Improviso Architecture…
Step 03: Approach a Design & Build Firm or an Architect to Convert your Sketch into Building plans with dimensions.

You can also build from your heart depending on how good you are at Design Thinking.

But, to avoid making Original Mistakes which can be costly, Consult. ✍🏿
Step 04: Determine the Buikding Phases.

If you plan to build slowly, the various parts of the house must create a coherent whole even after the parts are built up.

I will use one example to clarify this.

(Next few tweets).

Guiding Notes by Christopher Alexander.
Background Information.

The Assumption is that one would be having a Savings Mechanism.

You can easily spend Kes. 100,000 in a day when building. So, be prepared to spend.

Related Post:
Step 05 Example of Phased Construction.

The Design.

Ground Floor:
Master Bedroom
Walk in Closet
Master Bath

2 Bathrooms each with Bathroom
Guest Toilet
Living Room/Lounge

Outdoor Patio
Attic Room in Roofsoace above Master Bedroom

Double chimney for Patio and Lounge
The layout of this house has factored both the Vision of the Home Owner


Most importantly, Intentionality (To build it slowly).

There is no time the owner will be overburdened by any part since the house can be pulled apart and get built from Necessity to Luxury.
I will explain so you understand what I mean by #BuildSlowly

Phase 01: Master Bedroom Kitchen and Porch + Fireplace

This will allow you to have a place to sleep/rest, Cook and Relax Outdoor

What else do you need if you have a good book, cooked food, a home and a bed?

Phase 02: Build 2 Ensuite Bedrooms and Guest Toilet/ Can be Shared with one bedroom.

✍🏿This will allow you to host at least 2 extra guests.

At this stage, you can do the lounge as an outdoor space but later on upgrade it in Phase 03 as an indoor space. (Will explain).
Unless you are naturally Timid, building a house slowly like this can never intimidate you.

Let us assume you do not have money at all after building Phase 01.

No Problem. Buy outdoor seats and then do the floor like this.

When it starts raining go to the Master Bedroom.
If you proceeded from Phase 01 to Phase 02, you might not be having a front door or entrance porch.

You can build those ones at this stage.

Even without a roof at the mid-section, you can still live comfortably as you continue with your Freedom Plan. This is how my Phase 03 was
I asked my Architect colleague @afriWeichi if it is possible to swap Phase 01 with Phase 02 using a Shipping Container.

It appears, this is very possible.

Later on at Phase 04, you can use the top as a Terrace.

Related Thread: A Terrace is a Luxury
Phase 03/4. Now that you have the Executive Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Open to Sky Lounge and 2 Other Bedrooms...

Roof the entire thing such that you create an Attic Space.

If you built Phase 02 with a SC, you can then finish the Terrace. That is it.

Necessity begets Luxury.
As you go through this fulfilling process, people will talk a lot of shit.

As the Scripture has said, there is a Cost.

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
Proverbs 24:3-4
Be fortified with the right Philosophy. Arm yourself with Knowledge.

And don't forget the Vision that set your feet on this path.


And consult, so my sons and I can eat your money. God Bless You 🙌🏿
We remixed the original Sketch I did and incorporated the example used here for Building Slowly

"I start with an idea and then it becomes something else." Pablo Picasso said

This search for something-elseness is thrilling! @afriWeichi

**typo: 2 bedrooms.**

• • •

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Apr 7
How to reduce the Cost of a Typical Maisonette by 40% through Design Thinking.

A Short Thread. 🧵

#Bungalow vs. #Maisonette

The most common reasons people build Maisonettes are

1. To have less footprint on the ground.
2. To afford family members a common room upstairs
3. To fit the hype of a neighbourhood.
4. The aesthetic of Maisonettes is attractive.
5. To enjoy better views beyond.
The most important factor that affects the overall cost of a building is the Size.

Size is everything. From it are all costs resultant, from Consultancy Fees to Finishing Costs

One can fulfill optimum cost by reducing the most expensive part of a Maisonette : The Upper Floor
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Sep 1, 2021
Revisited: How to Build A 3 Bedroom House Slowly using the 52 Week Challenge.

This article is good but has one fatal flaw.

I will try to explain it in my new understanding of #TheGoodLife

The beginning point of all to-build decisions should be, "Why?"

Not how many rooms.

Because the most important part of the house is the person and their spirit which inhabits and reflects on the material world (Interiors, Allocation of space, Function and Size of spaces etc)
I love using the example of the lowly because it covers everyone up the status rank.

Q. If i were a Cobbbler, how would i build my first house?

I would not declare it MUST be a 3 bedroom house. That would be a fatal mistake.

I would probably wish for a big tree to sit under.
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Aug 30, 2021
Small parks everywhere.

If you buy land amongst say 150 people, you can turn yours into a park and charge a small fee to maintain it.

If everyone is building, go the other direction... ✔💯🏘

In future, green spaces will be premium for events, recreation and bench press.😂

People need green open places to go; when they are close they use them.

But if the greens are more than three minutes away, the distance overwhelms the need.

- Christopher Alexander.


🏡Design houses with accessible greens***✔🔨
3. You can work closely with a landscape Architect and local gardener.

There are several themes you can adopt that fit various moods:

- Rock Garden
- Caves
- Green Lawns
- Open Gym
- Children's Park etc

Fill the gap left by "Developers."

Important Contact: @MainaKaibere
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Aug 29, 2021
Once you define what the good life is for you, every day will bring new chances to live it.

And if a day is blank, tomorrow will be another day.

Include things that don't need money
-A potted plant
-A walk
-A dance

Life is for the alive Image
Lack of this awareness of the simple things that make a good life becomes a predicament when one wants to do a big spend.

It is best to define it when times are dire and hope is little.

That is the moment for Visioning. And if you can know that one thing viscerally. That's it
'Establish business relations with poverty.' - Seneca, Epistles Image
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Aug 29, 2021
Thief + Stategy = Strategic Thief.

How will we insulate bottom-up economics from the anarchy of self-interests?

I am honestly unable to resolve this dilemma within the limits of, "society gets what it deserves."
If we were in a former state of nature, i would understand the mechanism of having a strategic thief.

Uganda and the neighbours would simply weep and wail.

But these are Known Thieves. And I am speechless because I equally don't know where angels sleep.
Until the answers come, we are like bats stuck in a chimney stack.

And the owners are adding firewood

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Oct 27, 2020
Q. If you started a wheelbarrow making factory your village, how many obstacles will stop you?

That is the Conversation.

Ease of Doing Business.

Not ease of Picking and Pushing Wheelbarrows.
Every small business owner knows how hard it is to breathe in this economy.

Remove the bottlenecks.
I doubt you will weld one Wheelbarrow to completion without Kenya Power switching power off

And when you lift your head, a County Official will be at your door step$

And can you afford to transport the steel to Location?

Will you afford to pay the wages?

Will the banks fund?
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