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Below is link to the copy of the report about the REAL Origin of SARS-CoV2 sent to the US Senate and Congress last week.

My declaration in the document was provided under oath with penalty of perjury.…
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منگل پانڈے (اکبر پور ،ریاست اترپردیش ھندوستان)
Mangal Pandey (Akberpur, UP Hindustan)
19 جولائی 1827 تا 10 مئی 1857
پہلےکسی کومذہب کیخلاف اکساءو اورجب وہ طیش میں آکر کوئی قدم اٹھائےتو اسے"بغاوت" کا نام دےکرلٹکادو۔
یہ وطیرہ ہمیشہ سےفرنگیوں نے
ھندوستانیوں سے روا رکھا اور اسی "بغاوت" کا ایک مجرم منگل پانڈے تھا جس نے 1849 میں برٹش ایسٹ انڈیا کمپنی کی فوج میں شمولیت اختیار کی۔
آزادی کی وہ جنگ (1857) جسے انگریز "بغاوت" کہتے ہیں، کاپہلا قطرہ منگل پانڈے اعلیٰ ذات برہمن زمیندار خاندان کاسپاہی مضبوط عقائد کامالک تھا لیکن پانڈے
کے کیریئر کے عزائم ان کے مذہبی عقائد سے ٹکرا گئے جب اس نے یہ سنا کہ اسلحے کو لوڈ کرنے کے لیے چکنائی والے کارتوس کے سروں کو جان بوجھ کر گائے یا سور کا سور کا گوشت تھا، جو بالترتیب ہندوؤں یا مسلمانوں کے خلاف تھا۔
مارچ 1857 میں پانڈے نے اپنے ساتھی سپاہیوں کو بیرک پور (Barrickpur) کی
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Good evening, we are from Ukraine✌️🇺🇦

#Ukraine #Freedom #StopRussiaNOW
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1/ A word of warning. It doesn’t matter on which side of the fence you sit - left or right - everyone living in the UK should be concerned right now. Current government have already removed our right to peacefully protest. Now they want to remove our #HumanRights 🧵
2/ The European Convention on Human Rights (#ECHR) are international laws which protect us all.

They protect our right to freedom; our right to marry; our right not to be tortured, and more..
3/ Do not be fooled. The European Convention on Human Rights has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with being a part, or not a part, of Europe. Do not let this government convince you otherwise. Image
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1. For six months of years I think this is moment I die. This is moment I go mad and never come back. This is moment when I think I never see my mama and papa again. I stopped hope. I stopped joy. I only keep rage so I can continue.
2. I think I will never have love affair. I will never be married. I will never be mother. I will just be found somewhere under rubble or in pieces. I scream and beg for supplies. I tend to wounded. I fight enemy with old ways. I lose so much.
3. I see such thingsI can’t find words for. But never do I imagine I will be here at end. I think I will fight to get us free, but I will not be one of us who will live it after. I will just be one of us many, so many, that save #Ukraina for future.
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1. Yesterday, during the #Economic #Forum in #Karpacz #Poland, Jaroslaw #Kaczynski uttered categorical words: "Western #Europe is culturally alien to us".

Let us take Kaczynski's words as an opportunity to recall an extremely important thread.

Let us recount what he said.
2. You can see #Kaczynski during discussion panel together with MEPs @ZdzKrasnodebski and Ryszard Legutko, his two main informal advisors on ideological and international issues.

"The threat to our sovereignty from the West is greater than from the East." - claimed Krasnodebski.
3. A lot of attention has been paid to #Kaczynski's shoes, but - let's face it - while embarrassing, that's not what's most important

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Struggle for freedom.

Struggle for life.

Fight for goodness and truth.


#Ukraine️ #Freedom #StopRussiaNOW #StopRussianAggression
1. Do not forget what a high price is given to the victory of Ukraine. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But do everything yourself for the victory of our country. Work so that the economy does not stand still. Pay taxes, donate to the army. Engage in volunteer activities.
Work in the information field. Tell the world the truth about the war and the crimes of Russia. Only together we are a force capable of stopping and defeating the invaders Image
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All for them, for our children.

Their lives. Freedom. Of The Future.

#Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState #StopRussianAggression #StopRussiaNOW #RussiaIsANaziState #Freedom
A series of paintings "I miss you..." dedicated to the soldiers of Ukraine who died in the war.

Artist: Khrystyna Danko 16 y.I

#UkraineRussiaWar ImageImageImageImage
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At a time when the Kremlin in Europe is trying to promote its lies and ideas through its adherents and people brainwashed by Russian propaganda. I decided to remember how Europe and the world supported Ukraine.
(Continued in the comments)
2.Why did the pro-Russian minority of Europe decide that they can decide everything for millions of people? I am more than sure that the majority of Europeans do not just support Ukraine. But they will do it until victory.
Ukraine is where people live for #freedom and where they die for it, defending what they believe in. #StandForFreedom, stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦
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Fight for freedom🇺🇦

#Ukraine #Ukrainians #Freedom #Home
Kherson is Ukraine🇺🇦
Kherson is Ukraine🇺🇦
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Even a bullet does not stop those who value the freedom and life of their loved ones above all else.

#Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #Freedom #Army #StopRussianAggression #RussiaIsATerroristState
Everyday life of military surgery and military doctors.
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1. today,the Italian daily Repubblica has an interview w/ #HillaryClinton,who is in Venice for promoting womens' rights. During the interview,she speaks about #AfghanWomen under the Taleban. No question to her on who funded & trained fundamentalists throwing acid on Afghan women
2. NO question on #LibyaWar, which was #HillaryClinton's war. Hillary with the #British and the #French. Libya which was and is an absolute catastrophe, in particular, a catastrophe for #Italy. NO question on #Libya from la Repubblica to #HillaryClinton
3. it is a disgrace how #HillaryClinton uses #WomensRights,#HumanRights,#freedom and #democracy to push her militaristic agenda which has destroyed entire nations.I believe everyone who believes in women's and human rights feel betrayed, exploited
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Wait, wasn’t 🇺🇸 founded on insurrection against tyranny? Insurrection against:

Gun confiscation: 1775
Currency Tampering: 1764
Commandeered assets: 1765
Unfair Taxes: Sugar, stamp, townshed, revenue and tea acts 1764-1773

Sound familiar?

@Yanky_Pollak @MGadsden1776 #freedom
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Light will overcome darkness, and good will overcome evil✌️

#Ukraine️ #Kyiv #Freedom #воля #свобода #Київ #Україна #ЗСУ #Army
Reasons why Russia’s invasion hasn’t gone according to plan:

1. Ukrainians Image
But all Ukrainians do not forget our allies. Everyone who supports us. Without their help. Without the support of all the people in the world, it would be much more difficult. We appreciate everyone. And grateful
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Collected for you a few murals from all over the world, in support of Ukraine🇺🇦✌️

(Scroll through the branch👇)

#Ukraina #Ukrainian #Freedom #Europe
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Our beauties of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🇺🇦😊

Now about 38 thousand, and about 12,000 civilian women who joined the Ukrainian army serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

#Ukraine #Army #Freedom
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After 6 months of war, time to look at the "current" front at which the war hinges, the southern front.

Long thread incoming.

Feel free to ask questions!
#ukraine #UkraineRussianWar

Lets start with the intial map:
As we have learned, a key factor are supply lines.
To underline that, I have combined above map with the openrailwaymap of the area.
Orange and brown are the significant railway connections of the area.

This combined map will be the basis of further analysis.
The first initial area to look at is the area of the biggest city, Cherson.
We are going to split the map into areas of interest, Cherson being 1.

We use the approximate russian area of control to outline the sectors, as we analyze the russian situation.
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#ClimateCrisis: "Undoubtedly the enormous lobbying power of the global #fossilfuel industry & vested financial interests endemic throughout the political #class – that is to say, #corruption – are in large part responsible...… #democracy #science #academia
... for the deadlock in achieving effective policy responses."

"Our, ostensibly independent, #scientific advisory committees and agencies dispense policy recommendations in impressive & bewildering detail. They suggest that by a #subsidy here and a #technology substitution...
... there we can reach ‘net-zero emissions’ in a few decades give or take,without any major upheaval to business as usual. Any #overshoot of emissions budgets,we are assured, can be mopped up by removing #CO2 directly from the atmosphere, once that #technology becomes available."
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I don’t know where to start with this profoundly ignorant selfish stupid tweet from @EstherMcVey1 who clearly has no compassion for the 100,000s of people who died or were damaged by #COVID19Pandemic - not least those unprotected in the #NHS due to lack of #PPE early on 1/
#masks do work. We reduced transmission in in centre #haemodialysis #patients radically once they wore masks door to door. 3% of all such #patients died in the first wave Esther & we were told off for giving them masks. 80+ #patients died at our centre alone. It was brutal 2/
Don’t take my word for it (though I’m way more expert than you @EstherMcVey1) - read this thread from @trishgreenhalgh who is a world expert on how #Covid19 is airborne & how #masks protect yourself AND others

And the please correct your dangerous ignorant tweet 3/
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At @nypl and around the globe, readers and writers are standing in solidarity with @SalmanRushdie and celebrating his tireless advocacy for freedom of expression and the plight of imperiled writers around the globe. #StandWithSalman Image
No better place to be than here at @nypl!

Keli Goff and @SuzanneNossel #StandWithSalman Image
Thank you to all the readers and writers and friends of @SalmanRushdie and supporters of free expression who came to #StandWithSalman today.

We are #LouderTogether!

@PENamerica @nypl @randomhouse @SpeakEasy_House
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For many, 15th August, 1947 was the summit in the fight to achieve Independence!

In reality, it was the base camp!

As we celebrate our 75th years of Independence, the question always comes up “Are we really Independent?”

And I feel that it’s relative!

You have to look at it like vectors!

Relative change of position in a specific direction!

And in this case, that arrow has to point upwards, forwards and onwards!

So a visit to the post office the other day reminded me how much Independence we have truly achieved!
Starting with that very same establishment!

No longer does a parent with a child abroad have to wait weeks to hear from them in the form of a letter! They can receive multiple, May be too many, WhatsApp messages from them on a daily basis on their smartphones virtually free!
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13.08.22 #Freedom manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a ditadura .. Melbourn Australia
13.08.22 #Freedom manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a ditadura .. Melbourn Australia
13.08.22 #Freedom manifestação em prol da liberdade e contra a ditadura .. Melbourn Australia
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