CCSD’s latest teacher separation report is out.

It's bad and we are in uncharted territory.

Read the whole thread to find out who knew what when.


This is what the cumulative teacher/licensed staff separations look like in a typical year for CCSD.

They slowly accumulate August through March and then accelerate April through July when staff start to say they’re not coming back next year.

Last year CCSD saw the lowest teacher separations through February of any school year in the last decade.

After the vaccine came out separations accelerated, and separations ended the year above average.

What does it look like this year…


This is what separations looked like through March, before the typical April acceleration.

By March, separations were 66% above a typical year.

What were the April numbers….

In April, 550 teacher/licensed staff announced they were leaving CCSD

Most ever for the month of April!

With 3 months left, we've already passed the total separations for an avg WHOLE year (Aug-July)

We've never experienced an exodus of this scale!

Where are we headed…
If we continue at this rate, the dashed line is where we’re headed.

CCSD is on pace to lose over 3 times as many teachers as the entire state puts out in a year.

How does this compare to each individual year…

This is absolutely insane!

78% more staff separation announcements than a typical year.

Over 600 more than the next highest year!

There is a MUCH BIGGER difference between licensed staff quitting this year & the next highest year than between the next highest year & the lowest year over the last decade!

There's an unprecedented exit of teachers from CCSD this year!


The number of teachers leaving because they’re “Dissatisfied with the District” is more than the next three highest years combined.

Our teachers have had enough.


This is a rolling 12-month count of licensed staff separations

Each point = total separations for that month plus the 11 that preceded it

Over the last 12 months, 2,467 separations have been reported

We used to hover around 1,800.

How did this happen?

Who knew what when?

Were there any warning signs?

#TeacherExodus #WarningSigns
Apr 2018

The President of Monroe County’s teachers’ union warned CCSD about Jara:

“For the sake of your students and your employees, Dr. Jara is not the person to lead your schools to success”

4 years later CCSD is seeing a record number of teachers fleeing the district
June 2019

CCSD principals warned us all when they had their 1st ever vote of no confidence in a Supt after Jara fired all the Deans by video

3 yrs later & you can’t turn on the tv without seeing videos of students & teachers under attack in CCSD schools
Jun 2019

Even students recognized and warned us of the follies of Jara’s policies.

Students were immediately concerned about Jara’s policies impacting student safety and increasing discipline problems.

Aug 2019

We were warned when Jara failed to manage CCSD’s budget & claimed CCSD didn’t have $ for teacher raises

3 yrs later CCSD gets $1 BILLION from ESSER & only allocates $66M for a $2k bonus while teachers flee & thousands of students don’t have a full-time teacher
July 2020

We were warned when Jara was accused of lying to the community when requesting a bill allowing CCSD to take $ away from schools & then blaming others for his actions

Jara got called out by the Gov, Legislators, & State Supt

CCSD’s still out of compliance w/ law
Feb 2020

We were warned by CCSD's former Chief of HR when he penned a letter to the RJ pointing out that CCSD Leadership is to blame for not reducing the 750 teacher vacancies

This was all BEFORE the pandemic

2 years later CCSD has 1500 vacancies!
Jan 2021

We were warned when nothing happened after the teacher recruitment/retention task force report was released

Try finding the report on CCSD’s site

Try finding progress that's been made

Try finding any data from CCSD monitoring the BIGGEST crisis facing our kids
Aug 2021

We warned the community that CCSD was going to have a massive teacher shortage problem this year

Now 1.7k teacher/licensed staff have left/are leaving

78% MORE than a typical year

Jara's response?
He tells people to stop reading Twitter.🤯
Aug 2021

CCSD proposed outsourcing sub-services while sub fill rates were at 56%

Asked about a contingency plan, HR Chief said, “You stumped me on that one.”

They ended up NOT outsourcing sub-services

7 months later sub fill rates at ~33%

2 in 3 sub requests NOT filled
Oct 2021

We warned the community AGAIN

Teacher separations were accelerating
#Warning #DangerAhead

Jara gives the District leadership team raises worth $415,000+ per year! #GoodJobTeam
Oct 2021

The RJ warns the community & calls for Jara to be fired.

“…it’s increasingly clear that Superintendent Jesus Jara isn’t up to the challenge”

The Board ultimately retains Jara & relinquishes more power and assurances #BadIdeaJeans
Dec 2021

We were warned by the Henderson City Council

CCSD was called out for its lack of collaboration & transparency w/ the Council

Later at the State of the Schools, Jara claims it’s the community that’s not collaborating with him. 🙄
Dec 2021

We were warned by North Las Vegas

During the NLV City Council meeting, Republican candidate for Governor, John Lee, called out CCSD for not following the Reorg Law

Anger & frustration w/ CCSD leadership is the most bipartisan issue in Nevada
Feb 2022

We warned the community AGAIN

CCSD still experiencing record exodus of teachers

No signs they’ve done anything to slow it down

Jara now claims he has stopped going on Twitter & you should too
Mar 2022

We were warned by Teach Plus Senior Policy Fellow Jen Loescher

She wrote a piece for The NV Indy documenting how CCSD’s hiring practices are exacerbating the teacher shortage

“Carrie could not find basic information and experienced slow (or no) communication…”

EVERYTHING that is happening in CCSD right now was completely predictable

The warning signs have been going off constantly for 4 years straight

Stop ignoring the warning signs!

Now what…
Action Steps

Replace CCSD Leadership

When you’re in a hole, the 1st thing you need to do is stop digging

A 6ft ladder won’t help if the digger gets you 20ft deeper

Students, parents, & staff need to know they won't be starting next year in a deeper hole. #StopDigging
Action Steps

Spend more ESSER money on SCHOOL staff.

Our schools desperately need more adults in them.

Look at headlines from around the country and look at the headline from Vegas.
Action Steps

1,000s of teachers are fleeing CCSD

We can’t afford to lose them from #NVed

NV should create a site to support connecting these teachers to other schools/districts

Here's a real-world example from England: teachvac.co.uk
(Example site pictured)

Those who continue to excuse away all the warnings after 4 years are hurting our children.

No more excuses. It’s time for BOLD action.

We need leadership we can believe in.

Nothing less than our children’s futures depend on it.

• • •

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Feb 9
🚨🚨 Sound the Alarm… Again🚨🚨

The Clark County School District is still losing teachers/licensed staff faster than ever before!

It’s so much worse than you think.

Read the whole thread!

1/? #NVed

From Aug. through Jan. there have been 67% more licensed/teaching staff separations than a typical year over the same time period.

Almost 300 more than the next highest year!
There is a MUCH BIGGER difference between licensed staff quitting this year and the next highest year than between the next highest year and the lowest year over the last decade!

There is an unprecedented exit of teachers from CCSD this year!
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Oct 28, 2021
WARNING: Long Thread

We’ve shared a lot of data about Supt Jara's leadership of CCSD regarding:

1. Broken Trust
2. Teacher Exodus

This thread attempts to address the context some have said we’re missing

Let's add some context...


The community has not trusted CCSD for years, well before Jara became Supt.

Trust was so bad in 2015, Gov. Sandoval signed legislation to break up CCSD.

This ultimately became what is now called the Reorg Law (NRS 388G.500)
In June-October 2018 Superintendent Jara did a listening tour throughout our community.

We were impressed at how well he inserted himself into our community so quickly.

A key takeaway he had from 5 months of listening:

- We must build public trust
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Oct 27, 2021
🔍🔍Data Investigation 🔎🔎

After not sharing parent & staff feedback on the Districtwide survey for over a year, CCSD finally posted some old data.

Let’s investigate to see what they may have been hiding from the public!

#NVed #CCSD Image
Posting survey results on their website is required of CCSD by Nevada law.

We originally called them out for this in December 2020.

#WheresTheData #ComplianceDefiance Image
We called CCSD out again in Aug. of 2021

They still had not posted results for 2019-20
nor 2020-2021

By law, the results from the prior school year are to be posted by the start of the following school year

e.g., 2020-21 results posted by Aug 9, 2021.

#WheresTheData Image
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Oct 26, 2021
🚨🚨Sound the Alarm🚨🚨

The Clark County School District, under the leadership of Jesus Jara, is losing teachers/licensed staff faster than ever before!

This thread reviews the latest data!
We’re in the 3rd month of the school year & 664 teachers/licensed staff have announced they're leaving CCSD.

- 66% more than a typical year
- 31% more than the next highest year
It’s rare that an employee is so frustrated w/ CCSD that they say they are leaving because they’re “Dissatisfied with the District”

In a typical year at this point, less than 6 teachers/licensed staff have left for this reason.

Let’s see what it looks like this year…
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Aug 23, 2021

We want to alert you to one of the largest operational blunders in Nevada education history…

And what it means for our kids!

Thread 1/?
When Jara's contract was renewed & he said we need to focus on stability, did anybody tell him what that means?

Because CCSD just lost more principals & admin last school year than ever!

Smashing the previous record set the prior year under Supt Jara!
2019-20 school year saw a record number of administrators leave CCSD.

Jara’s response… let’s PAY more to leave.

Last year CCSD paid for principals/administrators to retire early, and they took the money & ran!

Just how bad was this operational move...
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Aug 12, 2021
We’re so excited about the start of school and teachers reuniting with students.


1/? #NVed
🚨🚨🚨 Sound the Alarm 🚨🚨🚨

It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.

CCSD executive leadership is failing our children.


As of the first day of school CCSD had 819 teacher/licensed staff vacancies.

More vacancies at the start of the year than the 2017 & 2018 school years COMBINED!

Read 21 tweets

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