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!!!NEW Q DROP!!! 06/13/18 Busy Day at the Castle!! Q posted @POTUS_Schedule from this morning along with two previous Q drops!! Thank you, President Trump for the #QProof !! @formerlydoxed caught this Proof this morning!! See here: #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
!!!New Q Drop!!! 06/13 12:26 Q replied to his previous drop with this: Why are many Iranian resistance (Freedom Fighters) tagging #QAnon on Twitter?
Big things coming folks!! Remember, Q said Iran was next!! #IranFreedimFighters @realDonaldTrump Previous Q’s re. Iran below!
!!New Q!! 14:30 Q says to slowly & carefully re_read this article that he’s posted 3x now!!… Read it 10x 50x 100x stopping after each sentence to analyze & understand the significance!! Their only hope is to win in Nov.!! #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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#NewQ ALERT!!!! 🚨🚨🚨
"This is the English version of the video "trailer" that President Donald J. Trump showed Chairman Kim Jong Un during their historic summit on 6/12/18."

Jun 12 2018 11:08:47EST
"No. 100
Dark to Light.
1:07 [Marker]

Do you believe in coincidences?
"Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit?
He did not have his updated phone number.
(3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors.
Post 1465
Jun 12 2018 12:02:24 (EST)

Reminds me of "Elian's Revenge" by Leikeli47:
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Admins of this @jeremycorbyn supporting Facebook group have asked members to be careful not to post anything that plays into the online hate factory story.
It’s not worked.
As you can see members defend Livingstone because he was “telling the truth”
The Daniel Craig thread quickly spun off to include these comments. I’m not sure how they’re linked. There are comments about Jews running Hollywood that lead to antisemitic comments about the Rothschilds. Obvs.
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Thread on a neo-Nazi and a Labour branch and it's club.

On the day that Alison Chabloz has been found guilty on all accounts for neo-Nazi antisemitism there are some hard questions that Glossopdale Labour and others now need to answer.
Chabloz lives in Glossopo (though hopefully she will soon have another address care of Her Majesty for an extended period).

Chabloz is an extreme antisemite and neo-Nazi.

Yet Chabloz was part of a circle of activists based around the Glossop Labour Club.
These activists launched a group called Glossop for Kids in Gaza.
Chabloz was a member of the group and appeared at a number of musical benefit nights.
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BREAKING>> Ken Livingstone Resigns from Labour Party
Labour Against Antisemitism welcomes the resignation of Ken Livingstone. The Labour Party will doubtlessly be a better place without Mr Livingstone’s membership.
#LabourAntisemitism @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn
However, his abrupt departure today should not obscure a number of issues:
Firstly, that he should have been expelled many months ago for comments that were deeply offensive and inaccurate, and the culmination of a lifetime spent making publicly problematic statements that many in the Jewish community found distressing.
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Last night approx. 90 people, mainly from the Jewish com. went to see a film - ‘An Israeli Love Story’ @dukesatkomedia in Brighton. What happened both outside the venue & inside left the mainly elderly audience asking if it was safe to leave once the film was finished. 1/
This was #Brighton/#Hove, a City of Sanctuary, liberal, tolerant, diverse. But not for all it’s residents! Over the last number of years we have increasingly been intimidated & bullied by those hiding behind their ‘pro-Palestinian’ agenda.
They have used every possibly opportunity to shout & scream at anything with even the most tenuous link to Israel. Not just politics or politicians, but shops, dance performances and last night, a film.
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1. Blairites have had more than enough chances. After their botched coup against Jeremy Corbyn in 2016, he handed out an olive branch gave them jobs in the Shadow Cabinet.

What have they done since?

Plotted and schemed behind his back and voted against him in Parliament
2. When Blairites led the NEC they purged hundreds of enthusiastic pro-Corbyn members and banned new members voting in internal elections, yet as soon as someone mentions “deselection” Blairites panic and accuse their opponents of bullying - and in some case antisemitism
3. Blairites continuously attack Jeremy Corbyn, his supporters and Momentum, yet expect their support in local and parliamentary elections. Momentum should refuse to campaign for toxic candidates who are nothing more than self-indulgent Red Tories
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Thread 1/9
In December 2016, @UKLabour agreed the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism in full, including its guidelines. Several of the guidelines refer to Israel.
#LabourAntisemitism #EnoughIsEnough
Israel is the symbol of Jewish self-determination, and as such the IHRA definition states that the denial of Israel's right to exist is antisemitic. 2/9
When, for example, you downplay antisemitism and invert it by accusing Jewish people exploiting antisemitism as a tool to protect Israel/Zionism/their own political interests, then according to the IHRA definition, that is antisemitic. 3/9
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Brilliant deconstruction of the "apology" by Philip Carmel:…
#LabourAntisemitism #EnoughIsEnough
A lot has been said about .@jeremycorbyn's so-called contrition article in today's Evening Standard. I don't agree. I don't think there's one word in there the JVL couldn't sign on to and he's basically dog-whistling to his own supporters. 2/
So I decided to fisk it. Jezza's (or Seaumas') text in speech marks. My comments in brackets. 3/
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The biggest challenge we face today is that of political impunity. The question is not one of police reforms, but of political corruption:

- Aseemanand walks free

- #MayaKodnani walks free

- Pehlu Khan's killers walk free

- Soon, Kathua rapists will walk free

The govt, the ruling party is officially backing criminals, terrorists, genocide convicts

- NIA was askd to go soft on Aseemanand, Purohit, Pragya - as public prosecutor Rohini Salian said

- Sangeet Som rallied free Dadri lynching accused

- BJP Ministers support Kathua rapists
Today, we shouldn't be surprised that there are rallies to free the accused. It has happened in Dadri lynching case as well. Same language was used then: "Don't frame our boys" - the exact language was used to rally for Kathua rapists and murderers #EnoughIsEnough #RapeMuktBharat
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The time I was told I was worse than [the Jews] because I wanted to be one #Antisemitism
2) The time one of my siblings told me that the Jews were murdered by Hitler because “they had all the money” #antisemitism
3) The time I was told my in-laws’ extended family weren’t gassed in Auschwitz #antisemitism
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BBC leading the way for spelling aficionados during the #LabourAntisemitism debate
Great opening speech by @sajidjavid with Corbyn already shaking his head in disagreement.. could be an epic debate this #LabourAntisemitism
Corbyn is literally squirming. Sajid pulling zero punches.
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The sentiment is admirable but not sure Owen and other commentators in the pro-Corbyn world fully understand why there is a culture of #antisemitism denial. Few thoughts on this and what to think about moving forward. Long-ass thread 1/
Lots of articles, some useful podcasts from some of the pro-Corbyn commentariat on left antisemitism but three words noticeably absent from the debate. Jewish. Labour. Movement.

Also, the role new-left media has played in fostering an antisemitic culture has been overlooked 2/
Opposing left wing antisemitism means challenging parts of new-left media where anti-Jewish bias is prevalent. There's just no way round this. Some specific examples: The Canary's been on a mission to normalise the Nazi metaphor with Israel. (Really helpful guys, thanks)
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Sick of .@ukLabour members telling us antisemitism is all a plot
Sick of being told that #LabourAntisemitism is all a malicious claim
Sick of Labour members telling us what antisemitism is and isn’t
#InstitutionalAntisemitism #EnoughIsEnough
Sick of .@ukLabour members using antisemitic stereotypes
Sick of Labour members defending antisemitism
Sick of being told that highlighting #LabourAntisemitism is a smear
#InstitutionalAntisemitism #EnoughIsEnough
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Statement on the Israeli Labour Party severing ties with the leader of the UK Labour Party:
The announcement by the Israeli Labour Party that it is severing ties with the leader of @UKLabour, Jeremy Corbyn, is unprecedented, shocking but unsurprising.
An undeniable schism has opened between the UK Labour Party leadership and the Israeli Labour leadership, which reflects the breakdown of the UK Labour Party’s relationship with both the British Jewish community and its counterparts overseas.
Labour Against Antisemitism would like to offer our thanks to the Israeli Labour Party for their solidarity and support at this time. We appreciate that the decision must have been a very hard one.
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It's been another eventful week for #LabourAntisemitism [that isn't happening, of course].

This week, features suspensions, resignations, letters, and has a special focus on unhelpful incompetent responses to the anti-Semitism, which is also part of the problem....
Jeremy Corbyn criticised for going to the Jewdas seder while, Jewdas catapulted into the internet stratosphere. This was a big own goal. Hysterical knee-jerk reaction, misreading public mood, leading to the opposite of what you want to happen, happening. Community needs to learn.
Jewdas embrace triviality and pisstaking. Corbyn going to their seder led to accusations they enabled anti-Semitism, which isn't true.

The problem, is not Jewdas. The problem, is why Corbyn was hanging around with them. He wants to be PM not student union president?!
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Statement from Labour Against Antisemitism:
NEC failures must lead to further resignations.
The leaked minutes of an NEC meeting from last month are evidence of a Labour NEC that is fundamentally unable to tackle racial discrimination within the Labour Party.…
Labour Against Antisemitism has been reporting anti-Jewish racism for 18 months, assuming the party and the disputes panel would take it seriously. We have submitted reports on over 1,000 members since September 2016.
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The full extent of the new establishment’s defence of antisemites – and other racists – is laid bare on the Guardian front page as Disputes Panel minutes are leaked

#EnoughisEnough #LabourAntisemitism

NEC members elected on a pro-Corbyn/Momentum ticket were blocking action to tackle antisemitism in March this year

#EnoughIsEnough #LabourAntisemitism…
There seems to be very little that the Momentum reps on the NEC won’t defend – incl racism towards Jewish members and a black council candidate – if they are deemed JC supporters #EnoughIsEnough #LabourAntisemitism…
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LPF have a view on #EnoughIsEnough and on the aptly named Jewdas seder. The bit about 'rich friends' at the @BoardofDeputies - am wondering if this is one for @JohnMannMP. Someone seems to be saying that @chiefrabbi was at the Jewdas seder. Go figure.
Will also share the insights of LPF on the Salisbury attack.
Why post Tomek's fairly harmless anecdote? Because, if the lady buying vodka is reading this, DM me & your next vodka will be on me.
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Statement from Labour Against Antisemitism:
Jeremy Corbyn Must Show He Is Listening to Community Representatives, Not Just Minority Factions
Jeremy Corbyn has yet again shown misjudgement in meeting with Jewdas, the radical minority group. It has been received as a provocative action, that appears to be cynically engineered to create division within the Jewish community.
While it is welcome that Mr Corbyn wishes to engage with the Jewish community, he needs to speak with representatives of that community, not minority factions with little or no mandate to speak on the community’s behalf.
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Labour Claim of 70 Outstanding Antisemitism Cases Dismissed by Activist Group – Over 1,000 Members Reported Since September 2016
The Labour Party claims there are only 70 (other reports have suggested 74) outstanding cases of antisemitism: that claim is either a lie or evidence of a reporting process that is totally unfit for purpose & an NEC that is failing.
Between September 2016 and June 2017 at least 750 members were reported to the compliance unit by members of Labour Against Antisemitism.
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Labour Forum members discuss Jonathan Arkush of @BoardofDeputies
Daily bread on the forum.
There's often at least one sensible person, but they deal with them like true Corbynistas.
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#EnoughIsEnough - Thread. The latest Labour antisemitism revelation from last night is gobsmacking. The chair of the party’s panel which investigates antisemitism *sided with a holocaust denier*. Some thoughts:
1 - this holocaust denier was selected a Labour council candidate. Let’s dwell on that. A holocaust denier feels that his political home, the party he can best represent in local government, is Labour. And his local party chose him - a holocaust denier - to represent them.
2 - the chair of the panel who defended him, Christine Shawcroft, ousted her predecessor with the support of Momentum. At the time, Jews were concerned that the panel would no longer take antisemitism seriously. This was, as usual, dismissed as a Blairite smear. We were right.
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I am fortunate in that I’ve never had family members who have been victims of gun violence. But my community has many. As the former chief federal law enforcement officer in our state, as a veteran, and as a 10th generation New Mexican…
...I've witnessed gun violence in our state and community in all its gruesome horror. It has decimated communities, torn apart families, and ripped a hole through the fabric of our children’s lives. And they are never the same. We know we need to take action.
But we cannot fully address the problem if we don't first understand its full scope. Ending gun violence isn’t just about making it harder for certain people to access weapons. Gun violence has socioeconomic, racial, and gender elements that cannot be ignored.
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