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I’m going to the #EnoughIsEnough protest tomorrow.

A patient today - an NHS worker - was forced to pull together savings to seek private healthcare because he’d been waiting too long in pain. It felt humiliating. My colleagues are leaving, this work is unsustainable and draining
Meanwhile, the government makes concessions for their friends - with the taxes we pay - for the ultra wealthy, the shareholders and banks, while our public services which have been eroded for 12 years meet their ultimate tipping point

I’ve just returned from the US - a land of opportunity for some, alongside people with florid mental health challenges unable to access care, catastrophic health expenditure & a crisis of homelessness that is viscerally disgusting

The UK is in free fall catch up

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Favour, people?

@MehreenFaruqi will be enduring racist pile ons because that is what Pauline Hanson’s words are intended to incite, despite @linessue managing that train wreck well.

Report racist comments and targeted harassment. Support women of colour. Show no tolerance.
2/ I am white and first generation Australian. My father wore being a ‘wog’ as such a ‘badge of honour’ (according to Hanson’s romantic world view) that he changed his name. He was 11 when picked out of the war camp for Jewish kids he’d been sent to, parentless, from Europe.
3/ @SenatorWong talked about being triggered by racism. I was never mocked for anything but my foreign surname, because I was white, almost acceptable. But I have experienced discrimination as a disabled woman and #EnoughIsEnough. We have to stand with our sisters. All of them.
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GP JAILED FOR PEACEFUL CIVIL RESISTANCE: “I have no regrets, I offer no apology and I will breach the injunction again.”

#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was jailed, five were remanded and another eight were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
Sarah Benn, 55, a GP from the West Midlands, was sentenced to 32 days in prison after being found guilty of her third breach of the injunction. She has already served 8 days in prison earlier this year after breaching the Warwickshire injunction in May.
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Steven Jarvis (66, Bideford), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil terminal. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm breaking this injunction
because it's unjust.
The establishment,
the judiciary
is protecting
the oil companies
that are killing us.

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange
"The taxpayers
of Warwickshire
are supporting
the protection
of this oil company
and it's this oil company
that is causing the
cost of living crisis,
that is causing the
death of the taxpayers
of Warwickshire.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis #UK #Government #fossilfuels
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#CivilResistance #A22Network #JustStopOil #NoNewOil #EnoughIsEnough #October1st #BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
One Just Stop Oil supporter who appeared in a Birmingham court yesterday was sent back to prison and another 10 were given suspended sentences for sitting peacefully outside the Kingsbury Oil Terminal to demand an end to new oil and gas projects in the UK.
The 12 Just Stop Oil supporters were accused of breaking the North Warwickshire injunction on 14th September. The private injunction is designed to help the state protect the profits of the oil industry by outlawing any protest activity near the Kingsbury Oil Terminal.
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Just wanted to share a few lesser-known facts about 1930s Germany which given the #CostOfLivingCrisis & a new PM, seem salient, taken predominantly from The Third Reich Trilogy by British historian Richard J. Evans, hailed as a "masterpiece of historical scholarship."
Evans produced the report into the writings of David Irving who had claimed he'd been defamed as a Holocaust denier. The report proved irrefutable: Irving had deliberately distorted & manipulated historical evidence to bring it in line with his prejudices. Irving lost the case.
Almost every day I see the tired old claim that because the Nazis had 'socialist' in their official party name, they *were* socialists - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the fact they imprisoned & executed socialists, union organisers & other left-wingers.
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Let's just hope and pray @JoeBiden talks some sense into @trussliz today and she abandons her ridiculous policy of trickle down,everyone knows it doesn't work,since the beginning of the pandemic the rich have got richer, the poor have got poorer,if trickle down works why hasn't
It worked so far?,this is just @trussliz standing behind their banner of trickle down so they can continue the @Conservatives policy of making the rich richer,we see you @Conservatives we are not so easily fooled as you think,watch what happens in the coming months ,their going
To take, sell off as much as they can before they lose the next General Election,tax cuts to benefit the rich,bankers bonuses, energy companies,its all there,always remember they are few we are many!,stronger together! ✊️ #ToriesOut76 #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #EnoughIsEnough
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Steven Gingell (Proprietor, 56, Manchester), on why he took non-violent direct action at the massive Kbury oil depot. Steven is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to two years in prison & unlimited fines.

#CivilDisobedience #October1st
"I'm here because
I have to be here,
I've got no choice.
I've got three
lovely children
And what future are
they going to have..
I really fear for their lives."

#BlockadeWestminster #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis
"Let's take a pick of the
unfolding series of
crises that we face this week
in Pakistan.
A third of the
country is underwater.
Those people who are least
responsible are up to their
necks in water.
It's criminal it's genocidal
what's happening it's fucking
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We should all be afraid, very afraid!,if you don't know about charter cities yet ,Google search, we are in big trouble,the uk is going to be split, Tory cities,towns and possibly villages being favoured,the poor and vulnerable will be forever the forgotten people,@RishiSunak
Has already admitted taking finances from the struggling areas to give to the Tory affluent areas,what was the purpose of that?
If these go ahead this country we will have more affluent areas, but also more areas where people are not living but struggling just to survive,there
Will be so many forgotten in society.educate yourself,we have to stop them,what area will you be living in?,I live in a Tory area, we have spent approximately 13 million on improving a specific area,even though most prominent high street stores have closed.
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Tez Burns, a 34 year old bicycle mechanic from Swansea, was imprisoned last week for peacefully demanding that the #Government stops giving out new oil and gas licences. Oil is causing the climate and #CostOfLivingCrisis, making us poorer, destroying jobs and killing us now.
“Civil resistance is our best chance of ending the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis, everything else has been tried and failed. It is the best use of our time and energy if we want change to happen.
“Rather than wasting billions subsidising the rising cost of energy and putting more money in the pockets of the oil companies, protect your citizens by investing in renewable energy and insulating our homes.
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Mitch (57, Derbyshire), on why they took non-violent direct action at the massive Kingsbury oil depot. Mitch is now in prison, along with 55 others, for contempt of court. All now face up to 2 years in prison & unlimited fines.
#CivilDisobedience #October1st #BlockadeWestminster
"We need to stop
burning fossil fuels and
change to green renewable
energies like solar wind and water.

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfGreedCrisis
"Yet the government has
just announced over one hundred
new gas and oil projects. This is madness."

#UK #Government #fossilfuels #CivilResistance
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Gaslighting sociopathic weapons grade windbag & UK Health Secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has patronised healthcare workers by telling them to “be positive” & avoid using policy wonk “jargon” as they grapple with job cuts & the deepening #CostOfLivingCrises.…
Staff were told to avoid using “Oxford commas” — referring to the contested punctuation mark that precedes the last item on a written list.

The instructions — “New secretary of state ways of working preferences” — was published on the Dept of Health and Social Care’s intranet.
This has inevitably angered health workers, many of whom were on the front lines during the Covid pandemic & who now face real-terms pay cuts & added pressures as infection rates are expected to rise over the winter due to the Tory Government's deliberate #NHS underfunding.
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Not going to say much about what happened yesterday- except to say that it's unacceptable to bully/gaslight people for prioritising their health & masking in environments that are unsafe & marginalise anyone vulnerable or legitimately cautious. This needs to stop. #EnoughIsEnough
Want to thank everyone the huge outpouring of support yesterday. Every msg helped. It's the huge support I have here that makes advocacy & speaking out possible - in the face of incessant abuse and gaslighting. Without it, I very likely would've given up a while ago.
Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences with me over the past 2.5 yrs. One of the key reasons I stay on twitter is because I've learned a lot from the experiences of those who have shared them either publicly or privately with me, and also listened to mine & advised.
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Toxic male minimizer docs have taken @dgurdasani1's personal message about being medically vulnerable as an opportunity to ridicule and bully her.

1. Show her some support.
2. Do NOT stay silent about this.

Vinay Prasad Sai MediBrent A. Williams
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How can we have three groups or whatever you want to call them,inside parliament?, there's ERG ,the Leaders and the new one I've found called The advisory board, that's three we know about, how many more are there?,Tories are ensuring their donor's have several ways to bypass
Rules, honour,integrity, honesty nowhere to be seen,no wonder this government won't help the vunerable, pensioners ,children,their too tied to donors and protecting their interests,this has to stop!!!! #EnoughIsEnough where is all this money going?,why would they need Millions
Upon Millions,what for?,they have their salary with minimum bills to pay,they claim every expense they can ,there's something very wrong about this,people are going to die this winter through lack of food and heat its already happening,what is going on in this country, it needs
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#Stormzy here for #Justice4ChrisKada an unarmed, young Black future architect murdered by police. Get in this fight. Your solidarity is needed to get this done. Protect Black lives #JusticeForChrisKada #EnoughIsEnough From friend Adria Watson @BLMLondon & fb @JeffersonBosela #BLM
People protesting for #Justice4ChrisKaba. In solidarity for an unarmed Black man murdered by police & his family who've been treated appallingly by police & IOPC. Love & solidarity, unity #JusticeForChrisKaba #EnoughIsEnough Allies help get it done. #BLM
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#Stormzy showed up for #ChrisKaba his family, and community like speakers Diane Abbott & Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Chris's brother and cousin campaigners.
'No mother should bury their child murdered by police #ChrisKaba
#Justice4ChrisKaba #EnoughIsEnough #BLM #SayHisName #RIP
Fb lives from the #JusticeForChrisKaba march. They are a mixed bag giving a sense of the no.s, the solidarity from people from all works of life. This first was a particularly distressed moment for his family…
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#ChrisKaba unarmed, 24, student architect, Dad-to-be executed by police, shot to kill. Remember his name, get in the fight for justice #SayHisName
#Justice4ChrisKaba #PoliceBrutality #NoMoreGeorgeFloyds #MarkDuggan #ChrisKabaProtest #BLM #RIP #EnoughIsEnough
Jefferson, #ChrisKaba brother
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With her Cabinet taking shape as we speak, I'm looking forward to a very timely debate on what we can expect from Truss' Premiership & how Labour might respond #GuardianNewsroom
First @hugh_muir gives a quick background of the Tory Leadership campaign, noting that Sunak's defeat proving "he who welds the knife seldom wears the crown" & sets out the challenges faced by Truss domestically, internationally & within her own party #GuardianNewsroom
The panellists give their initial impression of Truss' appointment as PM. @jessicaelgot notes that Truss has "been a viable candidate" for some time, noting her loyalty to former PMs, keeping away from scandals & making no secret of her desire for the top job #GuardianNewsroom
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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿El Gobierno de Escocia acaba de anunciar que congela temporalmente el precio de los alquileres.

🇪🇸En España los alquileres acaban de alcanzar máximos históricos y la inflación está disparada, pero el PSOE se niega a limitar los precios y tiene bloqueada la Ley de Vivienda. Image
Consideran que la crisis de los costes de vida han generado una crisis humanitaria.

El Gobierno va a presentar una legislación de emergencia que congela los precios de los alquileres y prohibe los desahucios de forma temporal. Aquí otras de las medidas:
Esta medida hubiera sido impensable sin la lucha y organización del Scotland's tenants' union @Living_Rent

Su próximo objetivo: una ley que baje los precios de los alquileres hasta que sean asequibles.


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@eiseastdun introducing the outline of tonight's rally Image
Starting with a message of solidarity to our already on-strike colleagues across the country Image
Cost of living crisis means that workers are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet

Prices are rising each time we shop

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"Here is yet another victory for the hard-right Toryism that now seems to run the party, and a reminder of the financial links that connect Conservative politics with big hydrocarbon companies & devout (#ClimateCrisis) sceptics & deniers."

"It is not hard to detect the influence of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the climate-sceptic lobby group founded in 2009 by Thatcher’s one-time chancellor Nigel Lawson, which now numbers the fantastically influential Tory backbencher Steve Baker among its trustees."
"The Global Warming Policy Foundation chair was the co-owner of a company that had donated £25,000 to Johnson’s and Jeremy Hunt’s leadership campaigns in 2019 and £100,000 to Vote Leave; this year, another firm he own gave £10,000 to Braverman’s short-lived leadership campaign.
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You won’t hear it in mainstream media but people all over Europe are starting to resist the NATO proxy war en masse
In France, thousands came out yesterday "to demand the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron for treason" and insist that France "exit from the European Union, the Euro and NATO."
Hundreds of unemployed Italians burned their energy bills at a protest in Naples Friday.

"We have been waiting for jobs for years and now we cannot pay these figures, which have tripled."

"Our families are at the end of their rope."

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I did a tour of the small business units on my estate this pm, & held a TRA

10 of 27 are closing next month as their bills have all increased by 400% to 700%

50 jobs lost

11 have contracts to next April, & the other 6 for 18 months

corner shop cafe closing too, 11 staff going
#EnoughlsEnough #energy #EnergyCrisis

is anyone else in my circle able to check with mixed use housing estates in their area, on how their small business units are doing please?

I *honestly* do feel as though I'm the only account here highlighting these issues

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