krdk where pro hero dynamight was kidnapped by a powerful underground villain and vigilante deku and villain blood riot have to team up if they want to rescue him
#krdk enemies-to-lovers

imagine kiri going back to his empty house only to see a figure waiting for him in the shadows of his living room

“blood riot,” a voice rang as he stepped inside. “nice home you have here.”

“who are you?” eijiro asked, falling into a fighting stance.
“it doesn't matter,” the voice replied. “for most people, i'm only a vigilante, for some others, i'm a villain. a few sometimes call me a hero. truth is, i don't really care about what i am. what you are is more interesting to me.”

“and what am i?”
“dynamight's friend.”

eijiro immediately launched himself at the intruder, pulling out a dagger and pressing it against the other's throat.

“where is he?” he spat. “is that why you took him?”

“not even denying your friendship with the number 1 hero?” the vigilante rolled
his eyes. “and here i thought underground villains were from another breed.”

“you have got some nerve, vigilante,” eijiro spoke carefully. “coming into my home and saying those words to my face.”

“do you truly think i wanna be there, villain?” the other spat back.
“the only purpose the kind of yours have is your dirty hands that only will end up handcuffed by a hero.”

“at least my hands are worth handcuffing, yours are only made to take care of heroes' leftovers. now, tell me. where is dynamight.”
he couldn't see the other face, because of the darkness and of the mask he was wearing, but he could feel the piercing stare.

“i don't know,” the vigilante finally spoke.

“then what are you doing here?” eijiro scoffed.

“this society needs his number 1 hero.
i need your help bringing him back.”

“really? are you sure you want the help of dirty hands?” the villain sarcastically asked.

“you need the help of mine anyway.”

eijiro stepped back from the vigilante, putting the dagger away. he sighed.
“i can't,” he said.

“why? isn't he your frien-”

“he is, and that's exactly why i cannot.”

“i don't understand.”

he could feel the disconcerted look the other man was throwing at him.
eijiro leaned on the armrest of the couch, “i know who you are, vigilante.”

he saw the other man shiver a bit.

“i know you have worked with dynamight before,” he continued. “i know you went by many names and only a few know those alias are the same person.”
the vigilante stayed quiet, listening warily to his words.

“i know dynamight thrusts you. but he has been missing for months now, and nobody seems to know what happened to him. if someone did know something, then it would be you. if even you don't know where he is, then i must
do as if he was already dead and respect the last wishes he left behind him.”

“i didn't say i knew nothing. just that i didn't know where he is.”

“it doesn't change anything. i made a promise to him a long time ago, and i must fulfill it.”
“what is it?”


“that promise you'd keep rather than save your friend's life,” izuku replied bitterly. “what is it?”

“i must protect someone.”

“and you can't put him in a warehouse until dynamight's rescue?”

“i haven't found him yet.”
“what a number one villain you make. can't even find one guy.”

“i don't even have a name!” he defended. “only a nickname.”

“what is it?” the vigilante asked.

“i won't tell you.”

“you said it yourself, dynamight thrusts me, so you can too.”

eijiro stayed quiet for a moment,
weighing his every options, but he found that he already had tried all of them. except the one standing before him.


“oh my,” the vigilante chuckled. “i haven't heard this name in months.”

“you know him?” eijiro asked, surprised.

“i know everything,” he replied

"tell me where he is."


“please? i'll help you find dynamight.” he might look desperate, begging a mere vigilante like that, but he had been searching for months now.

“fine. i can arrange a meeting,” the vigilante sighed.
“but i can't guarantee that he will come.”

eijiro nodded, “that's enough for me.”

the vigilante opened the window. “i'll text you the place,” he said before disappearing into the night.
eijiro was waiting for this deku guy in the coffee shop the vigilante had told him to go. he was wearing his usual civilian clothes, knowing that, as he was an underground villain, nobody would recognize his face.

he did recognize some however,
noticing that the other customers were underground heroes such as eraserhead. the older man threw him a quick glance, but made no move to arrest him.

ten minutes later, the man behind the counter, a man his age with green hair and emerald eyes, came his way with
two cups and cheesecakes on his plate. he put the tray on the table and sat in front of eijiro.

“welcome to my coffee shop, kirishima-san,” he said, smiling brightly. “i've been told you've been looking for someone. i made you a frappuccino, i hope you like it.”
eijiro only stared at him suspiciously, “how do you know my name?” he asked.

“i know everything,” the man replied cryptically, sipping on his own drink. “you should drink before it gets cold. don't worry, i didn't poison it.”

eijiro scoffed, he was getting tired
of people that knew more than him, when he was the one supposed to run the underground.

“just speak,” he demanded.

“i didn't expected kacchan's friends to be even more grumpy as he is,” the other man mocked.

“kacchan?” eijiro asked.

“dynamight,” he corrected.
“we were childhood friends,” he explained. “i gave him that nickname because ‘katsuki’ was kinda hard to pronounce.”

“childhood friends? are you-”

“yes,” the man said. “i am the deku you are looking for. my name is ozuku midoriya. it's nice to finally meet you,
kacchan speaks very highly of you.”

“oh i see,” eijiro said. “it's... it's nice to meet you too. did that vigilante tell you why i was looking for you?”

“something to do with dynamight's last wish to protect me? yeah, i'm here to tell you that it's fine.
i don't need protection.”
“fine, do as you wish,” eijiro finally said. “i guess you can tell your vigilante friend that he won't need my help either.”


“he didn't tell you?” the villain scoffed. “he and i had a deal. if he could bring me to you so i could protect you and respect
the words i swore to katsuki, i would help him in finding him.”

“i am aware of that deal,” ozuku gritted his teeth together. “i'm pretty sure he was only supposed to make this meeting happen, nothing more.”

“oh, really?” eijiro smirked. “maybe he shouldn't have believed
the words coming from the mouth of a villain so easily.”

izuku shot him a deadly stare, looking both furious and disappointed. a thick silence started to settle between them.
“fine, i'll come with you,” izuku finally said, breaking eye contact. “meet me here at 6.”

then he stood up and stormed out, disappeared into the backroom. eijiro rolled his eyes, taking the cup of coffee izuku had made for him before leaving the shop.
once outside, he took a sip of his frappuccino, the taste of vanilla filling his mouth.

/how did he know it was my favourite flavour?/
tbc im going to sleep

• • •

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eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one soulmate catches his other. he hides his tears, feeling his heart break once more.
they found each other again.

he wonders when they will find /him/. if they ever will.


{ “de— izuku,” katsuki says. “i'm sorry for everything.”

eijirou watches as izuku falls into katsuki's arms, as one lover catches his other. }
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Here are my thoughts about the differences between Mineta and Uraraka's characters regarding their admiration for Deku. Idk where else to post this rant (I should maybe try reddit? or tumblr?)
As a disclaimer, I'd say that I obviously know more about Mineta's character.

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#bkdk with hints of krdk and krbk (bkdk endgame), college roommate, pining bk pining dk (maybe krbkdk ending? i don't think it will but we never know where it goes)


where bakugo and deku went to different high schools and meet again in college where they share a dorm

izuku opened the door of his new dorm only to collide with a naked chest.

"sorry!" he frantically bowed. "i didn't see you." he looked up and immediately recognized the spiky red hair. "oh my god, you're red riot!"
the man smirked, "oh you know me?"

"of course, i saw you at the sport festival! your quirk is so fascinating and..." he started to rant and only stopped when he heard the other man chuckle.

"oh i'm so sorry," he apologized again. "i tend to mumble a lot."
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Dec 3, 2022
#bkdk first date

Katsuki entered the bar and went straight to the man he was looking for as soon as he saw him. /Green hair, green eyes, you can't miss him,/ Kirishima had said. He sat in front of the guy, looking straight into his eyes.
"You've got twenty minutes to convince me you're not wasting my time," he shot before turning to the waitress to order a drink. "Name's Bakugo Katsuki," he continued, "I don't usually go on blind date, but they kicked me out of the lab for some kind of facilities improvement."
He rolled his eyes and kept going. "It's very inconvenient. We're trying to push the boundaries of human knowledge and we got to stop for what, maintenance?" He sent the guy an exasperated glare, "that's fucking ridiculous if you ask me."
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